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Rumoured March Playstation Plus (Europe) content: Includes Dead Nation for PS4


Just like last month, we at GamePointsNow have managed to get a sneaky peek at this months Playstation Plus titles.

Once again Sony are bringing a handful of stellar titles free to European subscribers across all three of it’s platforms. Here’s the list that we’ve been shown for March:

PS4: Dead Nation
PS3: Tomb Raider, Brothers a tale of two sons
Vita:Smart As, Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD


For PS4 users the much rumoured PS4 version of Dead Nation makes it’s way onto the next gen. The top down action shooter went down a storm on PS3 so this new version should be just as good.


On PS3 two more of 2013′s GOTY contenders are available for subscribers. First up is 2013′s Tomb Raider. See how student Lara croft became the icon we know today in Crystal Dynamics terrific reboot of the series.


Also for PS3 is Starbreezes critically loved Brothers: A Tale of Two Son’s following on from it’s release for US subscribers last month. Set off on a unique adventure set in a gorgeous fantasy world.


Vita users get their usual two games too this month, with puzzle game Smart as.. making it’s way onto the service along with Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a remake of the PSP tower defence game


Are you impressed by this list? What other games would you like to see on the service? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter (@TeamGPN) or on Facebook

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  • uptownsoul

    As a US PS+ member for a while, you all in EU are going to love Brothers. The gameplay is crazy. It took me a while at first get the brothers moving fluid but its pretty innovative

    • devwalar

      Plenty of us already bought it as well, it’s not the first chance we get to play this wonderful game :)

      • uptownsoul

        Sorry, i thought it was a given that i was talking to those people with PS+ that hadn’t already played the game. So next time i’ll spell every single detail out so you can understand

        • devwalar

          apology accepted.

      • dapaintrain

        Not all of us you kind of sound like a jerk.
        He just wanted to tell us that haven’t played it (like myself) to give it a chance.

    • detn

      looking forward to play it , but i heard moving the two brothers can be hard :p

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I have a feeling NA/US PS+ member will get Tomb Raider for free next month.
    Sounds like you have inside sources within EU Sony.
    If Tomb Raider Bundle is supposedly going to free next month, that means Quantum Conundrum is going to free again for PS Plus subscribers.

  • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

    Obviously we can’t reveal our sources, but we have every confidence in them :)

    • Tjaldid

      Edit: Nevermind Secret Ponchos is in April and the Binding of Isaac is in early 2014 along with DriveClub (Will they all be in the same month hmmmmmm…?)

    • Bengo Palmiotto

      Great list guys :D I’m trusting you with this one, it also seems legit and similar to my predictions. The big surprise has got to be Dead Nation on PS4. Do you think Trine 2 on PS4 might make it’s way onto the IGC?

      • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

        Thanks :) You never know with Trine, but it probably won’t be for a while with other titles lined up for the next couple of months

        • Bengo Palmiotto

          OK :D thanks for the info and sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I’m italian so I don’t really speak the best english. I don’t know how far ahead you guys might be, but do you know what games will be on in the nest months too? Would love the MGS collection for PS3 lol

          • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

            Nothing concrete on further months at present, it can change at a moments notice ( this list actually changed 3 times before I got the final list). I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as we hear anything however :)

          • Bengo Palmiotto

            Thanks, you are the best :D

    • Manchit KimyOwh

      tell your friendly ‘source’ we want FIFA 14 on ps plus…you got it ?

  • lol

    Wtf there’s nothing for the ps4 :(

    • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

      Dead Nation is the PS4 title,

      • disqus_9hGcgJwej7

        Old game…

  • Jecht_Sin

    TOMB RAIDER?! It just came out for PS4. I doubt it.

    • bigevilworldwide

      DId you miss the small little detail like….IT’S THE PS3 VERSION..Not the PS4 Definitive edition….Attention to detail, reading comprehension can be fun

      • waterblaze123

        It is indeed YOU! Bigevil who needs reading comprehension ¬¬ Read it properly the first comment you may understand it, god. He means in a sense that Tomb Raider JUST came out on the PS4 so it is a little hard to believe that they would release the PS3 ver now. That will detract further sales of the next-gen version god.

