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Could these remakes be heading to PS4 soon?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting word from our super secret sources about more and more “Full HD” remakes coming our way in 2014. According to our sources Sony will be leading the way in reintroducing classic games on PS4 and Vita

While we can’t officially comment on the actual titles, we at GamePointsNow thought we’d take a look at the games that could be given the full HD treatment in the near future.

The Last of Us


A remake of Naughty Dog’s incredible The Last of Us has been mooted for some time now and although the PS3 version was only released under a year ago, it does make sense. Sony has seen a lot of gamers switch to the PS4 from the Xbox 360 so there could be a potential market for a reissue. Additionally, with new DLC being released, they’d be perfectly placed to bundle it all up and sell as a PS4 Definitive Edition once the season pass wraps up.

Heavenly Sword


With an animated movie due for release later this year we really wouldn’t be surprised to see Heavenly Sword make a reappearance at around the movie’s release While the original was well received critically it didn’t really equate to amazing sales figures, so giving it a second lease of life may introduce it to new audience.



Even though original developer Psygnosis was closed down in 2012 it doesn’t take much to imagine that Wipeout will make an appearance on the PS4 sometime soon. The PS4 game was actually in development before being cancelled when the studio closed, and with such a huge fan base surely it’s only a matter of time before we’re racing into the future once more.

Syphon Filter


Another remake that has been long rumoured is Syphon Filter. It’s actually surprising that we haven’t already seen Gabe Logan and co reappear, given the popularity of similar third person action games in recent years. Splinter Cell especially has shown that an espionage style third person title has an audience.



With most of ThatGameCompany’s other work already finding its way over to the PS4, it surely can’t be long before its most successful title Journey makes the jump too. The beautifully crafted experience already looks and sounds stunning so it’d be perfect for next gen machines – or at least the Vita.

The Unfinished Swan


Like Journey, The Unfinished Swan has been constantly linked with a jump to the next gen. With more and more PSN titles making the crossover, expect to see the superb exploration game make a splash again soon.

Uncharted & inFamous series

5244820772_976d9f93bc_o (1)-horz

With both series already confirmed as getting full next-gen sequels, the chance to grab a few more sales by remaking the original games may prove too much to resist. Sony have previously shown a penchant for repackaging successful series together when bringing them to new platforms (like they previously did with God of War & Ratchet and Clank), so maybe we’ll see these two fan favourites hitting the PS4 before long.

Demon’s Souls


With its successor Dark Souls becoming such a big hit on multiple platforms you’d think the possibility of a return to the game that started it all would be unlikely. However, there have been numerous rumours/reports of Demon’s Souls making some kind of return on PS4. While an out and out remake might be out of the question we could see a sequel or a spin off at some point.



When Blizzard appeared at the PS4 launch event to reveal Diablo III they also said it was the start of a “strategic partnership” between the two companies. Could this mean a potential Starcraft game coming to consoles? RTS fans have been asking for Starcraft to make it’s way over to consoles for years, and with titles such as XCOM showing strategy games can work on console, maybe the time is finally right.

Crash Bandicoot


Before Naughty Dog were making our jaws drop and our eyes wet with awesome games like Uncharted & The Last of Us, they were knocking out the highly regarded Crash Bandicoot games. Once upon a time, the lovable Bandicoot was actually lined up to go up against the likes of Sonic & Mario as the face of Sony, so it makes sense that they would be looking to bring him back to the front at some point. Several hints have been dropped in the past regarding a return but with Activision actually owning the rights to the character, it could be that red tape hold things up entirely.

Final Fantasy VII


It’s impossible to say anything about HD remakes without mentioning FFVII. Ever since a tech demo was shown running on a PS3 in 2005 the internet has clamoured for Square Enix to remake the beloved title. With the series showing signs of fatigue it certainly wouldn’t do any harm to remind everyone just what was so great about the games, and Square would get a guaranteed hit to boot.

What games would you like to see remade? Would you pick up a HD version of a game you’ve already played?

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  • Negi Springfield

    How about Shenmue III ? I know it isn`t a remake or anything , But it would been nice to see if it was included in this list.

    • albatrosMyster

      Have you played the first Shenmue?

      I did back then, I still have a Dreamcast, but no Shenmue, this game is boring as hell :-/ I think people just got caught by the impressive graphics.

      It’s like a year 2000 Heavy Rain :-( only quick time events one after the other…

  • PlaystationNinja

    GTA V

  • Shadowno

    I would never buy a standalone port. While I love the HD collections, like Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts, I can’t imagine myself going all out to buy a single game that’s just been change over. Especially one that just came out last gen. There’s nothing wrong with something like Last of Us or Infamous. They don’t feel dated, they play just fine, and buy a second copy, just because it’s on PS4, would be a waste of money.

  • RoadShow

    Crash Bandicoot I would buy.