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What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

While outsiders are quick to label all gamers under one general term, we are in fact a diverse bunch with very different tastes and opinions. Not all gamers play all games, and that is truly one of the beauties of our chosen past time.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a light hearted look at some of the common gamer types.

The Non-Gamer



The non-gamer is quick to identify themselves whenever they see you enjoying your favourite past-time, loudly proclaiming how you’re wasting your life away in front of a glowing monitor. The non-gamer can take many guises, usually that of a significant other or parent.

The ‘I’m not a gamer’ Gamer

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

These gamers are a conflicted bunch. Much like the non-gamer, they show an obvious disdain to our hobby and won’t be seen anywhere near a controller. However, stick a smart phone or tablet in their hand and they’ll tap away at Candy Crush for hours on end.

The Back Seat Gamer



With games becoming more and more cinematic, it has led to the rise of the back seat gamer. This gamer is happy to sit back and let you enjoy your favourite game passively, (until the game starts and they just can’t help but try and get involved). Worse still, is that they usually demand you only play your favourite story driven titles when they’re around to also enjoy them.

The Snob



Listening to this gamer, you’d think they hated playing games. Prior to every big game release they will proudly tell anyone who will listen how terrible it will be and how only idiots will get dragged into the hype yet again. Come release day however, a copy will somehow make its way into the snobs collection.

The Action Man Gamer

Make my day..

Make my day..

Winning is everything for this gamer. Everything is planned with pinpoint precision thanks to their (usually fictional) military record. They are often heard talking in riddles or barking orders about watching your six and taking point. Expect this gamer to have a strange obsession with face paint and camouflage, and prepare to be unfriended should you kill/death ratio drop below 1.0

The Taker

Oh look profit!!

Oh look profit!!

The Taker loves gaming and will happily tell everyone just how into games they are. Yet despite all of this love, they flat out refuse to contribute to the industry in any way. They will only buy pre-owned games or beg copies from friends, rather than actually support the industry they love so much.

The Artist

Just look at the watercolours

Just look at the watercolours

Often confused with The Snob, The Artist loves the finer things in gaming. They see games as an art form that should be savoured and absorbed. They can often be heard having in depth discussions about games that go on longer than a MGS cut-scene.

The Japanophile

There was a house in New Orleans

There was a house in New Orleans

This gamer is obsessed with anything Japanese. Give them moody teenagers and endless RPGS with bad voice acting over guns & explosions any day. You’ll never find this gamer at a midnight launch unless it’s for some strange dating sim featuring scantily clad overly sexualised schoolgirls.

The Collector

GPN Towers :) (not really)

GPN Towers :) (not really)

This type of gamer is cursed. Instead of playing games, they spend almost all of their free time buying them instead. Any other spare time is then spent telling everyone about their collection or assembling Ikea flat pack storage solutions.

The Glitcher

I'm so good at VidjaGamz

I’m so good at VidjaGamz

You know the game that a team of hard working devs have spent years shedding blood, sweat and tears to create? Well this gamer will devote all of their being poking holes in in order to exploit the game to their advantage. This gamer isn’t happy with the “out of the box” experience and instead tries to prove their gaming superiority by any means necessary.

The Hardcore Casual

Crossover time?

I know who my money would be on..

This gamer knows what they like, and that’s Call of Duty & Fifa. While most gamers snap up every title in sight, these gamers are more than happy to buy two games a year and play them to death.

The Podcaster
This gamer is in an awkward position, they could just play the games they enjoy each week but instead they have to play everything possible to let their mass of listeners know about it. They will beg, borrow and steal (well, trade-in) in order to secure the latest titles, but eventually end up a little jaded from it all.

The Youtuber/Streamer
Forget the games, it’s all about the views. This gamer will play absolutely anything if it will get them hits on their channel. Popular games will be torn a new one (usually in a funny voice), while terrible indie games will be proclaimed the single best form of entertainment ever made as this gamer struggles to find their niche.

The Games Writer

My new gaming keyboard..

My new gaming keyboard..

This gamer seemingly has the dream job, playing all the latest and greatest games before scribing a few words about them. However the reality for this gamer is they often spend far more time writing about games or watching Youtube videos about them than actually playing them. Even in the rare occasions they get a controller in hand it’s usually to play something terrible for an article rather than something they’d actually choose to play.

So what kind of gamer are you? Let us know in the comments below

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Chris Cook

About Chris Cook

Chris has been gaming as long as he can remember and is almost old enough to know better. He can often be found staring wide eyed at the tv with a Xbox pad in hand or practising his Football Manager press conferences in the bathroom mirror.

  • Kamille

    I’m the japanophile but I go more for games like FF, DMC, Metal Gear, etc. not the dating sims or games with over-sexualized children and kawaii/moe trash.

  • Shawn Petraschuk

    God damnit Chris…. I’d like to think that I spend more time playing what I love but I’ll admit that I’ve drawn the short straw on the occasional shite review!

    • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

      You and me both lol

  • Demonic Reaver

    NEW type “Conquest gamer” – Takes satisfaction in beating every game he can, just to say he did. He ranges from the most popular titles down to kids titles, enjoys every style of game. RPG, FPS, platform, racing, or sports it doesn’t matter. This gamer will play them all for his own personal glory. Gaming is his life and he is good at it!

    That would be me! lol Should have started doing walkthroughs a long time ago.