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Xbox Games with Gold Full List (Updated 30th December 2015)

Games With Gold List

Complete Games List

Only one game is available at a time, so check the release date column to see the current free game. The list below shows every game released in the Games with Gold program. If you’re unsure how Games With Gold works, we’ve written a FAQ that tells you everything you need to know. Free Xbox One games will be given in 2014.

Latest update 1st October 2014

Games with Gold Release Date
Original Release Date
Original Price
D4 - Dark Dreams Don't Die S11st January 201519th September 2014£11.99
MXvs ATV Alive1st January 201510th May 2011£39.99
The Witcher 216th January 201517th May 2011£39.99
Worms Battlegrounds1st December 201430th May 2014£20.99
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief1st December 20144th December 2013£7.99
SSX16th December 201428th February 2012£44.99
Volgarr the Viking1st November 20141st November 2014n/a
Red Faction: Guerilla1st November 20145th July 2011£39.99
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise16th November 20142nd September 2008£39.99
Chariot1st October 20141st October 2014n/a
Battlefield: Bad Company 21st October 20145th March 2010£39.99
Darksiders 216th October 201414th August 2012£39.99
Super Time Force1st September 201414th May 2014£11.99
Monaco1st September 201410th May 2013£9.99
Halo:Reach16th September 201414th September 2010£44.99
Crimson Dragon1st August 201422nd November 2013£15.99
Strike Suit Zero1st August 20148th April 2014£15.99
Motocross Madness1st August 201410th April 2013£6.75
Dishonored16th August 201412th October 2012£39.99
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition2nd July 20142nd July 2014n/a
Battleblock Theatre 16th July 20143rd April 2013£9.99
Gotham City Imposters1st July 20148th February 2012£9.99
Halo: Spartan Assault (Xbox One)3rd June 201424th December 2013£11.99
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One)3rd June 201420th December 2013£11.99
Dark Souls1st June 201430th October 2011£39.99
Charlie Murder16th June 201414th August 2013800 Microsoft Points
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition16th June 201424th June 2011£29.99
Saints Row: The Third16th May 201418th November 2011£39.99
Dust: An Elysian Tail1st May 20415 August 20121200 Microsoft Points
DeadLight16th April 20141st August 20121200 Microsoft Points (£9.99)
Hitman: Absolution1st April 201420th November 2012£39.99
Dungeon Defenders16th March 201419th October 20111200 Microsoft Points (£9.99)
Sid Meier's Civilzation Revolution1st March 201413th June 2008£39.99
Toy Soldiers: Cold War16th February 201417th August 20111200 Microsoft points
Dead Island1st February 20149th January 2011£39.99
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light16th January 201418th August 20101200 Microsoft points
Sleeping Dogs1st January 201417th August 2012£39.99
Shoot Many Robots16th December 2013March 14th 2012800 Microsoft Points (£6.99)
Gears of WarGears of War1st December 2013November 17th 2006£39.99
Iron Brigade15th November 201322nd June 2011£6.75
A World of Keflings1st November 201322nd December 2010£6.75
Halo 316th October 201325th September 2007£49.99
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes1st October 201313th April 20111200 Microsoft Points
Rainbow Six: Vegas16th September 201322nd November 2006£39.99
Magic the Gathering 20131st September 201330th June 2012800 Microsoft Points
Dead Rising 2 (including Case Zero DLC)16th August 201325th September 2010£39.99
Crackdown1st August 201320th February 2007£39.99
Assassin’s Creed 216th July 201317th November 2009£39.99
Defense Grid: The Awakening1st July 20131st December 2008800 Microsoft Points
Fable 310th June 201329th October 2010£39.99

Games with Gold

Games with Gold is an initiative from Microsoft to reward Xbox Live Gold subscribers with free games. The service currently offers two free games per month, released on the 1st and 16th of the month and all you have to do to receive them is be an active Xbox Live Gold member.


Here are the key features:

  • Requires Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Two free games released per month (no additional charge or Xbox Gift Cards required).
  • Only one free game available at any given time
  • Free games available on the 1st and 16th of each month
  • Free game must be downloaded during the offer period
  • Games can be kept forever, even if your Xbox Live Gold membership expires
  • Once downloaded for free, games can be redownloaded at any point in the future at no charge
  • Games with Gold will run on Xbox 360 and Xbox One indefinitely

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Simon Ward

About Simon Ward

Simon has been playing games since convincing his parents that he really, really needed a computer 'for school', and he hasn't stopped since. As co-owner of GamePointsNow, his roles include managing staff, sourcing stock and writing the blog you're reading right now. He likes RPGs, first person shooters and comments on his blog posts, so what are you waiting for?

  • unhappy customer

    I really hated dead rising 1, so i am not really looking forward to dead rising 2. As for crackdown i assume its some old failed game or something. prob not that great.

    • crack fan

      crackdown was probablly the best game ON the xbox for the first 3 years of its lifespan. give it a chance

      • Simon Ward

        Yeah, Crackdown was my favourite Xbox game for a looong time. Shame the sequel didn’t live up to it.

    • Lurch1111

      It costs you exactly the same amount to ignore it as it does to download & play it.

      • Deadred

        Microsoft could pay for Megan Fox to give out blowjobs to every xbox owner and people would still complain.

        • TomTheTeddyBear

          just saying bro unless your Gay no one would ever complain about getting a BJ from Megan Fox and frankly I think you need to get your head checked for saying such a thing

          • Deadred

            Just saying that nothing Microsoft does the ease days is good enough. I certainly wouldn’t be fighting her off!

    • Ronald Neira

      reminder that is’t free to play. meaning you can download it check it out and if you hate, delete it. but they can both be fun games!

      • BeckettaTheEpic

        Anybody Got Minecraft For The Xbox, Wanna Get It But First I Wanna Hear Your Opinions, Feel Free To Leave An Answer For Me :)

  • CallMeKenny

    Games with gold is awesome!

    • Simon Ward

      It definitely seems to be improving

      • RoadShow

        Oh have they moved on to $10 bargain bin games?

        • Lost Traveler

          Stfu troll

        • DylanAndrew

          God, you’re an ass. At first I thought: “This guy gives valid points, and keeps the a-hole factor to a low margin.” Now you’ve gone to “Oh have they moved on to $10 bargain bin games?” People before were right, you’re a hater. Instead of saying cuudos Microsoft in hope of it continuing programs like Games for Gold you just pick on them. Microsoft never started the pay-to-play feature, they just were the first to implement it to consoles. (Or at least I think so.) And a lot of people prefer consoles over PC. They don’t have reasons but they just do. And where you say Keyboards are better than controllers for FPS, that ain’t true for everyone. It’s an opinion. You started off as a cool guy, using valid points to tell people how Microsoft started to send gaming down a bad slope, but now you’ve turned into a douche. This was made for people who want information on Games with gold, but you came to just spread your hate and make us Xbox gamers feel like crap. You’re a grown man, go to the way you were orginally and act like it.

  • Brandon Pearson

    i want red faction guerrilla as a free game

  • Simon Ward

    Anyone think it’s interesting that 3 of the 6 announced games so far are published by Microsoft (Fable/Crackdown/Halo)? What could we see next?

    • Yosh Carrillo

      Red Faction Guerrilla

    • AleGear

      Red Ded Redemption

      • TomTheTeddyBear


  • Sprxify

    I am SERIOUSLY counting on Gears of War 3 being free at sime point. Its only $20 on the marketplace.

    • Simon Ward

      As a Microsoft title, stand a pretty good chance I reckon.

  • Zak

    I hope we see either a battlefield, fallout or prototype title

  • iba

    they first announced that the first 2 tiles will be assassins creed 2 and halo 3. but instead of halo 3 we got a tower defense crap with defensive grid. now instead of crackdown, we (@germany) got shadowrun, such a waste of diskspace game… in wonder what we will get instead of dead rising 2 due its not availible here at our region… games with gold is better than nothing, i admit. but sony is doing so much better with their plus membership and much more interessting games like battlefield 3 for example.

    • Simon Ward

      In MS’s defence, if you rewatch the launch video they didn’t actually say that Halo 3/AC2 were the first games, but everyone assumed they would be. GWG Games are getting better now anyway!

      • Zack Grutza

        hows magic the gathering makign it get better? lol

  • AskingAlexandriaRulesTheWorld

    The Games With Gold program is a brilliant idea and I think that Microsoft should keep it up

    • Ronald Neira

      yeah i agree

      • Simon Ward

        You listening Microsoft? We want more!

        • Phil

          If only we had better games … They are so outdated.

          • Avery

            I completely understand what you mean, but just think they probley pay a lot of money to the game creator to let us have it for free, so just think how much more money they would be spending say if the gave gta 4 out for free, so again i see what you mean they should give us games not so old but not to new. If you catch my drift.

          • richard

            or you guys could quit bitching about free shit……

          • Simon Ward

            In interviews, Sony have stated that developers receive little or no money to go free on PS+, as it’s considered free PR and paid sales of the games usually increase afterwards

          • Zac

            Because they are “Rentals” that expire when you run out of PS+
            So of course sales may increase. Considering the games we are getting for free with Xbox live are ours to keep forever whether we have gold or not and also have the ability to re-download the titles when ever we feel like it. I doubt “Paid sales” will go up very much. At least not for the game developers. It is a PR related thing but only in the hope that more people will buy Gold. At least that’s what it looks like to me anyway.

          • Simon Ward

            The implication in the article was that the sales were coming from people who had heard about the game through increased word of mouth, but missed the boat when it was on PSN+, rather than making the purchase because their PSN + sub had expired.

          • ariiieell

            Also you guys are not considering the in game purchases, for instance when fable 3 came out, I finished the game, liked it and ended up buying the DLC for Fable 3, same thing goes for Deadrising 2, i ended up buying some weapons and outfits, its not much but for games that are not being used anymore Im sure MS is not paying them anything, as someone said before its basically free advertisment and tons of ppl to buy DLC

          • RoadShow

            I just love any xbox gamer ragging on PS+ calling the games rentals.

            LET YOUR XBOX LIVE SUB EXPIRE AND XBOX IS ALMOST A BRICK! You can only play single player games and watch DVD on xbox without xbox live! Xbox one is just as bad except you finally got blu ray.

          • Larry

            PS accessories are so much cheaper cuz they are junk…. controllers suck, gameplay feel sucks, and let your ps+ subscription expire and your PS is almost a brick! cry about something else why don’t ya

          • Larry

            PS accessories are so much cheaper cuz they are junk…. controllers suck, gameplay feel sucks, and let your ps+ subscription expire and your PS is almost a brick! cry about something else why don’t ya

          • Larry

            PS accessories are so much cheaper cuz they are junk…. controllers suck, gameplay feel sucks, and let your ps+ subscription expire and your PS is almost a brick! cry about something else why don’t ya

          • RoadShow

            Yeah lie to yourself some more buddy. Many people love Playstation controllers…besides there are 3rd party controllers too.

            What you talking about PS is almost a brick? Again with the lies. Gotta lie to yourself to try and make you and your POS console feel better. Unless you really don’t know that PS3 is free online play and that PS+ is an optional subscription service that gives huge free games. You xbots and your “rentals” like I keep saying you really wanna keep them then take the console offline after the sub ends but that’s just a cheap excuse you keep telling yourself anyways. You know damn well PS+ craps all over xbox and xbox live.

            The legacy will continue – 1 free PS4 game a month+free PS3 games +free PS Vita games.

            That’s on top of the free exclusive content PS4 will get just like PS3 did. Destiny, Watchdogs, Black Flag.

            Xbox one only gets pay to play timed DLC from 3 publishers.

            It’s not that xbox isn’t fun to play. It’s every bit as awesome as PS3. It’s just that when you measure out the systems capabilities, power, games, exclusives, exclusive content, subscription service & entertainment xbox sucks. It costs the most and gives the least and you gotta put up with stupid stuff like exclusives on PC, paywall basic features, old DVD tech so disk swapping like it’s 1995 and then just things that make the 360 not so elite like old cd tray and huge power brick.

          • Knee bee

            I refuse to believe anyone over 30 is this passionate about something as pointless as video games, yea they’re awesome but come on, to really care this much? Be honest, you’re like 17 right? Please tell me you’re not this pathetic.

          • Larry

            PS accessories are so much cheaper cuz they are junk…. controllers suck, gameplay feel sucks, and let your ps+ subscription expire and your PS is almost a brick! cry about something else why don’t ya

          • RoadShow

            Total BS!

            Sony does give money and lots of it for the games. But also at times it’s really good for a publisher to put their games on PS+ and I think those ones get less money. Like Boarderlands, when the 2nd came they put the 1st on PS+ for free. People end up liking the game and may fork out $60 for Boarderlands 2.

            I think it’s funny as hell that PS3 costs less, has cheaper accessories, is free online play, has an optional subscription service that gives tons of free AAA stuff away, has had wifi, browser & hardware reliance since launch, continues to have huge AAA exclusive games, gives free exclusive content in almost all AAA multi plat titles & yet Xbox sitting there paywalling everything – making BILLIONS per year on XBL + revenue from ads on home page can’t deliver in exclusives, can’t deliver in exclusive content & is giving away these $5 bargain bin games from 7 to 8 freaking years ago.

          • Lost Traveler

            you see. fanboy syndrome.. ps this ps that.. go play in oncoming traffic with razor blades

          • RoadShow

            I think they should change the name to “retro games with gold” considering some of these titles are going on 8 years old.

          • Dan

            *insert le witty comment* oh so cool

    • Simon Ward

      I think in light of PS+, Microsoft need to do better. Even if PS+ games are ‘rentals’, I rarely let my XBL sub expire, so would rather better/more games even if it meant I had to have a constant XBL Gold account to play them. What do you think?

      • MarioMan

        I like the XBL Games with Gold system because it’s a no-strings-attached set up. You download the game for free, and you get to keep it forever.

        • RoadShow

          So what? If you let xbox live expire then xbox is pretty much a brick. I mean you can still play single player games and watch dvd’s but that’s it!

          Call PS+ a rental fine…$50/yr and we get huge games constantly and can re-download anytime.

          $60/yr for these $5 bargain bin games man it’s pathetic.

          I personally hate xbox but I want to see them keep the free games up after December and bring free games to xbox one. But I don’t think the greedy people at micro$oft will go for that.

          • dranzer1

            The huge games constantly which don’t work anymore without Ps+ while we get it permanently.

          • RoadShow

            Wait so you are going to get to keep it permanently?

            Oh….so you can keep it BUT YOU CAN’T PLAY IT ONLINE!!


            So….you gonna have an xbox 360 just to play single player games and watch DVD’s?

            if you let your xbox live subscription run out the xbox is basically a brick.

            so you always keep XBL running, just like PS+ gamers do and a little trick for you here


          • A happy Xbox owner

            I dunno man… I’ve had my xbox for well over a year and I only very recently got Xbox Live. I was always happy with my purchase.

          • RoadShow

            Why are you happy with your purchase? Are you talking about the 360 or live?

            Like I keep saying. Xbox 360 is every bit as fun as PS3. It’s just that when you measure everything about the console, head to head with the PS3, PC or even Wii/WiiU the 360 sucks.

            PC, Wii & PS3 – Free online play
            PC, Wii & PS3 – Hardware Reliance
            PC, Wii & PS3 – Exclusives not on any other platform
            PC, Wii & PS3 – No sub. needed to sub. to netflix/hulu or like.
            Wii & PS3 – Wifi since launch
            Wii & PS3 – Browser since launch
            Wii & PS3 – $50 controllers that include blue tooth, gyroscope, recharge batteries (PS3), speakers (Wii).

            360 – Pay to play $60/yr = $300 every 5 years
            360 – Worst reliance in history 33-55% for 5 years
            360 – Most exclusives on PC with free online play.
            360 – Must have xbox live in order to browse net or purchase a sub. to netflix/hulu or like service.
            360 – No wifi for 5 years – add $100
            360 – No browser for 7 years
            360 – $50 controllers with no blue tooth, no gyro, no recharge batteries, no speaker. Why so expensive? Plus $20 for a battery pack making each $70 – Outrageous.

          • Lost Traveler

            lol must suc to be you

          • JohnPaulGremlic

            What are you talking about? Damn I never realized there was such a long list of reasons why xbox sucks. I knew it was pay to play but always felt the XBL was a better product. After playing on my cousins PS3 and seeing all the free games PS+ has and this list I think I’m going to jump ship, at least to the PS4.

            IDK I’m kind of sick of paying $60/yr. Been doing it for 8 years now and we get these junk games while PS3 gets BF3, Hitman, Metal Gear, Boarderlands, Bioshock, Warhammer, Uncharted and a bout a million others I wish I had.

          • Lost Traveler

            you do realize that he doesn’t own them right? they are practically Rentals..so when ps3 is doen with them all that hard work will be for nothing.. so yea.. js

          • JohnPaulGremlic

            IDK I’ve had my xbox live for 8 years and I haven’t gotten squat for it.

            If I’m going to pay for something I’d much rather pay for PS+. All I know is that I played an entire weekend of BF3 on the PS3 and I could noticeably see better lighting and graphics. The servers were just as fast as my 360 so…I’m switching to PS4.

            I just wish the Last of Us was coming on PS4 too. I don’t really wanna have to buy a PS3 at the end of the gen for that game, Gran Turismo and Uncharted.

          • Dan

            December 2014 ” We have decided to discontinue the online ps service and we are sorry for any inconvenience. Your profile can and will be carried over to ps4 if you wish. Unfortunately any title which you have downloaded from the ps+ store will become unusable from January 2015 we apologise for this inconvenience. Select games from the Ps store shall be made available for the Ps4 console” Thats pretty much how the rent to play service will work. They will try to accommodate the players but there is only so much they can do seeing as the Ps4 isn’t going to be backwards compatible at first ( PlayStation tend to flip flop about 2-3 years later)

          • Dan

            All the games you mentioned are multi-platiform (metal gear being a newbie to mutli-plat) bar Uncharted so stop being a damn fanboy and actually debate the merits of either system properly. Also on a side note roadshow you are a damn shame to gamers everywhere. You should learn to appreciate the good, bad and ugly in gaming. Instead you bitch like a little girl about anything that goes against your fanboy ways. Originally i loved ps1 and 2 then i switched to xbox360 (better service even if paid and enjoyable) The next gen i think i will switch back to playstation for the ps4 but i’ll wait 6 months for both consoles to be put through there paces before buying, Why? Because i’m not a fanboy I’m a gamer i enjoy gaming whether it is on pc ps xbox wii 3ds psvita. If you were a real gamer you would be able to appreciate the good and bad about each system. Ps3 was horrible because it forced blu ray down your throat despite the fact most people didn’t give a damn about it at the start. Because they used a cheap blu ray that couldn’t load without you downloading the gaming first it was a disappointment to all, while also forcing the playstation buyers to pay more due to the blu ray which was expensive as fuck at the time of the ps3 sales. That being said xbox360 didn’t take too many risks that generation but stayed with a solid and proven formula for selling consoles to a mass market and they had gained experience in the xbox for a great online service. This generation xbox took a hell of a lot more risks and playstation were conservative this time. The idea microsoft were going for with the xbox1 was pretty awesome but their delivery of the idea was piss poor. If they truely explained the merits of the drm system in relation to a steam based sales system no-one would have been able to say much to discredit it but mircosoft dun goofed on that. Playstation capitalized on that and used it against xbox (which couldn’t have been easier if it had been handed to them on a silver platter). Both systems are awesome in their own ways and i hope they will keep competing, Why? Because completion drives creativity and ingenuity, which will only be to the gain of console gamers. Long story short all consoles are awesome just in their own damn way enjoy the medium through which you game, the only thing us casual gamers need to demand is a mutual online experience where i can play gta online on my xbox and play with a friend on playstation. But they can’t follow suit from pc gaming whereby no matter what system your running as long as you can run the game you can play with anyone else with a pc. Thats my 2 cents and i love both companies. I could get into pc gaming but that is a different beast all together

          • detn

            i agree ! i jumped the ship last week and could not be happier ! PS+ kicks ass ! i got bioshock infinite , metro last night and borderlands 2 for free :) while xbox gave me dead island and toy soldiers -_-

          • Plink

            My personal experience:

            PS3: Want to play tekken online, i cant because the servers of PS3 are totally crap. After 10 months lector broke, the solution from playstation are to pay 200€ for repair it (I know the garanty… this is another problem with the supermarket), a new and better one cost for that time about 300€!!!

            With that solution and a bunch of friend playing with 360 give a try, buy a pack with 2 controllers and Fable2 for 180€ (less than repair a PS3)

            XBOX: Yes, no have wifi, how great router have a lots of ports. Play online cost money, but they have a great online service, no lag/server problems, thats what u pay, i buy a card online for 12+2 months for 30€, its above 2€ for month, not expensive at all. Really u buy a console for navigate, if u want to navigate buy a PC or a laptop. Xbox broke, call technical service, they come get your console and return it repaired for free.

            And after saying all of this, dont buy a console, go for PC, only one word: Steam.

            P.S. The PS3 lens problem happens about 4-5 years ago, i call techincal again about 6 months ago, they still wants 180€ for repair it….

            P.S.2 Sorry for my gramar, im not english native.

          • Chris Romero

            Its ok don’t listen to them I for 1 own an xbox and I don’t care if I have to buy a 12,6 or 3 month card I lve my xbox and its true the servers on xbox are better than the PS3 ones why for one my step-brother owns one and when me and him play with it the server either crashes or doesn’t work so yeah and xbox has better security than the PS3 heres an example: I got hack on my first ever account on xbox I had a bunch of achievements and I lost them all but I did keep all dlc,,arcade games,etc from my previes account (sorry for bad grammar) and what happends if you get hacked on PS3 you lose everything and have to buy it all over again so in point xbox rules! PS3 sucks.
            P.S. If anyone wants to talk to me heres m GT XxDeathScitheXx

          • Richard Burns

            It’s sad that you can’t just enjoy your console and accept that other people enjoy theirs too.

            Me? I own a 3DS, Xbox and PC and love them all equally as they are all good at different things. 3DS for portability and Nintendo exclusives, PC for mods and keyboard and mouse, Xbox as it has the best online infrastructure.

          • RoadShow

            See right there…”the best online infastructure”.

            LMAO you are blind and ignorant if you believe that. And you say you game on PC!?

            PSN is every bit as smooth and lag free as PC which is the best place to game (and free online play the PC way I might add).

            The only difference between PSN and XBL is that PSN is free and XBL is $300 every 5 years and has cross game chat.

            PS+ gives huge free games (free games in exchange for the “subscription” instead of only “access to basic features” for the “subscription” like xbox)

            Games with gold took 12 years to get here, are super old games and will likely end in December with no free games coming to xbox one.

            Killer instinct is not a free game. It’s a free demo considering only 1 character is free. Was it $5 per character after that or $20 to unlock all? That’s not free buddy.

            It’s just sad that you ruined the gaming industry and don’t care. You say you game 3DS, PC & Xbox.

            Well PC can find a way to go pay to play and so can Nintendo. They could even implement that on the 3DS and what you like Nintendo exclusives but no the WiiU?

            Anyways you could end up paying $180-$240 per year just to play online and it’s all because YOU supported xbox 360 pay to play for NO GOOD REASON.

            Xbox was the only gaming platform pay to play.
            360 RROD – 33-55% hardware failures
            360 best exclusives on PC (Gears of War, Left4Dead, Battlestations, Fable, Alan Wake, Mass Effect)
            360 more expensive accessories (wifi, HDD & controllers)
            360 no blu ray and no browser for 7 years

            There is not one reason to support it but you did and now we will all have to pay to play because everyone sat back, watched xbox give NOTHING for XBL and put out the most unreliable console ever worse yet it’s exclusives aren’t exlcusive and you supported it anyways! OF COURSE everyone else is going to go pay to play. YOU DO REALIZE THAT XBL generates 2.75 BILLION PER FREAKING YEAR right!?

            That is 2,750 – MILLION dollars each and every year while giving you crud for exclusives, no free exclusive content (pay to play timed DLC only) ads on home page and nothing for the worthless subscription.

            You are like punk kids going to great campgrounds, throwing beer bottles in the fire pit, cutting down trees illegally, throwing your trash all over the place and cutting down trees illegally you know you can’t even burn. You ruin it just to ruin it. Just to leave your scum mark on the earth.

            Free online play is dead and it’s all your fault. THAT MY SON is why I give a damn.

          • Darthg10

            You kind of missed the PS3 over Xbox 360 fight. That was 5-6 years ago now.

          • RoadShow

            Yeah you are right. PS3 passed 360 years ago but you miss the point that Xbox fizzled out 4 years ago and these consoles still have 2-3 years of life in them yet.

          • JPHA

            So … what you are saying is that you are poor and spending 300 in 5 years for playing online is too much for you right ?? I Read all your comments and all you have to say It´s about the money … I have both consoles and trust me they look the same on a big ass 60″ tv, want to know the REAL difference between the consoles ??? TASTE IN GAMES, nothing more, you want to play Last of Us buy a Play Station want to play Mass Effect buy a Xbox, stop saying stupid things and accept the fact that $300 for 5 years of xbox live its nothing !! Dude I mean who in hell can´t afford to pay that amount but have the money to buy a console ??

            And something that it’s true is that xbox have a better service in terms of online games, not saying PS have a bad one but Xbox is the master in those domains.

            So shut up an accept the fact that both consles are great and the “big” deal of paying for playing it’s not that big.

            Have a nice day.

          • RoadShow

            I’m saying i wasn’t stupid enough to pay for online play when it’s FREE everywhere else AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

            People that supported 360 KILLED OFF FREE ONLINE PLAY.

            if you enjoy games and play multiple consoles you are doomed to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online. It’s all because of xbox’s success with 360 despite them giving nothing worthy.

            Taste in games. Dude. The only true exclusives xbox has are Halo, Gears & Forza.

            Forza is a wanna be GT in my eyes…always will be.

            Halo is great but was far better on PC with keyboard/mouse, free online play and the best Halo map ever which was PC exclusive – Death Island.

            Gears is good but the series lost it’s way on the last one.

            Mass Effect is multi plat. Sony is the one that keeps giving great exclusives. Xbox died off 4 years ago.

            If you like games PS3 is the way to go.

            If you like entertainment PS3 is the way to go.

            If you like huge valuable subscription services PS3 is the way to go.

            If you like free exclusive content PS3 is the way to go. (Exclusive game modes, hours of extra content, exclusive characters, maps, free DLC, free games)

            There just is no reason to support xbox. I’m sorry that’s not true. The only reason to support xbox is Halo but like I said above that was soo much better with keyboard/mouse on PC with free online play and the best map ever which was PC exclusive. And Battlefield can quench any thirst I have of Halo. Sure it’s not all futuristic but I’m not gonna pour out my hard earned money and support the horrible people at xbox for Halo.

          • JPHA

            how in hell I´m gonna pay $180 – $240 per year just to play online ??? I just told you I have both consoles and I pay $120 per year at most for both online suscriptions and let me tell you something PS+ aint that good, and XBL ain’t that bad, dude you need to learn that you can be wrong sometimes, and trust me PSN it´s not as good as XBL, the servers or I dont know what are far better on XBL, PSN disconnects a lot, its harder to connect to a server and a lot more problems compared to XBL.

            And dont start saying “they are equally good in terms of online gaming” when you because of your superior hate towards Xbox have never own one, because trust me they are not the same.

            Graphics I told you so there is no difference when you play on a big ass screen.

            And most of the games are released for both consoles so it´s the same shit, and bro there are also a lot of excluseve DLC for xbox and a lot of exclusive content for xbox you just dont know it because you dont own one …

            And spending $120 per year for superior gaming its nothing its just one less dinner with my girl, and you want the best, it has a cost, you want to stay with “free” shitty stuff then keep making excuses for not having the best, and whats the best ???


            HARDWARE you might say … PS3 has a blu ray … OMG thats like the shitiest blu-ray ever … go buy a decent one and use the things for their purpose, consoles – gaming, blue.ray – movies.

          • RoadShow

            (1) I’m a big gamer. I game PC, Nintendo & Playstation. Anyone like me…once Nintendo goes pay to play and PC can find a way to go pay to play will have to pay $180/yr. If you play PC/Nintendo/Playstation/Xbox then you are doomed to pay $240/yr. All because people supported 360 for no good reason.

            (2) The ONLY thing you can say against PSN is that it has more updates and doesn’t have cross game chat. OTHER THAN THAT THEY ARE THE SAME. I come from PC gaming and PSN is every bit as smooth, fast and lag free. ALSO BS on what you are trying to say about PSN servers. I do not disconnect. You can sit Battlefield, COD, GTA V on PS3 & 360 right next to each other and I guarantee you will not see a difference. I sit there and play BF3 uninterrupted for hours upon hours. The same all the way back in the day on Bad Company when I was on wifi and router 25′ away!

            *I’ve played on my cousins 360 a lot. I hate the controller and I’ve seen game breaking lag and glitching on Gears of War 2 online and BF3 (early days – same problems PS3 had early days of BF3).

            (3) PS3 exclusives do have better graphics than 360. Multi plats they are excactly the same ***With most titles having slightly better frames per second on 360…this is just the proof you need to ensure that PS4 will have better frames per second. See extremetech video comparing multiple graphics engines on PC equiv. hardware for PS4/X1. 22-35% better frames on PS4. I will say that graphically PS4 will be castrated for parity reasons on multi plats.

            (4) You are wrong. I follow gaming very closely and know far too much about it. Xbox does not have ANY free exclusive content OR DLC that PS3 doesn’t get. PS3 gets free exclusive content in all the best AAA multi plats (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City, Mafia 2, FEAR, Battlefield, Fight Night, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Assassins Creed, Far Cry 3 and more). Xbox only gets pay to play timed DLC from 2 publishers (360 – going to 3 on X1) Activision & Bethesda. DLC paying xbox live members still have to pay for and DLC everyone will get. That is neither free nor exclusive.

            (5) $120 is a lot of money. If you budgeted at all you would see that. I have more nice things than any of my family because I don’t go pouring out hard earned money. I learned this from a rich guy that lives in Beverly Hills 90210. Dude fought with me every single day for 2 weeks for a $5 refund that wasn’t even rightfully his. I finally give in and dude lives in 90210. NO REASON TO SUPPORT PAY TO PLAY ESPECIALLY ON A WORTHLESS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE LIKE XBL.

            (6) PS3 blu ray is one of the best ones on the market. It does read slow but that has no effect on blu ray quality. PS3 is one of the most up to date blu ray players and is also a 3D blu ray player giving even more value. You are just trying to write it off because you know it’s great. it’s not just blu ray. Xbox didn’t have wifi for 5 years, no browser for 7 years and obviously RROD 33-55% failures for 5+ years.

            Look I’m sorry dude. I’m not trying to offend you but I hate xbox for all the wrong they have done to gaming. I know for a fact that they will just screw you over time and time again. I didn’t used to feel this way. First xbox I had no problems with although I didn’t realize it had pay to play xbox live. I first realized M$ was a scam at Halo 2 for PC.

            Halo 2 for PC – Vista only – scam to push new OS.

            Orig. Xbox drop all service/support/games as soon as 360 here. Supposedly due to some contract..it was M$ job to ensure they sold you a product you could enjoy for years.

            RROD to gain market share. It worked…it was the consumer who suffered. I know personally tons of people that got RROD, 1 dude got it 8 times and was told to screw off by M$. They though he was making it do it on purpose and that was within the 3 year warranty. (which they got rid of as soon as slims were here).

            360 & Xbox 1 paywall basic features. Can’t freaking browse the net or use streaming services without xbox live. ***Tell me that if you had to pay a sub to browse or stream on a PC you wouldn’t be pissed. Freaking smart phones, tablets, PC, Mac, Nintendo, Playstation and every other internet enabled device out there doesn’t charge for this stuff.

            X1 – tried to implement horrid DRM, used game, always online, kinect required or it’s a brick policies.

            In fact they still kind of are. With xbox one many games are made to be “better with the cloud”. Meaning if you have shotty or no internet you get a far worse experience.

            Dude I’m just a huge gamer and you gotta admit you get FAR more from a PC/PS3 or PS4 set up than you do an Xbox and other set up. I mean fk Titanfall is on PC with free online play. I think it looks more current gen than next so I don’t want it. But if it ends up awesome I’ll pick it up on my PC. Just like I did Gears of War, Halo CE & 2, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Left4Dead, Both Battlestations, All the Fables & Alan Wake.

            Okay I didn’t buy all those but they are on PC. I got Gears 1 & both Battlestations on PC and the two Halo’s from last gen.’

            Oh and how many people do you know with school laptops or a PC at home for school work? $200 upgrade and you can play these supposed xbox exclusives and with FREE online play.

          • JPHA

            Ok… I still disagree with a LOT of things that you are saying BUT, I agree that you can get any xbox game for a PC … and with that bomb I just have to say you have a really good point, but for me its always nicer to play any game on a console than in a PC.

          • RoadShow

            You know I was just about to reply to you and give some respect. I don’t have a problem with you personally. I have many friends that love xbox and we all fight all the time about them. With what happened at the X1 reveal and at E3 they are all getting a PS4 at launch but some said they may consider xbox later on.

            I too prefer console these days. I just get far more from a console and don’t like to deal with the headache’s of PC gaming. Not to mention my PC is outside in an office where as my console is on my big screen TV with my 7.1 surround sound.

            Oh well to each his own. It’s a great time to be a gamer and whatever route you end up taking I hope you have a bang up time. Enjoy and game on dude..here’s some respect to you.

          • JPHA

            And here’s some respect to you. Nice talking to you

          • RoadShow

            You too.

          • Joe Llewellyn

            haha after reading the comments from you guys i never thought it would end in a respectful way! i think im just going to buy a ps2 for a tenner and get timesplitters 2 and NFS underground 2 and fuck paying for shit!

          • RoadShow

            Yeah I’m intense but when it all comes down to it we are all gamers and we all commonly enjoy the same things. We picked whatever console we got for whatever reason (in my experience people pick up xbox for friends or Halo).

            I loved underground 1. Drag, Drift, game progression & car customization. I really miss that type of need for speed.

          • saese

            RROD: complete mistake on Microsoft
            now aside from 360 vs. ps3, X1 vs. ps4
            i already decided before e3 to go ps4 since i knew microaoft would destroy the new gen. only thing i will miss is dead rising 3…. oh well time for sony exclusives!

          • RoadShow

            Dead Rising may come to PS4. Dead Rising 2 made it’s way to PS3.

          • dranzer1

            No… It was confirmed already by CAPCOM themselves.

          • Matt Bronson

            Ah, the time honored tradition of waiting for Xbox scraps. A Sony tradition…..

          • RoadShow

            Ah, the time honored tradition of taking your money and not holding onto your exclusives.

            microsoft sure knows how to play your sorry ass.

          • Mackerz

            Yeah and now ps are copying xbox in almost everyway so shows playstation also know how to play your sorry ass

          • Brandon Banks

            your not intense. your dense, moronic, and utterly fucking stupid in every single aspect of the word, Life. you really need to get one where facts take shape over this bullshit false drivel you’ve spat for months.

          • RoadShow

            So you still have no leg to stand on and realize I am right. Agreed.

          • uyk

            but he’s literally correct about everything. i only have a 360 and play it religiously, but he’s abso-fucking-lutely correct about everything. microsoft hates us. they only want money. they would murder us and our families for more money. but i like halo so i’m stuck with the fucking company.

          • Ken

            No you are just a loud mouth idiot

          • Aaron Cox

            dude just shut up and get a life there the fucking same END OF

          • RoadShow

            The same!? My god you are one blind ignorant fuck.

            (1) Xbox paywalls basic features like browser, streaming services, apps, cross game chat, free to play games, video capture & even one guide.

            (2) Many xbox exclusives on PC with free online play. Meaning xbox has less games.

            (3) Microsoft has proven they won’t support the console all it’s life. 360 was a very successful console. Raking in 2.75 BILLION per year off xbox live plus revenue from ads on home page. ALMOST NO EXCLUSIVES LAST 4 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!

            While Nintendo, PC and PlayStation have game of the year titles and xbox isn’t even mentioned or in the runner up.

            (4) Microsoft has screwed over PC gamers, screwed over orig. xbox gamers, screwed over 360 gamers and are now screwing over X1 gamers.

            (5) XBL is a worthless overpriced service that pales in comparison to PS+.

            (6) Xbox one finally gets free exclusive content instead of pay to play timed DLC paying xbox live members still have to pay for. But just like games with gold this pales in comparison to Sony’s offerings (X1 has Fifa 14 & Metal Gear, PS4 has Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed & Metal Gear).

            (7) MULTI PLATS WITH DOUBLE THE RESOLUTION ON PS4. Better frames per second and overall more stability. That’s on the less expensive console.

