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GamePointsNow E3 Predictions – Sony

Previously, we had a go at predicting Microsoft’s E3 showing so it’s really only fair we do the same for all things PlayStation.

This could be a big year for Sony after their triumphant success since E3 last year. But with key figures like Jack Tretton stepping down and bumper losses for the company overall, could we see a very different PlayStation presser this year?


The PS4 has without doubt come out the blocks firing on all cylinders, but with people bemoaning the over reliance on indie titles (there will be more of those too) and a lack of big hitting titles, can team PlayStation once again knock it out of the park?

If there’s one thing Sony does have, it’s quality first party development teams. Since the PS4 was first announced last year it’s been known that pretty much every first party team was working on PS4 software, yet we still don’t know about most of them. So now could be the time they have exciting things to show us.

Here’s what we’d like to see:



While no-one’s really expecting Uncharted to be released any time soon, it is Sony’s number one franchise so you can expect some form of appearance. With all the personnel departures from Naughty Dog causing concern, expect to see a lot more than the normal teaser trailer.

A release date might be a bit much to ask, but a CG style trailer interspersed with some hastily put together gameplay segments would go a long way to allay the fears that all is not well on the good ship ND. Expect it to look incredible, but if they wanted to really impress us they could reel out the PS4 version of The Last of Us
Project Beast


Or Demon’s Souls 2 as it’s probably going to be named. While many have expected a Dark Souls 2 next-gen remake, it seems that Japanese studio From Software has other ideas if recent leaks are to be believed. The engine used to create Dark Souls 2 was built with next gen consoles in mind so there’s no need for them to be starting from scratch on next gen hardware.

While there’s no indication that whatever Project Beast turns out to be won’t be a multi-platform release, we really wouldn’t be surprised if it was announced as a PS4 exclusive published by Sony for release in late 2015.

Project Morpheus


We’re expecting this to feature pretty heavily. Sony’s Oculus rival is expected to be one of the biggest attractions at gaming shows this year and, once again, we expect it’ll be UK studio Media Molecule showcasing just what the latest PlayStation hardware is capable of.

Hopefully we’ll see more than just tech demo’s this time and actually get a glimpse of some of the software that will take advantage of the technology.



By now it’s pretty obvious that a next gen version of GTA:V is coming, but where and when will it be revealed? There’s every chance Rockstar (who don’t normally attend E3) could choose to announce something ahead of the event (as they have in previous years), but we think we could see announcements made on the Sony stage rather than under the neon green lights of the Xbox event.

Hopefully that’s not all we’ll see either. There’s been no word on the DLC for GTA:V as yet but hopefully they’ll be more to tell here. We’re expecting news on at least one of the upcoming story DLC packs but confirmation that there are in fact three coming would be awesome.

Remakes, Lots of Remakes


Earlier this year, we gave you the remakes we expect to see appear on the PS4, and while some of them have already since been announced, we expect to see a few more revealed on stage. The much rumoured Bend developed Syphon Filter reboot could be one of them.

Other remakes we’d like to see would be a return of the lovable Crash Bandicoot and futuristic racer Wipeout. There’s also the possibility we could see a remake of PS3 launch title Heavenly Sword to go along with the upcoming animated movie and talk of a possible sequel. Also expect to see the return of Kratos in some (or several) forms; a PS4 God of War Collection wouldn’t surprise us, but a shiner version of God of War: Ascension could also be on the cards.

Shiny Cars


Sony’s première driving sim is sure to appear at some point, even if it is just to remind people that it still exists. With most of the attention on the troubled DriveClub, we expect the GT series to return this year with a re-skinned next gen GT6 leading into a full on Gran Turismo 7 late next year.

Known Quantities


Talking of DriveClub, we expect to see a whole lot more of Sony’s latest car porn sim this year. Maybe we’ll get a look at some of those troublesome social features that caused it to be delayed so long. Also, we expect that Ready at Dawn’s third person shooter The Order 1886 to get an extensive gameplay demo and a tentative late 2014 release date (it’ll probably slip into 2015 though(EDIT – It has)).

Sony love Destiny, so expect them to make a big deal of Bungie’s upcoming MMO shooter on stage this year. Along with an extensive gameplay demo (hopefully not the old Russia level again!) we’re predicting some news about PlayStation exclusive content, as well as a potential PS4 Destiny bundle. Oh and expect news on DLC for inFamous: Second Son.

The Last Guardian (FINALLY)


It wouldn’t be a Sony E3 prediction post without mentioning The Last Guardian. Japan Studios has gone to great lengths to assure people that it’s still coming in some form, but surely it can only be a PS4 title by now?

Nothing has been seen for quite some time so if it isn’t actually shown this year then we’d consider it dead in the water once and for all. If it is shown however, we reckon it could be Sony’s big 2014 release.

What would you like to see Sony announce? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Guest

    That’s a lame list. Last Guardian won’t ever live up to the hype again either, not with all the problems that have plagued Team Ico.

  • Corey Wells

    I hope it’s better than that yea I want last of us and uncharted and the order but sony needs some games coming soon, some new ones, cause I know I will have games coming for my xbox one, but I bought both for a reason