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Rumoured February Playstation Plus (Europe) Content

PS-Plus-LogoPlaystation Plus has been going from strength to strength in recent months with it’s stellar line up of free games for subscribers.

February 2014 however, looks like it could be one of the strongest months yet if the list that we at GamePointsNow have been shown is true. While it’s worth noting that this hasn’t been publicly confirmed by Sony yet, one of the titles is already available to US subscribers and another has been announced as coming to PS+ in very early 2014. So, here’s the list we were shown:

PS4: Outlast
PS3: Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light.
Vita: Dynasty Warriors Next, Modnation Racers.

For PS4 users, the super scary survival horror title Outlast finally makes it’s way from the PC. Set in the truly scary Mount Massive Asylum, you are required to investigate the mystery armed with just a video camera and your wits.


On PS3, 2013 GOTY contender Bioshock Infinite brings the glorious world of Columbia to subscribers in Europe after its release for US subscribers last month.


Metro: Last Light also makes it’s way onto the service in February. This stunning sequel to Metro 2033 see’s you once again exploring post apocalyptic wasteland which once was Moscow. It mixes together an interesting story and horror FPS gameplay in a way that made it one of 2013′s hidden gems.


Dynasty Warriors: Next, a spin off beat ‘em up from the successful Dynasty Warriors series will be the first of the Playstation Vita offerings. The launch title will be joined by Modnation Racers: Road Trip, the handheld sequel to PS3 & PSP hit Modnation Racers.

Are you impressed by this list? What other games would you like to see on the service?

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    SAWEEEEET!! Always good stuff from Sony…

  • Jan Compaf

    yay more FPS

    • Cubes

      The amount of FPS titles in this list is … NON EXISTENT ALRIIIIGHHHHTTTYY

    • Jim

      Are you stupid? The ONLY FPS is Bioshock and even then, it’s fucking awesome. >_>

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I wait for Sony EU official response

    • gamepointsnow

      We expect the official list to come out in the next few days. We’re pretty confident these are the correct games but we won’t know until they’re officially announced

  • john

    Aren’t we supposed to get TWO games?! Fuck me, I hope its not Knack!!

    • Aidan Murphy

      It was 3 games on PS3 but after the release of PS4 it dropped to 2, it was always 2 games on Vita and but it since release of PS4 it’s only been 1 game per month (Not that I’m complaining, and I don’t see why you are being as thats like £70 worth of content for £4)

    • Trim Dose

      knack ?, I really freaking hope so haven’t played that game ;)

  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

    nice stuff

  • NinoBr0wn

    That’s a pretty damn good list. I need Outlast yesterday. But I’m concerned about Driveclub.

  • Trim Dose

    holy damnn so are these going to be free ?, PSN plus is freaking awesome!!

    • Cubes

      So worth it. I only paid $30 for a year on Black Friday and I would have paid $50 for it, too because of how great it is after JUST A MONTH and a half of having PS+.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    Thank goodness I waited for Metro: Last Light to be part of the IGC.

  • bigshynepo

    This would be a great lineup!

  • Rodger Princeton

    outlast.. to scary to play.. trust me

  • cderry

    Why do the PS4 players keep getting screwed? One game per month when we were promised 2 or more per month? I see the stuff the PS3 is getting and I keep thinking I shouldn’t have sold it and not upgraded.

    But then again…Don’t Starve is amazing.

    • Delta440

      PS4 is only getting one game per month because there are not alot of games for the PS4 yet, the console has just launched dude give it some time.

    • Vic

      The damn console just released 2 months ago! PS3 has years of games for the IGC to pick from so of course it can give more games away than PS4 because there’s barely any games out for it as it is.

    • Mitch

      PS4 is just out, they just can’t give more. If you would want more, they would already have to start giving those big AAA games, which they just can’t. When the console gets older, the better content will come, just wait.
      I think it’s already amazing that we’re getting some Indie games at launch, not nothing like Games with Gold on Xbox One.

  • J H

    This looks pretty good, though I’ll be honest I’d rather switch one of the PS3 games for a PS3 Dynasty Warriors game rather then the Vita. That’s mainly because I don’t have a Vita though xD

  • http://www.ign.com/ flameingjester

    I’ll give Outlast a try i faced scare games before

  • Richard Garvey

    I have all 3 of these consoles that black Friday deal on ps+ was an amazing buy

  • kariem2k

    Finally Great PS3 Games that i didn’t buy a month before its available on PS+ IGC.

  • Alan Dripps

    I’ll pass on next month’s offerings for PS4, survival horror doesn’t pique my interest.

  • fafff

    Put outlast on ps3

  • Joao Cabrita

    extremely good month.
    a bit dissapointed at the vita games but hey you cant have them all. especially after metro last light/bioshock infinite