            (8) Cable pass through is a worthless feature to most outside the US and worthless to the millions of cord cutters inside the US.

            PS4 has friend spectate/take over mode. That’s a feature all gamers around the world can enjoy.

            There’s more but I think you get the drift. XBOX SUCKS.

            It’s fun sure. But it sucks in comparison to PC, Nintendo or PlayStation and there’s nothing but a huge list of facts to prove it.

          • ASilverSharpie

            If you’re a big gamer you’d know whatever console you use it’s fun not hard to figure that out Iv played since I was 6 back when my parents had the old school things like nontindo entertainment center and the ps1 .

            Wii dosnt suck not dose Xbox yes Xbox has killed followers but that’s because of the restrictions they originally placed on the Xbox one .now PlayStation is following the footsteps and makes you pay . Graphics may ‘ve a diffrence but who the neck cares? I mean yes Wii graphics are terrable but they started the motion games and Xbox and PlayStation followers them . Microsoft Sony and Nintendoarnt bad at all . Microsoft is doithose best keep your own opinion to yourself Sony eventually will fall because they will do what all companies do and get full of themselves se . Also I know I have spelling errors but

          • Allen

            You have some serious errors there.

            (1) Xbox has lost many customers because of multiple things (A) Almost no exclusives the last 4 years in a row while xbox gamers paid and paid for XBL and had ads on home page. While watching Wii and PS3 have game of the year titles each year and xbox is no where, not even in the honorable mentions. The only decent title for those 4 years was Halo 4. (B) Xbox live was worthless and PS+ made xbox gamers feel like idiots for paying for the worthless service. (C) What they tried to do with Xbox one DRM, always online or it’s a brick, kinect required or it’s a brick (D) “The month of hell” from xbone announcement to the weeks following E3. Where they were total ass holes


            “We have a console that isn’t required to be online, it’s called the Xbox 360″

            (2) Sony and Nintendo started motion gaming R&D back in 2000. Sony came out first with the PS Eye and had some awesome games on it LOOK UP KINETIC FOR PS2. High ratings, HANDS FREE motion gaming. (Xbox even copied the name).

            Nintendo innovated with the Wii mote and Sony did it right with the move which is 1:1 accurate in a 3D world, has hardcore and family games, is compatible but not forced on tons of AAA games.

            You cannot dis move until you try Time Crisis (just like being at the arcade) and Start the Party. Because it’s simply the best there is. The latency is also still a fraction of Kinect 2.0.

            (3) The only thing paywall on PS4 is online multiplayer. BUT now Microsoft has followed suit (and I’m very happy).

            NES is awesome still today I agree. Same as PS1 and all my old systems. I love and play them all. Admittedly I play far more old school NES than I do PS1 titles. PS2 is a different story, love very much all my old games there.

            I don’t think I said Wii sucks either. Nintendo certainly doesn’t offer the competition Xbox does.

          • Chimpgonnagetya

            First I want to say that I find this hilarious that you have been arguing for 7 months. Second of all, PS+ is only useful for getting games. XBL is $10 more than PS+. PS+ you can only rent games. XBL you get to keep them. So for $10 more you get to keep games instead of renting them. And third of all, Sony fanboy much?

          • Epickman316

            Just thought I’d throw this in there… we pay for xbox live for the security
            it’s always been for that… before playstation plus came out psn got hacked
            many many times ppls credit card info was stolen and so much other stuff.
            playstation came out with plus so they could afford security so psn didn’t get
            hacked anymore… fact is that if you had to pay the whole time psn would
            have never been hacked.. i play both and i enjoy online on xbox better that’s just my
            opinion tho.. i can get into a party with my friends and we don’t even have to
            play the same game. That’s good enough for me right there, i like the games
            better on xbox as well and there not all ported to pc just sayin… i will say that
            technically ps3 has slightly better graphics and runs smoother but it don’t matter
            cuz I definitely end up playing xbox 95% of the time and thats because overall
            I just have way more fun on xbox.. not being able to party kinda sucks, it makes
            that shit boring as hell.. bottom line ps3 better graphics and games run smoother,
            xbox 360 is all about the online experience and there is no better one… shit i can
            even get into parties with ppl on xbox one.. ps3 can’t compare to xbox online period.
            just sayin.. don’t hate the game hate the player. ;)

          • Congo

            Lol everyone knows PS3s are crap for online…… You got hacked by some 18yr old moron, you can’t join party’s with people and Microsoft supply’s the best internet and hardware in the world!

          • RoadShow

            LMAO how much of a fucking retard are you?

            (1) The hack only happened because Sony stood up to Pirates while Microsoft let them run rampant. Sony sued Geo Hotz and Anonymous attacked Sony for doing so (as they did several huge corporations)

            (2) PS4 has party chat.

            (3) PS3 online is not crap. That’s what ignorant, never been on any other online platform xbots say. I come from PC gaming onilne, been doing so since online play was in it’s infancy and PS3 is every bit as smooth and lag free.



            It’s just that ignorant little fucks like you disregard xbox horrible hardware. You are blind as fuck and basically all lie to eachother, blocking out the world and acting like it’s the best thing the world. Stroking eachothers cocks with lies.

            Xbox is the best…..stroke, stroke.

            Xbox live is so fast, it’s the best because we pay so it must be….stroke, stroke.

            PSN is laggy….stroke, stroke.

            LOL it’s so true.

          • Darte

            I’m not really in this discussion, as I’m personally a religious Steam user, but…

            (1) It wasn’t confirmed whether or not Anonymous was the actual culprit behind the Sony attacks. The lawsuit against Geo is true, but the actual attack was declared more than likely done by an unknown group, as Anonymous even declared that they would not have done an attack like that on Sony without a much better reason. It’s amazing what you can learn when you have to write a 6-page essay on it.

            (2) PS4 has party chat, but I also hear that it requires PS+. That makes this part of the discussion pointless, though I may be wrong about the requirement part.

            (3) GFWL…man. Those were dark times.. (Replying to PC games online). I hear the devs that lost that ended up going to Steam + VAC though, so that’s actually pretty great. Now if only EA would grow up and put their newer games on Steam.

            (4) The Surface (Pro) is actually one of the much better tablets out there, although you can basically get the same thing (with more freedom and worse specs) for probably $600 less. Unlike (2), I can back this up with experience.

          • Mackerz

            Also I play PC everyday and I played ps3 then moved on to xbox now I play xbox and pc, ps3 UI was terrible, online took longer to find games, the controller was nowhere near as good as xbox or pc, no party chat made it complicated when trying to set up a game, when I first got it there was no indication that I got a friend request and my mate who had it since it came out didn’t know how to send friend requests, the xbox 360 came out before the ps3 and yet lasted longer with more players, and the graphics difference is not noticeable, if anything the ps3 just looked brighter

          • Bob

            Even though I’m an Xbox fan, I won’t judge your decision on your preferred console, but just take your evaluation on your beloved ps3 somewhere else as this is a thread about games with gold, which is exclusively to xbox.

          • John

            No shit you can get any game on PC and xbox…. It’s the same effin company bro, is every PS fanboy on here hittin up bath salts ??

          • Sorry

            NOT cross game chat?? Is shit so what to do with PS? I like to watch tv and talk with my brother on xbl when it play fifa … i like to serf on youtube and talk with my friends when the play other games. this is A BIG DEAL . This is a community , talk with people , make u active player make friends ( YOU CAN TALKKK ) . no just playing and in one hour you want to sleep coz you are alone !! PS SUCKS . I WANT LIVE THINKS and xbox i LIVE . ps is like zoobie dark , dead and quite

          • RoadShow

            Cross game chat is a feature that isn’t on PS3. PS3 does have free party chat and free video chat same as PS4.

            Both PS4 & Xbox one support 8 person party chat and cross game chat.

            PS got so much more game than xbox. More features, more quality, good customer care and with PS+ you are guranteed to have 12 free games the first year on PS4 for your $50 ($10cheaper) investment. Not to mention free exclusive content (not pay to play timed DLC like xbox) and a lot more power.

          • Michael Flaherty

            xbox gold is dropped to $50 just saying

          • RoadShow

            LOL another xbox freaking LIE!!!


          • Trips97

            Just saying, Xbox Live is cheaper in the UK…

          • LeakyDevilfish

            Dude you really need to stop putting a straw up sony’s ass and look at the facts, Xbox has a much better online community than PS3, its still terrible, but better than PS………. Xbox has better exclusives, Halo is one of the best selling franchises of all times, and the best selling exclusive between both platforms. Xbox LIVE is paid for because of security reasons, which is why PSN got hacked and everyone lost money. And so what if the games for gold games are cheap, there not exactly going to give you Ghosts or BF4 for free are they ?

            Now please, shut up because everything you have said is coming from a complete fanboy who is too sad to look up facts, and who would rather just state his opinion and try to make it the facts. The Fact is, your a stupid pathetic little moron who needs to get out his mothers basement and get a life, meet a girl and take that straw from sony’s ass because right now, your sucking it like a baby on a boob

          • Brandon Banks

            again, it has more games, yes, THAT NO ONE WANTED TO PLAY OR EVEN BOUGHT< do some simple fucking research you daft fucking git

          • detn

            if you want to talk GO FUCKING OUTSIDE !!!!!

          • Map360

            You let me know when the 360 is hacked by yellow heads (Japanese people in case your numb skull can’t understand it)

          • Chump

            Grow up you racist piece of shit

          • uyk

            Those who are racist usually are older. People who tell others to ‘grow up’ are usually very young.


          • Road Show is lame

            Just shut up already, no one cares about your opinion

          • RoadShow

            Wah Wah Wah….

            I freaking told you idiots that all you gotta do is give me 1 reason you supported that POS 360 and dis PS3 and I’d leave. But NO YOU CAN’T. Because you fking ruined free online play FOR NO DAMN REASON.

            You guys are fking idiots. You should consider the consequences of your actions. There was no reason to support 360. Exclusives on PC, no blu ray, no browser, no wifi, no free exclusive content, worthless subscription service, can’t do anything on xbox without xbox live.

            And you just sit there, defend the hell out of it and now anyone that plays multiple systems have to pay $110/year. When Nintendo goes pay to play it will be $180 and then if PC finds a way $240 per year just to play online. YOUR FAULT IDIOT

          • RED

            Lol wtf dude xbox has wifi,internet,and every thing u say it does not and BTW DUM ASS ITS 50$ FOR A YEAR ON XBOX LIVE GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT U DUM PEICE OF RAT SHIT

          • uyk

            i think you might be a child, or a literal retard. it didn’t have wifi until only a few years ago, and that was only after the complete system redesign. And it was $60 for a few years up until about a year ago.

            How about you learn about the concept of ‘context’? ;)


          • Nai

            longest fuckin conversation ever wow do u ever stop

          • saese

            hello again roadshow. it’s nice to see this fight still going on after 3 months.
            i have played ps3 alot recently and both consoles are equal, so why dont we strt ripping on nintendo? cause cmon, they wont catch up in the gaming world anytime soon. wii u was a failure in my opinion but xbox/ps3 are equals now. or maybe we can start the x1/ps4 battle?

          • RoadShow

            Hey what up saese?

            Ah things are good at the moment. I still hate xbox and if they would only drop all the paywalls for basic features and make xbox live valuable then I would stop ragging on them.

            But I don’t really care any more. The damage from the support and success from 360 is done. Pay to play is the future of gaming.

            I don’t really want to rag on Nintendo. They are a beloved brand and really screwed up with the WiiU. It’s not that they are ripping people off but that they did not make WiiU exciting nor put the power in it to keep it competitive so it is losing bad on 3rd party multi platform games.

            Poor WiiU, it’s 15 million units behind where the Wii was this time in it’s life.

            X1 is 1.9 million higher than where 360 was in it’s life and PS4 is 3.5 million more than where PS3 was this time in it’s life.

            Both X1 and PS4 have had solid launches and X1 will be a successful console.

            I still rag on it but don’t feel like it right now. I just got my PS4 and am very happy. Regardless of it costing the most and giving the least the X1 is indeed fun and we have a bright future of high quality games ahead of us.


          • RoadShowIsJew

            I wonder why you came to this page? To make xbox gamers believe your bullshit eat poop

          • uyk

            I only have a 360, and I play it religiously, but he has literally only stated facts and logical conclusions based on those facts.

            Microsoft is a greedy and horrible company. Their hardware and business models have influenced the beginning of the end for the gaming industry, with pay-to-play, the ass-raping potentiality of their horrifying DRM bullshit that was thankfully taken away because they saw that people were starting to realize their bullshit. But they’ll try it again in the future, when people are less likely to start an uprise. They underestimated us this time, but soon they’ll find a way to blow our anuses for money until we’re dead. Metaphorically of course. Unless they really could get more money for doing that, then they probably would do it literally.

            I would never touch a goddamn Microsoft system if I had a choice.

            But I like Halo so I’m fucked either way.

          • jacob

            hey fanboy(RoadShow), stop trying to convince people that PS is better because all my friends have xbox, what console do you think I’ll get? Xbox of course. Mine has lasted me a good 7 years now (60Gb pro) and I have always enjoyed the controller layout and xbox titles so I obviously like xbox more, and you can’t change my mind. I honestly think PS is probably better in many ways but I prefer 360 and one + I recently discovered how fun Kinect is.

          • RoadShow

            Then enjoy your console and don’t let the facts bother you.

          • Your god… Three times over.

            How about you enjoy YOUR console, and take a seat. Shut your mouth and stop being a hypocrite. Again, I win. You lose.

          • Yoko Ono

            The Playstation was hacked and Sony had no idea how to handle it they are a freakin joke I wouldn’t trust them with my personal info at all.

          • RoadShow

            xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007 with 1 low ranked game as compensation.

            PSN was down for 3 weeks with 2 high ranked games from a list of 5 to choose from. Free weekend of HD movies + month of PS+

            Microsoft didn’t even combat piracy and is the only reason why they weren’t attacked as well.

            Learn you facts douche. Oh and tens of thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen.

            No sony customers lost money, microsoft customers did.

            oh and idiot, you shouldn’t trust anyone with your information. Use due diligence to protect your own data. Do this by having separate checking accounts for online activity and or use network cards.

          • Alessandro Andres De Marta

            Al dat typing for nothing , shame on you! Everyone knows PS3 is better somehow, but Xbox is obviously not for you. Stop changing peoples mind if they know what they are doing, Dont change consoles. Stop hating PC gamers like me , we dont complain’ if Nvidia,Intel or even AMD it’s better!

            They are pretty awesome hardware , PS4 and X1 sure as a good hardware for the next 7 years … (I was kinda dissapionted , i thought that the PS4 would have 10 cores and the X1 8)

            But i don’t complain too much of that stuff… Wait , u like Microsoft? stay with Microsoft. U like Sony? Stay with sony! nobody is making your choices . Take your own decisions and make some research after doing it . Take opinions on the internet!

            Note: I own a PC and X360 , My brother owns PS3 and PS4 (and he let’s me play with it) which is nice

            I’m super jealous PS+ owners are having better games that Xbox Live owners :( i hope Microsoft get’s better games…

            Too many games are being made for PS Exclusive… I’m jealous of that too.

            But i’m happy that the X360 has Smartglass and all dat stuff.

          • RoadShow

            Look man i’m all about respect for each other. There are a lot of trolls on the internet and I respond to them in kind.

            I can see you are a respectful person as well. I don’t care to change anyone’s mind. I don’t expect anyone to go out and sell their 360 to get a playstation.

            I just want people to open their eyes and see what horrid things microsoft has done and how xbox simply costs the most and gives the least.

            If people see that and still choose xbox then good for them.

            But in my honest opinion the success of xbox 360 and xbox live has doomed free online play on all consoles and has made the industry as a whole a lot more greedy.

            That affects everyone, that affects my beloved gaming and that is why I care.

            Anyways I’m glad you like your xbox and now is a good time to be a gamer no matter what side of the fence you are on.

            I love PC gaming BTW along with Nintendo. They both have their own strengths.

          • Bretton

            This is a very old conversation, but I have to say something to RoadShow. You’re a very rude and disrespectful person. If someone disagrees with your opinion you feel the need to attack them with names and bullying them. That’s bad.

            There is more likely a reason behind paying for a subscription with Xbox Live. From what I know; Xbox live is constantly in maintenance. Nothing to do with the quality of Microsoft. They constantly strive to make it a good place for a person to game. They always make updates to fix any bugs or glitches in the xbox dashboard. I have only owned an xbox 360 for a few years, and it has evolved so much in that time. They deal with hackers better, which makes the players more secure. So why not pay for it? It’s the same when you pay for internet security, or do you feel that you shouldn’t be paying for that either? I’ve never had someone hack into my xbox live profile, which is awesome! . If you don’t pay for something, the quality is obviously going to be worse. Microsoft charges a subscription for live so the xbox users can get neat little deals like the Games With Gold. We save more money than we pay in the longrun, especially as we can get exclusive deals with certain games all the time.

            Without xbox live, the 360 is still playable. Not a ‘brick’ as you like to constantly remark. I played xbox for almost a year without subscription. If you believe that without live it’s a useless device, then you must feel the same about games that aren’t multiplayer or co-operative. I would make that into an analogy, but I suck at those.

            So far the only ‘fact’ you’ve given is that other gaming devices let you play online for free… That’s all. I know plenty of people who have a PlayStation, and those who game through PC. They don’t get the same deals Xbox does. It’s not a fact, it’s more of an observation. I once bought a PC game, and it took me hours just to install it, then even longer just to load the damn thing. And you can’t even play on a different PC. With xbox all you have to do is switch hard-drives or save certain data to the cloud servers, and then all you have to do is download your profile and keep enjoying your game. I don’t know about PS3, but the cloud save is such a good feature.

          • No more god, JUST YOUR FATHER.

            Your all about respect… HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT, do you even read your own stupidity? Think before you spew TURDS from your crusty little hole of a mouth. By the way, have fun responding to this dead email, BYE BYE NOW (bill maher style)! I have a life, and I will NEVER visit this page again after this second! Respond to that one, you stupid CUNT-WAD MULLIGAN.

          • archangel

            Hey, Allen I have a few things to say of you don’t mind.

            I’m a gamer just like everyone else here, why can’t you be civilized and stop with the name calling and act like a gamer as much as we hate the other competing console (I prefer all like Nintendo, play station, PC, Xbox, and handhelds) we respect each other as one in the same I prefer all because even though there are people who are fighting for the 360vs.ps3 or the 1vs.ps4 is because we enjoy having fun other console no mater what they are and you know what I use xbox to play with friends online even though I have to pay because I like being in a party and talking to them on 360 and I play skyrim, farcry 3, uncharted ect. Because I like the quiet of no 12 yr olds bitching about you being a hacker because your a better player then them I play PC for Garry’s mod and minecraft terraria ad star bound and so on, all because I love gaming if you can’t except the fact that people have their own opinions on a console they like make you a hypocrite because your doing the same thing your praising your console you prefer for your own opinion it’s like Christianity people believe in and others have their own like Buddha or no religion such as athiets because they believe science and evolution are what made the earth what it is now in the technological and civilizational advancements we have made over the years your bickering about your favorite toy and how it’s better than the others favorite toy like a bunch for children just please be civilized and accept the fact each is to their own and not all opinions should be voiced and your fact about why your ass should stop bitching is because of fun factor everyone enjoys them selves on both consoles and I prefer all fun factor is what really counts if your worried about money get a better job successful companies taking advantage of their customers is only to are the experience better at least I think it was 45% of profits goes to the servers and another 15% to security to make sure it’s better for the customer spend money to make money dude it’s how the world works calling people retarded and fuckheads is not how you move up in the world. So please just stop 7 months of arguing and it makes you sound like you need to get laid sorry but it’s the truth.

          • Allen

            The ONLY reason I even cared last generation (360/PS3) is because xbox 360 was literally screwing people over and it threatened the entire gaming industry and entertainment industry.

            If you look at any recent posts you will see I no longer hate xbox. I still don’t trust them but they finally did what I wanted them to do. (1) Drop paywalls to basic features (2) Make xbox live valuable.

            Now it’s to each his own. Now I can finally just be a gamer without worrying about how the success of xbox makes the entire industry more greedy (raking in billions per year for worthless and forced xbox live and then not even delivering in exclusives).

            Me personally I still would never buy an xbox. I don’t trust that they will deliver all generation (looking directly at the last two generations…all of xbox history as my worry), I don’t like their cocky attitude and many of their exclusives are on PC with free online play the PC way. Also I just see so much more value to PlayStation (Army of exclusive studios, historically proven to support all generation and then some, more exclusive content – not pay to play timed DLC, better free games with PS+ subscription, features, power and speed are better. THIS IS TOTALLY AN OPINION. I don’t care if anyone buys the xbox one. It’s a powerful console and the controller (other than the awkward thumb positions) is really nice. In fact I hope my brother in law gets an xbox one so I can play Halo on it. But I don’t see the value as a PC and PS4 gamer to buy xbox one and pay for xbox live for just 1 good game. I skipped on Titanfall but am interested in Project Spark on PC. I know that microsoft said they have a renewed focus on PC games, I don’t know what that means but it sounds good.

            Enjoy man. If you go xbox one or already got one I’m sure you’ll have fun.

          • Hectn Cbnhnha

            Man you need a life, you act like a child ”i still hate xbox” it’s just a console, you have 5 months saying the same shit, you write so much, and nobody reads your full comments. Really grow up.

          • RoadShow

            Xbox hurts the gaming industry. I will continue to school ignorant little fks like you around the net until they make xbox live valuable and drop the paywalls to basic features no one else charges for.

            You are the one that should be outraged. If you are a 360 fan they didn’t deliver on exclusives for the last 4 years in a row. The other 4 years it had RROD 55% failures.

            All while not giving the free exclusive content PS3 gamers got despite free online play.

            LOL and you obviously do read my comments and I don’t care if the dumb xbot trolls read them anyways. I just want people to make smart choices when they buy their next console.

            Especially in the US all the retailers were openly biased towards xbox and never mentioned all the horrid things to go with the console and working with microsoft. Finally at E3 2013 the gaming industry stood up for what was right.

          • uyk

            It’s funny. People who tell others to grow up are usually children themselves. I bet you live on minimum wage with that type of mentality.

            What do you define as a life? Apparently, your life is about forcing others to conform to your definition of a correct ‘life’. People who are told to ‘get a life’ usually continue on the road they’ve chosen, regardless of ignorance such as yours, and become successful in ways unknown to previous generations. I’m sure you wouldn’t have a computer if the inventors weren’t obsessed with mathematics, which I’m sure you would consider as a life not worth living (for some reason). Perhaps you are a neanderthal at heart, and exist merely to propagate our species in the unlikely hope that one of your daily seminal expulsions will bond with a paltry egg to produce a creature that will overshadow you in every way, though you will accuse it of having the need to ‘get a life’. Your kind truly begot the end of civilization and the spread of intelligence in our species.

            You know for a fact that no one reads the full comments? I have. But I guess, since your statement was presented as a fact, I must be incorrect. But I know I am correct, as it is a fact that only I may validate through the reality of my experiences.

            Quite a life you got there if you can’t align with empirical evidence in even the simplest scenario.

            tl;dr: you’re a fucking faggot and/or a nigger ;)

          • Allen sucks

            “I still hate xbox and if they would only drop all the paywalls for basic features and make xbox live valuable then I would stop ragging on them.

            But I don’t really care any more.” Your arguing over a whole year says otherwise.

          • Old Timer

            Am I the only one that remembers when the only way to play multiplayer was to go to your friend’s damn house and put in another controller? Am I the only one that remembers when you were lucky if a game even let you do that? Oh fucking BAAAAW. You have to pay a premium for a convenience feature that isn’t even needed for gameplay? And this upsets you? Grow up, ya self-entitled bastards! Single-player is where the real game lives, or the game ain’t worth a damn to begin with. Playing music and movies? That’s just a nice extra. Maybe you missed the part where it’s a GAME CONSOLE. If it can play games it’s doing what it’s designed to do. Anything beyond that’s a bonus, so quit your whining, ya babies!

          • RoadShow

            I agree but do not agree with paying a premium for a convenience feature.

            No one else anywhere else paywalls access to internet browser, pay for the right to pay to a streaming sub like netflix and befoer PS4 no one else made you pay for online play.

            I am old school and have played online since it’s infancy and it has always been free. If PS+ doesn’t continue to be a highly valuable subscription service then I will sell my PS4 and go to PC. I will not support worthless and forced subscription services but at least Sony doesn’t paywall anything other than multi player and that’s for non free to play games.

            Unfortunately the past we enjoyed is dead and gone. Free online play was only 16 or so years old and xbox and xbox fanboys killed it for good. PC may even find a way. Nintendo will if they stay in the console business and now we are doomed to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online.


          • stallion81

            You are a tool. Just blame microsoft for having to pay? You think sony is legit?
            Senario…..2 kids buy 2 different systems when they come out. 1 a PS3, the other a xbox360. Both kids find good deals on newer games, or even a blueray for the kid with a PS3(used). Which kid cant play any newer games/bluerays? Tada……SONY. Now you figure out why……
            Why rip on xbox, when sony is a true POS company.

            PS3 wont run new stuff that you just paid for,unless you update the firmware.

            Xbox360 updates as needed thru the game that you just paid for(very rare except online play).

            Why do I have to constantly update my consoles firmware to play a game or movie thats only 3-4 months newer then the last played game/movie? And you blame microsoft for sony charging for online……..Get real…..Sony is a horrible company.

          • RoadShow

            You are 100% wrong. I don’t even know what you are talking about.

            (1) Game updates aren’t required for single player play.
            (2) I’ve never seen a movie update and I rent/buy blu ray often.
            (3) Updates are automatically done any time of day you want (typically while you sleep).
            (4) How in the world does having updates make Sony a bad company? You trying to say that you never have to update any game on xbox even to play it online?

            Oh that’s right, you must rely on disinformation to try and better your position. I see.

            And yes I do blame xbox for pay to play. Apparently you forgot the part where XBOX IS THE ONLY FREAKING ONE IN THE WROLD THAT PAYWALLS BASIC FEATURES LIKE INTERNET BROWSER, STREAMING SERVICES & SKYPE.

          • a person

            Dude just shut the fuck up nobody cares what you have to say

          • Allen

            Apparently people do. So many rabid xbox fanboys foaming at the mouth over me listing a few simple facts.

            You would think if you loved xbox so much you could accept these truths.

          • Gangsta

            i die crying n laughing that this goes on more than half year, Allen im sry to say but XBOX STILL RULESSS WWWOOOOOOOOO!!!

          • Allen

            What does time matter? You don’t like gaming after a few months?

            I love gaming and I enjoy writing about it. I also enjoy coming to any site I want and bitch slapping idiot xbots and watching them weep.

            PS4 ground stomping xbox one even in the US all year so far, even with it’s most anticipated “exclusive” (also on PC with free online play the PC way).

            But hey man. I’m pretty much over this console war thanks to the really good news!

            (1) PS4 has already won
            (2) Xbox live will be valuable now that they are adopting PS+ subscription model.
            (3) Finally microsoft are dropping most the paywalls.

            I have nothing to bitch about. They did exactly what I wanted and now the right expectations have been set for the future of gaming and electronics (I was concerned that paywall features could make their way to every device if xbox was successful).

            THIS is the type of competition I like!

            Enjoy your xbox. I would still never buy one but I don’t have so much against it anymore.

          • ellnufc

            Let’s get some fact’s straight with you

            1) You’re a stubborn bigot, no matter what anyone says to you’ll completely ignore them and shove your opinions down their throats

            2) You’re opinions are NOT facts, if people say they prefer something on the 360 over the PS3 that’s their opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s a fact

            3) There is no need to write life stories over someone else’s little opinion, it makes you look like a complete psycho, but to me it seems like you have mental health problems anyway’s, so I’d advise you to go and see a therapist

          • Your god.

            F*** 360. But f*** you too man, your a loser. You sound like the crusty old lady on the bus, in South Park. Your bitching about whining, but your replying with extensive BITCHY respones, hypocrite. Don’t reply to me, I won’t respond because I min. I will always win, you will always sit in the sidelines and lose. Crybaby.

          • Allen

            LOL if you would bother to read I am very happy that xbox has finally dropped the paywalls to basic features and made xbox live valuable.

            I win every time because I can simply come in here and drop a fact bomb and piss ignorant fuck xbots off.

            I may not have a problem with xbox anymore but I still LMAO at xbot fanboys all mad that Sony is ground stomping xbone. Half the resolutions, lower frame rates. xbox unstable platform, overpriced junk. but that is now just an opinion. If you are happy with underperforming $400 hardware (without kinect) that’s your problem.

          • curious one

            So Allen, I’m just curious. What brought you to this website in the first place, and why do you “want to see them keep the free games up after December and bring free games to xbox one” since you “hate xbox” if I mayy ask? BTW I only got the xbox for Halo, too and do feel cheated for not being able to browse the internet without paying..

          • Allen

            What’s up man.

            I came here in the first place to drop a fact bomb and watch the fireworks.

            I care about xbox and xbox live being valuable because I am a gaming fanboy. Xbox ripping off the consumer and still being successful is VERY harmful to the entire gaming industry. Perhaps even the entertainment industry.

            Paywalling basic features no other hardware in the world paywalls. Meaning all other gaming platforms would follow suit and perhaps even windows and iOS would one day block internet access behind a paywall subscription.


            Because of Sony’s success with PS+ and PS4 microsoft has had to change their ways.

            (1) Games with gold did continue after December
            (2) Games with gold is now following PS+ style where keep them as long as you a subscriber. Meaning you get better games like PS+.
            (3) Microsoft has finally dropped the paywalls of basic features! Only a few things are behind the paywall now.

            so I am happy. I still hate xbox and would never support them for their past scams and forced upgrades but I no longer have anything against the current xbox and their policies. In fact it’s a decent gaming rig now that they have made xbox live valuable and dropped the paywalls to basic features.

            Game on

          • Your god, again.

            No, you came here because your a loser. I came here to read the embarrassing list of LIVE FREEBIES, and I was met with your annoying attempts to OWN. But you don’t, because like I said… I win, you lose. MINIMALISM is beautiful, ain’t it?

          • GameDismemberment

            To end this all here. I have taken apart both Xbox and PS3. The graphic card for Xbox is a little bit better then the one PS3 has. On the other hand PS3 has a better disc reader which is very good for some, Xbox has better constructed controllers, a bit harder to break than PS3 controllers, and PS3′s blue-ray sucks. Now I have both consoles and I prefer my Xbox but really there should be no console wars over which is better. $60 a year for XBL and free for others. you also have to think PS3 is MUCH easier to hack then Xbox so that $60 a year is kind of worth it, now there are still hackers all over XBL but not as much as PS3 but still (you can google the whole hacking thing with XBLSE and all of that jazz). But it’s all on personal preference. I like Xbox, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, N64, SNES, GBA, and other classical gaming consoles but PS3 to me, is really no purpose in it because PS3 rips off of nintendo and makes it MORE expensive so in the long run PS3 is more expensive than XBL and Wii/Wii U are far more better consoles because they most of their games are all fun for everyone, well at least classic gamers.

          • peaksoe

            Haha PS sucks Xbox is superior in every way. 1 PS got hacked fucked all PS lovers in the ass with personal credit card info 2 PS has gay games and the only game I would probably play is God of war and 3 PS3 came out looking like a George Foreman grill. Xbox one will run better than PS4 using there cloud servers to run the games who cares if you pay $50 a year my rent and car bill are twice as much as that. Here is a good advice stop asking your mom and dad for money and get a job. Peaksoe signing off Xbox one Xbo 360 and Xbox owner not forgetting my alienware X51 computer that cost me $1700.00. And your complaining about $50 a year hahaha and im only 23 by the way. Piece-uh-Shit 4.

          • Comments

            Thanks Guys. I just wanted to see the comments but it turns out I can make a book off of this. Disclaimer: Content involved in this comment is completely true and I advise you to get a bag of popcorn to hear this whole comment and waste 5 mins of your life. Title: Stupid Dumb No Life Dick Sucking Bundle of Sticks Arguing About XBL and PS+ Over a 9 Month Time Period. Story: The title says everything.

          • Sony Sucks

            sony gets hack all the time

          • Allen

            LMAO you really have to stretch things there. You only have to update to play online games and I’m pretty sure xbox is the same way.

            Also updates are automatic and set at whatever time you want so usually while you sleep.

            Xbox sucks so freaking bad. I don’t hate them anymore now that they finally got rid of the paywalls to basic features and are at least trying to make xbox live valuable. Although they are already lying about that…just last month they said 2 games a month and already 1 month later only 1.

            But do what ever you want kid. Now that I got my way about xbox policies and xbox live supporting xbox won’t ruin the gaming industry any more than xbox already has. So piss out your hard earned money (or more than likely your parents) for all I care.

            I don’t trust xbox to deliver. Just looking at history xbox always screws over their gamers, early adopters, late adopters, paying customers all the like. They just don’t deliver. But like I said I don’t care any more.

          • securityisbetter

            awesome i was the first to give a good reason like there security is shit

          • maxy

            Now pay PS Plus for PS4 online service and SHUT THE F*CK UP.

          • Nanethiel

            OMG PC gaming is not lag free unless you pay $2000+ for a gaming computer.

          • Darte

            ….maybe if you’re buying a Mac.
            For about $600 (and probably a $100+ video card), you basically have a computer with PS4 specs. This may seem like a big deal to you, but since desktops are customizable (and cheap to upgrade), as well as backward compatible with games all the way back to the days when it was just DOS…..$700-$800 for a near-permanent “everything” console really isn’t a big deal.

            Besides. You can use your Xbox controller as a gamepad on the PC. So if you really want, it can play like an Xbox One with a guaranteed 60fps, probably “bigger” editions of games, and overall better graphics. Oh…and free internet and online features

            Then there’s HDMI and Steam’s “Big Picture” feature, allowing you to play PC games on a TV screen, from your couch, with a controller and zero issues.

          • RoadShowMadBro

            You a bigger nerd mah nigga

          • RoadShowIsDumb

            Dude don’t go raging about free online services and how not having internet makes playing games stupid because there’s no multiplayer and then criticize xbox one for making it a better experience with online gaming. You’re dumb and misinformed and you need to stop being a jerk. Play your ps3 we will play our 360s. Both are good fr seperate reasons. And the INFRASTRUCTURE of xbl is better than psn. Psn doesn’t even have a good chat system. Everything is very basic. Also it came out 3 years after 360. Comparing xbox one to ps4 there is nearly no difference in hardware.

          • your mum

            dude look at skyrim you can get one out of three dlc for it on psn sure this is only one but i’m sure there are many games like this just you dont know about them becuase you dont have an xbox.

          • RoadShow

            LMAO you are a fucking retard. All 3 DLC have been available for a really long time. In fact we got them 50% off.

          • TheRoadShowSlayer

            hey bud. i just spent 30 minutes of my life reading through this forum where apparently you have been going on about xbox for the past 6 months! lmao if you spent half the time you did shittalking game consoles and applied that to a fucking real life scenario then im sure you would have something we like to call a “life” about 95% of your insults towards xbox are completely false and are a perception of your’e apparent mental retardation. 1. its 2014. both of the next gen consoles have already been on the market for months,so the reason as to why your still having console wars about “outdated” gaming systems is truly beyond me. because in today’s market anything that has been surpassed by a better model/device for more than 4 months is considered “OUTDATED” 2. your on the wrong fucking forum to start a pointless console war. do you really think people looking at free games with gold wanna waste time arguing about some childish playground battle? no. 3. every motherfucking point you made on this forum over the last 6 months (this is why we say you have no life) i can simply debunk with a simple response because your opinions about xbox are as deformed as sloth from the goonies,i mean,are you gonna spend the next 6 months aswell sitting on this webpage (you probably have it bookmarked) smashing the refresh button and waiting for someone to comment so you can throw around some misguided apathy? i really respect your devotion to throwing shit on xbox everyday of your life but its too much man. i used to play ps3,but ironically i went out and bought an xbox the same day it got hacked because sony is too incompetent too put a fee for online play.. why do you think xbox charges for live? do you think its because they want money? (which you obviously stated earlier) no that live money that the customers put down goes straight into product development and consumer safety,to ensure that one day some hacker doesn’t just fucking DDoS xbox. sure the ps3 is free now,but the ps4 isn’t free,and its not free because of xbox fans influence,its not free because it doesn’t need to be free. and what i mean by that is…. everything in life has a price,some prices are for money,some are for experiences,and some are for stupid hypocritical children (like yourself) who spend every moment of there day staring into the abyss and wondering why they’re life has no meaning outside of the bedroom. and who the fuck are you to judge xbox users in the 1st place? you definitely said you didn’t own one,so how does it make any kindof sense to bash what you’ve never even owned? and all your fucking ps3 nonsense is outdated,this is 2014 motherfucker. the ps3 and the xbox 360 have less than 3 years of life left,so why the fuck are you still trying to fight a battle that has truly been retired? i myself own an xbox one. (titanfall edition) 2 Ps4′s (one in my office,and one in my living room for my son) and guess how much i play each of them? the SAME FUCKING AMOUNT. its not about whats better,its about what people are fucking happy and contempt with. your’e like a freaking itch that never goes away judging by your ability to post on this forum every fucking day. do you have this site linked to your gmail and just fucking bring it up with a notification and come up with whatever bullshit is on your mind that day? or do you just repetitively let shit come out of your mouth for the sake of being annoying? grow the fuck up. its ashamed ive been typing this for 15 minutes because your not even 5% right on any of the points you make to bash XBL. your opinions are either outdated,miguided,or just plain fucking stupid,and as for “ive been playing a long time and i know almost everything” you need to brush up on your ultimate knowledge my friend because knowing all there is too know about a video game console doesn’t make you successful now does it?

