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Rumoured April Playstation Plus (Europe) content


Once again we at GamePointsNow have got our grubby hands on the latest EU Playstation Plus offerings. As ever until it’s all officially confirmed we have to state it as rumour.

PS4 owners get another indie title from the PC while for the PS3 crowd there’s stealth & the FOX engine, but not what you’re thinking sadly. The Vita offerings are looking up slightly however after a rough couple of months.

This months offerings are:

PS4: Mercenary Kings
PS3: PES 2014, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Vita: Hotline Miami, Moto GP13


PS4 users will get their hands on 4 player co-op side-scrolling shooter/platformer Mercenary Kings. The game was initially funded on Kickstarter and is by the same team tat brought us the awesome Scott Pilgrim game.


For PS3 sports fans there’s Konami’s formerly great football title PES 2014. With it’s new FOX engine makeover and excellent gameplay Plus subscribers can discover if PES could be almost ready to snatch its crown back from EA’s Fifa series.


Also available for PS3 owners is the latest in the Sly Cooper series with Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time (or Sly 4 as it was known) The stealthy platformer won over fans of the series upon release and now Plus subscribers can check it out for free.


Finally the Vita finally gets some more love after a couple of iffy offerings. First up is the excellent Hotline Miami, the ultra stylised, ultra violent title is worth playing just for it’s killer soundtrack.

MotoGP 13 1

Secondly there’s MotoGP13 to coincide with the current MotoGP season. Vita owners can race a series of tracks at breakneck speeds on some of the fastest bikes around.

Are you impressed by this list? What other games would you like to see on the service? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter (@TeamGPN) or on Facebook

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  • Tom Morrison

    Thanks guys – you’re the best!(-: Don’t know why Sony wait so long to announce the list every month.

    • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

      Glad you like Tom, we’ll continue to try hard to bring you the news as soon as we get it.

      I imagine Sony won’t be too far behind this time

      • Tom Morrison

        I noticed last month that the US and EU PlayStation Blogs revealed their respective lists at exactly the same time so I think it will only happen tonight (at the earliest) due to the time difference between the two regions.

        • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

          Yeah, I’m hearing they were all geared up to announcing tomorrow evening.

          • Tom Morrison

            Besides these PS Plus leaks, what other PlayStation info do your sources tell you?(-:

          • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

            Bits & bobs but not much I can go public with yet, hopefully we’ll have more soon though

          • vuko

            yeah,u can’t but you can about this leaks, it is poor explanation, that u can’t go public with your knowledge, it sounds like you are authorized to do leaks about ps+ content but not on other things,If you givin leaks about plus whats a problem to tell other leaks? doesn’t keep this together for me, or you know something and you don’t bother about sony and tellin everything or you are work with sony and just tellin what they alow you.simple as that

          • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

            I have several sources at or around Sony, while some are happy for me to share what I know, others have asked me not to share things, so out of respect for them I don’t.

            I will only ever share (or leak as you put it) anything that my source has given me express consent to do so, it’s only fair

          • vuko

            fair enough,have a good day

          • Better Than James

            Even people that leak information are given limitations. He’s not Snowden and probably values his job.

      • Bengo Palmiotto

        Shame I either already have or really don’t like all the games for this month :( Back to PC land it is lol

  • Anders

    Good games for PS3, but with PS4 as my main console Mercenary Kings is not enough to get me back on PS+ this month.

    • Better Than James

      The entitlement some people think they have is amazing. Sony gifts this as a free bonus, the Plus service is more than whatever handout you are given for just having the service.

  • TheLostKokiri

    Hmmmm, the PS4 title seems like it’ll be good fun, and I love Scott pilgrim but still seems as though it’s basically getting ps3 ports at this point :/

    Not overly thrilled by PES either, I already own Fifa (as I’m sure nearly everybody who plays football games does) and PES has taken a nose dive over the last few years. Still though, sly Cooper will be great to play through :)

    • Deku-Johnny

      The console hasn’t been out half a year yet, PS3 ports are all they can possibly offer at this point.

      • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

        In fairness Mercenary Kings never came out for PS3, it was only released on PC this week

        • TheLostKokiri

          Okay, that may have been poor wording on my part… I more mean there hasn’t really been a game that has shown off what the ps4 can do. I mean, we were meant to be getting drive club (albeit a slimmed down version) until it was delayed. Why not at least give us a taste of an exclusive PS4 title. It seems as though we’ve gone a far way down since drive club.

          • http://GamePointsNow.com/ BlueWolf

            I think a lot of people seem to forget that Sony actually did announce Plus would be more indie focused on the PS4. Everyone was distracted by the excitement of everything else in the E3 conference I guess.

          • joe1234

            Well the PS Vita is already heavily focused on Indie games, which are great, but it seems like the games we are getting for PS4 could easily be played on the Vita or the PS3. We have all purchased a PS4 because of what it can do, and being pretty much forced into buying PS+ to play online, you’d expect the free games to show off a little.

  • http://keypad.pl Zioman

    What’s the point of announcing Cross-Buy to PS4 for Hotline Miami and then give it away in PlayStation Plus?

    • Schreekuline

      It is a pretty fair guess though, NA has had Hotline Miami for a few months. My questions is if the PS+ version will include the PS4 edition.

  • http://wackiest.tumblr.com PG Wackiest

    This seems too good to be true with regards to Sly Cooper. Especially as it is a Cross-By title. If so that’d essentially be 3 x PS Vita titles.

    • Martin Brentnall

      Hotline Miami is also a cross-buy title, so it would be available on the PS3 too, and also the PS4 when that version launches soon.

      • http://wackiest.tumblr.com PG Wackiest

        yeah it all seems too good to be true for me with all the potential crossbuy going on :p I already own Hotline Miami so not too focused on that one. But hey these guys have been accurate the past few months so we’ll see.

        • joe1234

          Maybe the free download will be restricted to the one console so you can’t cross-buy. But that would confuse things when people want to buy/pay for it for their other consoles

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I’m hoping that North America can get PES 2014 for free next month for PS Plus.

    • dapaintrain

      I doubt it. I mean soccer games never do to good in North America more likely you will get madden or some sort of madden clone if 2k still makes it’s football series not to sure

  • Dikan45

    Glad I never bought Sly now!!

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      stop impersonating me

  • Near

    noooo i only have a ps3! if it is true, worst update ever for me.
    soccer and an indie game i don’t know. I hope they change the ps3 games. :(

    • http://wackiest.tumblr.com PG Wackiest

      Sly Cooper would be pretty sweet, or is it not your thing/already own? I’m still hoping this is wrong. I’m thinking that Sony got wind of the leak and sent a red herring it’s way ;)

    • jakdripr

      Hotline miami is pretty cool though, if you haven’t played it yet I recommend giving it a shot. The control scheme takes some getting used to, but once I got a hang of things I couldn’t put the game down.

    • Eric

      Sly Cooper isn’t “an indie game”

      • Near

        Sorry, i didn’t know it.

        • Daplayer2k7

          How could you not know!
          It’s one of sonys best platformers right beside The Classic Crash Games, Jax and Daxter & Ratchet and Clank

    • Miten vitussa saan nimen ilman

      Fucking idiot

    • Bengo Palmiotto

      You retard Sly Cooper is a first party title, even though you’re so stupid you don’t even know what it means. And soccer? Seriously? Go fuck yourself

      • Guest

        Shut up you idiot.

        • Bengo Palmiotto

          You should shut up fuckface

  • James

    Nice, I can play on my PS4 a game that I could’ve played on the SEGA. The only good game for us has been Outlast.

    • Better Than James

      Entitled prick.

  • Poyuma

    Its ridiculous to see the butt hurt people who don’t want to pay for a AAA title.

    Listen, if you don’t like the line-up then GO FUCK OFF! Its that simple, Sony doesn’t even have to give you pricks anything. Fucking Xbox gives 5 year old games to the subscribers of Gold so comapared to Sony PS+ we get the better deal.

    So if you say you are sick of these games and shit like that then go FUCK YOURSELF!

    That is all, have a nice day.

  • fred

    is free stop complaining! Sly Cooper Thieves in Time more likly then PES 2014

  • Metanol

    Once again you were right !