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Starcraft: Gold Edition (Includes Brood War Expansion)

<p>Starcraft Gold Edition is the ultimate version of the original Starcraft... more

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Starcraft Gold Edition is the ultimate version of the original Starcraft. Witness the first steps of the war between Terran, Zerg and Protoss, before delving deeper into the Brood War expansion The epic expansion pack for Blizzard’s legendary Real-Time Strategy Starcraft, is now available to download! Brood War continues the epic story started in Starcraft, with upgrades to all three playable races: The Zerg, the Terran, and the Protoss, also continuing the epic storyline between Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigon, not to mentioned the newly reconciled Protoss forces of Zeratul and Aldaris. Of course, another brutal war with Arcturus Mengsk also awaits you.

The single-player game of Brood War picks up where Starcraft left off, presenting a huge sci-fi adventure, with brilliant characters, excellent plot twists, and a whole laundry list of heroes and villains.

You will need to redeem the serial number on Battle.net, and then you can download Starcraft: Brood War. This entitles you to the entire game, both the single player game, and the multiplayer aspect.

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