          • RoadShow

            Hey dude don’t get your panties in a wad. Nice name BTW troll.

            *You act like I have no life because I am writing about something I enjoy and love.

            In fact I enjoy writing about it as well. Also these comments have been written over a long period of time. I write mostly inbetween jobs at work and I come back to reply when I get a response. Last gen was history and if we don’t know our history we are doomed to repeat it.

            *Nothing I say is false. Freaking name something, you are just trying to blow off all these huge faults, these huge facts about how xbox costs the most and gives the least and then doesn’t freaking deliver all generation and screws everyone over in every way.

            * I have a PS4 and yeah there really is no point in arguing much anymore really. I mean idiot xbots effectively killed free online play and PS4 has already beaten xbox one.

            * LOL You think I really care? Disqus you freaking idiot. I get an e-mail when someone replies.

            * Xbox One still freaking sucks. (A) Paywalls all basic features. All you can do is play single player games and watch disk based movies without worthless XBL $300 every 5 years. Not even $5 bargain bin games like 360 gets. (B) Overpriced hardware, accessories & subscription service (C) Many exclusives on PC. I don’t care for Titanfall but am interested in Project Spark. I also enjoyed many 360 “exclusives” on PC with free online play. (D) Stupid exclusive feature that means nothing to anyone outside the US and nothing to the millions of cord cutters in the US. PS4 has friend spectate/take over mode which is a gamers feature any gamer anywhere in the world can enjoy. (E) Just look at the last 4 years of 360′s life. Almost no exclusives even though 360 was a wild success and they raked in billions per year on XBL + revenue from ads on home page. MEANING YOU IGNORANT FK that Microsoft will not support X1 all generation just the same. Just like they screwed over orig. xbox gamers and PC gamers.

            It’s not rude if it’s true. It’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie.


          • TheRoadShowSlayer

            theres no need for me to go on lmao. because i don’t have time to be in an arguement forever. you waste too much life trying to debunk consoles you don’t like,i spend time living a life and keeping my opinions to myself. i live in detroit my man,dickheads like you get shot every week lmao. we live in a world where a big mouth like yours,especially such an opinionated mouth will just get you into more shit than you can handle.. have fun being a sonyboy,but regardless of how much you bitch and moan about consoles,people will still buy whatever console they want,so your fanboy shit has no purpose,so i have no idea why you go on lol. you can reply but ive made my point very clear,and i do not have time to argue with children.

          • RoadShow

            Ha because you are wrong you ignorant fuck. Enjoy your overpriced, under performing piece of shit.

          • RoadShow

            All that shit you said and you still can’t even tell me how I’m wrong or dubunk anything. You fucking idiot xbots have to hide behind your lies and disinformation. You literally have to shut out the world to think xbox is even half way decent.

          • Nononononono

            So, let me get this straight, you came to an article specifically related to x-box, to shit talk about x-box? I’d call you a fan boy, but you’re something far worse. I don’t get the vendetta, is there some sort of stake here where Microsoft has threatened your life, or does the fact that people enjoy x-box effect your life in any way? Chances are, no, it doesn’t. I figured people like you only existed in parodies, but nope, actual people are THIS sad. I can understand having opinions, but Christ man, you’re like getting hilariously upset over, wait for it, VIDEO GAMES! Maybe one day you’ll look back at this and realize how stupid you are, if you’re not 30 already that is.

          • RoadShow

            I understand that you are blind to the facts so please let me help you.

            Supporting xbox 360 & xbox live made the gaming industry greedy and has effectively killed off free online play.

            So yeah, not really any need to argue about it anymore. Now that xbots have ruined it already but it would have been great if you blind ignorant fucks would have considered the repercussions of fucking pissing out hard earned money on a worthless service and on the most unreliable fucking hardware in history.

            I mean fuck. You can’t even do anything but play single player games and watch disk based movies on xbox without xbox live.


            PC’s charging a subscription for you to access your internet browser?

            Tablets & Smart Phones charging an additional subscription on top of data plan to access freaking netflix!?

            Are you really this dumb? I care because it fucking affects me and I don’t want to ruin good things.

            You don’t care because you are a disgusting little shit that just wants to leave your scum mark on the world as you have nothing good to add to it.

          • Nononononono

            So, really, no it doesn’t affect you. Rates will go up regardless, that’s just demand. I don’t care about what? Marketing? Eh could take it or leave it. Keep in mind I’m not defending Microsoft either, just getting so worked up over it is pretty pathetic. Also your last remark makes me lose hope for you. There is no way you’re actually THIS upset over something so menial. You have to get something else to do, or else your life is going to pass you by.

          • RoadShow

            It doesn’t affect me?

            PS4 is now pay to play. Thank god they don’t paywall basic features like xbox and thank god that PS+ is highly valuable. That won’t hurt the industry at all.

            Nintendo will go pay to play and PC can find a way. All because of people like you people like me who game multiple systems are doomed to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online.

            so that didn’t affect me?

            What I say about the other platforms is completely valid as well. Support of worthless xbox live could put basic features on PC, Tablet & Smartphone behind the same type of paywall.

            Xbox 360 & Xbox one without XBL:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies

            NO Free to play online games
            NO Video chat
            NO Video capture/upload
            NO Cross game chat
            NO One Guide
            NO Access to streaming services
            NO Internet Browser
            NO Online movie rental

            Supporting xbox sends a loud and clear message that it’s okay to paywall these basic features no one else paywalls.

            You think everyone else is just going to sit by, watch them paywall and then not do the same? Do you freaking realize that XBL generates 2.75 BILLION per year?

          • Nonononono

            Okay, so your main beef seems to be paywalls. Seems like an excuse to be butt hurt since there are FAR worse pay walls out there that isn’t X-Box related. You act as if X-Box allows paywalls for stuff you think should be free, then everyone will. Again, sounds like an excuse to target a console, also 2.75 billion revenue isn’t a whole lot compared to other companies that gouge, one being Apple, so why not look at them? Hell, there are entire games out there that won’t allow you to play at all without charging you a monthly fee, yet they revenue far more than XBL, yet here you are bitching about something you have a vendetta against. It just doesn’t add up.

          • RoadShow

            A couple of comments before I reply. (1) You have a really fucked up way of looking at things. (2) I apologize for going off the deep end and cursing at you. You are obviously somewhat respectful.

            Now for the reply…respectfully in kind.

            I hate xbox because:

            (A) Made Halo 2 on PC Vista only. Scam to force

            (B) Service/Support on orig. xbox dropped as soon as
            360 was here. It felt like another scam.

            (C) RROD happened and it happened to gain market share.

            (D) Paywall basic features on 360 & Xbox one no
            one else charges for.

            (E) What they tried to do with X1 DRM, always online
            or it’s a brick, Kinect required or it’s a brick.

            (F) Overpriced hardware, accessories and subscription service.

            (G) Subscriptionservice only allows access to basic features. This is not what a subscription service is supposed to be and sends a bad message to all industries.

            Worse of all there is no reason to support xbox.

            (1) Many xbox “exclusives” on PC with free online
            play the PC way.

            (2) Microsoft raked in all that money and then hardly
            had any exclusives on 360 the last 4 years in a row.

            (3) Xbox 360 lacked many features the competition
            had (no wifi for 5 years – add $100, no blu ray, no browser for 7 years, no Bluetooth/gyroscope/batteries/speaker in expensive controllers.

            It’s not that xbox isn’t fun. That would be a blind and
            ignorant thing to say. But in comparison to all other platforms xbox costs the most and gives the least. And then on top of that it actually hurts the gaming, entertainment and internet industries/communities.

          • Nonononono

            All fair points, but you come across as forceful and bashing, I know the whole fight fire with fire mind set comes in when people start blindly bashing others for opinions, but doing the same thing can only hurt your cause and ends up making you look like an ass hat. Also, I honestly don’t see XB paywalls effecting much, PS4 is pay to play now because of higher demand, more upkeep with better technology, it’s going to happen whether XBL exists or not. I mean even Sony pokes fun at the standards that XBL has. It doesn’t effect me very much, I rarely play games nowadays, use to play ps3 and 360, until I got the yellow light, weird that my ps3 farted out on me before my 360, but that’s just how it happened.
            Also, if this is something you truly feel passionate about, why not take a more active stance rather than just posting on a discussion board? Rally or something, stop hurting your cause by letting comments get to you, open your eyes some more and really crack open what truly is turning the upkeep, because we both know XBL isn’t going to change the world.

          • RoadShow

            The fight fire with fire thing was me
            anticipating another xbox fanboy attack as I often endure. It doesn’t bother me
            but sometimes good people like you get hit with some of it.

            I love video games and I enjoy writing about

            Odd that your PS3 failed on you when your 360
            didn’t. Don’t really believe you but sure it’s possible. YLOD is really just a
            stupid term same as the names that came out for PS4 and Xbox one issues at
            launch. Nothing compares to 33-55% hardware failure for 5 years which RROD is.
            PS3 at it’s worst was at 6% failures. Industry standard is 3%.

            PS4 is pay to play now but like I said PS+ is a
            highly valuable service. If it does not remain highly valuable then I will sell
            my PS4 and be all PC gaming. But I have faith in Sony, they have proved to me
            that while they are a corporation and in it for the money like Microsoft. They
            won’t cross the greedy line and will always deliver the best possible for the

            Literally the only thing behind PS+ paywall on
            PS4 is online multiplayer and that’s for non free to play games. You can still
            browse, stream, video capture/upload, use apps, friend spectate/take over mode,
            online movie rental, cross game chat and everything without it.

            PC is technically still the best place to play
            (even though I have some issues with saying that and certainly against the PC master
            race idiots) and it’s free to play. Same as it’s always been and same as I have
            enjoyed since online play was in its infancy.

            I had purchased a website but was unable to get
            it up within a year because of high work demand. I have worked it out to have
            someone else build the site for me so that I can just write some articles and
            can’t wait for it. I will of course have to be non biased and I’ll give props
            where props are due to xbox but seriously that is very few and far between. My
            site isn’t going to be about hate, it’s going to be about information for all
            gaming and technology. Family, party, casual, hardcore, console war, smartphone
            war probably even PC/Mac.

            Xbox live has already ruined free online play though. I understand there is upkeep and stuff but it is not necessary. PC will remain free to play for the foreseeable future and has their own online network like XBL and PSN (Steam and Origin).

          • Nonononono

            Funny how you point out not to believe me about the ps3 hardware failure, it actually happened whether you believe it or not, stop trying to blindly justify, its offputting. Now I would love to see some non-bias articles written by you, would even love a link when you get around to it. For future reference, live and let die, if someone is happy with their services via XBL, try not to point their finger and say that they’re wrong and stupid because they don’t feel the same way you do. There is only so much that can be done, and you can’t help those unwilling for your help, in other words, don’t be Christianity. :)

          • RoadShow

            Well I said that I suppose it was possible. Just odd. I do believe you.

            I probably won’t remember you but if you would like you can drop me a line on my e-mail and I’ll save it for when I finally have my site up. E-mail: coffeebuzz08@gmail.com

            Believe it or not my intention isn’t to try and change anyone’s mind. I do enjoy a good argument but when it’s all said and done we are all gamers. We all love the same thing and much of the time share the same experiences. It’s the blind support of xbox and then the lies and disinformation I am really trying to battle. That and I would love for people to make smart and informed decisions.

          • xFallingRainex

            Dude, you’re being a hipocrit. You’re sayning that he needs to accept being wrong, but then you’re saying that YOU’RE right about Xbox being better. If you can get past the fact that he is typing like an asshole them you would realise that he is making some good points. PS+ does have some better deals and a lower cost then XBL but, XBL has some good game as well. And, honesly, in my opinion the controller is better, and who doesnt like to watch some Acheivement Hunter every now and then, right?

          • risen_sun86

            I wouldn’t waste your time, this guy knows everything, apparently.

          • Overseer

            Just a quick note: It’s not just the ability to play with other people online that you pay for with LIVE (although that’s admittedly a pretty crappy hurdle), it’s also paying to maintain the matchmaking/communication infrastructure (supposedly — I’m no expert). Either way, PS4 is gonna require PS+ for online play, so maybe they’ll have the money to create an online experience people like as much as LIVE.

            Oh, and I’d have bought a PS3 if it weren’t literally twice the price (when I bought my XBox on sale with my discount). I love the idea of PS+ and would have put up with the constant updates.

          • RoadShow

            Matchmaking/Communication is superb on PS3.

            The only things Xbox Live truely has over PS3 is that PS3 has more udpates & doesn’t have cross game chat.

            The updates aren’t an issue. Most of the time you can still play online through the update and patches are done at night.

            What Sony has done wrong this generation is (1) Release a year late & (2) Released at $600

          • Victron

            Reason we pay is for better security from getting the servers hacked like PSN’s and get a better multiplayer quality.

          • Anon

            How quickly people forget the past. XBL was hacked and accounts were compromised in 2007

          • RoadShow

            Awe look at that. you and all your xbot friends are all sitting in a circle, blocking out the outside world stroking eachothers cocks. You pathetic little shits. Quit blocking out the truth.

            (1) xbox live down for 2 weeks in 2007 with 1 low ranked game as compensation.

            (2) No one lost money in the PSN hack and great compensation was paid (A) 2 free games from list of 5 all high rated (B) Free weekend of HD movie’s (C) Month of PS+

            (3) Xbox live accidentally banned thousands 3 different times in 2011 alone.

            (4) Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen.

            Xbox live is not all secure. PSN was hacked because Sony took a tough stance on piracy and Anon is a hellacious hacking group also responsible for hacking the FBI and numerous other huge companies. Microsoft let piracy run rampant on Xbox 360.

          • RoadShowMadBro

            Ah! You are a broke ass bitch nigga lol. Accept it!

          • Jan ChillOnXbox

            nooooo xbox true exclusives are forza,halo,alan wake,quantum break,left 4 dead,perfect dark zero,gears of war,crackdown,fable,fuzion frenzy,project gotham racing,too human,viva pinata,witcher 2,the outfit,banjo-kazooie

          • RoadShow

            Besides the one and only half way decent kinect game there is is dance central.

            Family, motion & hardcore PS Move is awesome. Start the Party is a great party game for all ages. Very responsive and accurate.

            Time Crisis is just like shooting at the arcade.

            Killzone & all the PS move enabled games are a perfect way to implement the device and not force it down your throat with very limited gesture only controls like kinect.

            Sorry but Xbox is the only place that isn’t worth playing.

            PC – Best of the best. Best FPS thanks to keyboard/mouse. Plays supposed xbox exclusives, emulators for everything back in the day, cheap steam games. FREE ONLINE PLAY & TRUE EXCLUSIVES.

            Nintendo – Iconic exclusives, family friendly, fun. FREE ONLINE PLAY & TRUE EXCLUSIVES.

            Playstation – Highest quality console gaming. Always gives the most and pushes boundaries of what consoles do. Army of studios for exclusive games. Huge budget for free exclusive content in AAA multi plat titles. Does not paywall basic features like browsing the net or access to streaming services. Highly valuable subscription service giving huge free games away. FREE ONLINE PLAY & TRUE EXCLUSIVES.

            Xbox – Always screwing the consumer. Always paywalls basic features. Built around ads on home page. Exclusives found on PC. No free exclusive content – only pay to play timed DLC. No free games with subscription service meaning the service is worthless. Worst hardware reliance in the history of gaming. Has it’s own issues with Xbox live (2007 – 2 week downtime, accidental bans, xbox live accounts hacked – microsoft points stolen – credit cards charged for more points which are also stolen.

            in every single measurable way xbox sucks. for 360 it had no wifi for 5 years, no blu ray and no browser for 7 years. Then RROD, paywalls, exclusives on PC, no games for the last 4 years and more.

            It’s just that xbox sucks when you compare it to the competition. What’s worse is that xbots ruined free online play just to ruin it. There was no reason to support xbox. It’s just BS. Like a bunch of punks ruining a good camp site just to ruin it.

            You should have stood up for what was right. Like how the gaming industry back lashed at xbox for their x1 reveal but this should have been done back when you first got your 360. When you first got that POS home and realized you can’t do anything but play single player games and watch DVD without paying for xbox live.

          • atp

            Hi. I’m a Xbox/PS3 gamer, and Microsoft didn’t disappoint me at all at the reveal or at e3, so I’m definitely getting an Xbox one! (but I will get a ps4 in the future for exclusives.) When it all comes down to it as gamers, it’s all about where our hearts lie, where our true passion is. You obviously have a passion for Sony, while others and I have a passion for Microsoft for our respective reasons. All I can do is respect your opinion. Good debating skills.

          • RoadShow

            What up man. It’s a good time to be gamers.

            I actually agree, all I really want is to respectfully debate but many come at me swinging and I always just go right for the fight. All I can do is apologize to you xbox gamers that are not a holes. In the end we are all gamers and we all enjoy gaming for the same reasons.

            No Xbox is just as fun as Playstation I would never try to say otherwise. Gears of war 1 was great on PC and I loved Halo CE and 2 in addition to the Fable and Battlestation games on PC. They are great games. I never tried the left4dead or Alan Wake on PC but I’ll probably pick up Titanfall and Project Spark.

            It’s just that Xbox offers so little in reality. For 360 all they had really was Forza, some Halo’s and some Gears (some Halo/Gears on PC). Then with the mandatory xbox live, no blu ray and no browser for 7 years, no wifi for 5 years and expensive accessories (wifi, hard drive & controllers/battery packs) it just really doesn’t offer anything.

            So basically in my eyes xbox gamers, game retailers & game websites didn’t stand up for what was right and killed free online play for no real good reason. Basically just because xbox came in and won the online market by default. Friends for the first time had to buy what friends had. 8 million lead is a huge snowball.

            Anyways so I guess I am a bit pissed about xbox gamers killing free online play. Nintendo will do it and PC can find a way. I game 3 platforms (pc/nintendo/playstation) so i may be doomed to pay $180 every year just to play online.

            Anyways whatever. It’s said and done now. I just have to be thankful PS4 doesn’t paywall basic features and will be giving a 1 free game a month with PS+ on PS4.

            Anyways sorry to you if I offended and for this being long winded.

          • Brandon Banks

            again man, your points are fucking invalid, all available, now, on xbox 360 minus the blue ray and if i wanted a blu ray, id go buy a 30$ one from walmart, or best buy.

          • RoadShow


            (1) PS3 is not a blu ray player but a 3D blu ray player. Even today cheapest is like $65.

            (2) You have but to look at the companies past to see the future. Microsoft will screw you over time and time again. Just look at what they are doing right now with windows phone 7 xbox video content.

            (3) Many xbox games are still on PC with free online play. Taking away value from xbox. Titanfall & Project Spark are just the beginning.

            Xbox still sucks in every measurable way. I’m just LOL @ the quality difference in games like Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts on Xbox one and PS4.

            Digital Foundry agrees 100%, the only recommended console to get for shooters is PS4.

          • Brandon Banks

            Digital Foundry? this is your place to get game info? a website unheard of by 99% of the people, who read reviews? i dont read reviews or anything from no bodies for that matter wishing i hadnt broke that trend with such a cocksucking sony fanboy. so glad i got rid of my ps3, and that i wont be owning a ps4. cause in reality, games look better and paly better online, on a proven online maching, when it comes to consoles, and sony the dick you got in your mouth, and ass. has failed to provide and produce time and time again, with its LIBRARY OF GAMES THAT NO ONE WANTED TO PLAY, save a few titles. like uncharted and last of us. so get that cock out your ass, and mouth, and do some REAL research instead of coming at anyone with a lame ass whack site like digital foundry. your a fucking low life tosser fanboy, get over yourself

          • Brandon Banks

            and again, dumb fuck, Google GAMES WITH GOLD, and PS + ( a paid for xbox live online equivalent )

          • RoadShow

            LMAO look better and play better. You are a dumb piece of a pathetic $hit.

            (1) PC is the best of the best. FREE ONLINE PLAY
            (2) Digital Foundry is a top end site with specific hardware and know how and proves it in side by side comparison in every way.
            (3) PS4′s hardware advantage is already very apparent COD ghosts 1080p native 60fps VS 720p native on xbox 1. That’s the biggest shooter out there ya know. Battlefield 4 PS4 can do 900p native which is a hell of a lot more than the 720p native X1 can do there. Also frame rates have proven that PS4 is the smoothest place to play (outside of PC of course)

            Fuck xbox didn’t even deliver the last 4 years in a row, you are the blind ignorant fuck being ass raped and enjoying it. Dude xbox has nothing. You have no leg to stand on, all you can do is curse and try to blow me off when I’m bitch slapping you with facts.

          • Roadshow gobbles cock

            You are fucking lame.

          • rollsb66@gmail.com

            wait a second… Didn’t playstation get hacked because Sony LIED and broke the the User Agreement by not keeping vital security updates up-to-date.

          • RoadShow

            PSN got hacked because they stood up to pirates. Hence suing Geo Hotz. Microsoft let them run rampant.

            Xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007.
            Xbox live accidentally banned tens of thousands 3 separate times in 2011 alone.
            Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked. microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more point which were also stolen.
            No one lost money in the PSN hack and great compensation was paid.

          • RoadShowMadBro

            CALM DOWN NERD. Please.

          • RoadShow

            It’s all good. I have far less complaints about xbox one than 360 and once games with gold comes to xbox one XBL will no longer be completely worthless there.

            I don’t personally see the point in owning xbox and playstation. If you were going to own two platforms PC and playstation is the way to go but that’s just me (Many xbox exclusives come to PC with free online play. Xbox/PS set up would require $110/yr just to play online).

            Anyway it’s all good and to a respectful gamer like you I say enjoy.

          • DarthHelo

            just to let you know, the MS Wifi adapter was released November 15, 2005 the SAME time as the 360

          • RoadShow

            Yes for $100 more you could get wifi on the orig. 360.

            While Wii and PS3 both had it built in.

          • Brandon Banks

            actually, dumb fucker, There are QUITE a few FREE games on Xbox, maybe get off your computer trolling and less time sucking on your playstations apparently well endowed cock. you might get online and actually use your computer for something, like research to the things your talking about, instead of being a fucking 40 year old basement dwelling creeper.

          • RoadShow


            My god. Freaking prove it! I know what the fk I’m talking about, apparently you don’t know squat.

            I will come in, bitch slap you with facts and you just gotta take it because xbox fucking sucks and you fucking know it. You have nothing, no leg to stand on. You have no fucking reason to support that POS and dis Playstation. Not 1 freaking reason.

            All you have is disinformation and lies. You xbots all believe your lies like you are stroking eachothers cocks.

          • Brandon Banks

            all i have is lies? wow bro, do some google with that massive brain of yours, and get sony dick from your mouth

          • Guest

            Well you’re an asshole, let me state my views and opinions, since that’s all your doing.
            I have an Xbox360, Ive got a decent PC(which I game on) and Ive played PS3 many times, In all honesty, I am jealous of PS3 players, but this jealousy has only developed in the last year, before that Xbox had the advantage in exclusives and other content, but with releases such as the Last of Us they’ve finally taken over, the control, I find is much better for shooter’s but is severely lacking against the Xbox for other games.

            I myself have no bias towards any form of gaming anymore as each has their strengths and weaknesses, and simply putting things, Road, you’re an idiot and a hypocrite all you’ve done is mention a few random facts mixed with your own bias and when someone’s done the same you’ve jumped right down their throats and have stupidly made yourself look a fool in front of everyone who’s actually bothered to read the comments, and if you’re wondering as to what console I plan to get next, it is in fact the PS4 although I know the Xbox One will probably be better and worse in its own ways.

            Sincerely a random, no biased gamer who thinks you’re a bit of a knob.

          • RoadShow

            Well dude, if you have bothered to read the comments you will see that I respond to respectful comments in kind.

            I however will not sit here and be attacked while the attacker doesn’t even bother to debate anything. I will attack right back in kind.

            I hate xbox to the core because of all the harm they have done to the gaming industry. I have factual reasons for this. I’m not some loser that just hates xbox because I hate it. They deserved every little bit of my hate towards them.

            I actually have less complaints about xbox one than I do 360. Especially once games with gold finally comes to it. But I still have major issues with it and the core principles of Microsoft.

            Games with gold does need some improvement, what they are giving is total junk but they are free games so I can no longer say xbox live is a worthless service…at least not for the 360.

            ***But look at you – You still haven’t given any facts…only an opinion.

            “but this jealousy has only developed in the last year, before that Xbox had the advantage in exclusives and other content”

            Xbox has not had an advantage in exclusives. The last 4 years in a row there have been almost no exclusive to speak of.

            **What is this “Content” you speak of? Because Xbox 360 has NEVER had any exclusive content. Only pay to play timed DLC that paying xbox live members still have to pay for and that everyone will have. Finally Xbox one is getting some true exclusive content but even this pales in comparison to PS4 free exclusive content. X1 has it on Fifa 14 & Metal Gear. PS4 has it for Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed & Metal Gear (they each have their own exclusive content).

            I mean really I’m not biased. I hate xbox but I’m not biased. I can see what tiny little bit of good it has. It’s just that xbox good is few and very far between.

            With it’s exclusives on PC 360 doesn’t have much. They have a couple of gears, all the 360 Halo’s & Forza which is nothing but a GT wanna be copy and paste clone IMHO. That’s really nothing. All generation for only 3 series of which only 1 series has no games on PC (Forza).

            I have a gaming PC too. I use it to play those supposed exclusives. With PS4 being pay to play the clear winner is a PC & PS4 set up over PC & X1 set up. PC has the free online play, titanfall/project spark plus all the PC exclusives.

            With PS4 pay to play an X1 & PS4 set up is $110 per year just to play online. When Nintendo goes pay to play (and they will) it will be $180 to play online per year and if PC finds a way it will be $240 per year. All because you and all your friends told the gaming industry it’s okay to hand them a 55% failure POS with no exclusives, no exclusive content, no blu ray, no browser, no wifi, no blue tooth, no gyroscope, no sleek sleeve slot, huge external powersupply and you will pay top dollar and then pay a $60 subscription per year on top of that FOR NOTHING!!!

            XBL is NO BETTER than PSN. The only difference is cross game chat and you gotta pay for it.

            ***THE ONLY OTHER THING YOU COULD POSSIBLY SAY is that XBL is down for maintenance less and has less updates. But even this is stupid. Maintenance you can still play if you log in every day like most do and updates are auto done at night or whenever you sleep.

            PC, Nintendo and Playstation all have their reasons for supporting them. They all have reliable products with current features and no paywalls (well except PS4 online multiplayer).

            Xbox stands alone – the only one pay to play, the only one with ads on home page, the only one that paywalls basic features like cross game chat, internet browser, streaming services.

            I’m not making any of that up. And all the harm microsoft has done to the gaming industry (Halo 2 on PC Vista only, Orig. Xbox service/support, RROD, paywall features, What they tried with X1, Windows Phone 7 xbox video content) all of it is a fat scam. They will piss on their customers time and time again. Just sit back and watch…open your freaking eyes and pay attention.

          • uyk


            I didn’t read what you wrote. I just noticed that grammar mistake. If you can’t use the correct form of that word, your opinion means nothing.

          • Rose Tigerauge

            personally i consider myself an equal opportunity gamer, i have a PS2,
            PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and i play them based on which games i feel
            like playing at the time, my friend is nintendo exclusive and it’s
            something i cannot personally understand because it limits gaming
            opportunities so much, as far as what you can play, there are so many
            games that are for one particular gaming platform only,

          • ✞ Matt ✞

            Why are you acting like that every single Xbox user are idiots and aren’t true gamers? Look, I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 and I both love them equally but I prefer Xbox more. Both have negative things though. You’re acting like Playstation is perfect and has nothing wrong it but its not. I’m not the typical Xbox fanboy who says “omg, Xbox is perfect. Playstation sucks.” I will admit this, Xbox isn’t perfect. The reason why I prefer Xbox is that its easier to communicate with friends than Playstation (not anymore though since PS4 has party chats.) When you said that PS4 is an entertainment system, you made me laugh a little. Yes, PS4 has Netflix, Hulu, etc but Xbox One is a far more entertainment system. If you actually watch E3 when they showed the XB1, they mainly focused on entertainment. PS4 mainly focused on showing games. Overall, we’re all gamers and we shouldn’t be fighting with each other. Its okay to have arguments with each other on games and systems, but its not okay when you’re blaming something because of one system or trying to make people switch. I have no problems with you at all.

          • RoadShow

            Dude the only feature xbox one has that PS4 doesn’t is cable pass through which means nothing to most outside the US and to most inside the US.

            PS4 has friend spectate/take over mode and gaikai. Far better.

            Free local HDTV screw cable outside that everything else is on PS4. My PS3 is all I’ve had hooked up for years and now I got my PS4 sitting right next to it. Although DLNA and MP3 support needs to be added.

          • GuiltySpartan11

            I’m sorry did you just say the PS Move is awesome?

          • RoadShow

            PS Move is awesome.

            (1) Most accurate motion control. 1:1 in a 3D world. Holding a sword acts like it would in real life. Every single way you move it.

            (2) Hardcore and casual games. (A) Start the Party – always a hit. (B) Time Crisis – literally like being at an arcade (C) Move support for tons and tons of titles HOWEVER not force fed to you. It’s optional. Many don’t like motion controls. Really I don’t either but they have their place.

            (3) Buttons. Kinect is very limited because it has no buttons. You are totally limited to flinging your arms around.

            (4) Kinect latency is far longer than PS Move. Even Kinect 2.0 is 3 times the latency as PS Move.

          • Nanethiel

            Thank god someone finally agrees with me.

          • Victron

            Ahh the maturity of this PeniS fanboy decades more and more by getting angry at other’s facts and opinion on things.

          • Michael Flaherty

            ps3 passed xbox 360 over the summer dumbass.

          • RoadShow

            PS3 passed 360 in “shipped” consoles world wide in 2012 and fully passed 360 in “sold” early 2013.

            Pathetic that PS3 outsold 360 despite an uphill battle the whole way.

            (1) 1 year headstart as the ONLY next gen console where ONLINE PLAY WAS A MAJOR FACTOR. Started a snowball with 8 million headstart friends gotta buy what friends got.
            (2) Millions of RROD rebuys
            (3) A Supposedly superior online network
            (4) HALO
            (5) A more popular motion peripheral

            And XBOX still ended up in LAST place! LOL like I said PATHETIC

          • Bob the Freebooter

            Someone only had enough money for one console…and picked the wrong one. So now he must defend it to the death in hopes that a game will come out to justify the purchase.

          • RoadShow

            I have a gaming PC, no need for a stupid xbox or xbox live $300 every 5 years.

            I’m not STUPID enough to pay for an xbox plus xbox live. It’s not a downfall. You being stupid enough to do so in the first place is all the proof I need.

          • The Greek

            Roadshow, Im about 4 months lat but you’re one of the biggest A-holes Ive ever seen on the net. Period. I can’t even tell how old you are and thats sad.

          • Jan ChillOnXbox

            PS3 passed 360 cuz it was already the end of last gen console wars and some players from 360 bought ps3 cuz it was very cheap, but everyone knows that 360 is the clear winner

          • ∀very

            you sure do spend alot of time whining about preference

          • RoadShow

            I enjoy writing about games and I enjoy bitch slapping dumb ass xbots with facts.

            Then watch them get all butt hurt about simple truths.

          • Seed_Of_Filth71

            you kid are a douche!

          • Allen

            Sorry that simple facts about xbox make you hate me so much that you call me a douche.

            Perhaps you just don’t like xbox if you don’t like the simple facts.

          • Shadow

            you always seem to forget the fact xbox live has the best network. why? cus we dont lose millions in currency right after another easy hack. Sony’s network security and infrastructure is weaker than your case defending them get out of here fanboy. (FYI I OWN A PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS AND 3DS, Wii and a gaming tier laptop. Let me just say PC is the best but in consoles xbox gets my vote.

          • Allen

            If you believe that then you are believing xbot lies and disinformation.

            No one lost money due to the hack, great compensation was paid.

            While xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007 with crap compensation.

            Then all the tens of thousands of xbox live accounts that were hacked and money stolen. Supposedly phishing schemes but PSN didn’t have these same problems. Plus accidental bans on 3 occasions in 2011 alone, lack of exclusives for the last 5 years while raking in billions on XBL.

            Xbox sucks. As a PC/PS4 gamer I get the best of all worlds.

          • Darthg10

            None of what you said had anything to do with anything. Let people waste their money on xbox if they want. Go play your playstation and chill. Stop keyboard warrioring over something that stopped mattering years ago.

          • saese

            I am a Xbox gamer but I have had my fair share of time on ps3. Though exclusive games may be cool for ps3, your still missing many things. Take the PlayStation Move for example. It is a crappy recreation of the Xbox Kinect minus the microphone. You also have to use a Wii-like controller for it to even pick up the movement. Xbox live, unlike pan, has party, a group you can invite your friends to to talk with each other even across multiple games. Back to exclusive games, stop looking at the major titles. Indie games on Xbox count as exclusives.The castleminer series, shift, and many others, are exclusive to Xbox Live. We also get many great free games such as WSOP, World of Tanks, Happy wars (Exclusive), and quite a few more.

          • RoadShow

            OMG WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!!

            Look up the game “Kinetic” for the PS2.


            Microsoft even copied the name.

            And excuse me but Kinect is the reason xbox hasn’t had any exclusives for the last 4 years.

            Kinect is also laggy misreading command garbage see: Blackwater, Fighters Uncaged & Star Wars Kinect.

            And Move is amazing. Shooters & hard core games, amazing accuracy. When I hold a sword it’s as if I’m in real life. No matter how you twist, turn, get closer or move around it’s exactly 1:1 in a 3D world accurate.

            You obviously never have even picked up a move. Sony also didn’t have to sacrifice exclusives for move compatibility.

          • saese

            Sony may have created the EyeToy (pplaud them for doing so)the PSMove screwed it over. I have only played two or three move games in which for all of them the setup took about 10-20 minutes. After doing so the move hardly ever picked up my movements.
            I’m not saying Kinect is better but at least Microsoft doesn’t force you to use a controller still for apparently “hands free gaming”. The playstationMove is a very bad copy off of the wii motion control.
            You also say that Microsoft copied Kinect from Kinectic? Where is your proof. Kinectic was a game, not the device itself. I believe that the kinect was name as it was based off of the kinectic energy you use during play.
            if possible, I would play a kinect game right now and then a PSMove one but I broke my kinect in a bit of rage. (No more cod)

          • RoadShow

            No way. 10-20 mins?

            you put the eye up there. You stand in front of it and you have 3 very fast calibrations. up high. at your side and at your belly button. Done.

            Move is amazing. The Fight Lights Out, Start the Party, Time Crisis, Killzone 3 & the boatload of ps move enabled games.

            Also the eye does have a mic.

            And yes XBOX COPIED Playstation.

            Kinetic = HANDS FREE MOTION GAMING

            Kinect – Hands free motion gaming…even copied the name.

            Sony and Nintendo started motion R&D in 2001. Sony came out first with eye toy. Nintendo innovated with wii mote. Sony did it right with the move and Kinect is laggy misreading command garbage directly responsible for no good exclusives on xbox 360 for 4 years in a row.