        • GremDude

          Agreed! A huge percentage of PS4 owners still have their PS3. Why would they pay 60 bucks to play it on PS4 when it is available on PS3 for free. I call BS

          • OG

            guess that backfired on you huh?

          • Mighty

            haha right in his face…

  • Jan Compaf

    xbocs live iz better cuz i say so

    • VictinisRage


    • GNazi

      Cool story bro.

    • Bl4ckH4nd

      Enjoy your 6 year old free games.

    • detn

      thats what i said a month ago , last week i bought my ps3 , went on ps+ and was amazed why i didnt buy a ps sooner , so short but powerfull : FUCK XLIVE!

  • Nicolas Whipp

    I got excited when I saw Tomb Raider but it is not coming out on the PS4 platform for free :(

    • J H

      It just came out for PS4, why would the definitive version go in the iGC when SE want to make money on it and are doing?

  • J H

    If this turns out to be true, I’ll be surprised a bit. Tomb Raider is surprising because the definitive version just came out, then again maybe its selling really well on PS4, so they don’t mind giving away the PS3 version for rental? Regardless it looks like a fun game that’s been on my list for awhile. Brothers looks excellent too.

    Dead Nation last time I checked isn’t a PS4 game yet, but following on from the recent trend that could mean its PS4 release is slated for somewhere in early March but the game is still going through certification.

    Vita games not sure what to say, haven’t played either of them nor do they interest me all that much. I know a lot of people would kill for Persona 4 Golden in the IGC so I wonder if Sony is pushing for that at some point.

    Also am I the only one who’d like to see a TellTale game in the PS3 IGC at some point?

    • dapaintrain

      Im guessing the ps3 version is going free to tempt people who have a ps4 to get hooked on the game and buy the ps4 version.

    • OG

      I own both, trust me the Definitive edition is SO good. Smooth 60 fps while the ps3 version runs at 30 fps. Sometimes i thought the definitive edition was running on 2x speed, but hey going from 30 to 60 fps is a HUGE difference. And the graphics are so WOW.

  • disqus_9hGcgJwej7

    This is a horrible deal for PS4 users. Who owned a PS3 and did not buy Deadnation for 10$ unless completely uninterested??? Still waiting to be blown away by my new system.

    • Joop Agema

      free games is never a horrible deal

      • disqus_9hGcgJwej7

        Bad argument….

        • vliejsklak

          indeed i keep going back to PS3 but don’t want to. about time they give some games to keep me interested longer than 5 minutes

    • Coody

      Horrible deal? Compared to WHAT exactly? What other next gen system has free next gen games every month included in the price for online multiplayer?

      Oh yeah that’s right NO other system so how can it be a HORRIBLE deal?

      • disqus_9hGcgJwej7

        Compared to the 10$ I shelled out 2 years ago on the ps3 when tha game ACTUALLY came out and The price I pay each month to get games I already owned two years ago. These games are not free, i pay the cost of membership for them and deadnation’s retail price doesn’t even cover the monthly fee. That’s compared to what.

        • GNazi

          Well. It came out 4 years ago.

          I’d not heard even a rumour until now of Dead Nation coming on PS4… Though there was confirmation of it coming to Vita (talks of which have died down since?)

          • OG

            Someone from sony confirmed a Dead Nation Vita is on his way, will take quite a while tho might range from a month to 6 or something

        • Coody

          Yes they ARE free now that PS+ is required for online play. But even if it wasn’t, nobody in the world could accuse PS+ of EVER being a horrible deal n be believed by ANYONE

  • BazookaCamel

    Brothers and Smart As are already free. Does this refer to the PSN in the EU?

    • BazookaCamel

      I didn’t see it in the heading, but this is clearly for EU. As I can’t remove my post, can the admin please clear it?