          • Ray665

            dude seriously stop acting like you know every thing cos from everything you have said you just sound like you have something wrong upstairs

          • DavidBro

            Dude, did you really come to an Xbox thread to bash on Xbox? I mean come on bro, uncool.
            I get it you think psn is better. Ok. I don’t care. We think Xbox is better and you get super butt-hurt. Why can’t you respect other gamers opinions? We want to “waste our money” so be it. We want “Shitty support and bad games” SO BE IT. You gotta get over the fact that we like the Xbox. Ignorance is bliss and i would rather be blissful and than become a die hard fanboy. I am not a fanboy of consoles, i am a fanboy of games. Whatever you’re using to get it done, is regardless. And yes single player games are awesome, when they stop being cool? Yes Multiplayer games are cool as well, but we just like doing it differently. I don’t see how you can be a “gamer” when you’re just a bigot coming on to chats to preach about psn. Leave us to our own devices (literally) and enjoy the games not the console. Next time you want to get preachy go to a psn forum and vent all your hate towards Xbox there and let us game in peace

          • Ixozuxiz

            You Are just some lowlife kid that has nothing better to do than to complain on Microsoft, since you have s~x with your Ps3.

            Do you expect anyone to actully care about what you are saying?
            If yes, Seriously?

            If some people like to play on Xbox 360&One, accept that fact, just as much as you accept the fact that people like Playstation 3.

            I have both Xbox 360 and Ps3, and all that matters are the games, since we are ALL gamers, your complaining is just retarded, and I hope, when you grow up, you will read this, laugh at yourself, and see what a douchebag you really are.

            Im for one, going to buy the Xbox One, because of the Socialiability, skype is neat, and the exclusives for Xbone is more tempting than the ones on Ps4[My Opninion], other than that, I like both the consoles just as much.

            Now begone with you and get a real life, you will never be a good critic if you cant see downsides on both parts [Microsoft & Sony].

            Best regards to you kid.

          • RoadShow

            Dude you see what the problem with you is; is that you don’t have a leg to stand on.

            Yes I agree competition is a good thing.

            Yes I agree Xbox does have it’s own exclusives..finally.

            But it doesn’t change the FACT that Xbox gives the most and costs the least.

            I’m fine with you going to xbox if that’s what your decision is. But I’m never going to let you forget that you are paying the most and getting the least.

            Xbox one is loads better than 360 was in terms of offering what the competition does. But it still has fundamental problems with it.

            (1) Titanfall & Project Spark are on PC. There goes 2 of your biggest “exclusives”.

            (2) You can only play single player and watch blu ray without xbox live. $300 every 5 years. Basically a brick without it. Where PS4 you can everything except online play without PS+.

            (3) No games with gold on Xbox One.

            (4) Games with gold offers really old $5 bargain bin games from 6-7 years ago.

            (5) Xbox one accessories are still far overpriced ($60 for controller & $25 for battery pack. $85 ea or $75 bought as a bundle. However controller still doesn’t have blue tooth, gyro or built in battery pack that dual shock 4 has at $60 total.

            (6) No free exclusive content on Xbox one. Only pay to play timed DLC from 3 publishers (EA, Activision & Bethesda). Just like PS3, the PS4 enjoys true free exclusive content – Destiny, Watchdogs & Assassins Creed.

            There just is really nothing against Playstation but yet all these things against Xbox. They are not little things either.

            OH AND You gotta take into consideration as an xbox consumer what you are getting. You have to deal with M$ and those guys do nothing but screw the consumer over time and time again.

          • Martijn

            hahaha why are you spending so much time on this. Get a life or work or do something useful. Stupid fanboy.

          • RoadShow

            If any one of you fking idiot xbot fanboys could give me even one decent reason for supporting the biggest POS in history then I would stop.

            But you can’t. You morons just keep running away from the facts. You shut out the world and believe eachother’s lies like you are sitting in a circle stroking eachother off.

            Xbox is the best stroke stroke.

            Xbox live is the best place to play online stroke stroke.

            You gotta pay to play for quality online experience stroke stroke.

            Xbox live is worth it even though it has no features or anything of value for a “subscription” stroke stroke.

            Nothing beats Halo and Gears of War stroke stroke.

            See what I mean? You guys believe your own lies, it’s pathetic and you all are just like yeah…just like that.


            Xbox sucks in every measurable way. Supporting it has effectively killed off free online play and has turned the entire gaming industry into penny pinching, money squeezing greedy bastages.

            You don’t care that you ruined it just like a punk kid going to a campsite and ruining it. Throwing your trash everywhere, breaking beer bottles in the fire pit, illegally burning down trees or shooting firearms in illegal areas. Shutting the whole place down and ruining everything for everyone just because you are some punk kid that wants to smear your poop everywhere to leave your poop mark on the world.

            Seriously. Xbox exclusives on PC, RROD, no blu ray, no browser for 7 years, no wifi for 5 years add $100, no exclusives the last 4 years, pay to play, paywall basic features, overpriced console & accessories, lacking standard hardware the competition has.

            Every single way xbox sucks donkey balls and you can’t even come back at me with 1 thing. All you can do is act like I have no life.

            Well buddy, gaming is part of my life. I enjoy it with a passion and coming here and slapping dumb xbots with truth is just something I enjoy. Because you just sit there and have to take it. You have no leg to stand on, and it’s funny watching all the pathetic morons squirm and get all mad by my simple list of facts.

          • Jeremy Wiggins

            “I’m fine with you going to xbox if that’s what your decision is.” Your arguing over the last month says otherwise.

            1) MMOs ruined free online play, not Xbox. You said you were a PC gamer. You should fucking know this you ignorant fuck.

            2) With the PS4 you will have to pay to play online. So stop bringing up the issue that you have to pay for Xbox Live.

            3) You brought up the issue with keeping PS+ games by not connecting your PS3 to the net. You are ok with turning your PS3 into a brick, but rag on Xbox for those who don’t want to pay for Xbox Live? You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

            4) There will be free games with gold with Xbox One. Stop being biased and do some actual research.

            5) There has actually been a ton of free stuff for Xbox Live Silver members. So don’t bring up that PS3 and PS4 are the only ones that have free content.

            I found it funny how you ONLY brought up the good with PS3 and bad with the Xbox, and not the other way around.

            PS3: internal memory, if you want an upgrade, guess what? Or better yet, if the HDD gets corrupted? You have to buy a new console.

            Xbox: You can buy several games to get free access to Xbox Live Gold. Not to mention the numerous weekends that they allow Silver members to have access to Gold features. Holy shit, they give away FREE access to their PAID service?

            Shut the fuck up, and move on. Some people like Coke, some people like Pepsi. There is no wrong answer. Stop being a whiney fan boy.

          • XboxGamer33

            Personally speaking, I’ve had a PS2, I loved it, then I got into Xbox, I love it. Now I’m not going to jump down anyones throat as to Xbox being better or not then PS3/4 All I am going to say is that I agree with both sides, Xbox is very costly, while PS3 was FREE online. Would I give up my 360 for a PS4? No, why? I spent to much money on it to just toss it away. My gamerscore and achivements, game saves and all that time put into it will be lost. So I’m going to get both the Xbox One and PS4′s, why? I love both just the same. People need to stop bitching over the net on what’s better, everyone has their own opinions but when you start trashing people for being themselves, it get’s wrong. Both of you guys are right on both systems. Though from experaince, 360 has big issues, Ring of Death(Arcade Version) The red dot of death(Black version) What’s wrong with the PS3? I’m asking as I don’t know.

          • RoadShow

            What’s up man. I know I come off like a trolling a$$ so I apologize for anything I may have said to offend.

            I do personally hate xbox. They have done so much wrong to the gaming community (Halo 2 on PC, Orig. Xbox games/service/support, RROD, paywall basic features, what they tried to do with X1 and what they are now doing to windows phone 7 with xbox video).

            PS3 at it’s worse was supposedly 6% (YLOD)

            Industry standard is 3% and RROD is estimated to be between 33-55% failures.

            I would say that the red dot of death that happens on the xbox 360s is no big deal. It does overheat but it doesn’t ruin the system as it lets it cool. The same safety feature is built into PS4 and xbox one.

          • KeyboardAntiWarrior

            From what I get from your post you want free online and best game experience so you should sell your PS3 for a PC and Shut the fuck up.

          • RoadShow

            It’s funny that all the stupid xbots just say shut up or insult me. I just LMAO @ pathetic little sissies like you.

            I have a gaming PC but I don’t get as much from it as I do my Playstation.

            I am okay with PS4 pay to play only because I’ve been a happy PS+ subscriber for a year and a half and PS4 doesn’t paywall basic features.

            If PS+ doesn’t continue to be highly valuable I will sell the PS4 and be nothing but PC but I really hope it doesn’t come to that and seriously don’t think it will.

          • nick jacoway

            dude I have to agree with the last guy, I now own my first and only ever Microsoft console besides pc and all those games u mentioned are crappy like bad plus who cares about Kinect If I wanted to do something like that I would just play my wii which I don’t.. cross game chat is about the only good feature besides in game music and that’s it the online gaming is horrible I mean I never had any problems from ps3 and now on xbox I have so much in game lag and I end up in games with a bunch of little kids with mics which is so annoying.. bottom line ps is better and always will be there more mature platform in all areas better controllers and better graphics I may own a xbox now but I am and always will be a die hard ps fan and ps4 is gonna put xbox1 to shame, and they made the controller for it even better dualshock4 is by far gonna be the best controller in gaming hands down

          • Brandon Banks

            you, are. a . RETARD. get off this website, and go back to your candy.

          • Daemon

            Man who cares about what you think if you hate the 360 so much STOP using it go with your crappy Sony

          • RoadShow

            Crappy Sony. Do you have reasons for feeling that way? NO????

            Hum just like every other xbot you freaking supported 360 for no good reason and killed off free online play.

            Xbox has freaking nothing! Dude freaking look at it. Overpriced, unreliable, paywall, no exclusive, no exclusive content lack of standard hardware.

            The freaking thing sucks in every single measurable way. I bring cold hard facts and all you and any other xbot can do is try to attack me or lie but NEVER do you EVER say what the freaking hell makes you think 360 is so good and PS3 not.

            Xbox sucks dude. It’s just a freaking fact. Gamers enjoy consoles via entertainment, gaming, features all of which xbox sucks at or costs the most and gives the least.

            no blu ray, no browser for 7 years, no wifi for 5 years, best exclusives on PC with free online play, no free exclusive content, RROD for 5 years, no games the last 4 years, 360 never gets price drop, expensive accessories

            finally you get some free games with xbox live (after 12 years of nothing) but they are 6-7yr old $5 bargain bin games and nothing for xbox one.

            You just got nothing, no leg to stand on no reason to feel the way you do. no reason for killing free online play. Just a pathetic person who just doesn’t care you ruined the gaming industry and continue to do harm by supporting xbox further.

          • Nanethiel

            And you my friend are the biggest asshole to ever walk the planet. You act like it’s just his fucking fault. Here’s the thing: I’m loyal to Xbox which is why I don’t mind paying for Xbox Live. PC’s lag way too much and that’s why I do not like to play on PC as much as I like to play on Xbox …. Also everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You could have said what you wanted to say in a much nicer way. It could still be fixed … it’s called boycotting … if you hate XBL that much then start a freaking boycott.

          • ovojoelxo

            We pay online but yet are online is zoo much better, we can actually talk on headsets via PARTY mode.. oh but wait just a minute.. guess what, you see that $300 you say we pay every 5 years.. PS4.. hmm how much is that every 5 years now.. about $300 … and why do they charge now because maintaining a SERVER isn’t free, thats why PSN got hacked.. but now with PS4 charging I’m sure they will take care more of there SERVERS :D enjoy those $300 before there gone

          • yourmomsangryness

            stupid ps fan boys… so u hook up to the free psn? INSNT FREE ANYMORE JACKASS UNLESS U NEED A BRICK

          • RoadShow

            Again you are lying.

            PS3/PS Vita is still free and the only thing paywalled on PS4 is online play.

            Unlike xbox where EVERYTHING is paywalled. Can’t do anything but play single player games and watch disk based movies without xbox live. PS4 you can do everything but online play.

            Morons. You need to rely on lies and disinformation to make xbox even slightly good looking.

            Go on and hope someone believes your lies and gets fucked over for years on xbox. You guys are pathetic ass holes that just want to dis playstation for no reason other than your obsession with piece of shit xbox. You deserve to be put in your place. I live in Medford Oregon and would love to fk you up and piss on you.

          • Ghoix

            I will say that the PS4 is better than Xbox One, but the 360 is the same shit as PS3 & also you must have tiny hands if you like Playstation controllers better, I suck at FPS on Playstation because my hands are too damn big. But I have PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, & Xbox One but I have to say my favorite is the ole 360. But that don’t mean I don’t like PS just because I don’t play it as much. So until you buy an Xbox quit acting like a baby it’s all the same. The console YOU have isn’t better than everyone else’s.

          • red

            LOL HEY DUMMY PLAYSTATION FOUR IS PAY TO PLAY TO HAHAHAHAHA SUCK THATNOOB xbox is makeing the bread while ps is going bankrupt.LOl now play station does pay to play like xbox box to make money sorry kiddo ps sucks sack and xbox is better it it the truth and stop being such a fan boy you freak

          • RoadShow

            Open your fucking eyes idiot.




          • daniel

            People that are posting legitimate answers you ignore them when they give the playstation flaws, where you only reply to people that tell you to leave us, so if you want people to stop targeting you do us a solid and fuck off

          • RoadShow

            I’m not seeing that. There are a ton of replies that I somehow have not been getting e-mail responses to. All I see is bull shit replies attacking me.

            If you have something or know of something anyone has said please let me know.

            Until then I’m gonna have to write you off as another lying, pathetic xbot that runs away from the facts and tries to hide in your own world shutting everyone else out because you don’t want to accept the truth.

          • Callum Lee

            I sleep with your mum on a regular basis and she always tells me afterwards what a disappointing son you are! she’s a filthy, filthy woman. the things she let me do to her!

          • Stephen Hastings

            PSN is free because its funking shi-ite! Xbox 360 is a gaming console and its something it does 100000000 times better than the ps3, I had to sell mine because most of the games were crap! Including your so called “Ps3 Exclusives” (which xbox has too I should point out making your point moot!) You are clearly just a Microsoft hater and tbh its making you look like a complete FANNY! PS+ is a hire service no matter what way you look at it! And I think you’ll find PS is free to play online because of the monumental fuck up they made when trying to put the ps2 online! Something the original xbox was famed for nailing 1st time round!

          • liltee

            I will say one thing and one thing only I do agree that Xbox live is the biggest rip off ever,but I will happily pay £35 a year if it means I get dlc’s for cod 3 months before ps

          • RoadShow

            It’s 1 month dude. Man why do xbox gamers always heavily over exaggerate?

            Seriously, I feel all xbox hype is nothing but disinformation or straight up lies.

            Even though March free game Civilization Revolution is 7 years old it is a kick ass game and is one I play every day. Enjoy it.

          • Richard Burns

            If someone provides a good service to you,you should expect to pay for that . why do you think you are entitled to people providing things to you for free?

            Excuse typos please, I’m on my mobile at the moment.

          • RoadShow

            Oh I’m fine with that. But please for the love of god tell me what “service” xbox live provides.

            (1) Access to internet browser – no other browsing platform makes you pay a subscription to access the internet you already paid for. Phone’s don’t count, you have wifi on that, the data plan is for when you are away from your internet connection.

            (2) Access to streaming services – No PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, Console, Set top Box, blu ray player or anything that can stream makes you pay a sub to access this.

            (3) Skype – the only platforms to paywall FREE skype is Xbox 360 & Xbox one. PS vita has skype, skype is owned by micrsoft now.

            (4) Access to “premium” apps. I just find this laughable.

            (5) Access to video capture/upload. The only comparison is PS4 which doesn’t paywall this.

            (6) One guide – this is the new main feature of X1 and it’s behind a paywall. PS4 has friend spectate/take over mode and it’s free.

            The only “service” xbox live actually provides is games with gold which isn’t on X1 yet and pales in comparison to PS+ and when I say pales I mean PALES.

            It’s all good though. PS4 has already won this gen so it doesn’t matter. Xbox is already in it’s rightful place as a #2.

          • Richard Burns

            Servers don’t run themselves and aren’t cost free.

          • RoadShow

            Sony turned a profit since 2009

            Despite having a blu ray player
            Despite free online play
            Despite free exclusive content in many AAA multi plats
            Despite huge free games via PS+ and cheaper sub

            Xbox sucks.

            PC is the best and it’s free online play

            Xbox stands alone, sure it’s fun. Not saying it sucks cause it ‘s not. It sucks because in every single measurable way it sucks compared to the competition PC, PlayStation & Nintendo.

            It’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie.

          • Richard Burns

            Here’s the official word from Microsoft on it:

          • Wesley Ritter

            wow, this is one long ass fight. I do Agree with RoadShow on quite a few things, like the fact that PS does have free online gaming, or you can pay a little more to get a premium subscription, however I own an xbox 360 and i have never owned a PS of any. And yes xbox is pricey as hell i do agree, and i cant say anything that makes the xbox better then the PS, however this is also vice versa. I may have never owned a PS but i have played it many other times before at friends homes. in my opinion one isnt better then the other, they both have there perks and there downsides, and id be willing to bet money that my comment will be hated on but Honestly i dont care, were all gamers with our opinions on what we like. however i will end with this comment, i would love to switch from microsoft to Sony, IF i had the money, because i do think the downsides on an xbox FAR OUTWAY the PS ones, but at the same time Xbox has improved GREATLY over the years. I do not agree with all of the decisions microsoft has made over the years but they have come out with quite a few good ones, Games with gold not being one of them, and i say this because, the games are just to old and no im not expecting new gen games like COD GHOSTS, BF4, AC:BF, just something a little newer in the years and it makes absolutly no sense why were getting games from when the 360 first launched. If you ask me Xbox is trying to become a gaming platform there not meant to be. there not as gamer supportive as they should be, there just trying to make money when they have plenty. i cant say any thing bad about a PS as i have never owned one of any kind but i have played them and they seem to play pretty smooth. dont get me wrong they both great consoles, however PS does deserve the #1 spot it has now i COMPLELTY agree with that. I could be wrong but these are my opinions.

          • RoadShow

            Well written my friend. You won’t get any hate from me about your comment. We are all gamers and in the end what we game on doesn’t really matter.

            In my honest opinion though right now we are setting the expectations for the future. I do think xbox is overpriced in hardware, accessories and subscription service and they stand alone as the only ones to paywall basic features like browser/streaming services/apps/skype.

            Xbox is just as fun as PlayStation but Sony supports their console better with more exclusives and more genre to choose from.

            Xbox has made a name for it’s self and is the perfect competition for PlayStation (I love Nintendo but they do their own thing and do not offer much of a competition).

            Anyways enjoy man. It’s a good time to be a gamer and once you are ready for the next gen you will be welcome on the PS4.

            I gotta say that I love Hitman and April is a decent month for games with gold. I’m very happy that Games with gold is even here, that was a huge win for the gaming industry and that future of gaming I keep talking about.

          • Wesley Ritter

            yeah, Exactly. and i do WAY agree about nintendo not having enough to offer for competition, the closest i got to that was super smash bros, and im happy with the games this month as well, ive never played hitman but i have heard its an above decent game. im just hoping that we can get more games like this, im just really hoping that we can at the least get COD:BO, and/or Halo Wars or something of the RPG genre.

          • RoadShow

            Hitman Absolution was my first one and I liked it. Got it for free a couple months ago on PS+. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

          • Wesley Ritter

            oh hellz yeah, ive played the first mission and it was really BA, i just wish it was a bit more freeroam-ish. but other then that its a GREAT game.

          • Jan ChillOnXbox

            PSN isnt free on ps4

          • LongJonsBoaby

            Allen you really need to take your finger out Sony’ ass, xbox genuenlly did have he best online, PC was just full of 12 year olds playing lol because they think they are pro, xbox actually has a more mature community……. And I don’t think a single xbox exclusive except halo 2 has came out on PC XD

          • Allen

            Are you seriously this fucking retarded? This is the type of lies and disinformation I’m talking about. You fucking idiot xbots keep spewing bull shit.

            And Xbox live more mature community? The worst I’ve ever seen between the internet and online gaming across all platforms has been xbox. PC would be the best as I never had any experiences with the types of trolls I’ve seen on XBL and PSN. In fact most gamers write good game after a match on PC matches (reminiscing my days of Counter Strike) some of which you get on PSN along with the hate mail when you pwn someone.

            I’ve already listed it a ton of times but many xbox exlcusives are on PC.

            Orig xbox on PC: Halo, Halo 2, Fable
            (could be more, I didn’t pay attention back in the day)

            Xbox 360 on PC:
            Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, Fable, Battlestations, Alan Wake.

            Xbox one on PC:
            Titanfall, Project Spark

          • Jaxofjaxs

            So I take it you’ve never actually played on PSN? Because it is very laggy. And if one person in your online game is lagging EVERYBODY IS. Xbox? Nah no lag here, and I’ve had my Xbox 360 for 5 years now? Hmp I think you’re just a biased, ignorant, arrogant person who loves making arguments that have no points. It’s one thing to say “oh man I love Xbox or playstation more” but it’s another to talk down on the other. Maybe you just can’t afford $60 dollars every year? I don’t know but chill. Peace ✌️

          • DrumStickNinja

            You are totally lying. I play all 3 all the time and 360 has just as much lag as PC and PSN. Not very much.

            Sure there are variables like idiots with low connection connecting to a server far away but I’ve found PSN to be just as good as my high end gaming PC and my cousins 360.

            I think you need to stop lying about things like this. It doesn’t do anything but harm the industry.

          • Allen

            Wow, yet another ignorant fuck xbot spewing disinformation. I’ve seen more lag and transporting on XBL than on PSN. I’m not going to spew bull shit like you though, both are solid services.

            It’s just that until this last 180 xbox live has been worthless. BUT NOW they dropped the paywalls to basic features like streaming services & internet browser (it still has more paywalls than PSN but not that big of a deal) and they are now giving games to Xbone HOWEVER so far the games on Xbone are just like the ones on 360 (Inferior – looking at dates, current prices, ratings & reviews) but again no big deal, I’m sure eventually GWG will get the quality PS+ does. THIS IS A WIN FOR EVERYONE and THIS is the type of COMPETITION I’m talking about.

            Now lets sit back and watch them work for our money

          • xbox rox

            dude get off your high horse you can clearly see that your a ps fanboy each to their own

          • RoadShow

            They modded my comment but basically you are a moron.

            Thanks to your support of 360 despite RROD, pay to play, paywall basic features, exclusives on PC, no free games, no free exclusive content & ads on home page EVERYONE WILL GO PAY TO PLAY.

            You say you like Nintendo exclusives and game PC. Well Nintendo will go pay to play and PC can find a way.

            Soon you will have to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online and it’s all because you supported the only gaming platform in the world pay to play and for NO DANG GOOD REASON.

          • risen_sun86

            You are spamming, go bitch elsewhere. Can’t we boot people from these forums?

          • Nat

            *cough* fanboy *cough*

          • RoadShow

            *cough* pathetic xbot with no reason to hate on PlayStation *cough*

            *Xbots gotta shut out the world and all the facts, sit in a circle stroking each other off because YOU ARE FREAKING WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT.

            Apparently that’s why NOT ONE OF YOU can reply to me. You gotta run, hide and throw pansy jabs when you can.

          • Brandon Banks

            dude go get some pussy, and your sister or mother does not count, you fucking idiot.

          • HUY


          • Richard Burns

            Obvious troll is obvious.

          • Shadowrak

            I have never paid more than $30 for a year of gold. Ever heard of ebay daily deals?

          • RoadShow

            (1) Many don’t know where to find those deals.
            (2) PS+ can be had for cheaper too.
            (3) It doesn’t matter. XBL is a worthless subscription service and only recently after 12 years gave something for it which is likely ending in December. Wow 6 months of $5 bargain bin games from 8 years ago.
            (4) Xbox doesn’t give free exclusive content, only pay to play timed DLC.
            (5) Xbox best exclusives are on PC – Project Spark, Titanfall, Gears of War, all the Fables, All the Battlestations, Alan Wake, Left4Dead.
            (6) Xbox still is the least elite – X1 cannot be stood upgright, still huge ugly power supply – much lower hardware performance meaning – much more expensive – much more expensive accessories (controller/battery pack).

            Basically if you care about graphics and frames per second PS4 is gonna stomp xbox in all areas.

            While multi plat titles will be castrated on PS4 for parity reasons the frames per second will still be 22-35% better on PS4 (see extreme tech vid comparing multiple game engines on basic hardware of PS4/X1). Then the exclusives on PS4 will show the true graphical advantage.

            Besides Xbox 360 couldn’t even deliver in exclusive games the last 4 years of it’s life. The first 5 years of it’s life it was half dead with RROD.

            No games means the console sucks. No free exclusive content, no free games despite being the only people in the world stupid enough to pay to play and support xbox and all their paywalls of basic features. I mean I actually pity you they screw you over so bad. You sit there and pay soo much, get so little in return.

          • Lost Traveler

            And still better than a Gaystation.. go play Pikman Fanboy.. cheers

          • RoadShow

            That’s all you got? Really?

            A pathetic attempt at an insult?

            Boy I’d squash you like a bug.

          • MayaAyala

            Are you bipolar? Geez. Some people prefer the Xbox for a variety of reasons. Others prefer Sony for their reasons. Still others prefer PC. A few people even prefer Nintendo.

            You know what they say about opinions? They are like armpits. We all have them and many of them stink if you aren’t careful.

          • RoadShow

            Are you retarded?

            1st off Nintendo is awesome. Nintendo has true exclusives, Nintendo doesn’t paywall internet browser or streaming services, Nintendo has free online play, Nintendo has hardware reliance & quality.

            PC is also awesome. You need to read above. PC is king of FPS – another reason why Halo deserves to go back to PC. Emulators…supposed xbox exclusives, best graphics.


            Gimmie 1 good reason to support xbox. You can’t. In every single MEASURABLE way Xbox sucks.

            As I keep saying Xbox is fun yes. Every bit as fun as PS3. It’s just that it sucks when you compare it to the competition. Read the many above posts, I have a million reasons against xbox. It has freaking nothing.

            No games, no exclusive content, worthless subscription service, horrid hardware, lack of standard hardware (blue ray, blue tooth, gyroscope, batteries, wifi, hdd upgrades), lacks in entertainment and lacks in quality.

            In every single way a gamer enjoys a console xbox sucks. It costs the most and gives the least.

            As long as you are okay with paying the most, getting the least and putting up with stupid things like your exclusives on PC, M$ polices and stuff then fine. But you should at least have 1 half way decent reason for going xbox.

            I already know the answer I just want to hear you say it. There are only 2 valid reasons for getting an xbox.

            (1) Your friends had it so you got it (instead of standing up fro what is right – you should have told your friends to screw off because you didn’t want to waste your money….make them buy a PS3).

            (2) For some reason you are too short sided to look past Halo.

            That’s all Xbox has. Halo, Gears of war 2 & 3 (1 on PC) and Forza are the only true exclusives xbox has and with versions of Halo and Gears on PC there really is just Forza which will never be anything more than a wanna be gran turismo.

          • Lost Traveler

            God are you still talking.. before you get all high and mighty maybe you should take a break from “gaming” since you know everything apparent about the gaming universe. here’s an idea, Create your own Next gen Console and then maybe after all is said and done, no one will by it.. then you will have room to Bitch/moan/complain about something you seem to know everything about.. oh and calling someone a retard just makes you look like a Capital “D” Douchebag.. and all your so called arguments about what Xbox has vs. doesn’t have.. is redundant. you’re just a Pissed off fan boy Keyboard warrior burning through feeds. the halo excuse is old Get over it..you are just making the same old argument under a new GT. so please sit down and Stfu. and last i recall the Xbox outsold/was best selling years past. so maybe and its just an idea, Do some research. show the numbers, hell even throw in a graph if it makes you happy. because all you are doing is Proving a point. and if you don’t know what point that is you’re really in trouble. so yea have a great day there “show”

          • RoadShow

            OMG I am dying laughing. I actually busted up laughing at my desk.

            (1) PS3 has been STOMPING Xbox into the ground Globally for years.

            (2) Globally PS3 has outsold 360 so 360 is in LAST PLACE.

            (3) Last month was the first month in 36 months that PS3 beat the 360 IN THE UNITED STATES.


            Obviously you fell for their PR BS…hook…like & Sinker.

            Pic below per your request and OH YOU STILL HAVEN’T GOT 1 REASON TO SUPPORT THAT 360 POS.

          • MayaAyala

            So, you are on drugs? You are absolutely bipolar if you think that there is a “war” going on between those who like the Xbox and those who like Sony. COMPETITION IS GOOD, little guy. It helps keep prices down. There is room in the market for BOTH consoles to do well.

            Anyone who thinks otherwise might very well be “retarded” as you put it.

          • RoadShow

            Why yes I am on drugs but then again who isn’t? What’s your poison? Alcohol, weed, pills? Hardcore?

            I don’t want xbox to go away and I totally see the benefit of having competition.

            It’s just that Xbox should be put in it’s place for what it offers. Not a million blind xbot fanboys all defending it for all eternity.

            Finally with the X1 reveal & E3 Xbox has been put in it’s place. This is how the gaming community should have reacted to RROD, paywall basic features, ads on home page. Can only play single player games and watch DVD without xbox live and ect.

          • Dan

            Right to set you straight if you have to come down to it xbox 360 won in terms of sales and service during the whole “Xbox360 and ps3 fanboy war” but this time ps4 seems to have the advantage. Moral of the story being dont be a fanboy and get the best console for you and your preferences. All empires big or small rise and fall, just go with the flow and be cool as a breeze

          • RoadShow

            Xbox lost dude. It’s in 3rd place and has abandoned it’s core gamers 4 freaking years ago.

          • RoadShow

            Oh and there very much is a “console war” going on.

            A war that 360 lost. It’s in LAST place.

          • MayaAyala

            Are you mental? There is no “war.” They are just products. They are video game consoles made by different corporations (one from the US and the other from Asia).

            If you are so bipolar to believe that there is a “war,” then it is time for you to take up a hobby other than gaming.

            No corporation (or corporation’s console) deserves such rabid, religious-like devotion or absolute loyalty. It is just a console.

          • The Great Story Teller.

            Your opinions are YOUR opinions, okay?
            Let me tell you the story on how the console-war started:

            There once was two 12 y.o little boys, fighting over a car toy, one of the boys said his car toy was more expensive, and therefore, better. The other boy said his car toy was better since it had a much faster engine, and as a matter of fact, it had a much faster engine.
            The two young boys started to fight even more. But when the boy who said that the most expensive car was better, he started accepting the fact that it wasnt faster, but, Then showed the other boy all of the capabilites, he told the other boy that with this expensive car you can get friends, since the car toy was so shiny, people would start talk to him. This expensive car toy had all of this super-cool features, that the super-fast car toy did not have.

            But the poor boy with the super-fast car toy couldnt accept the fact that the expensive car toy had more features than his’ car, so he went to the internet, and started moaning about his super-cool super-fast car toy. People started liking his idea of the sect, and then the 12 y.o boy changes the name of this super-fast super-cool car toy to “Sony”.

            While the other boy who had this expensive, slow/but with more features, car toy, didnt care much at all about which one was better or worse. He called his car toy “Microsoft”.”
            -After all of this started to take off, people started choosing car toy of what they would choose to like, a cheap “Made-in-China” Super-fast car toy or a slower made-for-friends car toy.

            Now, this story is the simplified way of saying that the “console-war” is just a bunch of kids, fighting over 2 car toys.

            Amen, and have a great day.

          • RoadShow


            Every single one of you come at me acting like I’m some kid fanboy that doesn’t know anything. You throw insults at me and try to make jokes


            You got nothing! You have no reason to support xbox just that “it’s better” because you freaking say it is.

            I come in, slap every single one of you with a huge lists of facts and reasons why xbox costs the most and gives the least and you got freaking nothing.

          • asdfa

            why is a dumbass PS fan on an xbox website anyways. just go get a dildo and have some fun with ur ps3

          • RoadShow

            Xbox has nothing. It costs the most and gives the least in every single measurable way.

            You gonna support that POS then I’m gonna go where ever I want and slap some truth on da xbots. It’s not my fault that xbox sucks in every measurable way. If it didn’t suck then I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on…JUST LIKE YOU AND EVERY OTHER XBOT.

            You just support that POS for no reason. You have nothing against playstation only that you and all your xbot friends live in a closed in world and believe eachothers lies basically stroking each other off.

          • Brandon Banks

            dumb fuck fanboys of sony are the ONLY ones who say XBOT, therefore, Youve proven that is Sonys giant dick, spitting words from your mouth, cause its lodged so far up your ass.

          • Brandon Banks

            his ps move wand would work and fit perfectly.

          • Dan

            You are beyond saving. If you had any concept of business or a true love of gaming you would understand that different consoles/companies will drive innovation and creativity. If there was only one company making games and consoles they would be the same thing over and over and over again, like the fifa or cod series.

          • RoadShow

            LOL Whatever dude.

            I keep saying that I don’t want to see xbox go away. I just want them to be put in their place for what they provide. I mean people freaked out about Xbox one like they should have freaked out about Halo 2 on PC, orig. Xbox service/support/games, RROD & paywall features.

            It feels good to see xbox put in their place.


            Sony is king of creating new and creative games for all genre.

          • PS0

            You are so right im glad I didn’t buy the PS4 or the Xbox One as both consoles cost money and suck ill spend my $350 on a PC that will do 2X the power.

          • RoadShow

            I love PC and that’s a great place to game!

            It can play supposed xbox exclusives, it has free online play, it does FPS better than any console could ever (keyboard/mouse), you can constantly upgrade it, emulators for tons of games and of course everything a PC does other than gaming.

            I personally don’t get as much from a PC these days but I keep my gaming PC alive.

            $350 will not buy a PC though. A PC comparable to the power of a PS4 is $1000 and that’s with using pcpartpicker. Yes you can build one for less but it would be a pile of junk incapable of running any new game at a decent setting.

          • Dan

            You are a fanboy. Maya is a true gamer appreciating all systems but you, YES YOU have to bitch and moan to try and divide gamers. People like you are whats wrong with the current gaming community and i have a feeling that you are still below 18 years of age. Maya he/she appreciated all the current platforms but somehow you tried to make an argument about it. Go back to your parents basement, buy an xbox and shout at it to tell it how much of a ps fanboy you are cause no one else cares. Xbox, ps, nintendo, pc whatever you game with enjoy it and be happy. I love the final fantasy series originally a ps exclusive, love the halo series xbox exclusive and i love the legend of zelda games nintendo exclusives. All systems are damn awesome in their own ways stop being such a downer have a big smile on when playing new games on new systems. Otherwise your not even a gamer and don’t dare claim to be one

          • RoadShow


            Well I don’t have a 360 because I’m not stupid enough to pay for one and then live because the thing is a brick without it.

            But I do play “supposed” xbox exclusives on PC with FREE online play the PC way. Halo CE & 3, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, All the BAttlestations, All the Fables, Alan Wake all on PC.

            Adding to the list: Titanfall & Project Spark.

            Then I have my Playstation and Nintendo so you see….without xbox I game all games and am a true gamer.

            I didn’t have to support the rapists at microsoft to do it either.

          • GrChZebo

            You keep saying Xbox games are not exclusive and that you can play them on your pc. Did you ever think about who owns the OS you are playing them games on? They are exclusive to Microsoft you dumb ass. Seriously, take some meds if you are really 32 and act like this.

          • Dan

            He is a downer and not a real gamer. Just another fanboy. A true gamer loves games no matter the console but he/she is adamant on PlayStation. Don’t waste your time if someone needs to school him/her I’ll do it by giving all the good and bad points of every current gaming system. For now I’ll make it clear that he/she is a vapid fanboy

          • MayaAyala

            Good point. There are good things and not-so-good things for every console. Unfortunately, the rabid fanboys can’t let anything “bad” be said about the plastic idol that deserves their religious-like devotion.

          • Consider your words

            using a mental disorder as an insult is a low blow buddy. Consider all those out there with said mental disorder. It’s equivalent to saying, My god, are you diabetic you’re always monitoring your blood sugar!? Just because someone may be displaying symptoms of a disorder (that not being the case here) doesn’t mean it’s okay to use said disorder as an insult to them.

          • MayaAyala

            No. I am asking him if he is “bipolar” because he rants excessively as though there is a war — and he even stated as much! So, this explains why he treats people as though they are “the enemy” for simply having a preference in games/consoles that differ from his own.

            I am not making light of “bipolar disorder” or other mental conditions. However, go back and read his posts. Previously, someone asked me if he was “retarded.” I didn’t see you respond to that post.

            The point is that he may want to get himself checked out if he is going to rant so excessively over something as trivial as the differing personal preferences in video game consoles.

          • JAMES

            Yeah, i’d like to start off by stating that everything youve said is opinion. I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 years old. I hate PC. never once liked a PC game. Also, i have an Xbox.

            with that said, i have a few questions and statements:

            1) How is Xbox Live the worst networking in the history of gaming
            – there are few admins on PSN, due to them not charging
            – therefore there are…

            – more hackers, glitchers, modders, and losers
            – less legit gamers
            2) you say you’re a “bigger Gamer”
            – because you play PC?
            – because you can’t afford to pay to play?
            – because you are opinionated and blinded by your own ignorance?
            – because you dont even own an xbox?
            3) Kinect is gay
            – why even bring it up?
            – only used by little kids and family game night-ers
            4) you’re probably trolling
            – because you are lonely?
            – because you are broke and spend most your time on blogs posting incredibly long rambling nonsense?
            5) “FPS games are better on PC because the keyboard
            – thats an opinion.
            – some people dont wanna play on a keyboard
            – some people like the layout of the console controllers
            – have you ever been laid?
            – your mom, sister, hands, dogs, and tissue dont count.





          • RoadShow

            I’ve been gaming since about 4 yrs old too. I’m 32 and have gamed on every major console and PC to date.

            (1) I never said Xbox live was the worst networking or anything. I said it was worthless and no better than PSN or PC online play.
            – meaning that PSN is every bit as smooth, fast and lag free.
            - I have no freaking idea what you are talking about. I’ve never seen anyone cheat on a console and that goes for xbox or playstation.

            (2) sorry to offend but I’m not “stupid” enough to pay to play. You supporting it ruined free online play and for no good reason. Just to ruin it.

            I say I’m a “big gamer” because I game pretty much all games to ever exist.
            - I can play supposed xbox exclusives on PC.

            The only games I cannot play are the very few xbox games that truly are exclusive (Halo 3, ODST, Reach, 4, gears 2 & 3 & all the wanna be GT’s – meaning that Halo CE & 2 are on PC along with Gears 1, Mass Effect 1, Left4Dead, all the Battlestations, All the Fables & Alan Wake – coming also to PC are Titanfall (X1′s highest rated “exclusive”) & project spark.

            - Basically I can play xbox exclusives on PC and only miss out on a handful of games. Where as PC/Nintendo/Playstation all have true exclusives not found on other platforms. I game PC/Nintendo/Playstation.

            (3) Kinect does suck and it is directly responsible for no exclusives on 360 for the last 4 years in a row. It’s also a copy cat of Playstation 2 ***yes PS2*** game Kinetic. Hands free gaming – you are the controller. Game even has good reviews on metacritic.

            - I don’t think I’m the one that even brought up kinect but I’d take PS Move over it any day. hardcore games out there, shooters, family, 1:1 accuracy in a 3D world and yay buttons! Not limited like Kinect. Playing games like Time Crisis are just like playing in the arcade. Holding a sword in start the part is just like holding a sword in real life like I said 1:1 accurate in a 3D world.

            -oh and input lag is almost nothing on PS move. Even kinect 2.0 has more than 3 times the input lag. I would have to look it up but if you look up input lag on PS Move/Kinect 2.0 you will see.

            (4) I suppose you could say I’m trolling but really I’m trying to educate. There is a lot of disinformation out there I constantly have to battle. I mean like my nephew who comes home and says totally lying and 100% backwards things he learned in school (like Skyrim & Battlefield are xbox exclusives and that PS3 is the one with 55% hardware failures – total lies).


            - If you have EVER played a FPS with keyboard/mouse you would know. Basically it’s a whole lot faster aiming and a lot more accurate. With a controller people tend to over correct but with a mouse you can zoom in on the headshots very fast. I love my controller and have thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield & Counter Strike with my PS3 but I will never try to say it’s better than keyboard/mouse.

            And ah the time old classic of a dumb xbot with no leg to stand on cursing at me like a raging pre-Madonna pansy.


            Exclusives, exclusive content, features, quality, hardware, subscription service it’s all measurable and if you “compare” it’s easy to see that xbox costs the most and gives the least…by FAR.

            PS4 by far outpowers Xbox one.

          • james

            1) im not gonna argue about what you said… go back and look at some of your 50+ comments… you said xbox 360/live were the worst networking/gaming in the history of gaming.

            2) the entire PS network was hacked

            3) saying youre a “bigger gamer” only strengthens my argument that everything youre saying is opinion based.

            4) saying you can play xbox games on pc is an understatement.
            – you can download games from everysingle console of all time and play it on pc… I have 200G of games from gameboy color to PS3.

            5) saying FPS games are better on PC – - – IS AN OPINION
            – somepeople dont like the keyboard – you do/ i dont

            – somepeople dont like the mouse – you do/ i dont

            youre not informing, educating, or helping anyone on this forum. this was about how cool it is that xbox decided to give people games… not how they should have for years, or you have to pay to play, or “xbox is a brick without live”… we get to keep our games…
            “if you dont wanna lose your PSN games, never go online again…” – retarded
            “if you dont wanna lose your xbox 360 free with gold games, dont break your xbox.” – realistic

            stop crying about xbox. live. and games with gold…. you are a hater. so go hate on a mirror. . . and what was with you talking about your dummy nephew? no one cares about a dumb 5th grader.

          • RoadShow

            (1) Screw you. I NEVER SAID XBOX LIVE SUCKED I said that it’s a “worthless” subscription service and that it was “no better” than PSN online.



            What about all the thousands of hacked xbox live accounts?

            What about the tens of thousands of people accidentally banned on xbox live on several different occasions?

            My god you freaking xbots hang so dearly to that freaking hack and then just totally blow off all the problems with xbox live.

            (3) You don’t even make sense. I CAN PLAY PRETTY MUCH EVERY GAME EVER MADE WITHOUT XBOX. You can’t do the same without Playstation.

            Xbox supposed exclusives on PC: Titanfall, Project Spark, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, All Battlestations, All Fables, Halo CE & 2, Alan Wake.

            pretty much every good xbox game ever made. All you miss out on are some Halo’s, some gears & wanna be Gran Turismo.

            (4) I don’t think you can emulate PS3 games on a PC just yet so I’ll write this down as yet another lame xbot lie.


            Now you could say any other type of genre would be an opinion but not FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS. No way in hell dude.

            *If you are going to support xbox then I’m going to freaking remind you how freaking stupid you are and you simply just have to deal with it #JUSTDEALWITHIT.

            Xbox costs the most and gives the least. Xbox games with gold is junk compared to PS+. SONY FORCED MICROSOFT HAND TO GIVE FREE GAMES. You should be THANKING THEM.

            Unfortunately for you they are only $5 bargain bin games from freaking 7 years ago.

            But I can no longer call xbox live a “worthless” service. AT LEAST NOT FOR THE 360. ON THE XBOX ONE XBOX LIVE IS VERY MUCH STILL A WORTHLESS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.

            Pretty much the fact that M$ has to squeeze every penny from every person is enough evidence for me. Why else is every single feature paywalled?

            i tell you what? You are going to have to start paying $60/yr to access your internet browser on your PC? how do you like that?

            Or how about I charge you $60/yr for the “right” to go purchase a subscription to netflix on your freaking roku box?

            Tablet, PC, Mac, internet blu ray players, dedicated set top boxes, smartphone NO ONE ELSE ANYWHERE ELSE MAKES YOU PAY A SUB TO ACCESS INTERNET BROWSER, STREAMING SERVICES OR ANY OTHER BASIC FREAKING FEATURE.

            XBOX GAMES ON PC


            ADS ON HOME PAGE


            I will always have a bunch of HUGE reasons why xbox sucks. IF MICROSOFT DIDN’T FREAKING SUCK THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE A LIST NOW WOULD I?

            Just trying to open some freaking eyes to the blind ignorant xbots.

          • Josh

            BTW, I’m not going to trash you. I am only an xbox gamer and I do enjoy it. Those arguments you threw out were hilarious in the sense of counter actions. +9,999,999 respect has been given this day.

          • RoadShow

            Xbox is every bit as fun as playstation.

            It’s just that it costs the most and gives the least.

            Yes it’s fun. But it’s supposed exclusives are on PC with free online play.

            Yes it’s fun but it has no blu ray.

            Yes it’s fun but it had no browser for 7 years and no wifi for 5 years.

            Yes it’s fun but all it’s features are paywalled.

            Yes it’s fun but it hasn’t had squat for exclusives for 4 years half it’s life.

            What is the point in supporting the overpriced console with paywall features giving 2.75 billion to M$ every year if they aren’t going to give back?

            Like I said. Xbox sucks in every measurable way. I didn’t say it wasn’t fun. It just doesn’t have squat and you get 1 million times more gaming on any other gaming platform. Nintendo, Playstation, PC is all 1 million times superior.

          • joey

            Anybody else notice how he skipped over the getting laid part?!?!?

          • RoadShow

            Because it was a completely ignorant attack. I’m fking 32 yrs old with 2 kids and done more nasty things with hotter women all you punks put together.

            The fact that not one of you idiotic xbots can come at me with even 1 reason why you think PS sucks and that POS xbox you got is the best thing ever is all the evidence I need. Here I am and I slapped every single one of you with facts and all you can do is run and hide like a scared little girl.

            You know all you xbots that just shut out the world and ignore all the FACTS are like a group of guys sitting in a circle stroking eachother off.

            I mean if I didn’t come in here all you guys would be like “xbox is the best thing…yeah…more…stroke it like that”

            “Xbox has the best games…stroke stroke”

            “Xbox has the best network…stroke stroke”.

            When you freaking know it’s not man. Dude it aint got 1 freaking thing worth while. Everything paywalled, hardware is junk compared to the competition and everything costs up the yin yang.

            You guys are pathetic.

          • Comeonalready

            Wow 32 and ranting like this. Time to grow up man and grow a pair, stop acting like a little b**ch. Maybe you forgot to take your meds. Why is it so important as you say to put microsoft in their place? Geez get a life, go spend some time with your kids. I have both consoles and prefer xbox and rarely use the ps anymore. I don’t mind paying for xbox live. Seems like people that complain about the cost are the ones that dont have the money. Expecting everything for free. What pisses me off is a lot of them would spend more than what would cost for an xbox live on drinking, partying, dining out. A true gamer cares about the games not which console is better because who really gives a crap. Its the games that matter. This guy is miserable with his life and needs to somewhere to vent his frustrations. Go get laid man, maybe you will feel better. Better yet maybe he cant get it up anymore and that’s the real underlying issue here. To the true gamers on here, continue to game on no matter what console you have.

          • Dan

            He is a ps fanboy loves to exaggerate to a ridiculous degree. The free ps online service works on purchasing the minimal of online servers to satisfy the consumer (at the online rush hour can result in really laggy and crappy servers). The xbox model has you pay to purchase a plentiful supply of servers (more than needed) and also use the money to upgrade the service. ( quite expensive over the course of the year but if you think about it, the service is cheaper the most pc mmorpg subscriptions for just a single game) Either online system works depending on whether you want to pay for it or not. It costs a lot to keep an online service running properly which most kids don’t realize and they feel entitled to a free service. I’m not getting into ps+ or xbox games with benefits ( they have their own merits and each is good in its own right)

          • RoadShow

            LOL you xbots have to LIE to try and make yourself feel better.

            I come from PC gaming online. PSN is every bit as smooth, fast & lag free even when I was on wifi and router 25 feet away.

            That’s okay. You guys all sit here, LIE to yourself. Shut out the world and all the FACTS and just go sit in your xbot circle stroking each other.

            Oh yeah….xbox is the best…stroke stroke….xbox servers are so fast…stroke stroke….no games are better than xbox games….stroke stroke.

            Freaking rediculous. You idiot fanboys. I come in and SLAP you with facts and all you can do is try to write me off BECAUSE YOU GOT NOTHING. IN EVERY SINGLE MEASURABLE WAY XBOX SUCKS.

          • Brandon Banks

            says this fucking moronic fanboy, You sir, Should have been swallowed. or let run down your moms ass crack, because your a waste to humanity

          • risen_sun86

            We are not comparing consoles, go bitch on a comparing console forum

          • not likely to recheck thread

            My 360, 3 extra wireless controllers (Cheated in this regard as right after the holidays Gamestop frequently has “used” unopened controllers thanks to picky ass kids and their color mandates), and all the time my live account has been active (I catch deals… why pay $60/yr?) have, combined, cost less than a PS3 would have when I purchased the XBox. Controllers run 70+ hours between charges on the NiHM AAs I was already keeping around for a digital camera. HD space was also a non-issue thanks to re-purposed drives, and to alleviate load-balancing issues I keep a router-router setup as my only in-house wireless with entertainment center connections fed via CAT6 (well… I did until I moved to a hole in the world where no one offers internet that isn’t bandwidth limited).

            While M$ definitely has it’s shortfalls, much more so in recent history, no monetary argument holds water for early adopters of the 360, especially those who also happen to be budget-wise shoppers. PS3 failed so hard for so long on an inflated price-tag that there was no way jumping ship when Sony finally got their shit together made financial since for those invested elsewhere.

            As for the PS+ vs XBL debate… PSN won’t, and XBL will, connect when I’m in the field and I no longer have internet at home. That makes anything else I may have been tempted to say about the 2 from previous experience rather moot in my case. It’s a special circumstance few fall into I realize, but it is none-the-less, a circumstance that exists.

            If you use your PS3 as a blu-ray player, either you put in so few hours gaming on it that you probably shouldn’t have bothered getting one or you’re an idiot for adding wear to a system that should be resting when you’re simply looking to watch a movie.

            P.S. Who the hell uses a gaming system for internet browsing?

            P.P.S. Not bashing on PS3. I rather enjoy it as well. (though, while I had internet, PSN was utter garbage and I as I can no longer connect I don’t know what it may have become)

          • just an edit

            “made financial [sense] for those invested elsewhere.”

            Occasionally while re-ordering my generally incoherent, to an observer, thought process I leave in words that, while they sound right on the fly, clearly should have been replaced when I changed the sentence structure.

          • bob

            we pay for security to put our credit card info on xbox and it be safe, not to play.Xbox has way better server stability than Sony. so your well mines free crap is irrelevant

          • Former sony tech

            You say the ps brand is better because it is free? Do you know why it’s free? Because their security sucks balls. 15 people lose their credit card info a minute on ps but only 2 people have ever lost their info on Xbox, so suck it.

          • Tony

            Playstation offered free online play because you get what you pay for, and then a 12 year old hacked it. Xbox live going strong.

          • Nanethiel

            Xbox is getting exclusives

          • Valkyria9001

            Disregarding the yellow lighting and the quality of the online service gameplay? but that’s the typical sony I wanna be better than microsoft fan, all consoles have their flaws, none of them are perfect but still no need to listen to all the lies

          • RoadShow


            (1) YLOD is just a stupid term butt hurt xbots made up because of RROD. Yes there does exist a yellow light and sure you can call it YLOD HOWEVER PS3 hardware failure has always been within industry standard of 3%. RROD is 33-55% or 11 to 18 TIMES the industry standard. Basically 360 failed as many as 11 to 18 playstation or nintendo hardware launches (55-90 years worth of failures based on 5-8 year life cycles).

            (2) Online service gameplay? Just listen to yourself. What exactly is it that xbox live has that PC, Playstation and Nintendo don’t have? Well until the PS4 just cross game chat. That is the one and only feature that distinguishes xbox 360. PC, Playstation and now even Nintendo are all equally smooth and lag free. That is all you can ask for. The only other possible thing anyone could even think about saying is that xbox live is down for maintenance less and has less updates. Both of which are minor. If you sign in every day you can still do everything while maintenance is being done and updates are uploaded and installed when you sleep.

            Also just look at xbox live 2 week downtime in 2007. This compares to the 3 week downtime PSN had in 2011. The difference is that microsoft gave 1 low ranked game as compensation and Sony gave 2 high ranked games from a list of 5, weekend of HD movie rentals + month of PS+.

            Then xbox live has also suffered accidental banning on several occasions (3 in 2011 alone) in addition to thousands of accounts reported hacked. microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which are also stolen. Not nearly as many of these phishing schemes on PSN.

          • roadshowsucksmuchdicks

            you’re such a fanboy lol. if this is what you spent MONTHS bitching about to random people on the internet, you should probably end yourself.

          • RoadShow

            I am literally LMAO @ you.

            I love games and I enjoy writing and researching about them. So I should end myself because of doing something I enjoy?

            LOL fucking idiot xbots. Like I said. I can come in here any time and bitch slap you with facts and you have to just sit there and take it because xbox is simply the worst place to game. If microsoft weren’t such greedy ass holes ripping people off, forcing upgrades and being the only people in the world to paywall basic features then I wouldn’t be here.

            But hey if you love your xbox despite it being the worst place to game then enjoy it and don’t worry about what other people say or think.

          • Valkyria9001

            Did I mention the Xbox in this post at all? so apart from pre-assumptions, what makes you so sure I don’t own both consoles? Not to mention the fact that I dont recall any other companies creating an account after being exploited, attempt to sue and become counter-sued and lose the case, so back to my previous statement ‘no console is perfect’. As for phishing, if I was going to be a crying fanboy about it, I would say that would be because it’s more worthwhile as they gain more benefits from what they take. Another example of this would be justifying Apple as a better company as nobody can be bothered to attempt to breach their half-witted chocolate teapot security.

          • Valkyria9001

            Not to mention which console lost sales against the Wii in 2006 or is this going to be deniable too?

          • Valkyria9001

            Not to mention PSN, oh so reliable right?

          • qjwhd

            Lol fan boy alert! Ppl will choose the console they prefer regardless of biased comments.

          • bNn


          • RoadShow

            Calling names because I bitch slapped you with truth and you don’t like it.

            I think that says it all. I can come in here and bitch slap you any time I want because you are the dumb fuck paying for xbox live and supporting xbox. The absolute worst place to play. Costs the most and gives the least. My facts remind you of your poor decision and continued flawed support of the biggest POS in history.

            Sorry that you supporting xbox brings you so much pain. Maybe you should do something about that.

          • Justin Bevier

            wii & ps3 – worst controllers ever.

          • RoadShow

            Yeah the top 4 best selling consoles of all time all have crappy controllers.

            Wii was great; not the motion gaming but the innovative retro gaming. Wii mote is a 21st century NES controller. Wireless, speaker, blue tooth & gyroscope. Pretty awesome.

            Dual shock is so perfect it didn’t have to change for 3 generations. No one else can say that. No one else could even do with 2 gens.

            Xbox is the stupidest controller I’ve ever seen. Orig. Xbox was so freaking ugly and by the end of that gen the “s” for “small” was the normal controller to use. 360 sacrificed ergonomics to gain better trigger action. You can’t hit all buttons easily without straining or re-arranging. Heavy; no blue tooth, no gyroscope, no built in batteries despite the hefty $50 price tag. Add $20 for battery pack making each $70.

            Xbox one controller is the best xbox controller to date. I actually like it other than the stupid thumb stick placement. That bothers the fk out of me. But it’s solid. Still no blue tooth, nor gyroscope nor built in batteries. This time they are $60ea + $25 battery pack making each $85!

            Dual shock 4 lost none of what made Dual Shock 3 great. Still has blue tooth/gyroscope/batteries. And added mic jack/speaker/touch pad & light bar.

            Already games like Rayman Legends are utilizing the touch pad in a meaningful way. It brings more depth into the gaming and immerses you more.

            But you are entitled to your opinion.

          • Callum Lee

            who the fuck uses the browser on any console there all shit and ps3 has the worst browser I’ve ever used. get a desktop or laptop if you want internet browsing. But I guess being a pikey bastard like yourself you can’t afford nice things hence why your bashing the Xbox. at least our details are safe from hackers. And another thing I have had both consoles and the xbox has been for more appealing the the ps3. my xbox controller lasted far longer than the ps3 and use an ethernet cable to port-forward your console 10 times better than wireless so you can suck it.

          • RoadShow

            LOL The Internet browser on any console isn’t great but it gets the job done and you cannot deny that browsing the net wirlessly on your big screen TV is cool.

            Obviously it’s something everyone wanted hence after 7 years of no browser M$ finally put one on there. I LOL for a long time. Nintendo, the console that never puts a bunch of features in their console had wifi, browser, free online play & streaming services while 360 had no wifi for 5 years and no browser. Nintendo doesn’t know shit about it too while microsoft makers of Bing and Internet Explorer didn’t have it.

            You are safe from hackers? Again believing your small groups lies. You all are blocking the world out and stroking each others dicks. (1) Xbox live down for 2 weeks in 2007 (2) Tens of thousands accidentally banned 3 different times in 2011 alone. (3) Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen. Related to Fifa and Forza.

            No Sony customer lost money in the hack and the hack it’s self was in response to Sony suing the first person to jailbreak the PS3 which was late 2010. Where as 360 was hacked and jailbroke within the first year. PS3 is still considered the most secure console (I don’t know about PS4/X1 we will see).

            I’ve got a gaming PC, two laptops, two tablets, PS Vita, Wii, PS3 & soon a PS4. Just because I have PC’s and tablets to browse the net doesn’t mean I don’t use my PS3. Use my PS3 all the time to browse, mainly Pandora but sometimes redbox, news, e-mail, game sites I like etc.

            That’s my PS3 on my big screen TV with my 5.1 surround sound. Yeah much better than browsing on a PC that is 2.1 sound. Even if I had 5.1 on my PC it wouldn’t have the power my receiver has.

            you are a moron and obviously know you already lost. That is the only reason you would hide behind these ridiculous claims.

          • thatguy

            yeah but psn was down for almost 3 month one time and 2 weeks another and a day here and a day there i had ps3 and was not happy with it and they removed the backwards compatibility.
            and the wii im not going there the only good thing and i mean the only good thing is Mario. and the new gen. games are all require a premium membership ps4, xbox one, wii U even the psp and 3ds are going to require a membership on next gen.

          • RoadShowRagesHard

            You kinda sound ignorant and like a nerd. Haha.
            You should probably remember it’s people’s opinion, their are no facts involved at all. It’s video games, learn to have fun nigga.
            My opinion is that Xbox 360 will always be better than PS3 because I enjoy it the most. Get out of here with yourself cuh haha.

          • RoadShow

            Xbox is just as fun as Playstation. But if you compare it to any other gaming platform it sucks. It costs the most and gives the least.

            I love how you and every other idiot xbot love to say 360 is better than PS3 yet have absolutely no reasons for doing so. Just because you say so huh?

            It’s okay, I know you are running away from facts and that denial is your only sanctuary.

          • 123

            wii – hackers galore cuz Nintendo is a shit company that doesn’t care about the online community

          • RoadShow

            Really? I’ve only seen xbox make headlines for all the piracy but am not familiar with wii hacks so perhaps you are right.

            Nintendo sure as hell doesn’t have much experience online I can say that.

          • Patrick

            Why can’t everybody just have their own opinion and be happy about it. I have a dsi, a wii, a ps2, a xbox, PC, and loads of old gameboys, and I like them all for different reasons. For me, the main reason I play xbox, is because I have one, and because I am a big fan of games like Gears of War 3 (xbox exclusive). I don’t really care about paying for XBL, the only con with xbox is that you have to pay $10 to change your gamertag.

          • RoadShow

            There are only a handful of exclusives that are true exclusive to xbox. Gears 1 is on PC with free online play. As is Halo CE and 2, older but widely considered the best. Titanfall & project spark also on PC along with Battlestations, Alan Wake & all the Fables.

            It’s all good. If you are happy then don’t let what I say ruin your fun (not that it would really).

            Xbox is just as fun as playstation. It just costs the most and gives the least and supporting xbox live hurts the gaming industry.

          • Drew

            Do the xbox has the best exclusives then another system and they are so o the biggest games such as halo and gears of war

          • RoadShow

            Halo was great back in the day on PC with free online play and the best Halo map ever “Death Island”.

            But is not worth supporting xbox over.

            Gears is an okay game. It’s not a huge IP like Halo or Gran Turismo but it’s decent. I did like the first one on PC but the last one totally lost it’s way.

            Most xbox exclusives are on PC and there were almost no exclusives for 360 the last 4 years in a row. How can you say they have the best when they have so few and many are on PC?

            Blind fanboy comment is the answer. Xbots gotta defend defend defend and usually with half truths and lies.

          • SoupsOnSale

            In all seriousness I do agree with you for the most part. I just don’t think it is fair to say xbox is basically a brick without the ability to play online multiplayer. Its does suck but there are still games out there with great single player campaigns. Not everyone only plays online. Some people don’t do it at all.

          • LeakyDevilfish

            Roadshow you really are ,a typical fanboy, do you know why PS3 had all them on release and the xbox didnt on its release ?? BECAUSE THE 360 came out 2 years before the PS3 you absolute complete and utter moron………

          • RoadShow

            What are you even talking about!? My god xbots are so freaking stupid.

            AND IT WAS ONE YEAR THAT 360 CAME OUT BEFORE WII AND PS3. Ya freaking douche

          • Big Gingey

            Psn was down for two weeks because of one hacker, the $60 per year allows Microsoft to have SECURITY for online. Plus, play station controllers are crap. They break constantly.

          • RoadShow

            Funny every single one of my controllers work just fine and oh what’s this? XBOX LIVE DOWN FOR 2 WEEKS IN 2007 WITH CRAP COMPENSATION! 1 LOW RANKED FKING GAME!

            Oh and xbox live accounts hacked, Microsoft Points STOLEN, Credit card charged for MORE points which are also STOLEN!

            Believe what you want. Fking idiot retards like you always disregard the truth and facts anyways.

            Oh and it was Anonymous that attacked Sony and they did it because they sued Geo Hotz for finally jail breaking the PS3.

          • raymond

            I would rather play on 360 any day over the ps3. the one and only reason is 90% of the kids that play online are on ps3 because its free and I just don’t want to put up with that kind of play. so gl with that I have. both ps3 and 360. the ps3 is in the kids room where is belongs. If you cant afford the stuff like controllers or anything that you need for your system if price is a problem you should be putting your money into something you really need in your house not games.

          • DrumStickNinja

            LOL okay buddy.

            Xbox 360 is rampant of whinny little kids.

            The whole reason these kids are on 360 is because they didn’t know that every platform in history before PS4 was free online play.

            Idiot kids had no idea, no experience and believe all the lies and hype.

          • Xbox Makzmemad

            Play what i play or else……i will retype everything u say with a hint of anger……allen

          • Allen

            Sell your Xbox to some poor schmuck or I will make you regret it.

            Good day sir

          • vibe runner

            Good job I bought my Xbox as a gaming console not as an Internet browser, then.

            The Xbox controller is expensive, but it is STURDY. It also has progressive triggers making racing games, sniping, etc., much more fun.

            The initial run of Xboxes were dodgy, but I’ve had mine 4 years now without a problem.

            Xbox Live is faster and more reliable than Sony Play, which is important for me as a COD player, plus I get more free games per year than the cost. By a huge margin. For me Dark Souls and Hitman have more than covered the cost.

            The Wii has all but failed as a device for selling other than Mario games. There is absolutely NO third-party showcasing of the WiiU at this year’s E3. That’s right, ZERO third party support. That’s the legacy of the Wii.

            PCs are amazing, planning on getting a good one for the space games coming up. But let’s face it, a decent gaming rig costs 2-3 times a console, at least, and of course you need to be capable of doing Helpdesk Tech Support at a professional level to even consider getting and running one.

            Which leaves the PS3. I think it’s a great little machine for Japanese men and people with hands the size of Japanese men, which isn’t me – I’ve got huge hands, huge feet, and of course a horse cock. The lack of triggers on the PS3 is also a red line for me, GT might have a great development legacy, but PLAY it for five minutes compared to PGR or Forza. The triggers MAKE the 360, at least for me.


          • securityisbetter

            Got to love it ^ thats whys ps3 got hacked and was down right bc its so much better oh ps3 is cheaper i must get it ill save money oh wait i better not use a credit card with ps3 or there goes my credit card info what did they do to repay them? oh thats right gave them infamous and another shitty game ps3 totally is way better then xbox……i think 60 a yr with better security is better then 50 a yr and someone getting all my info

          • DrumStickNinja

            I love ignorant fuck xbots like you.

            PSN got hacked because Sony sued GeoHotz who is the first person to jail break the PS3. While Xbox let hackers and pirates run rampant on xbox. You do realize that it took 4 years to even hack the ps3 right? It’s that secure.

            While xbox 360 was jail broke year 1 and many new releases pirated before the disks were even available. The only thing Micro$oft ever did was ban some of the modded consoles but they never sued.

            ALSO xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007. And wasn’t there like thousands of xbox live accounts hacked and money stolen? Pretty sure that’s accurate.

          • The Xbox fan

            Shut up. Xbox360 and Xbox one is the best. Asshole

          • yousuck

            buddy i had a ps3 it broke for no reason got a 2nd one sony gets hacked ofime for like 3 months cause shit internet sony lags i brought an xbox 360 and left my ps3 for the dust i sold it to a freind and he had to wipe it down cause there was that much dust ps3 overheats to much the controllers are so shit everything is shit to have ps+ games u have to be subscribed or else you cant play them microsoft shits on somy that much oh yea ps3 can cook a steak on it because it overheats so much gaming console pfft more like a bbq you put a disv in a ps3 and it comes out so scratched shittest console ever an it has shit graphics!

          • Greg

            Lol I can’t believe people are this dumb

          • dranzer1

            You do realize Ps+ games don’t work if you don’t have ps+ right?

          • RoadShow

            Yeah you pathetic losers have to hide behind calling it a “rental”.


            12 years no one got anything for Xbox live. Even now it’s only on 360 and only lasting 6 months and only giving $5 bargain bin games.


            Stop being a douche. You know damn well xbox sucks in every single measurable way.

          • Lost Traveler

            ok captain know it all, like i stated before you should probably take a break from the “gaming” com. because all you do is prove your “own points” while shitting on others opinions.. you know what we call people like you?? Politicians.. and that’s no compliment either.. so please again sit down STFU and move on.. oh and by the way i would Smash you on any console any pc any day.. have fun sucking loser

          • RoadShow

            LOL you would “smash” me?

            I come from PC gaming at online gaming roots. Quake, Counter Strike, Half Life & such.

            These days I love my Battlefield and I own almost everyone. PSN DieYoMoFo & iPITYtheFOOL_T

            Check out Battlelog sometime fool. Now what’s your gamertag so I can look you up Mr Smasher.

            Look I don’t care what you game on. But if you game on xbox I will never let you forget that you are paying the most and getting the least. That’s all. What’s wrong with that? I’ll come in and drop some fact bombs on you and you just have to freaking deal with it because you are the one supporting xbox. Dude

          • Lost Traveler

            you really do have no life huh? go troll somewhere else. no one cares about your idiotic Discrepancies about the Xbox. stop trying to validate your “Knowledge” about what you think gamers should and or should not Know about the service you claim gives nothing.. sure tell that the the 45+ million people online and playing the XBL..i mean come on you know damn well the XBL server are way better than PS.. at least we dont get hacked(as Easily) .. and loose Millions of players info.. yea.. sounds like my kind of service

          • RoadShow

            LMAO “loose”?

            (1) Xbox live 2 week downtime in 2007 – 1 low ranked game as compensation.

            (2) Xbox live accidental bans on 3 seperate occasions in 2011 alone.

            (3) Recent Xbox live outage for a day but still it was unplanned downtime.

            (4) Tons and I mean tons of articles about xbox live accounts hacked, money stolen, credit cards charged for more microsoft points which are also stolen. PSN does not have articles like this.

            (5) I’ve seen game breaking lag, transporting & glitches on 360 games. Namely Gears of War 2 online & BF3 first couple days (to be fair PS3 had this same issue).

            The point is Xbox live is NOT better than PSN and YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME 1 REASON WHY YOU THINK IT IS.

            Well there actually are two very small things. (1) Cross Game Chat (2) PSN has more scheduled maintenance (however I can usually play during maintenance).

            But you gotta pay $300 every 5 years and no free games on xbox one and the two you get on 360 are not well known and or are 6-7 years old which is an eternity considering the console is coming up on being 8 years old.

            PS+ gets huge free games and if you gonna buy a sub you might as well make it a sub that gives you 64 games a year with a ton of huge titles and smaller titles the like giving you a broad range of games to play at all times. Instant Game Collection.

          • Awesomo4000

            Are you forgetting when psn network got hacked and everyone with ps+ was at risk of having all their information stolen? It was down for how long? A month or 2? You are not stating all the facts, you are just posting the negatives of the xbox and trying to make the ps3 look better than it is lol. The network is slower on the ps3 (I have played both many times). It’s not much but theres a little bit there. Yes ps3 is free (But you get what you pay for).

          • RoadShow

            Dude I have like 20 comments here replying to you and every other xbot that blows the hack out of proportion.


            (2) No one lost money

            (3) Great compensation was paid

            (4) Xbox live problems are far worse than PSN. Just look up “money lost on xbox live” VS “money lost on PSN”. Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, micosoft points stolen and credit cards charge for more points which were also stolen.

            The FACT that Xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007 with 1 low ranked game as compensation. The FACT that xbox live suffered accidental bans on 3 seperate occasions in 2011 alone and the FACT that Xbox live suffers far more phishing schemes than PSN means that Xbox live loses.

            You seem to forget that PS3 wasn’t even jailbroken for 4 years. It was praised as the most secure console. Geo Hotz jail broke it, Sony sued and Anon attached Sony. ANYONE CAN BE HACKED you need to take due diligence to protect YOUR OWN data. Use network cards or a separate checking for all online activity.

          • the D

            MY GOD ! YOU PEOPLE MUST BE BORED AS FUCK !!!!!!!!!!! just go play the fucking games , who gives a shit about ps or xbox , just have fun on the fucking games ! but no its al boo hoo my ps is better than your xbox , or bohoo xbox has better online play ! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF YOU , PLAY GAMES , HAVE FUN ! STOP BITCHING OVER THE INTERNET !!!!!

            peace and love bitches hahaha

          • risen_sun86


          • BOB


          • RoadShow

            You aren’t making sense there buddy.

          • Jordan

            Yea, we definitely need more encouragement to find loopholes in a system and exploit it to take money away from the people who’ve been kind enough to create something for us. The world’s growing tired of people like you, wise up.

          • Seajay

            Lol chill out dude!
            Some people like just playing single player games so it’s not a brick at all and it’s even less of a brick cos we’re getting all these free games. PS+ games aren’t free cos you have to keep paying for that bs. Don’t get me wrong, I like the playstation, I have a Vita and will probably be getting a ps4 at some point but geez, it’s not that serious, you know?

          • RoadShow

            It is that serious and you are wrong.

            Free games via PS+ is part of the “subscription” call it renting games fine then xbox gamers gotta rent features. BASIC FEATURES.

            You also gotta keep paying to get those games, yes you can keep them but who is going to not pay for xbox live on an xbox because you can’t do anything. No netflix, no browser, no cross game chat nothing.

            ***Games with gold is coming to xbox one. Very big win for the gaming industry.

            However they need to give better games than they have been.

          • Seajay

            No it isn’t serious. You need to get a life or another hobby. They’re just consoles, y’know!
            As I said before, lots of people like to just play single player games so just because you (and most of us!) can’t live without the net/xbox live doesn’t mean everybody does.

          • RoadShow

            I can’t freaking stand people like you.

            Do you not see that supporting xbox pay to play when every other gaming platform is free to play is a horrible thing?

            (1) Xbox exclusives on PC
            (2) RROD happened
            (3) The only one in the world pay to play


            yet you did and sent a loud and clear message to the gaming industry and everyone went to try and squeeze every penny from your wallet.

            PS4 is pay to play now, thank god they don’t paywall basic features and give free games with the sub.

            Nintendo will go pay to play

            PC could find a way (Steam, origin, Steam OS) could all do it

            Before you know it true gamers like me that enjoy multiple consoles will have to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online.

            Already right now it’s $110 for people going xbox & playstation.

            It’s disgusting and you did it for freaking nothing seeing as how xbox 360 was for 5 years unreliable garbage and most it’s exclusives are on PC and xbox live was a worthless subscription service.

            360 didn’t even get the free exclusive content PS3 got in all the best games. Assassins Creed, Batman Arkham City & Asylum, Battlefield, Far Cry, Bioshock, Fight Night, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Red Dead Redemption

            While the best 360 exclusives are on PC. Both Battlestations, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, all the Fables, Alan Wake and orig. xbox Halo.

            You are like a punk ruining a good campground just to leave your mark on the world. Destroying bottles in the fire pit, throwing your trash everywhere, emptying ash trays in the parking lot, cutting down trees illegally you know you can’t even burn. Just freaking ruined free online play just to freaking ruin it. Xbox gave nothing, hell no blu ray, no browser for 7 years no wifi for 5 years nothing! Freaking overpriced garbage.

          • Seajay

            You’re a retard. Thousands of people lost their credit card info and all ps users got was a few free crappy games to make up for it. Xbox users pay for it and xbox live is more secure.

            Plus where did I say I had an Xbox?

          • RoadShow

            You are pathetic. Freaking ignorant son of a

            (1) No one lost credit card information.
            (2) 2 high ranked games from a list of 5 to choose.
            (3) Weekend of HD movie rentals
            (4) Month of PS+ (more free games and stuff)

            Then you totally ignore xbox live faults.

            (1) Was down for 2 weeks in 2007
            (2) compensation for downtime was 1 low ranked game.
            (3) Xbox live accidently banned thousands 3 different times in 2011 alone.
            (4) Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which are also stolen. This happened in 2011, 2012 & 2013 and can easily be looked up. Sony didn’t have this issue.
            (5) I’ve read about thousands of xbox live account names and information on sale on the internet. Not sure if this one is true though.

          • Yaqoot Keyani

            Why would you want to keep a PS+ service running (on PS3)? There’s no reason to, other than the games.

          • RoadShow

            I don’t understand what you are saying.

            Xbox is a brick without xbox live. They paywall basic features no other hardware on the planet paywalls.

            PS+ has proven to be a highly valuable service. Literally giving thousands of dollars of free games away a year and not old $5 bargain bin games from 2006 and 2007 either. We are talking about AAA titles released within the last year or two.

          • Jan ChillOnXbox

            half of games with gold would even let me to download games like:
            fable 3
            rainbow six
            civilization revolution
            halo 3

          • RoadShow

            Please restructure the sentence as it makes no sense.

            Fable series is pretty good, I played a few on PC. I absolutely loved and still do civilization revolution. Very addictive game. Halo will always be good.

            Unfortunately all those games are really old and literally are found in $5 bargain bins. Still with GWG it is worth it. That’s still $10/month worth of free games for a $5/month subscription. (So long as you didn’t go with the $99 scam 4gb 360 with a 2 year contract at double the cost of xbox live).

          • Caleb

            @BlindSunlight:disqus Your comment is arguing with it self and is therefore invalid. You say that without XBOX LIVE GOLD the 360 is a brick as it can not go online, but at the end of your useless comment you say if you want to keep your PS+ games after your subscription ends just don’t connect to the internet.

            That is stupid and would make the PS3 more of a brick than and XBOX.

          • Anon

            True, but the Games for Gold are bottom of the bargain barrel. You can buy each months entire collection for less than the price of a monthly XBL subscription. PS+ on the other hand has a much higher value of downloadable games.

          • risen_sun86

            This isn’t a war on PS vs Xbox forum, this is free games offered by Xbox. If you disprove, stay on Ps

          • RoadShow

            Yeah if I was on a losing side of a battle I’d say that too. I mean I’m not trying to rub salt in a wound.

            I’m saying that the next gen is upon us and just open your eyes before you make a decision. If you go xbox that’s fine but I’m telling ya you have but sit back and wait for the next time M$ decides to up and screw you. History doesn’t lie and the history is more and better games on PS, more features, quality, exclusive content, power, options & more consumer friendly.

            Xbox scams as proven with Halo 2 on PC, orig. xbox. RROD & paywall services on 360 & what they tried with X1.

            Xbox 360 has had almost no games the last 4 years.

            you over pay on the console, you over pay on the accessories, you have to “rent” features on xbox, you are the only ones with ads on your home page

            AND XBOX CAN’T DELIVER. You do realize that XBL alone generates 2.75 BILLION per year right?

            Putting no money in current gen for 4 years and only putting 1 billion into next gen is greedy as hell. The end of 360′s life is a fizzle. I don’t know how you did it the last 4 years. I just sit back and LMAO Xbox 360′s exclusive line up: 2 games! PS3′s exclusive line up: 8 games – each and every year. then many of your exclusives end up on PC so what the freaking heck is the incentive? Nothing! Not in entertainment, not in hardware, not in exclusives or exclusive content, not in value or quality NOTHING

          • Matt Bronson

            So what? If you ever NEED to let your subscription expire — you get to keep the games. That’s pretty good to me. There’s A LOT of great games in there Halo 3, R6: Vegas, Crackdown, Dead Rising 2….

          • RoadShow

            And not be able to play them online. Wow great.

            Then while you don’t get to play them online you also don’t get to watch netflix. You don’t get to use cross game chat and you can’t even browse the net.

            The xbox 360 and Xbox one have the capabilities of a playstation 1 from 1994. Games and disk reader.

          • RoadShow

            I’d rather “rent” games than “rent” basic features.

            Love how microsoft is again forcing upgrades, this time to windows phone 7 users by making purchased content unavailable on them.

            Xbox sucks in every measurable way dude.

          • Humping Moose

            Even if they were 5$ games you would still get your money you fucking faggot, 10$ value games for 8$ a month is still a profit.
            Plus Halo 3 Assassins creed 2 and dead rising 2 are all 30$ to 40$ Games

          • RoadShow

            LOL you are the fking idiot.

            (1) I actually gave props on this page but you idiot xbot butt fucks keep attacking me. I’m very happy that games with gold is here to stay and I even said that even if they are $5 bargain bin games (and they are) it’s still worth it because you pay $5/month so you are getting $10/month worth of games.

            (2) $30-$40 games my butt.
            Halo 3 – $6.50 @ amazon
            Assassins Creed 2 – $7.00 @ amazon
            Dead Rising 2 – $14.31 @ amazon – wow! $14.31!

            those are old as fk games dude. You are talking the beginning of the freaking generation. While PS+ gets Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Bioshock Infinite, DMC, Boarderlands & Boarderlands 2 and a million more. Just type in list of instant game collection and you will see to date since June 2010 we’ve gotten 123 PS3 games, 4 – PS4 games, 35- PS Vita games + 73 other games (PSP, PS1 and Mini’s).

            (3) I also gave props on this page for two more things. (A) When you got sleeping dogs, that’s a solid title and hopefully is a sign of things to come on games with gold (B) Games with gold will eventually come to X1. These are wins for the gaming industry.

            ****IF XBOX WOULD SIMPLY drop all the paywalls for basic features (skype, browser, streaming, video capture, one guide, online movie rentals, cross game chat etc.) and make games with gold more valuable then I wouldn’t rag on them anymore about anything. But they won’t, they want to screw over the consumer just like they have in the past (PC Halo 2 Vista only, orig. xbox service/support, RROD to gain marketshare, paywall basic features, X1 DRM/always online/kinect required or it’s a brick & Windows phone 7 xbox video content).

          • RoadShowIsJew

            Ok dude you should Shut- The-Fuck- OFF ! with your PS talks. Don’t you see that this is for xbox gamers you pathetic cancer jew. Trying to promote your shitty PS leave or i demolish your jaw dirty SonyFuckboy, May i ask you to play on your PeeStation 3 ? and just get hhe fuck out here?

          • RoadShow

            You mad brah? too bad xbox is shit and I can come in here and remind you of that at any moment.

            Whats that? You can’t say shit about playstation because there isn’t anything to talk shit about?

            It’s not my fault xbox sucks and all I got to do is list some facts and all of a sudden I got hundreds of idiot xbot fanboys all pissed at me.

            You apparently just handle the simple facts.

            If you were a true xbox fan you would already know these facts and I suppose not be offended by them. But the truth is you know what I”m saying is right and it does piss you off that microsoft are a bunch of greedy money whores.

            Not my fault dude. So fuck off yourself. I gave props on this page to xbox. I just keep getting attacked by know nothing little douche’s like you.

          • Yaqoot Keyani

            Yes, but Xbox Gold has always been part of the package, it’s a necessary service to get the most out of your Xbox. PS+ is a gimmick, and you’re only paying for the games and nothing more (I am aware PS+ is required for PS4 online play, but I’m talking from a PS3 perspective) Besides, the download times and the fact that you need the subscription to play them also levels the playing field.

          • SoupsOnSale

            So I can play offline games and watch a dvd on a brick? That’s incredible! Quick question how do I connect it to my tv and open the disc drive I cant see any buttons and there are no cords

          • Guest

            oh yes because single player is so useless, its all about the multiplayer with games like red dead redemption and assassins creed 4 and gta 5(yea I know gta 5 has amazing multiplayer)

          • RoadShow

            You know that’s fair. But then again xbox without xbox live lacks many things a PS3 does without internet. Like DLNA support, blu ray and bluetooth/gyroscope/batteries in controller and a TON more exclusives on Playstation along with free exclusive content in most AAA multi plats.

          • robert

            They did it and they proved you wrong

          • RoadShow

            I’m not seeing that anywhere. Xbox doesn’t have even 1 thing going for it. It has always given the least and cost the most. Worse as an xbox gamer you have to put up with really stupid shit.

          • Prodigious

            How about you get off the Internet and spend some time with your two kids? Instead of arguing with a bunch of idiots online all day..

          • laura tanor

            Yeah, I hate it when businesses try to be profitable.

          • Allen

            Sony made profit despite free online play on PS3, despite paying for tons of AAA multiplats to have free exclusive content and they turned profit while keeping the exclusives coming. Xbox did NONE of that. Raked in money and then didn’t deliver.

          • vibe runner

            Yes, without Live you can play offline games. With Live you can also play online games.

            Bargain basement games? GOW. Halo. Hitman. Saint’s Row. Dark Souls. Assassin’s Creed. Magic the Gathering. Sleeping Dogs. Dead Rising. Rainbow Six. Civilisation.

            These are complete games to keep, forever.

            Hate the XBox as much as you like, I’m off to play some free games until some more free games hit my HDD.

          • Allen

            You are a fucking idiot

            6-7 YEAR OLD $5 BARGAIN BIN GAMES

            These are games from the beginning of the generation


            Xbox 360 is a fucking brick without xbox live. So you would have to keep the fking live anyways to stream netflix, browse the net, play online games or even free to play games and cross game chat.


            I’ll hand you a pile of shit for $60/yr too.

            But apparently you haven’t seen the good news. Sony has forced microsofts hand and now they have made xbox live valuable AND FOLLOWING PS+ STYLE, KEEP THEM AS LONG AS YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER meaning you may get some decent games instead of super old ones that everyone and their dog already has because we found them in the $5 bargain bin at Bi-Mart.


            They dropped the paywalls for basic features. There are still a couple of paywalls but only for what seem to be truly premium stuff like the xbox tv shows, online play, the free games and cloud storage.

            So I don’t hate the current state of xbox. Just the past scams and forced upgrades. I don’t trust them and still would never support them. But you are free to do what you want; your support of xbox no longer threatens other platforms or technology in general like it did before.

          • vibe runner

            Saint’s Row 3 came out seven years ago?

            I tried to read the rest of your post but unfortunately I don’t speak retard. Too busy having fun with a really amazing gaming console.

            You seem to be a Playstation fan, yet you don’t seem particularly happy. Perhaps you haven’t been playing your Playstation. Worse, perhaps you have. Battlefield and Call of Duty online on a PS is not a happy thing.

          • Allen

            Sorry if I don’t seem happy. I’m having to reply to a retarded xbot fuck that is spewing disinformation.

            You had like 2 fucking games that weren’t 6-7 year old and PS+ got Saints Row the Third months and months ago.

            I love how blind ignorant little xbot fucks like you are. Can’t even take a complement or get on with your life now that xbox doesn’t suck shit

          • vibe runner

            If you are a Playstation gamer, than I most certainly do not want a Playstation.

            But then again I am being dismissive of your almost-pubescent first full flush of Aspergers-spectrum.

          • vibe runner

            And next months games include Dark Souls and Street Fighter IV. To keep. For free. This is what an American company does.

            Sony? Well, they don’t give you any games – but they do give your financial details to hackers shortly before closing their networks for weeks on end. I suppose that makes them too busy to give away free games like Dark Souls.
            Shame, really.

          • Allen is a retard

            “Can’t even take a compliment or get on with your life now that xbox doesn’t suck shit.” Says the guy who has been here over a year saying “Xbox sucks”, posting comments that are 90% bull crap and opinion, and attacks anyone who says otherwise. Trying to hide the fact that PS3 sucks? That shows that the playstation community is even more immature, as I see more fanboys on xbox websites than x fans on ps websites. Get a life.

          • Allen

            Ha, I enjoy playing, researching and commenting about video games. So sue me that I reply to some of the still ignorant fucks out there just like you.

            If you could even just give me some reasons why you think xbox sucks it would help. I have simple facts that you just can’t seem to handle….seems to me if you don’t like these simple facts then you don’t like these things about xbox. That’s your problem.

          • aaldpr

            lmao someone’s mad because his parent’s wouldn’t pay for Xbox Live

          • Ron Baker

            Allen you want to know the one thing Xbox doesn’t have You honestly I would gladly pay 300 buck for 5years of not having to listen to your PS jehovah witness BS and btw Xbox One does do the Games with Gold you EAT IT !

          • Allen

            Don’t worry. I wouldn’t expect an ignorant fuck xbot like you to ever look at dates.


            ***SO HAPPY xbox live is no longer WORTHLESS and that paywalls to basic features are gone.


            I do not trust them. They still cost the most and give the least. But it’s a decent platform other than overpriced hardware/accessories/lack of true exclusives/lack of decent exclusive content ect.

            I also do not expect microsoft to support xbox one through it’s entire life cycle just like the last 4 years of xbox 360.


            But that’s just me ranting. Xbox one is now a half way decent console and I don’t hate it. Supporting it will no longer hurt the gaming industry so I don’t give a shit what you spend your money on or support. It’s up to you if you think all the cons are worth it to you or not.

            Learn to read ignorant fuck. I haven’t said anything bad about xbox for a couple months now (ever since they announced valuable xbox live and no paywalls to basic features).

          • Ron Baker

            Hey Allen before you go around calling me an Ignorant Fuck how about you take a deep breath and quit raging and ranting all you do is swear which only leads me to believe your either a a child or a person who doesn’t have enough control to talk to people who disagree with in a civil and adult manner instead you throw curse words around like a drunken fool and use speculation as facts and for the love of god stop typing in caps yes we all know what it means your yelling which just goes to show even more how loose a cannon you really are this is a forum for conversation and debate for adults and mature people please try and conduct yourself in such a manner if you can’t your only going to make a fool out of yourself even more then you already have

          • Allen

            Wow you didn’t read shit did you? I said I no longer hate xbox. I don’t give a fuck what you do. Piss your hard earned money out on that worthless shit.

            You were the one coming to me saying EAT IT. So yeah you are an ignorant fuck.

          • Allen sucks.

            The thing is, you’re a troll and nobody cares what you say.

          • TSD

            Why are you even here Allen. Never mind the fact you’ve been arguing here for over year, but the fact fact that your here. The only people that actually have an excuse to be here are Xbox One and 360 owners with XBL Gold and want to see the Games for Gold listings not for deranged Sony fanboys that have the agenda to eliminate every Xbox fan they see. It’s real pathetic.

          • Allen

            Originally I was here just to drop a fact bomb and watch ignorant fuck xbots like you cry over simple facts.

            Obviously you don’t look at any of my comments going back and forth with respectable xbox gamers and obviously you haven’t read any of them as of late.

            I no longer hate xbox. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. Drop paywalls to basic features like internet browser and streaming services and are at least trying to make xbox live valuable with the free games.

            Although the free games pale in comparison to PS+ and Micro$oft has already lied the 2nd month after their promise of 2 free games a month. But that’s your problem if you are an xbox fan.

            Ever since dropping that fact bomb I’ve simply replied to douches like you.

            So what!? I enjoy video games among many other hobbies. I like to write about video games. I don’t know what the flying fuck your problem is….oh yeah that’s right. Still butt hurt by my simple facts. Well if you don’t like the simple facts about xbox then maybe you don’t like xbox. Dumb fuck.

        • Nat

          As much as I prefer GWG, we do have to remember that GWG won’t last much longer.

      • risen_sun86

        Please quit bitching, the games are free. Xbox, please overlook the whiners and continue with Games with Gold

      • Guyver3

        i feel the same i believe mircosoft can do a lot better then choosing through its recycled deal of the week games for its games with gold and like you said PS+ are retail games were XBL is offering 1 arcade and 1 retail that in my opinion is really cheap by mircosoft

      • Julio Fernández

        This games are expired?

      • billy klein

        simon your a faggut

    • 123

      The games that come out for free are complete crap save for 2 or 3….

  • Elkethus Degrace Lauzon

    i will like to have battlefield 3 on xbox 360 :)

  • Krooked

    Awww how cute, Microsoft has to steal Sony’s design to succeed. :)

    • It’s a dogs life

      Not trying to be offensive, but in terms of success, Microsoft far outweighs that of Sony.

      • DarkSpartanJ35

        Yes but unlike Sony Microsoft makes you pay 60 or more dollars for one year of online membership for one account and Sony charges nothing!

        • HashtagSniper

          That is true for right now. However, come release of new ps4. You will need playstation plus to play online. Granted ps plus is 1k times better than Microsoft live. Atleast Playstation gives you real and somewhat fresh games. Not games 8years prior. Jmo

          • HALOKING

            that’s cause Sony has crap 4 play station exclusives so they use it as a bribe

          • Austin

            Really? Gears, Halo, and Fable are better than MGS4 (MGS Legacy as well), The Last of Us, Demon Souls, InFamous, and God of War? Yeah….

          • Em-T

            Halo is better than all MGS. GoW, Demon Souls and The Last Of Us are not PS only i can get them all on my Xbox. Sony pretty much owns everything in Japan and half of America so they are doing way better than M$ but they dont have good games. End Of Story.

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            Legally? I don’t think so.

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            It’s a matter of opinion. InFamous is absolute horse shit… while the Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid are arguably the best games this generation.God of War peaked with 2. Gears of War is amazing and Forza made Gran Turismo obsolete and Sony still has no answer for Halo. Yet Microsoft has no reply for Uncharted (1 was terrible though). Yet I believe Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword trump all comers.

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            You can’t compare those things they are different. XboxLive is the entirety of the online service therefore you have to compare it to PSN. In which case XboxLive is superior and can be credited for the extraordinary success of the 360. I think what you meant to do was compare the Instant Game Collection to Games for Gold. In which case you are correct… yet you have to remember IGC is rental not ownership. G4G is ownership.

    • Michael Kondratiuk

      Because XboxLive wasn’t ripped off by Sony at all… completely inferior also.

    • Think

      I know right, bro. Kind of like how Sony made Trophies after Microsoft had achievements! Oh, and kind of like how you’ll pay for online service on PS4 like Microsoft! Moron.

  • It’s a dogs life

    About time MS took a page out of Sony’s book with these free games. When I owned my PS3 I bout plus just for the free games, had a great range. And MS are following suit it seems, when I retired my PS3 and stuck with my xbox I kinda missed the PS plus free games, MS must have felt my sadness ;)

    • Marc-Andrew Hunnam Nicholas

      yeah but this is only until the end of December, then no more free games

  • DarkSpartanJ35

    A game I doubt they’ll do but I hope for anyway is Resident Evil 4

    • Marc-Andrew Hunnam Nicholas

      More likely to do 5 than 4

  • Martin Ljunggren

    How do you (@disqus_LUTEXkgzLO:disqus) know that the next game is Deadrising 2? Or is it just a “wild guess”?

    • Simon Ward

      Microsoft have confirmed it, also come with Case Zero DLC

      • Martin Ljunggren

        Cool! thanks for answering :)

      • Matthew

        The Case Zero DLC is already free. It’s was a prequel to the dead rising 2 game. I believe. I may be mistaken though.

        • Michael Kondratiuk

          Case Zero wasn’t free, it cost 400mp.

  • Corey

    Thanks for the great info!

    • Simon Ward

      No problem :)

  • yasmine

    Ooh I hope they give out obe of the old battlefields or modernwarfares !!

  • Guest

    Crackdown was shit (In my opinion) Defense grid was pretty damn bad. Fable 3 was good. Assassins creed 2 was great. I loved it. Dead rising – I heard bad things about it, that it’s awful. I want better games like:

    Battlefield 3
    Gta IV
    Sleeping dogs
    Left for dead 2
    Dead Space 1,2 or 3.
    Max Payne 3
    Dead island riptide
    Gears of war 3
    Mafia 2
    L.A Noire
    Fifa 13
    Tomb Raider
    The walking dead
    Counter strike: GO

    We pay for Gamer pictures and to change our gamertag, avatar stuff, theme’s, DLC, For xbox live gold. Additional things in certain games. What i’m trying to say is, Microsoft can afford to give us better games.

    • Lurch1111

      Maybe they could, but what’s their motivation to do so? Like many others complaining about the quality of the Games With Gold releases, you’ve probably already played most of the games you listed as preferable, so Microsoft giving them to you for free isn’t any further incentive (& won’t diminish complaints either, because gamers apparently love bitching about their First World Problems) If Microsoft has all the free-floating cash everyone assumes, instead of releasing some older titles for free as a goodwill gesture they could also tell everyone sporting an entitlement complex to go eat a bag of dicks, & not lose a moment’s sleep over losing them as customers. If it bothers you that much as a consumer, vote with your wallet — cancel your Live subscription, sell your Xbox, & head across the street to Sony’s turf, where the fanbois tell me it’s all ice cream & unicorns 24/7.

  • ImBoutThatIsh

    Crackdown was shit (In my opinion) Defense grid was pretty damn bad. Fable 3 was good. Assassins creed 2 was great. I loved it. Dead rising – I heard bad things about it, that it’s awful. I want better games like:

    Battlefield 3
    Gta IV
    Sleeping dogs
    Left for dead 2
    Dead Space 1,2 or 3.
    Max Payne 3
    Dead island riptide
    Gears of war 3
    Mafia 2
    L.A Noire
    Fifa 13
    Tomb Raider
    The walking dead
    Counter strike: GO

    We pay for Gamer pictures and to change our gamertag, avatar stuff, theme’s, DLC, For xbox live gold. Additional things in certain games. What i’m trying to say is, Microsoft can afford to give us better games.

    • mlaz208

      Or you could just take what you get for FREE and quit complaining.

      • ImBoutThatIsh

        Fuck microsoft because they are greedy fuck turds that gives shit back after what we have given them, the amount of money i wasted and i get these crap games while ps3 don’t have to pay for anything besides the games and they are getting battlefield 3 for free and saints row 3 along with other NEW games and GOOD games.

        • Michael Kondratiuk

          Keep in mind PS3′s IGC are basically rented until there validity expires.

          • courte

            and if i dont let them expire?

            don’t get me wrong, i worry constantly more than i should about what happens when servers shut down or something of the like. maybe one day they’ll say sorry and lock up shop. maybe one day they’ll say you can keep them forever.

            not gonna like, i’ve got more games than i know what to do with. for ps3 vita and psp. with ps4 on the way. i haven’t played most of the damn things cuz of work, but in my line of work, i can take my ps3 TO work. we got hitman this month. Absolution, not blood money. and more than i can remember. i’m not trying to be a dick, it’s not great every where, in EU the games are literally rented. eventually they get taken off rotation. but as long as i keep subscription up, i’m getting 4+ games a month for multiple systems. usually one of which came out within the last 12 months.

            i’d be mad.

          • RoadShow

            OMG all you freaking xbot fanboys and your “rentals”. Dude YOU GUYS PAY FOR XBOX LIVE FOR ACCESS TO BASIC FEATURES.

            Xbox live is only access to basic stuff no one else anywhere else has to pay for.

            Or do you want to start paying a subscription for the right to access your browser on your PC?

            How about paying a subscription for the right to pay for a subscription on a smart TV or Roku box or connected blu ray player?

            Dude you people need to stop supporting xbox live now or everything everywhere is gonna be pay to access.

          • H3LLzSoulReaper

            “Or do you want to start paying a subscription for the right to access your browser on your PC?” You do realize there is a thing called an internet bill right? Still have to pay to have access for “free” online Ps access.

        • Waddleloo

          theyre giving games out that are barely even used anymore. they arent going to give you a free game that would normally cost 50-60$ if youre complaining that they arent your the greedy fuck and you shouldnt be allowed to donload any of the games available. learn to accept what is given to you, you already receiving a large gift from them as it is.

          • ImBoutThatIsh

            Why is everyone sucking microsoft’s dick wow just wow, they are greedy they take so much and give games back that no one want to buy because they are SHIT!. Learn how to spell DOWNLOAD *Facepalm

          • Person Man

            Well, this guy is clearly 12 years old.

          • WTF MICROSOFT

            I agree.

          • Ronald Neira

            its funny cuz your sucking their dick too. you have an xbox do you not? yet here you are complaining about their shit service. if you don’t like it go some where else. im not a big fan of sony but do you see me posting shit on their stuff like this?

          • Kenny

            It’s funny that you sit here and claim we are all “sucking Microsofts dick”, when you are clearly an illiterate retard.

            Do you even understand how Marketing even works to the slightest?

            Wow, PS3 gave out Battlefield 3, and other games that are popular of which EVERYONE already has.

            Microsoft is giving older companies a chance to earn some money, but showing off the less popular games or games that didn’t get much chance in the spotlight. To improve the market for game companies all and all. Just as with all of the normal Sony Fanboys around here, they never understood Microsofts point from the start. Especially until people like you came around.

            Oh boo-hoo. The Xbox One was going to have a 24-hour check. Do you understand HOW it worked? Or even WHY it was developed that way? As someone who reads press releases, conferences, watches what they can, and goes to these events..

            They were implementing that for ONE reason. DRM-Protection. To make sure of a few things that they were GOING to release until hill-billy retards like you came around.

            1. Ability to install your disc and play ONLY digitally. What does that require? DRM-Checksum to make sure that the now Physical-Digital copy license is valid and you didn’t just trade in your game or sell it after you installed it.

            2. Did you require 24-Hour check if you had no games installed on your Xbox? NO.

            3. Family/Friends 10 Package. Much like T-Mobiles old Family/Friends. Those who have games installed digitally can share with a friend over 2000 miles away, and allow people all to enjoy everyones content. Each person have 10 games? That’s 100 games for everyone.

            If Saints Row 3, Battlefield 3 are new to you, then you have an issue. Why would you even come to a post about the Xbox One, if you are going to act like a child? Fact is, I’ve seen your idiotic comment other places too, and you are a child.

            Learn how companies work, and why they make their decisions.

            Enjoy your “Free PS3″ Online, until your beloved PS4 comes out. Oh, of which NOBODY has seen the final OS with it. Of which when Sony came onto the stage, had nothing to say about their console other than why it is apparently better. All words, no proof.

            Take your console which all and all, is basically the same as Microsofts Xbox now.

            Requires a “Plus/Gold” to play online. Both of which have Blu-Ray.

            Just remember, those who have Xbox get a month ahead on EVERY DLC and Specialties. Sucks for you.

            Just remember the good old Skyrim incident. How it was designed for PC/Xbox. Not PS3. It was Ported to the PS3, and took extra time. Hence why PS3 never got ANY Skyrim DLC until ALL 3 were already released for the Xbox 360.

            Take your “Superior” Console, of which has no support for any other medium other than itself, and get out of here.

          • DarknessSpreading

            you are right on some of those things. except it was more like Microsoft is more like ps4 now, not the other way around… and 2nd of all, you really come off as a mouthy faggot. THE END. BTW I love my xbox, been with them since the launch of the xbox brand but I changed to ps4 because I felt like they were trying to put too much control over the consumer, and then when they fully pulled a 180, it made me feel like I couldn’t trust them.

          • KennyIsARetard

            Kenny obviously works for microsoft, he’s been sucking their dick for a long time, I can tell by the bruises and calluses on his knees. Since I know he’s going to get a hard on when he reads this, and flame back, talking trash, and trying to rip me a new asshole with his 2 inch dick, I just want to add, that not being able to play the games you downloaded, for “free” unless you have an active xbox live gold account, means your actually paying to play the games anyway. Kenny, go fuck yourself.

          • TOEJAMONE

            microsoft will get my hard earned cash till the day i die and no one else compares to the service i get from XBL i jumped ship from PS3 2 years ago and have never looked back

          • RoadShow

            I’m sure you are enjoying all those exclusives LOL

            Yeah Assassins Creed III was a great game….3 hours of additional content on PS3.

            Yeah Far Cry 3 was a great game..FREE DLC on PS3.

            Yeah getting all these huge free games on PS3 sure has been a burden. Thousands of dollars of free games a year even some from 2013 (Machinarium one of the highest rated games of 2013)

          • Kennyhasavalidpoint

            ‘Nuff said.

          • Artifakt

            Just gonna throw this out there, buddy. The 24-hour check would have basically shut out one key demographic that has traditionally been a lock for Microsoft. US Military. Many of our men and women in uniform take their XBox with them on deployments, where internet bandwidth is slim to none. To require a 24 hour check basically gives them the finger. Same with the digital download requirement. Many military members like to buy a game on base, at port, etc. They take it with them, play it on one of the consoles that are readily available thanks to other people who bring TVs and consoles. When they get back to base, they play it on theirs. The digital download requirement screws that plan to hell.

          • Nathaniel

            You realize all that doesn’t exist anymore, right?

          • kenny, you r n idiot

            did you just defend Digital rights management? Shut the fuck up, I stopped reading as soon as you tried to argue a check every 24 hours is a good thing LOLOLOLOL

          • RoadShow

            LMAO! You take the cake for xbot fanboys.

            Just look at your pathetic attempts to insult Sony and the PS3.

            SKYRIM was buggy on all platforms. Who cares if it took a few months to get the DLC to PS3. We got them all 50% off too remember?


            Man the games I’ve sold have paid for PS+ alone and we get huge free games. Not $5 bargain bin games from 2006 freaking almost 8 years ago! Your games are almost “retro” LMAO.

          • Fred

            You fucking idiot if you want better games why don’t you go to ps3! Oh that’s right xbox is better so shut the fuck up and play the fucking games.

          • ImBoutThatIsh

            Well sure you have a good time enjoying your magic the gathering! I’m sure it’s fucking awsome! idiot

          • courte

            ladies and gentlemen, gaming in america. not unlike plopping yourself in front of the tv and ‘zoning out’
            you pay money, you shut the fuck up because xbox is better [we don't need explanations or reasons where we're going] and you play the fucking games.

            don’t ask questions

          • yes sir

            Why are you not on a Sony article if Microsoft sucks so bad? If they suck so bad why did you buy their product and why do you continue to support them buy purchasing Gold every year?

          • the dude

            Hey PS fanboy get tht choad out of your mouth and listen up all corporations don’t fuxking care about u or me microsoft and sony both care about the money and playstation is gonna b just like xbox next gen cuz obviously micrfosoft is doing something right and sony is doing something right if microsoft does the same shit instead of calling people fuxking stupid we need to bamd together with this console war bullshit cuz people like u look pathetic I’m pro both consoles all the way wht I don’t get on one I have on the other so idc

          • RoadShow

            Oh yeah Sony doesn’t care about the consumer….they just don’t force upgrades, have every basic feature paywalled to some worthless subscription service, keep giving AAA exclusives, keep giving free exclusive content in AAA multi plat games.

            Yeah you see the real problem here is…..we weren’t stupid enough to get an xbox in the first place!

          • Sean Kearns

            Greedy? Last time I checked they are a corporation and in the buisness of making money. I would like to see you run a corporation and see how fast you go out of buisness by not being greedy. Some people and not just you are so dumb. LMAO!

        • Mark

          But you don’t get hacked with Microsoft! Oh and dedicated servers! Oh and better exclusives! Oh and better support! Oh and when your subscription runs out you can no longer play your ps plus games so thus you are only renting them! Xbox give you them to keep no hidden charges!

        • Alan_Burney

          You do realise that PS3 games are essentially rented.

          Years down the line when you pull out your PS3 and try to play one of these games you downloaded for free don’t be angry when you realise you can’t play them anymore because you don’t have PS+

          I don’t understand why so many people complain about getting these games for free. Yeah yeah, you have to pay for X-Box Gold, but I doubt any of you just sudden joined Gold to get these games. Most people joined Gold to get the (admittedly) superior online experience compared to the PS3. Just because you don’t like the games on offer, don’t complain about it.
          Personally I like the fact they’ve released games I wouldn’t normally of purchased. All these really popular games that people are asking for are so popular that most people already own them. I’ve already got Halo 1-4, GOW 1-3, Forza, Resident Evil 4-6, all the GTA, Battlefield 3 etc.
          I’ve been paying for gold for the best part of 8 years and I don’t begrudge getting a few free games at the end of it. Most of the people on here sound like upset 15 year olds whose parents probably pay for their X-Box as well as their Gold membership. Stop crying, get a job then you can get whatever console you like.

          • Jason

            @Mark – First of all, don’t say “Microsoft doesn’t get hacked”. Just because they haven’t gotten hacked doesn’t mean they can’t get hacked. Second, while I do agree with all of your points about XBL, I’m sorry but PS has and always will have better exclusives than Xbox. Just my opinion.

            @Alan_Burney – I’m not complaining, I’m just disappointed with the program so far. The reason being, I’ve already played 5 of the games they’re giving out a couple months after they hit store shelves. I admit that it’s a really good program and everything, but I’d like to see some games I haven’t played yet free. I’m not asking for any popular games, because I’ve already played most of those too. Some of the games I’d like to see free would be Batman: Arkham Asylum, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Bulletstorm, Mirror’s Edge, Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Mafia 2 just to name a few. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if they made Lollipop Chainsaw and Binary Domain free. Pretty much games that people otherwise wouldn’t look at because they’re too busy playing Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo. That’s my 2 cents anyway

          • CHAINSAW305

            I’d rather get awesome games to play period. If you’re like me? You never run out of Gold. So why would I run out of a PS+ membership? Years from now I wouldn’t even dream of getting on my 360 just to play Dead Rising2 when Dead Rising3 is coming out for the Xbox1. So that argument is nullified!
            I know a lot of my friends that would’ve loved to have played BF3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution or the any number of games PS+ members have gotten.

            And no I’m not a PS fan. I just know that Microsoft can do a lot better than what we’re getting.

          • Lolwut

            Your argument is flawed sir. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for the better part of almost two years, but I just started a play though of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion again. People replay games they like, not the most recent sequel in the franchise years down the line. Same goes for game franchises like Halo, Super Mario Brothers, Resident Evil, God of War, ect, ect.

            And coming from an economic stand point you also do realize that they release the lower end titles to prevent having to pay huge royalties for the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people downloading these games right? Even though we pay to have gold there are a lot of service fees (Netflix, HBO GO), premium content (First releases for DLC for AAA games are the first thing that comes to mind) and even costs to run XBL (Servers for Marketplace, Employee Wages, Security).

            Take this example: Microsoft is looking at releasing one of three potential games for Games with Gold. Game A is $9.99, Game B is $24.99, and Game C is $49.99 on the marketplace. Publishers will offer Microsoft a 10% discount for the bulk of licensing they are purchasing for the upcoming Games for Gold release. 500,000 users are projected to download the next release for Games with Gold. Whats the total price Microsoft will pay for each game?

            Game A: $9 (with discount)x500,000= $4,500,000
            Game B: $22.50 (with discount)x500,000=$11,250,000
            Game C: $45 (with discount)x500,000=$22,500,000

            You tell me what game Microsoft is more likely to go with releasing for Games with Gold. Because to me that’s a hell of a lot of profit they are eating up for just 1/92nd of the potential download base (46 Million Gold users as of 4/13, http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/04/20/always-on-microsoft-xbox-live-subscriptions-up-to-46m-will-never-be-free/).

            And thats just a two week period. Get economics’ed son.

          • courte

            it seems to me, for a long time, instead of acknowledging the two platforms had their positives and negatives, some sour apples decided to rile everyone up and turn it into a war.

            it became of thing of pride knowing that you were getting the best. halo is ‘the best shooter’ and it’s on the xbox so it’s the best system. gears is also the best shooter and it’s on the best system so once again, the best.

            to be the self declared best for so long based on not taking into account the testimonials of others. is easy. but eventually when the facts are so loud and hard to ignore in this gaming landscape so dominated by buy it, trade it, rent it. people tend to play alot more games if they throw them selves into it as their hobby of choice. so yes they’ll enjoy something from 5 years ago, but they enjoyed it five years ago.

            if your grandma got you assassin’s creed 2 when number 4 which is really what number 7? is on the horizon, and you’ve already beat the game years ago, how would you feel? “thanks grandma.” and you don’t say anything else. and if there’s a receipt you return in and go get some ice cream.

            but when she gets your brother assassin’s creed 3 which is really 6 and came out last year? i’d imagine you get a little miffed, you got a thing you beat half a decade ago, and he got the one from last year?

          • RoadShow

            You guys are so freaking stupid!

            Xbox live – without it xbox 360 is almost a brick. You can play single player games and watch DVD’s.

            If you are going to let your PS+ run out then never connect it to the net again. Bam free forever.

            You guys have kept your xbox live going…PS+ is so great we would never stop it going anyways.

            Xbox one without xbox live:

            Watch Blu ray
            Play single player games

            PS4 without PS+:

            Watch Blu ray
            Play Single player games
            Play FREE to play games (like DC Universe & Planetside 2)
            Video capture/upload
            Browse the internet
            Use streaming services like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/VUDU
            Spectate & take over mode

            BIG DIFFERENCE

      • Turbs

        Not free you retard.. you pay for xbox live gold, then you pay for content.. which you can only access with XBL Gold, it’s a ridiculous concept.

        Think before you speak.

        • WarpedEvil

          Actually it’s a genius business concept, just sucks a little for us. Oh well, we still get all the stuff we originally got with gold and now on top of that are getting 2 extras a month. Can either look at them as free or look at it as getting gold for cheaper. Besides it;s only 60 a month.

        • Mark

          Well yeah it is free you retard you pay for the things you pay for and games with gold are given to you at no extra cost so yeah they are free! Think before you speak fucker!

        • 1412053

          How about before calling someone a retard, you examine what is really going on here. You pay for the Xbox 360, which makes sense, because it is a piece of hardware and needed to be designed, developed, tested, and manufactured. You pay for the games, which ALSO MAKE SENSE because it take years to create, and you get hours of wonderful experiences for less than 60 dollars. Then you pay 45-60 dollars a year (depending on where/when you buy the card) and you get to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES WITH THEM!!! This concept has not been along very long, but apparently just long enough for you to take it for granted. Then Microsoft, decides that instead of charging you for 2 games a month, they will give it to you for free. Although you have to pay for gold, it’s a fairly good deal considering they have to create servers, and the ability to play the games AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT OVER LITTLE CABLES STRETCHED FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES. You aptitude for being an ignorant prick makes me sick, take what’s free to you, and stop complaining about it, or do us all a favor and get of Xbox live, and these forums.
          You sir need to think before speaking.

          • Nic

            I fucking love you bro, respect, you know how to talk.

          • 1412053

            thanks man, I take English very seriously, because I’ve seen just how simple it is to twist someone’s words with very little effort :D

          • Marcus Stanley

            The assassin creed games totally take years to create…

          • Apexpredatar

            They still take 2 and a half years to create. They don’t start right after the previous one came out, plus they have almost a thousand people a game since it’s got about 6 diff. dev teams per game how much you wanna bet they’re working on 6 right now?

          • Marcus Stanley

            that would mean that they deliberately hold back on features in their older games to make the newer ones seem…better, which is entirely plausible sadly

          • Colin

            I know this is kind of old to reply to but you’re absolutely right. Simply put we’ve been paying for our gold subscriptions. They are not charging for the free games. one could argue that by extension we are paying for em by paying forgold membership but gold membership price hasn’t gone up since the start of games with gold. Also what pisses me off about this guy isusing the word retard. How would this jackass like it if his children are born retarded? If u r gonna pick on someone (retards) pick on someone who can actually fight back. P.S. don’t mind the atrocious spelling I’m on a smart phone

          • Eagles Become Vultures

            dude your making microsoft out to be a bunch of super heros. Lets not forget about how many xbox 360 consoles were destroyed due to faulty cooling parts that werent even covered under insurance. i went through 3 myself. i didnt get shit for any of them. THEY MAKE YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHING. gun camo for a game 3 dollars. . .not many of us just have 3 dollars for a nonexistent item. map packs 20 bucks a pop, themes, avatar items, apps , live subscription, EVERYTHING. Yet sony charges less for virtually everything and they can still afford to give blockbuster titles out to loyal fans free of charge every month…how can you be grateful for a game that came out in 2006? hold on let me just take up 6 gbs of space just to play rainbox 6 vegas….part one…oh yeah i cant because the only 2 games i have room on there for are games i paid for that i cant delete because my disk drive is broken due to faulty cooling parts.

          • 1412053

            Ok man, despite the utter lack of respect you show towards the English language, I’ll respond. You knew full well what you were getting into when you bought the Xbox. After the third time something happens, even an amoeba can figure out not to make the same mistake. You are also probably playing the poor thing into oblivion, maybe let it cool, get off and go do something outside? (Also the definition of being an idiot is “someone who repeats an action several times yet expects a different result”. Microsoft isn’t perfect by any means, but think about what an xbox is. They took bits of electricity, gold, plastic, and other assorted metal, AND FORGED IT IN THE FIRES OF MOUNT DOOM TO ALLOW YOU AND EVERY OTHER 12 YEAR OLD OUT THERE TO INSULT PEOPLE’S MOMS! I know you might not be able to comprehend that, but they worked in order for you, being the sluggard you are, to play any game you want. With the flick of a switch you can go from being an assassin in Italy, to fighting at the forefront of World War II to being a Chief falling through the atmosphere attached to a bomb. You can’t do anything really worth while in real life, and so you pay somewhere under 60 dollars to feel like you are contributing to the earth. AND THEN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. This technology has been around for LESS THAN A DECADE and you have the AUDACITY to complain that you work 8 hours MAXIMUM (at minimum wage) to play games. These games (depending how much you play) can entertain you for days ( I have 14 days clocked on MW3 alone, and like 9 on Skyrim) and both of those cost me 40 dollars together. Can’t download free games? GET OVER IT!!! Don’t want to spend 3 measly dollars on a camo pack? THEN DON’T! Unless you have to pay for the game, and then they have game critical updates you have to pay for, sit down, be quiet, and go back to playing animal crossing or something. Don’t wanna play $45-60 a year in order to communicate over the internet with people all over the world? Then take a look at your life and realize what part of your cerebral cortex is slowly dying. You don’t like Xbox? then take you and your ungrateful butt to Sony. I honestly bought Xbox for the exclusive content (Minecraft, Halo, The controller) so choose a side and stay there, but honestly no one wants you ruining their day with your ignorance.

          • closer

            I like how you repeatedly insulted him about being on the box too much, then refrenced the ridiculous amount of time you have logged on games. Comical. And your perfect grammar is shit.

          • 1412053

            I actually was trying to show that If you spend time on “the box” to not fucking complain about it. I understand that I log an unseemly amount of time on Xbox, but then I don’t complain about that which I have devoted a significant amount to. “Comical” is not a sentence. ‘Tis still better then your grammar. Also, please don’t start a sentence with and, after an improper sentence. I try my best to be good at grammar, but taking an AP Literature, and Eng101 simultaneously would do that to anyone.

          • Squirtle

            lol this guy is mad. Who actually defends Microsoft for charging people 60 bucks a year to use your own internet service. He makes it seems like if communicating with people around the world is crazy new technology. Ive been playing online games since Counterstrike 1.6 and guess what competitive multi-player should not be required to be paid for. Xbox party chat? oh wait its called Skype! Friends list and Gamer profiles? Oh wait its called Steam. Seriously kid these free games are a rip off and no they aren’t free these are included with GOLD. Just go to gamestop and check the prices for these games all are under 5 bucks and most of them are dead online.

          • Michael Ricker

            Goes on and on about how he pays for things; can’t figure out why Microsoft keeps charging him for games.

            Listen, it’s really not that hard to figure out. They make the Xbox so they can sell games, not give them away. Whenever you buy a game, that is money in their pockets. Whenever they give away a game, that is not money in their pockets. See, was that so hard? MS has no reason to give away profitable games. They’re using the free games as a way to encourage people to keep using Xbox Live Gold and so on.

            Don’t like it? Don’t buy XBL Gold. Don’t buy gun camo. Don’t buy map packs, themes, avatar items, apps, etc. Or how about don’t buy 3 Xboxes.

            No one is entitled to get new, cool, free games just because they pay money to a major corporation. Of course we’d all like to get everything free but actually expecting it as a reward is unbearably stupid.

          • Dan

            Dude your midway argument was about in game dlc (gun camo, map expansion etc) that isn’t microsoft’s pricing dude its the developers cost. We’ll say maybe 1-2 euro for every 15 goes to microsoft due to them hosting the servers. That is just reality every company wants to get paid for their services. To do otherwise is just idiotic. Hated the RROD happened on my first xbox, they shouldn’t have been cheap and gone with the cold solder

          • Kris Henry

            think before you speak boyo .. reasons?

            *looks at psplus free games list*

            oh right yeah (Y)

          • 1412053

            “It’s trying to communicate, what should we do?”

          • Sean Kearns

            Ha PS plus free games aren’t yours to keep. If you let your account expire guess what, you can’t play the game!! Huge difference!!!

          • RoadShow

            Let xbox live expire and you got a brick! LOL

            If you gonna let PS+ expire and want to keep the games then never connect to the net again after it expires.

          • RoadShowShouldBeBANNED!!!!

            How ’bout you shut up you ass! All you have been doing is saying the same thing over and over. Yet when someone says a point you cant take down, YOU DON’T REPLY! Whoop-di-freaking-doo! All you are is a troll that needs to get a life!

          • RoadShow


            The whole point is that idiot xbots supported 360 for no freaking reason and killed off free online play.

            Xbox has nothing dude. If it weren’t for all the hate I get from giving some simple facts then this would all be very respectable and friendly.

            So I try to keep each conversation seperate and apologize if I piss someone off but i’m just responding in kind.

            Xbox has nothing, in every way a gamer enjoys a console xbox costs the most and gives the least. It’s a measurable fact.

          • H3LLzSoulReaper

            This may be old to respond to but here is this. You said,”Let Xbox live expire and you got a brick!” and “If you gonna let PS+ expire and want to keep the games then never connect to the net again after it expires.” THINK really hard on what you just said. Xbox live expires, Oh look you still have a silver membership and can still message people and chat with at least 1 person at a time, WHILE STILL HAVING INTERNET ON XBOX. Now as for your second part of the statement, notice how you say never connect to the net again for Ps. Seems more like the Ps system is a brick than Xbox. No more texting friends, No more updating bugs for games that even non gold users (silver members) can still do because Xbox is still connected to internet. Oh also if Ps is not connected to net, how are you going to use netflix, hulu, youtube, or IE? Yeah Xbox non gold members may not be able to as well but at least we can still be online for chatting. Also Xbox being a brick? At least if a bug comes up in the game it still is updated to all who are at least are connected to internet, PLUS IF GOLD RUNS OUT SILVER MEMBERS DON’T ALWAYS COMPLAIN TO PLAY THE GAMES THEY GOT FOR FREE WHILE THEY WERE GOLD ONLY ON SOLO, YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL ABLE TO KEEP THE GAMES WHILE NOT HAVING TO DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET!! P.S. Yes Sony systems do have better graphics on their games, but not have I once found an online server that does not go to sh*t while attempting to play Ps+ nor Ps in general, all systems will go to sh*t in online servers but at least with Xbox you can match connection compatibility to have less chances of frame lag. Think of it this way, Xbox is expensive because it maintains it’s servers better along with the production of early updating. Also like the comment I have read before wanting to say something, Ps+ won’t run without the help of MS, how you may ask? All PC’s run through at least some of MS usage, WINDOWS OS FOR EXAMPLE, without windows OS there is not a chance for internet, no internet = NO ONLINE FOR ANY CONSOLES! And don’t use an excuse saying no internet is done by (at&t, Xfinity, ect.) because guess what, news flash! Microsoft is biggest support of internet usage.

            P.S. I still enjoy gaming of all consoles, so what you say offensive afterwords I won’t care, just know this “Unlike you, at least I’m not stingy. A real gamer should never need to nonstop post about a console that people still enjoy on opinions.” If you don’t like Xbox, so be it. No one needs to hear over months and months of whining of how you were cheapened out on spending money, obviously people here love to blow a lot more money than what you want to spend in a year for Ps. Oh well, plain and simple.

            That is all I have to say, and I will stick with it.
            Good Day and Farewell.

          • RoadShow

            Sorry this is skewed. Had to import and don’t have time to fix.

            Never too old to respond my friend.

            So you can send messages and chat to 1 person on
            silver? Doesn’t matter much. Pretty much all you can do is play single player
            games and watch disk based movies. I’ll add messages and chat to 1 person on
            that list for you if you like. Not sure what you mean by still having internet.
            You cannot access the browser without paying extra for the right to.

            Xbox one without xbox live:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies
            Messaging ***Added for you***
            Chat to 1 person ***Added for you***

            PS4 without PS+:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies
            Free to play online games
            Video chat
            Video capture/upload
            Cross game chat
            Friend Spectate/Take over mode
            Access to streaming services
            Internet Browser
            Online movie rental

            Then with PS+ we get huge free games and for less than XBL

            The whole point of not having a PS3 not
            connected to the net is that it has about the same features an xbox without
            xbox live. So you wouldn’t be accessing Netflix, hulu or youtube just like you
            wouldn’t be on xbox without XBL.

            It doesn’t matter dude. Xbox games with gold, every
            single one other than two (sleeping dogs & Hitman Absolution) are all 6-7yr
            old $5 bargain bin games. That really isn’t some huge thing to be all happy
            about. It’s very pathetic in fact and the whole point is that the PS+
            subscription is so valuable and so incredibly good that you would never want to
            let the subscription laps anyways. How many years did you pay for xbox live
            just to play online or access apps and streaming services? So why wouldn’t a PS
            gamer gladly pay less than you for huge free games, games from this year, GOTY
            from last year and such. Not titles from freaking launch year.

            OMG YOU LYING SAC OF SHIT! LMAO @ you. PSN is
            not laggy, PS3 had more dedicated servers than 360 and I come from PC gaming
            background. PSN is every bit as smooth and lag free. I play online all the
            freaking time and yes I’ve seen lag on PSN rarely, just like I have rarely seen
            it on 360 and PC. There are many variables but 99% of the time it’s perfectly
            fine just like PC and 360. DON’T LIE DUDE, it discredits you and what you say.

            Boy you have some fucked up notions about microsoft
            and the Azure network. (A) Windows is becoming less and less popular while
            Linux and iOS are becoming more popular. Even Steambox uses Linux completely
            taking Microsoft out of the gaming market there. (B) Azure is not the only data
            processing network. (C) I do not know enough about the internet but pretty sure
            windows is not needed and that many servers run on Linux. I would have to do
            some research. Without windows I’m sure we would get by just fine. Also I’ve
            never had a problem with Microsoft windows. I would rather fumble through
            windows than fumble through iOS (speaking of windows 8 which I do have).

            Look kid, if you want to piss out hard earned
            money on worthless hardware and services then let it be. I have full rights to
            come in here and bitch slap anyone I want with truth. I say it like that
            because xbot idiot fks like you take huge offense to some simple facts. You can’t
            accept them, you have to run from facts to try and feel better about your poor
            choice in console.

            Me I play pretty much every game ever made between my PC,
            Nintnedo’s and PlayStation seeing as how many xbox exclusives are on PC with
            free online play.

            Me I saved enough money on PS3 to buy a PS4 on release day.

            Me I only have to pay $50/yr for online subscription service
            and I get thousands of dollars of free games a year. Introducing me to all
            sorts of games I otherwise never would get the chance to play. Can’t tell you
            how many series or game genre I’ve been introduced to and how much PS+ value has
            given me.

            Just like my sister who is too cheap to buy games for her
            kids. Sure they have a console but never is she willing to buy the kids a game.
            I talked her out of xbox simply because $60/yr for fucking nothing would be miserable
            for her and the kids. They would never ever be able to buy anything.

            So instead she got a PS3 and PS+ and BAM they are all so
            freaking happy. Instantly get a collection of games & each and every month
            getting more free games TO THE POINT
            that they NEVER have to buy any games just like they wanted.

            So dude, chill the fk out and go enjoy your xbox. It’s fun,
            it’s just as fun as PlayStation. It’s just that it has fewer exclusives, fewer
            exclusive content, stopped producing exclusives half way through 360’s life
            (and doomed to do again on X1) and you gotta get on your knees every year just
            to access basic features no one else in the world paywalls.

            None of that should bother you if you were a true happy xbox

          • Kris Henry

            its worth paying the CHEAPER ps+ for actual upto date decent games … not 10 year old games that xbox provide. (or people already have)

          • Sean Kearns

            That’s good for people who can’t afford games at launch. Lucky for me I don’t have that problem. Besides Xbox live is the better service and that is worth whatever the cost.

          • Kris Henry

            xbox live is not better at all .. i have only an xbox and i hate the fact of these little kiddo freaks trying to throw abuse because there shit at the game …. when i had a ps3 i never had any of that.

          • Martin

            Although I fully agree with your assesment I must point out that in the core he is correct. GwG is NOT free since it is not for all xbox life members but only for gold members. However set against what else you get for your Gold membership. (early acces demo’s, use of youtube, facebook etc, games free for gold like happy wars) I really don’t see why people complain about it. I think it is a very smart move to give away a bit older games especially when a new version comes out (like with AC for example)

            for me, playing Rainbow 6 Vegas made me decide that next game might be Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. (since AC IV Black Flag was already a must have, didn’t need ACII to convince me about that one lol )

          • Blah

            Microsoft also uses ads on the xbox live (silver and gold now) to also pay for the online service, while Sony does not have ads and for the Playstation 3 does not charge for online service either. So for Microsoft to compete with them, and issue old ass games IS ridiculous because you are paying them to play online and see ads and pay for tons of other content, just to finally be given something back for your loyalty. And its old ass games in comparison to what Sony has offered for quite a while.

            You sir need to calm the hell down and realize what he is saying.

          • RoadShow

            Exactly! 12 years years no free games and when they finally do they are junk.

          • fegy

            in ps3 you can play with people all around the world for free lol

            even with the games you’re still getting scammed

        • David Niessen

          You’re all pansies, shut the fuck up.

      • yoyo1231

        nothing is free, dont forget u paid for that xbox and paid for the xbox live.
        there’s nothing free in this world lol

      • CHAINSAW305

        I think having not one feeling of some obligation. That as Gold members. We shouldn’t get a great game? Is pathetic!
        “I’ll take whatever I can get”…BULLSHIT! or “It’s free! Shut the fk up and take it!” “Be grateful!” NONSENSE! You must love taken it up the ass or piss down my pocket and tell me it’s raining!.. BULLSHIT!!!!!

        Be grateful for what??? What??? With not one of the games they’ve gave us. Have I sat there with a grateful feeling of enjoyment. SUCK OFF!!!!!!!

        • 1412053

          How about before insulting people, you examine what is really going on here. You pay for the Xbox 360, which makes sense, because it is a piece of hardware and needed to be designed, developed, tested, and manufactured. You pay for the games, which ALSO MAKE SENSE because it take years to create, and you get hours of wonderful experiences for less than 60 dollars. Then you pay 45-60 dollars a year (depending on where/when you buy the card) and you get to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES WITH THEM!!! This concept has not been along very long, but apparently just long enough for you to take it for granted. Then Microsoft, decides that instead of charging you for 2 games a month, they will give it to you for free. Although you have to pay for gold, it’s a fairly good deal considering they have to create servers, and the ability to play the games AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT OVER LITTLE CABLES STRETCHED FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES. You aptitude for being an ignorant prick makes me sick, take what’s free to you, and stop complaining about it, or do us all a favor and get of Xbox live, and these forums.
          Just shut up, and sit down before you hurt yourself.

          • CHAINSAW305

            YOU”RE SUCH A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay money!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
            Therefore your “take it for granted” BULLSHIT!!!….is FN NONSENSE!!!!!
            Your aptitude for being a huge Microsoft kiss ass makes me sick. You people are the reason we don’t get the type of service we need. You’re just happy taken it up the ol’ fart box all the time. So therefore, everything Microsoft does, is sooooo awesome. Doesn’t even matter if 99% of the entire world disagrees.We’re the greedy shits and Microsoft is awesome. RIDICULOUS!

          • yes sir

            So were you this ignorant last year also when you were not getting this content at no extra charge but you were STILL paying for Gold? If it is so bad, why do you continue to support Microsoft, why are you not canceling all subscriptions and heading over to another platform. I know you will continue to bitch and complain on the web about how bad everything is but as soon as your gold account is up you will dish out another $60 no matter if Microsoft continues with this content or not plus you will most likely be paying for a new Xbox One console for a cool $500. Quit being such a little sissy and realize that you bought Gold to access online gameplay and content that you thought was attractive at the time you bought the Gold pass, and now they have added ADDITIONAL content and NO EXTRA cost and you are bitching because it is not up to your standards. I can only assume by this that you are in the late teens or early 20′s of age and your spoiled “Give me everything” attitude that your parents allowed you to maintain has not made you realize that you sound like a complete and utter moron. I sincerely hope that one day your fucking YOLO generation realizes that being a moron will only get you into the good graces of the other YOLO’s and while it will be fun at the time you will forever be labeled as a idiot because stupidity will bite you in the ass sooner or later and reality doesn’t give a FUCK if you think YOLO!

            Now get the fuck off line and read a god damn book!

          • Eagles Become Vultures

            how many times are you going to copy and paste this arguement? you sound like an employee of microsoft telling his customers to be grateful for dog shit games. why dont you sit down and come up with another paragraph with instructions on how you should properly suck a software companys fat little choad. it would be the same arguement. ” well first let them humiliate you for being so poor because you should be grateful that theyre taking your money, then you take a sweaty mouthful of shame and swallow hard and pretend that you liked it because you should be grateful that he wasnt african american.” stop trying to sound smart . who uses the phrase “your aptitude” ??

        • courte


      • JohnPaulGremlic

        Free $5 bargain bin games from nearly 8 years ago.

      • nick jacoway

        not free at all u pay for live just to use vod services live Netflix that u already have to pay for on top of paying your isp. ps3 doesn’t do this u don’t even have to be logged in to psn to use Netflix, the games are better, better graphics, better homescreen style xmb/dashboard, and not one ps3 came without atleast a 40 gig hdd and now they all come with atleast 320gig xbox charges about 80 for a 100 gig wtf they suck period and take this from someone who is playing one right now and not by choice either

    • Tartatrus

      all these games have hit their prime awhile ago. a lot of them are from 2010. the only games Microsoft will give away for free are ones that people aren’t going to buy anymore so it won’t put a dent in sales. all the games you listed are too new and popular still. Microsoft is cheap. like thier stupid gamerscore rewards thing. you slave yourself to achieve a gamerscore of 25000 for a 2% cash back on the marketplace

    • krllöxz

      who the hell pay for gamer pictures, themes, avatar clothes, and a change of GT? you? i think crackdown is a good game.

    • Hayden

      It’s not Microsoft’s decision the developer’s say,” hey you can give this game away.” They usually do prequels so you get hooked then buy the new one.

    • Ronald Neira

      im hoping for gears 3

    • Bailey Lawrence

      DR2 was great, especially when free.

      Dead Island sucked also.

    • Marcus

      who said dead rising 2 is bad, it’s one of the best xbox 360 games, both the single player and online were really fun and because it’s free there seems to be plenty of people online again, if you haven’t tried it yet, get it while it’s free!!!
      and i’m sure dead space 1 or 2 will be on there, they’re too good not to be!

      • Ohmagawd

        Nobody plays Dead Rising, ive tried joining games, its a wasteland.

        • Marcus

          ok, maybe there isn’t plenty of people, but i’m always finding games, sometimes takes a little while but i never struggle, if i’m on, i normally go on in the evening, seems to be people on then.

          • Ohmagawd

            Guess ill try it in the evening then.

    • Think before you speak.

      Microsoft isn’t to blame here. Microsoft has to get permission from the producers of the games in order to give them away for free, and with that said the producers of blockbusters aren’t going to give them the right because they lose out on money.

    • Breck

      Dude.. You’re NOT going to get games like those for free. They’re too new. If you expect super new and awesome games to be free only a year or two after they come out.. You’re an idiot.

    • Drew

      Dead Space 1 is the ONLY game you listed that is even reasonable.
      These are FREE games. Free. Free. You are expecting games like Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider that still go for $50 on the shelves to be released for free. How do you expect the developers of those games to ya know LIVE? Have a paycheck or make another game. Do you even give a shit about the people that made the game for you and took you on this magical adventure. Quit your bitching.

    • PandaCheese64

      @ImBoutThatIsh Microsoft wouldn’t make any most recent games free because that would cost them a lot of money for a new game like GTA IV, Dead Space 3, Dead Island Riptide, Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3, etc. That would make them lose money due to the fact that they are still new, and everyone wouldn’t go to the store to actually buy it. For me personally that would be asking to much for Microsoft. So basicly any game thats at least $50 or higher they wont make free. If you want those games so badly get a job instead of complaining to Microsoft about something that they will never make happen to begin with.

    • Lord Dake Kai

      wow. someone whining over free shit. and if they were to give away top shelf shit it would be kinda hard to make money. i think you should give away your games for free. wait…you must let me pick the ones i want for free.lol

  • Krllöxz

    games that i think we’ll see or i want to see after dead rising 2:
    september 1. crysis 2 (because i have crysis 1)
    september 16. Kameo: elements of power
    october 1. Left 4 Dead 1 (because i have L4D2 XD)
    october 16. Resident Evil 5
    november 1. any Call of duty, or battlefield, or maybe a fighting game like Street fighter 4
    november 16. Mass Effect
    december 1. Gears Of War 1
    december 16. Halo 3
    Sadly i have the most part of those games :/ :kameo, RE5, Mass effect, GOW and Halo 3, but i think that we’ll see those games

    • LvlNinety9

      Games with Gold is slated to end in November with the release of Xbox One.

      • krllöxz

        no, it says something like: games with gold will be until december 31.

      • Mlaz208

        Games with Gold is going to end on the 360 in November. but Games with Gold is going to keep going until the end of December. So it seems like they will release a couple games on the Xbox One

        • krllöxz

          oh ok, thats bad, cause Xbox one is very expensive and i don’t have money XD.

          • alekso

            get a job?

        • Michael Kondratiuk

          They won’t have any free games to give away with the One. It continues on the 360.

          • Simon Ward

            They’re giving Killer Instinct away on XB1. Kinda.

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            I thought that was generally free to play? Is it tied into Game for Gold?

      • xbox sucks

        and what they don’t tell you if you don’t download the game in the couple of days you don’t get them so if your on holiday ect you miss out even tho you pay for membership like everybody else

    • Ohmagawd

      Gears of War 2, much better than the first.

    • courte
  • mark

    CrackDown is a bloody piece of crap

    • krllöxz

      i think crackdown was good i like it.

  • mark

    defense grid is ok assassins creed 2 is awsome

  • Tom Mcaine

    i would love to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as a free game with it being so rare it would be great and it also would be good as the new wolverine movie came out

  • Marc-Andrew Hunnam Nicholas

    As a side note, with regards to your mentioning it is only until November, which I recall them saying, their website now states it is until the end of December if I recall correctly. Might be worth looking in to for yourself to double check in case you need to amend your information

    • stix88

      I read somewhere that it is to continue until Dec. 31st but it was doing so well they might continue into 2014

  • SorryGuysI’mStraight

    They should give us a full list of the games they are giving to us. So we don’t buy them when we could have gotten them for free.
    PS: I hope they have TES4: Oblivion as one of the ( free with gold ) games.

    • presauk

      No… Just no… TES games are only worth a purchase on pc and the xbox version would be incomprehensibly dated especially since skyrim is now almost 3 years old… I made the mistake of purchasing skyrim on the 360 (used) and I found it to be quite disappointing (so many bugs compared to the pc though not as much as on PS3).

      • Keetonman

        Take your PC elitism somewhere else.

        “I got it on 360″ BS.

      • peacefulisthewaytobe

        I bought a 360 just for the digital version of skyrim. I also have a ps3 and they don’t offer it as a download. But I have a ps4 pre-ordered and was thinking about an xbox one. I could care less about what is given or charged for. If someone really wants it, they probably already bought it. I see both xbox and playstation with strong enough points that I’ll stick with em both. The differences are what keeps them from merging and keeps giving us options. If they were both the same, why would we buy one or the other? Free games are free games. We don’t have to accept them. And for the ones who toss out “I pay good money for this”, well you don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to have xbox gold or playstation plus to play a few games. If you choose to buy a subscription, then you get what you pay for. March 2007 and November 2011 and Sept 2012 were all times that xbox live was hacked. Just tossing that out there. Anyway it’s late and I’m going to play skyrim, but not sure which system yet.

  • Aleks A.

    I really hope they release a left for dead game, preferably 2…

  • Smellsgreen

    I’m going to be honest I like the older games, In my opinion I think it’s better than GTA IV that everyone wants due to it not being a remake of a older successful game, playing an older game that I wouldn’t think of buying from a store gives you the chance to experience new forms of gameplay, the only problem is they maybe should release the first one as well as the second one because It’d give people the chance to get a grasp on the story line.

  • chris

    Considering people are saying that Playstation offer better stuff, you have to pay for Playstation Plus for this stuff and then if you choice not to renew your subscription, your ‘freebies’ are taken away.

    They’re not all the best games, but at least you can keep them.

  • XboxLeaks

    The games will get better with each release, believe my I have my sources

  • I’mANoob

    I think the next one should be fable 2

    • bonerhugger

      Kill yourself

      • Keetonman

        Fable 2 was acceptable. Fable 3 was not.

  • SantoDD5

    I personally think Microsoft should give out at least Far Cry 3 or MW2 it something. But that’s me I lean we all have our own opinions and you never know Microsoft could end up surprising us even though they’ve given us theses “shifty” games. And keep in mind its just getting started like when you see a trailer for example cod ghost it started of OK and then ended with a great finish. So give Microsoft a chance either way they’re trying to keep us on their side.

  • Patty4464

    I would personally like to see fallout new Vegas never played it before I would like something new

  • ben

    brutal legend!!!!

  • Ronald Neira

    fable 3 was not part of the games with gold. fable 3 was for the celebration of E3

    • Synth

      E3 kicked off Games for Gold

  • Chincin

    Microsoft could do more, they could allow for better downloads. Crackdown is a really old game, with a large catalogue of games, they could be more recent, they could be crackdown 2!!!!!!!

  • Hotdogmoe

    Whooo Cant Wait For The Next Game

  • ImBoutThatIsh

    You guys cant seriously be on Microsoft’s side when it comes to the games they released for “Free” i have not even spent 3 full hours on any of the games so far besides Assassins Creed 2 because the rest was so bad that i would have to give money to my nearest game store to get rid of it. Seriously all i’m asking for Microsoft is to give us games that we can enjoy. We as costumers made Xbox to what it is today. They should give something back. Xbox ONE sucks ass, their main focus is TV, all i have to say is my days with Xbox is over. They said they would give “FAN FAVORITES”, i call bullshit on that. BTW Crackdown was a game made by Microsoft no wonder it was a “Fan Favorite”

  • AJ

    Bad company 2 and another game, VIP for BC2 is already free so everyone would get the extra maps free of charge, sounds like a good boost and deal to me.

  • Gipsy Danger

    Hey, I mean I know PlayStation already won the gold in this department, but at least Microsoft will get a participation sticker and a pat on the back… Even though Microsoft pretty much shit all over the spectators.

  • stefan taylor

    magic the gathering ? yup great choice m$ ! not. fuck you very much for giving me a free game i would never buy. seriously microsoft PR has no idea how to make people happy, and before anyone calls me a sony fanboy i have a 360, and am a 5 year gold subscriber, just not happy with this choice of game in september ! wheres gta? forza? gears of war? anything i’m actually interested in ! what a
    shower of shite.

  • AviciiSweden

    wtf is magic 2013… it looks like yu gi oh. im not downloading this -.- Games with gold were great at the begening of this program.. but this game is not for me

  • Acehannibal

    Les jeux gratuits du mois septembre c’est Magic 2013 et Rainbow Six Vegas Tom Clancy

    A partir du dimanche 1er Septembre au 15 Septembre c’est Magic 2013

    Puis le 16 Septembre au 30 Septembre c’est Rainbow Six Vegas Tom Clancy

  • You are all….retarded

    Half of you on here sound like you’re pimply little vaginas and REALLY need to put the controller down and learn how to write. Retards

  • Remco

    heard that rainbow six is going to be after Magic.. already have the game.. its 2,99 euro.. microsoft is so cheap when it comes to giving.. we have rights to complain, we pay gold, and besides.. if you live where i live, in the Benelux.. Netherlands, you get screwed all the time by microsoft, we wont get the xbox one till februari. i canceled my pre-order. (FU microsoft) we get a lot less on our xbox 360, No indies, we have but a few apps available. and yet we pay MORE then USA gold members? so yeah we do have all the rights to complain about microsoft!

  • Zak

    Really disapointing. No variety on the games so far. I just cancelled my automatic gold renew because the games of september really sucks for me.

  • poopface

    I bought crackdown literally like 2 days before i heard about the games with gold. I thought that game was badass and it was only 2 bucks lol dead rising 2 was pretty sweet in my opinion, i acually had a little fun with that game. I do think that they could choose some better games though. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!! time for pc gaming again

  • rob m

    i want some better games like gta 4 overlord 1and2 the bully the godfather of orcs and men lego batman 2 and lego lord of the rings and lord of the rings war in the north and the amazing spider man and shattered dimensions

  • Chill Spartan

    It ends in December, not November

  • ChickenFoot

    Fuck that. MS is only giving out games that been out for 4 years+

  • Fred

    Until December not November

  • joneso

    I can’t believe I’ve only just found out about this. I MISSED FABLE AND ASSASSIN’S CREED FREE! Me = gutted :(

  • Luke Phoenix Fletcher

    I like it but i havent seen enough games I actually want to play… I have downloaded all to date but so far only fully played crackdown and also about 20 mins of Fable III. I am always excited when it comes round to the 1st/16th of the month but so far I keep getting let down… I wish they would release halo 3 or another 4 player co-op game so that myself and my friends can all play togeather rather than split between several games… Does anyone else feel the same???

  • Peter Ch

    If you really want your voices heard so that we can get to choose from a list of games which 2 games you want each month, then go sign the online petition.
    Maybe if enough voices are heard, real changes will be made to show their “real” appreciation for their loyal gamers.

  • Brute_Brawn

    I’ll sum up all the comments: the world runs on greed

  • Alan Gokudera

    ssx pls

  • Cole2999

    For all the people who complain about it, think of this:
    If they HADN’T come out with this, would you be complaining? No, you’d be going about your lives. And, since this in no way hinders you, it is nothing but good. This gives you free games. The fact is, if you are truly being negatively affected by this, you’d switch to PS3.

    Microsoft is supporting developers by reviving these titles, which attracts attention to the developer. Assassin’s Creed 2? That pushed me to then buy Assassin’s Creed 3, Revelations, and Brotherhood. I also now own Dead Rising 2, Off the Record, Case West, and Case Zero. Not only that, people can get a few hours of fun out of them. I got a kick out of Crackdown. I mean, this has the parkour of Assassin’s Creed and the freeroam-esque style of GTA put together. It’s not a game I would have ever bought, because I never knew it existed.

    Sure, not all the games are the most popular, but think of this: if, in fact, they WERE to release games like Halo 4, CoD, Saints Row, and so on for free, how many people would complain because they already own the game, or because Microsoft is just releasing games that support big-name developers.

    Plus, this is only their test-run. If they get positive feedback from this test, then they will continue it. And if they continue it, then you know they will start throwing in some top chart titles.

    And besides, are you guys really complaining that they’re releasing games like Dead Rising 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Halo 3? No, you’ve just conveniently forgotten they’ve released those. When people compare these games to the PlayStation Plus Games, they only mention 3 or 4 by name. Hm. It seems it’s only released those 3 or 4, right? No. PlayStation Plus Games releases its fair share of duds. In fact, the ratio of popular games to duds released by Sony so far is probably 1:4, if EVEN. It’s probably more like 1:7. Point is, Games for Gold has released 3 big titles, Assassin’s Creed 2, Dead Rising 2, and Fable 3 (some people count Fable as a quality title; I do, because it’s not a bad game). They then released 3 not-as-big titles: Defense Grid, Crackdown (and I only say this one is less because there are two maybes, Fable and Crackdown), and Magic: The Gathering. In other words, this is a 1:2 ratio.
    For those incapable of basic mathematics, 1:2 is a higher ratio than 1:4. And, once again, I can’t even tell you how many games PlayStation has released.

    Anyways, if the Games for Gold was to continue, you’d be able to expect games like L4D2, Hitman, Dead Space 1 or 2, Max Payne 1 or 2, and lots of others.

  • yogo

    I like penises

  • catman

    The games I’m hoping for are:
    The orange box
    Dead space 2
    The witcher 2
    Arkham city
    Fallout 3
    Battlefield: bad company 2
    Dark souls
    Crysis 2
    Bioshock 2
    Red dead Redemption
    Bullet storm
    I don’t think my choices are unreasonable


    https://www.change org/en-CA/petitions/microsoft-xbox-lets-gamers-choose-games-from-a-list-for-games-with-gold-promotion

  • xbox suks pc all the way

    what they don’t tell you if you don’t download the game in the couple of
    days you don’t get them so if your on holiday ect you miss out even tho
    you pay for membership like everybody else

    • MarioMan

      They do tell you this. Every game has a free download window of about 15 days. If you want to download them while you’re away, I suggest buying the game using Xbox.com on your computer.

  • xbox suks pc all the way

    signed in to get my free games and what a surprise there is a catch go fuck ya self your too late typical microsoft

  • Chris Jaros

    this isn’t a complete list, the games with gold goes through the end of the year so if this was a complete list the list would also go through the end of the year.

  • Bloody Vikings!

    Today I bought a memory stick since I only got a 20GB harddrive, turns out I CAN’T redownload the games I deleted. Games with gold sucks. Most of the games they give suck. What the fuck is wrong with you, Microsoft?

  • Syramine

    The problem with everyone, either side, Sony or Microsoft is that every person takes them for granted and forgets why we are even buying these machines in the first place… TO HAVE FUN…I own an xbox but I dont care, as long as it plays my games, I get to play with friends and have fun then im happy. You chose to buy your console, to subscribe to a service, to buy dlc, the companies did not have to give anything to you so be happy! They are free! Im a hardcore gamer and am a very big halo fan so I bought an xbox, I love mario so I bought a wii, psp so on and so forth. Every company has short comings but love the games, they give you enjoyment so who cares! Entitlement is the killer of our gaming cause.

    Stop being so serious, get back to your roots, play games and enjoy them for what they are… games

  • MaxTheBro22

    In my opinion, Microsoft is giving shit, I mean games that everyone already have. Rainbowsix Vegas is good, but that game have been created in 2006….the most of you guys already have this game. C’MON MICROSOFT!! WE WANT GOOD AND NEW GAMES!!


    The only game I hope to see on G.W.G. are SoulCalibur V, Nascar 2011 The Game, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaich, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Dead Or Alive 5


      oh and X Blades

  • Ales

    Ok how about all u crazy heads shut up about it your hetting free games two per month actually so stoo whining like teenagers on their man periods

  • Ales

    Do any of u people read the info before u make lip. Microsoft has already said that the y are only realeasing original xbox games

  • Devon

    I hope they Realese Skyrim or Final fantasy 13 or 13-2 Really badly

    • Marcus Stanley

      don’t count on it, but skyrim was on the deal of the week 50% off i think

  • Mark

    I wonder when halo 3 will be on the free game gold thing

  • Drew

    Anyone expecting a game released in the last 3 years is insane. So lets make a game free that still retails for $30-60 thereby giving the developers no money. Thus making that production company go bankrupt, then people get fired, the company gets absorbed by Activision or EA or some other conglomerate all while ruining any chance of them making a sequel or better games. This is why these Free games are from 5+ years ago and from major dev teams who can spare the money or know there is no more money to be made.

    Support the people who made the game, if you can spare the $5 extra dollars buy a game new. If you are broke that’s understandable. Just know that no matter that a new game is always only $5 more. I don’t know about you but I like to support the people that took me on the magical adventure I went on in my living room instead of gamestop or walmart or bestbuy etc.
    (just so you know $0 of used games go to developers thats why)

    • Marcus Stanley

      sony manages to do this

  • UnknownCommentaryPublisher

    Oh…. C’mon, Microsoft, can they put Halo 3 or Gears of War on the next month??
    Seriously, everyone was expecting a halo game when they announced the Games With Gold so…..

    • Marcus Stanley

      super bad move if they wait until the last month to do a game they heavily implied and did not refute until much later as being released immediately

  • Jeremiah Straub

    the only reason they started games with gold is because the nasty letter don mattrick wrote to fans of xbox because we didnt agree with the xbox one setup and running processes thats why they started giving a free game twice each month. its only going till november because thats when systems xbox one is released . so there basically trying to win ppl over till then

  • john

    If I’m right these games are supposed to be fan favorites and there is no way in hell Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a fan favorite i mean just look at the Microsoft market place it has 8000 ratings while torchlight has 42000 ratings and is much more of a game people would play.

  • Edward Kenway


  • PandaCheese64

    Microsoft? Why don’t you just give out a vote allowing people to vote only once, and listing at least 3 games that can be made free then let the people of Xbox Live pick what they want free, and then the most votes wins instead of choosing it for us?

  • Common Sense

    You guys need to understand that if they put out newer games, they would be killing profit. Without profit, there will be no new games or consoles. Profit is what makes the business move forward. Money controls everything. Theres no such thing as free. So hopefully someone here finally knows why the games with gold are all older titles. Stop complaining and enjoy it while its here.

    • Marcus Stanley

      i think they should just give us the monetary equivalent and we get what we want which whould lead to us buying dlc of stuff we wanted and such

  • Dano56

    Well Sir All I can Say Is Props For Keeping This List But Add Others In Addition To Cause There Is More Than Two Releases Per Month Last Month Had World Series Of Poker Free In Addition And Now Just Before This Newest Releases Tuesday Ascend Hand Of Kul Is Free Just A Little Tip. And Oh Keep In Mind If You Look In The Arcades Section Theres A Shit Ton Of Free Games There As Well Oh….. YOUR WELCOME :)

  • Salmon name

    Oh wow “Might And Magic” can’t wait to not play that peice of crap

  • Werty

    Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes…. I would rather kill myself than download it…

  • Metalheadfitz

    It’s actually going until December not November

  • Ian

    i know these are bad games that were getting on Games with Gold but i mean there free right? i know PS3 are getting Big Titles such as Assassing’s Creed 3 and Uncharted but its a free game so its still something to play..

  • Frenzil458

    Scroll down for some First World Problems…

  • Guest

    Since then…Battlefield 3, Hitman Absolution, Jet Set Radio, Dokuro, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, XCOM, Saints Row the 3rd, Star Wars Pinball, Machinarium (one of the highest rated games of 2013) and tons more for $10 less.

  • Larry

    To RoadShow…. if you hate xbox so much why the fuck are you on this page? get a life and stop bashing on shit “that you hate”…. grow up and stop looking for attention on this site

  • Larry

    To RoadShow…. if you hate xbox so much why the fuck are you on this page? get a life and stop bashing on shit “that you hate”…. grow up and stop looking for attention on this site

  • Yourthedead3

    For the people that whine about these being “old and crappy games” and Microsoft being “greedy”. Microsoft wants Money. Do you think Sony runs on friendship and butterflies? No. Do you work at a job? You want money for your job?, I hope so. Same Concept, You people need to be a little more open minded.

  • wat to do

    I just want to start this with,

    I am to date a fully established Xbox fan, and have been since 5 days after the release of the first Xbox and I love that Microsoft are doing this free games with gold but….

    for them to give games like Might and Magic and Magic the Gathering

    that are not in any way good games to us to try and keep us with Xbox when it comes out is stupid

    and now for them put halo 3 on is a sign that they just dont give a %&*£

    i mean halo franchise is epic and a have, and completed every halo game and also read all the books so don’t think i’m a halo hater !!!!!!!!

    but the reason for this rant is who hasn’t got halo 3 !!!!
    or had it and sold it because, 1 they completed it or 2 for some reason they did not like it!!!!

    I have mates that got it again because it went down to £4 in the shops where i live in Birmingham.
    one of them only got the new copy because his box on the one he had was scratched
    (ok so that was me that got a new copy for that reason)

    i don’t know if its just me but i really love the idea of games with gold

    but the fact is because its going to stop and PlayStation have apparently been doing this for a long time before Xbox decided to try and be generous,
    I am already wondering if it might be time i go over to PlayStation as well


    games from the last 2 years i think is fair
    as you are only doing this for a limited time

    sorry about the length of this :S lol thanks for reading

  • tom coon

    is halo 3 the last game?

  • dan

    man i keep missing the ones i would enjoy and getting the ones im not so interested in. wish there was a way to swap em or something

  • RoadShow

    Well you xbox gamers should be happy! Games with gold will go on indefinetly although no mention of Xbox one still.

    M$ probably just wants to wait 6-8 years before giving $5 bargain bin games away on Xbox one.

    Oh and remember. It doesn’t matter if it’s yours to keep no matter what. Your xbox is a brick without xbox live so you gotta keep it forever anyways. It’s far better to get the huge free (and much newer) free games on PS+.

    you are after all supposed to get something for your “subscription”.

    But don’t fret…this is great news for the entire gaming industry. 12 years of giving nothing and finally xbox live will be required to finally give something for the subscription. It will no longer be a “worthless” subscription service.

    Look at it this way. Even if these are $5 bargain bin games that’s $10/month = $120 per year so at $60 you are getting those $5 bargain bin games at 50% off.

    So technically you still have to pay for them…$2.50 each.

  • like a boss

    that cant be all from said who
    where did you get the info

  • risen_sun86

    I am not someone who will bitch about free games. Thank you Xbox.

  • AlmiteyRaven

    Why is it that PS3 gets good games like battlefield3 for free and on xbox we get old boring and outdated games? Why cant we get something good for once i mean after all we pay 60$ a year for bad free games and PS3 doesnt charge and they get good free games

    • CrookedKnight

      We get to keep the games forever, while PS+ members have to keep renewing the subscription or they lose their Instant Game Collection.

      There’s trade-offs to both, and as far as I’m concerned either one is worth $40-$50 a year, but that is a distinct advantage for the XBox crowd.

  • yish

    its only until xbone is released,sadly


    hahaha that guy is not PS FANBOY actually is XBOX FANBOY. I am xbox fan and never said to many times the word “xbox” ….on his mouth there is only one WORD XBOX. Come on you are xbox fanboy all we know that !!! You search on google xbox articles , you type the word xbox on your pc 1000000 times more from ps3. XBOX IS ON YOUR MIND ALL THE TIME XBOX XBOX XBOX … YOUR SKIN TURN GREEN like hulk ,,,,,, good day xbox fan boy . coz that you really are !! xx


    by the way “RoadShow” hahahahahahaha xbox just announced free with gold will continue indeffinetly. you dumb motherfucker. stop hating. you were wrong, you are wrong, you will continue to be wrong. keep that head of yours crammed up your butt hole.

  • damian

    games with gold is much better than ps+ due to the fact the when your ps+ runs out you cant play that free game anymore so it is pretty much a rental where as with the games with gold you can redownload and play even when your gold runs out. if you ask me ps+ is a rip off, i have both consoles and only pay for xbox live, surely that says right there that xbox is doing the better deal. my ps3 is pretty much just a blu-ray player other than the three ps1 games i got off psn

    • Shocksterz209

      Games with Gold will only go on through November, then it’s over. PS+ will continue to give free games as long as it lasts. Plus, most of the lineup for GWG sucked.

  • Shmerby1

    I have silver which is free but 2 games for gold I am getting gold.

  • Sam Robinson

    I think call of duty black ops 2 should be with games with gold cause when i had it i got a laser burn around the disc while i was downloading map pack

    • Goldy

      No this is a bad idea.

  • Jon Fevang

    there should be a blog or a poll on what game people want to see in games with gold

  • Hoo blah

    I really hope they make call of duty 2 (the ww2 one by infinity) a free with gold. By far my favorite cod but doesn’t have enough players online. Making it free would breath new life into the game and would allow modern warfare fans to see where cod first had its real start on consoles. Plus Microsoft wont be losing anything. It’s not like people are buying the 20 dollar on demand one I don’t think.

  • Julio Fernández

    Is nice this free games.

  • IKnowItsFreeButCmonDontBeCheap


  • Jaywalker

    Road Show is a dick. Sony Nintendo Xbox and PC have all earned their place by doing things right. People enjoy all of them. It’s not ignorance or stupidity it’s just people having fun on different platforms.

  • Tony

    I have never heard so much complaining about free stuff. Tell me again how a company could make money giving out all their big games for free? Entertainment is an industry, a business.

  • ShadowPredator

    Does anyone else agree with me in that the games really are not all that great? It started off reasonably promising put there has been a steady decline on the quality of the games, does Xbox have to get the permission of the developer or something?

  • Garfield

    they should make next game with gold left for dead 2

  • Rufford

    ive just had a read of this, and the only argument Roadshow was giving is that you have to pay to play your games on Xbox over the free PSN on Ps3, so, as i am sure he is now aware, in next gen the cost to play online play for Ps4 will infact be ……. the same price as a years xbox live, with the distinct disadvantage, that for people like me, who bought renewed xbox live a year ago, our membership will carry over, therefore, by buying a playstation in next gen, you are paying more to play online :) If xbox had it all wrong, why have psn decided to do exactly the same thing with their new console :P http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/129596-Sony-Keeping-PSN-Free-on-PS4-Would-Have-Been-Too-Hard

  • PitchforkRed

    Wow, all consoles, no matter which one, are terrible in comparison to PC. Yet you guys argue over which console is better? This roadshow person argued for months which makes it even worse on his/her part. They are both as good/bad as each other now everyone shut up arguing and enjoy whatever console you choose. Each to their own.

  • Bendicoote

    Is halo wars going to be apart of games with gold

  • not a fanboy of either

    im no fan boy i own a range of consoles and laptop’s . you all say that live is better but the thing is with the lame ass free games only going for 6 months what about the people who have gold but can’t get the game ? . as in a lot of cases so far including people i know who are trying to get gears of war but get the message not available at this time . why the hell do the still use region locking on a digital service are we not in 2013 . and a premium service really ?? no lag tell that to my k/d oh yes you can say i suck but when you see a killcam on cod (and no im not a cod fanboy ) and see the bulliets out of sync what causes it ? . and what about the disconnections how many times have i been disconnected in a multiplayer and i am on a descent net connection so why are we paying for a service that still has lag ?? . and what about the money they pocket from the advertising on our dashboard that slows down the bandwidth why are we paying when they generate so much money elsewhere .

  • jaffa

    Oh..GearsOfWar ?
    That game in black&white with only some red blood splash, with no plot introduction at all, with macro-cephalos excessive characters heads, with bland textured enemies also
    indiscernible from main characters, ?
    ..no thanks

    • Cody De Leon

      When you say Black & White, I think you might be talking about MadWorld. At least that’s the only B&W w/ Red blood splashes game I can think of and, that only came out for the Wii I thought. This game is full color and, one I actually had fun playing. (Owned it previously, let a friend borrow, never gave it back.)

    • DTHWAV

      The fuck are you talking about?

  • Vadelent

    crap. I have only missed one and it was the one that i actually wanted GRRRRR!

  • Please answer this.

    Who do we know what free game will come next?

    • Please answer this

      I mean (How)

  • Mr.Booth

    They should give away fuckin hit games platinum games no e of this stupid arcade and Microsoft made shit games like dead space or left for dead battlefield games that people would actually want to play. And not just some 10 boy who finally found his penis and got bored with it and said meh. PlayStation gives away fucking better games like bioshock grid 2 borderless 2 infamous. Need I go on.

  • MultiValzu .

    Actually,you can buy Xbox gold member (1 year) for 30 euros if you know where to buy. AND you (or your parents) have to pay for the normal internet,so if you have money for the normal net,why you don’t have money for gold? ridicolous.

  • roadshowsucksdick

    I wonder if this RoadShow fanboy fucks his ps3, too. Christ what a misinformed human being.

  • Amanda A

    To be honest kids like road over here are just ignorant and love to push his own opinions in other people’s head. I’ve played on xbox xbox one ps3 ps3 from that to gamecube wii and way back pre 2001 consoles.Having a brother i was always use to playing games. Main difference is yes xbox is amazing online it’s very social someone whos played on playtation and live in online multiplayer can tell the difference it seems to me that Road has no clue what he’s actually talking about.If you were to compare how many users have their mic on and actually play and socialize with friends on live versus on psn, the difference is staggering. It’s rare to have a lot of people on psn talk on the mic in groups while on live it’s pretty common.

    As with the price ps+ with $50 and free online…
    live without online but $60 for gold
    there isn’t that much of a difference considering their owned by different companies
    Sony being the entertainment conglomerate and microsoft being able to deliver
    unrivaled online experience and it’s connections to computers/internet.
    I can see if he was comparing ps4 to ps3 but that wasn’t the case its actually people
    like him that shame the many good critics. Its clear he hasnt even spent the time and effort to actually make an unbiased comment instead he talks without actually having
    any logical sense but more on subjective taste.

    paying $50-$60 a year is NOTHING!!! a normal person/student who earns even at a minimum wage with or without expense on school/utility bills etc can even afford to save $30 a month.

    And the difference with both consoles is the exclusivity
    psn has its god of war, resistance, last of us etc
    live has its gear of wars, halo, fable etc
    comparing the game of another without actually playing the other’s exclusives
    is the same as playing it and watching a gameplay on the other, hearing it and seeing it are two different things.Comparing games with different mechanics have no scientific scoreboard it’s a matter of taste.

    When ignorant people start comparing which console is better i think they tend to be biased but if you have all of the consoles like me played a lot of games socialized with the different people on it you begin to know the clear difference like looking through different glass lenses some are blurred some clear and some crisp. All i heard Road say was the $10 difference in the subscription fee.But i guess thats actually important to him since he only probably gets money during his birthdays and Christmas. There good and bad in both consoles noticeable ones are you are less likely to get harrased on psn (if you’re a girl that actually means quite a lot especially when you just want to play online and relax.) But if you’re on live and you have your mic on intended for friends you will get harassed endlessly if you’re a girl just enjoying the match you will get offensive language dirty voice messages etc.

    Well for me i love psn over live because i don’t have to play online i can watch my netflix for free without subscribing play disc based online games with no extra charge go on home when im bored and too lazy to play but just talk with friends and watch bluray movies on an HDMI cable.

    But that doesn’t mean i hate live, i wouldnt have bought an xbox one if that was the case.Live for when i feel like pissing off guys by them getting killed by me and hearing them rage over being shot down multiple times.The great online service that rarely kicks me off due to lag or server errors (which psn has quite often especially when a large number of people are online, something live has no problem with dealing.)

  • Guest

    To be honest kids like
    road over here are just ignorant and love to push his own opinions in
    other people’s head. I’ve played on xbox xbox one ps3 ps3 from that to
    gamecube wii and way back pre 2001 consoles.Having a brother i was
    always use to playing games. Main difference is yes xbox is amazing
    online it’s very social someone whos played on playtation and live in
    online multiplayer can tell the difference it seems to me that Road has
    no clue what he’s actually talking about.If you were to compare how many
    users have their mic on and actually play and socialize with friends on
    live versus on psn, the difference is staggering. It’s rare to have a
    lot of people on psn talk on the mic in groups while on live it’s pretty

    As with the price ps+ with $50 and free online…
    live without online but $60 for gold
    there isn’t that much of a difference considering their owned by different companies
    Sony being the entertainment conglomerate and microsoft being able to deliver
    unrivaled online experience and it’s connections to computers/internet.
    I can see if he was comparing ps4 to ps3 but that wasn’t the case its actually people
    him that shame the many good critics. Its clear he hasnt even spent the
    time and effort to actually make an unbiased comment instead he talks
    without actually having
    any logical sense but more on subjective taste.

    paying $50-$60 a year is NOTHING!!! a normal person/student who earns
    even at a minimum wage with or without expense on school/utility bills
    etc can even afford to save $30 a month.

    And the difference with both consoles is the exclusivity
    psn has its god of war, resistance, last of us etc
    live has its gear of wars, halo, fable etc
    comparing the game of another without actually playing the other’s exclusives
    the same as playing it and watching a gameplay on the other, hearing
    it and seeing it are two different things.Comparing games with different
    mechanics have no scientific scoreboard it’s a matter of taste.

    When ignorant people start comparing which console is better i think
    they tend to be biased but if you have all of the consoles like me
    played a lot of games socialized with the different people on it you
    begin to know the clear difference like looking through different glass
    lenses some are blurred some clear and some crisp. All i heard Road say
    was the $10 difference in the subscription fee.But i guess thats
    actually important to him since he only probably gets money during his
    birthdays and Christmas. There good and bad in both consoles noticeable
    ones are you are less likely to get harrased on psn (if you’re a girl
    that actually means quite a lot especially when you just want to play
    online and relax.) But if you’re on live and you have your mic on
    intended for friends you will get harassed endlessly if you’re a girl
    just enjoying the match you will get offensive language dirty voice
    messages etc.

    Well for me i love psn over live because i don’t have to play online i
    can watch my netflix for free without subscribing play disc based
    online games with no extra charge go on home when im bored and too lazy
    to play but just talk with friends and watch bluray movies on an HDMI

    But that doesn’t mean i hate live, i wouldnt have bought an xbox one
    if that was the case.Live for when i feel like pissing off guys by them
    getting killed by me and hearing them rage over being shot down multiple
    times.The great online service that rarely kicks me off due to lag or
    server errors (which psn has quite often especially when a large number
    of people are online, something live has no problem with dealing.)

  • Luke CC

    I love the idea of this, some of the games are great fun but so many are just indy games that give 5 mins of fun before never looking at them again.

  • jaffa

    Sorry, when I was tallking about GearsOfWar excessive-macro characters I meant the big bodies with small heads, not the opposite !
    I confirm that the game has little to no color so it looks black&white and overrated as a whole

  • The Fuzz

    I think they should give out Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. It IS Microsoft. And that game would bring out a classic game for people getting new consoles would recognize, and be a bit of a nostalgia thing for people who have played their console in the first place for that game. Ever seen Arby n’ the Chief or Red vs Blue? Their both still going. And doing very well.

    • AMachin5

      There was news earlier this year that Halo 2 was going to get an anniversery edition and a special edition that will enclude Halo CE, 3,4 and beta for 5 but idk if this has been confirmed, would be great if it was.Also, said bundle better have achievements for each game.

  • Dominique Simpson

    They need to keep up with psn
    Pan giving AAA Games for free with psn

  • owen foster

    is red dead redemption going to be games with gold

  • zZDazManZz

    Roadshow needs to go away man, i was looking through the comments seeing who likes what game, and its still another console rant? Trolls everywhere quit feeding him, he would probably buy an xbox just to moan at people for not bowing down to the ultimate superior imperial force of sony. If you could convince everyone to buy a ps4 then good for you. Your console is better cheaper and all that blah blah blah only i don’t like the playstation and you’re comparing the xbox to the wii? Look at the sales figures mate, there’s a bit of a difference there. Tired of Sony fanboys and elitists that know which console is “best” should re think their strategy. People pick the console they want for a specific reason.

  • zZDazManZz

    And a quick note, who goes out of their way like that? This guy is clearly a fanboy and went on to a website to look at games with gold to hate on it! I fear playstation gives off some crazy virus where you have to go insane at anyone who isn’t a part of your bloody cult. We play xbox get over it you twat.

  • jordan

    can one of the games be Naruto ultimate ninja storm generations plz

  • stu

    Road show can i just say you are wrong in sooo many ways we pay for XBL soo we don’t get fucking hacked unlike PSN x box gets dlc a month earlier than psn, the first GEN of 360 came out a goood bit before the first ps3 personally i would say that’s why the first hen of Ps3 was better than the first gen of 360 but wen it comes to anything in present day 360 blows ps3 out the watter in pretty much every aspect

  • Bayley brown

    I think you should put the first Need for speed most wanted it’s a classic and probably the best need for speed out I think you should consider doing this. And you can’t buy it in shops unless you have a classic xbox.

  • billy klein

    get laid

  • billy klein


  • billy klein

    nintendo 3ds over life itself muthafuckas

  • Getalife

    Road show needs to get a life

  • Toxic808

    Do call of duty Modern warfare 3 please

  • ec7o6667

    no racing games yet keflings was awful need better games bargain basement games go away

  • Colman Mathis

    Can you email a 12-month gold code to colman.mathis@gmail.com.

  • William Elkins

    cant wait to see march!

  • jordancrossy .

    can one of the free games be Naruto ultimate ninja storm generations plz I really want to get the game and it is no longer sold and it is a game you can play with friends and it has a really good story mode I hope you agree and make it a free game

  • RoadShowIsGay

    RoadShow, if you hate xbox so much, why are you on this article?

  • Kurt

    Playstations free online multiplayer is terrible. New accounts everyday and definitely not as well put together, in terms of marketplace, as xbox

  • D. Davis

    Keep scrolling down to go on an ADVENTURE :)

  • lolollol

    whats after TS Cold war

  • http://scruffy-duck.net/ Rhi

    Is this as far ahead as the titles are known?

  • charmed233

    i love the game with gold program… Hope it continues… Do anybody know if you can get a game that has been offered already and passed… I sigened on in the middle of the program and there are a few games that I do want.

  • steven edgell

    I think they need to give out more better games instead of some of these boring immature games I mean sure little kids play Xbox but most kids play cod while XBL is giving away these weird kidish games and if u look over at ps+ they have BioShock infinite free and also the new tomb raider so come on Microsoft get real and do something about it

  • KingOcean4

    Ok. Been reading comments and all I see is hate for both systems which somehow led to PC gaming. I have never touched a PS3/4 and grew up with playstation 1&2 along with genesis and atari. So here’s my opinion on a few matters.

    1) Xbox 360 Single Player games:
    -Get friends. Real life buds that you can chill with and play multiplayer LOCALLY! 360/One or any other system doesnt just have to be online.

    2) Xbox Gold Games
    -Some suck. Some are great. Point is is that you get to keep it FOREVER without being connected to online or without Gold. I play all types of games ranging from Anime, to shooters, to how you say. “kiddy” games. Frankly I cant wait to get Dungeon Defenders on the. 16th! looks fun and I have friends that will play , local. no internet or Gold required after download.

    3) “They release games that no one plays !”
    -Im sorry , I fail to see how you know what everyone likes. I could say everyone likes sport games ! .. Id be lying. Some of the people I know dont even glance at sport games. They al look the same to myself , and a few others .. maybe thousands. Like I said, I play all sorts. I played a few sport games on the ps2 and watched my cousin play on the ps 3. same exact thing in my eyes. Mechanics could be different annually, but I cant tell. Moving on!

    4) Microsoft Sucks!!
    … Without Microsoft, computers wouldnt exist. Bill Gates. Microsoft. Built the first computer. and other companies took his idea and made it their own. Enjoy that realization.
    -Porting from PC. Shut up. That’s not the company’s decision. It’s the games Company’s decision. Diablo 3. Blizzard made the idea to port it. Microsoft AND Sony accepted the plan.

    • Kage

      Your #4 is incorrect.

      IBM made the first computer, long before Bill Gates knew what a PC was. While his Windows OS did change the way the PC worked, he didn’t invent the PC. There were computers attached to TV’s over a decade before Windows ever came out.

      The rest, I agree with.

      • Becky

        I think KingOcean means that majority of households use a Microsoft computer. They’re bitching about Microsoft consoles but not the machine they’re using… xD

  • KingOcean4

    Oh. And the “no rechargable batteries” thing. Go outside. Go to Meijer, Walmart, whereever. Buy a pair of 2 Rechargable packs WITH a charging AND a charging Cable for $30! a one time fee for endless usage! Damn.

  • snake666

    warface beta and world of tanks are all so free

  • Ed Marston

    Id like to see red dead redemption on gwg as the next game I wanna buy will be fifa 15 but I like the look of red dead redemption but not sure whether I should buy it as money is tight :/ plus I have the same surname as john marston (which is coincidently my dads name) ;)

  • radesta XL

    games with gold rule$ and might even bring down ps4 online community’s altogether . considering xbox gold is so established already,not to mention the fact that others download the same games and play online when they are released ,genius.-pure

  • radesta XL

    a good idea might be to sell 4 month xbox gold 4 like 24.95 also cus not only less hassle but is cheaper and less time ..but is also appealing more so..or sunbathing like that..plus instant profit for microsoft ever1s happy..is a good idea you would just have to work out the profit/price ratio…

  • radesta XL

    going bak to roadshows comment..xbl is just hands down a better service tho..more established,heaps of mad channels and stuff..not really to dis ps4 but,well i think we will just have to see what happens..YOUR PAYING FOR A PREMIUM SERVICE.no sum crap that more then likely wont even take off and just be another ps failure

  • John the epic

    Love this program lets me get great games

  • Antonio Medina

    Dark Souls, Charlie Murder, and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for June Games with Gold. I believe they are also bringing it to the Xbox One and changing the whole thing PS+ subscription game rental wise!

  • TheOtherGamer

    Is this the Games with Gold discussion or the Allen discussion? Allen, you’ve made you’re point so move along and stop hogging up the whole discussion board. TY

  • Alpha468

    I myself think xbox is a very good system and when I read the comments 1.) Xbox has no exclusive. Wrong The Halo series is a xbox only game (not counting the halo ce/halo2 betas and the fact that’s its called “the most unreliable system I think is wrong xbox since realeas has been improving plus now the Games For Gold system is now on the xbox one. In my opinion xbox has a superior friend sytem than the ps,wii/wiiu,and ds so many people complian for really no good reason so what the controllers are a bit pricy there returning in Better gameplay Better online play They lowerd the xbox one price to 350$ while the ps is still 400$ and unlike ps the xbox didn’t have a hacker break into there system and steal milions in dollars only becuase Sony wasn’t upping there Anti-Hacker systems so it was easy and simple while xbox hasn’t had a big problem like that so thank you very my much for saying how xbox sucks or you point out all the flaws of the xbox why don’t you take one bloody second and think about the ps,wii,and other systems problems before judging the xbox…

  • Justaguy

    This needs to be updated to say that you can only use the Games if you have a valid Xbox Live Gold membership


    What does tbc mean ?

    • Gpenguin

      To be confirmed, I imagine

  • Mars

    Spare yourselves! Don’t scroll down! Tempers are running high…..

  • http://dochhund.deviantart.com GR_DochHund

    If only it were possible to download games for free on those free gold weekends…


    please put sleeping dogs and dead island back i missed them please

  • HumpinMoose

    Will free games with gold end in july for the 360

  • Dean

    This Allen guy.. Shut up pal you’re embarrassing yourself. I’ve played both xbox and PS.. PS online is an absolute joke and its an even bugger joke you think because its free bits better.. I’d pay Xbox more money before I had to use the shit that PS call online. The servers are slow, almost always down for whatever reason and the security system they have said up is pathetic. I’ve never known anything get hacked into so often.

  • Anon Player

    Well every console and even PC have there flaws. new games, more memory and better graphics needed! Every year new consoles keep coming out, every year things get more expensive and every year you will be forced to stay up to date. As for you guys saying xbox will be ending in december. Have you tried to play online servers on the Playstation 2? Only game i ever found to work was COD: World at War. Does not matter what you play on, everything comes, everything goes.

  • Anon Player

    Just imagine when games came out at my age when i was 16. Everquest, deer hunter 4, dark age of camelot and so fourth was the best times of my life. Honestly i dont think games will ever be as great as those days. I honestly miss them so much and if you dare try to play on any of the servers. You will find out that half are gone, very little population or no longer available. Cheers to my child years that i miss so much.

  • Xboxforums not Sonyforums

    How about this, they are consoles and if you hate xbox so much, then why the hell are you looking it up on the internet. obviously you are looking to make people mad and be a troll, but if you had the balls, you would go back to your playstation forums and suck Sony’s ‘Asian’ Dicks. Have a great day

  • craig

    its all because of people that hate other consoles that all consoles will die out just because of spending too much money on competing why cant we all just agree that both consoles are gr8

    • Eric Hutchison

      Fanboyism is childish.

  • Devin

    allen it does not matter what you play its if you like it or not I loved psp, ps2, and the ps3 but they got old fast because of the the trouble it cause I traded them in for a xbox and I love the xbox now and yes I miss games like dark cloud and jak and dexter but I like the games like halo and blinx. the experience is what matters and if you like the games. money can be a problem but I played offline I lot but I look for story and background in games not online experience.

  • Coolsean118

    I think mafia 2 should be next. Really want that game

  • Becky

    Why hasn’t this been updated?

  • Alisa Alisa

    Robot Unicorn Attack


    Upon loading up the game and probably startling Google Chrome itself with the absurdness of what I was playing, the word disappointment temporarily fell out of my vocabulary because after even 30 seconds of playing my head was filled with rainbows, amazement, and awe at how simultaneously simple and entertaining the experience was. Aside from the frightening array of colours that would distress even the hardiest of retinas, everything about this game is unbelievably simple and easy to grasp. Taking the fact that you are a mechanical unicorn as given, you are thrown into a bubblegum world of fantasy and sparkle which, upon witnessing it with your own eyes, will make you understand what those Skittles talk about when they bang on about “tasting the rainbow”. As a robot unicorn, your job is to simply run endlessly across terrain, jumping intermittently when the ground beneath you ends and landing on the next platform. The jumps become increasingly difficult as you progress, with terrain and giant star-shaped obstacles getting in your way.

  • Alisa Alisa

    Robot Unicorn Attack


    Upon loading up the game and probably startling Google Chrome itself with the absurdness of what I was playing, the word disappointment temporarily fell out of my vocabulary because after even 30 seconds of playing my head was filled with rainbows, amazement, and awe at how simultaneously simple and entertaining the experience was. Aside from the frightening array of colours that would distress even the hardiest of retinas, everything about this game is unbelievably simple and easy to grasp. Taking the fact that you are a mechanical unicorn as given, you are thrown into a bubblegum world of fantasy and sparkle which, upon witnessing it with your own eyes, will make you understand what those Skittles talk about when they bang on about “tasting the rainbow”. As a robot unicorn, your job is to simply run endlessly across terrain, jumping intermittently when the ground beneath you ends and landing on the next platform. The jumps become increasingly difficult as you progress, with terrain and giant star-shaped obstacles getting in your way.

  • DJ Shums

    Wow guys! I really don’t know why anyone is giving this Allen guy the time of day. He is obviously only here to stir things up and try and tear everyone down. He claims that he is a fan of gaming, if that were true then he would realize that everyone likes different things for different reasons and he would respect other gamers opinions. Just because someone likes one system over another does not mean that everyone who prefers the other system is a moron or ignorant. If everyone liked the same things and there was no variety in life things would be pretty boring.
    The fact of the matter is that the video game industry is a BUSINESS model and businesses are in business for the sake of making money. I always laugh at gamers who want something for nothing. If game developers and publishers only care about making all of their customers happy and are less concerned with sustaining an acceptable profit margin then they won’t be in business for very long.
    Microsoft is not to blame for the pay to play online direction that the industry is taking that is just where things are heading. The fact is that when we pay for an online subscription service the service provider then has more available funds to upgrade their infrastructure, improve their service and give us as the consumer more value for the price we pay.
    Profits in the gaming industry are down, the cost of game development continues to rise. Game developers and publishers are doing what they have to in order to survive. Do I agree with all of the decisions that everyone is making? Absolutely not. However, I also realize that within a business model anytime a company can reduce its bottom line and increase its profits by passing along some of the cost to the consumer they will.
    I for one own every major console and I have since the Atari 2600. Each system brings something unique and different to the table. I don’t hate on one system or its fans just because I might prefer something else. Nintendo gives me products I can’t play anywhere else, so does Sony, so does Microsoft. I game because I love video games. I don’t have time to endlessly debate which system is better because that is a debate that will never be won. I welcome the diversity of the consoles on the market, competition always drives us forward and brings the cost down for the consumer.
    You may hate Sony and love Microsoft or vice versa, you may hate all of them and the direction the industry is going. Without competition we will always receive and inferior product at an inflated price.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you think it is right or wrong is not the point. Arguing with each other, name calling and tearing everyone down who disagrees with you is a pointless endeavor. No one will ever change my opinion by calling me a moron and arguing with me.
    Seriously though, lets get back to what this blog is about, Games for Gold.
    I for one will take any game they decide to give us but I am hoping that the quality of the games offered will continue to rise.

  • Sakib Al Hasan Appel

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  • Pc Fanboy

    what i want to know is why this discussion has been going on for so long like why cant we all except we are wrong at times and that both consoles are pretty good and also Pc master race

  • Portman

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  • Allen sucks

    You’re a loser.

  • Allen sucks

    Nobody likes Allen.

    • TSD

      I’m suprised that he’s getting likes for his comments.

  • Marcucciboy2

    Is there a way to get email updates or something like that when a new game is added to the list / the page is updated?

  • PS fanboys suck

    I see GWG is greatly improving. For all these stupid PS fanboys, you are all probably on here because nobody likes any of you, and are lonely. Sony sucks. Get a life.

  • Carlos

    I love it keep it up I just really want one thing and that would be black ops 1 or dbz kinect or mass effect 3 or red dead redemption or good nba 12 or 13 or wwe 2007 or skate 1.2 3 any thing else like dead space 2 and dead island riptide is the best one tho so plz put games like this or some thing I really thing they should do is grab a lot of 1 2 dollar games and put them on the games with gold then more people will love to buy xbox that’s would make me buy it I had xbox live for nine years already so as they say power to the players @’.@

  • RadicalOne217

    I’d like to see Monday Night Combat as a free games for a bit, if that’s possible.

  • gabe

    i thought they already put up dishonored? no? regardless they need more games like that. quality games rather than arcade titles.