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How To Redeem A Call Of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360/Xbox One Combo Pack Code

Here at GamePointsNow we’ve had a few customers who have had trouble redeeming the Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360/Xbox One combo pack codes.

As the codes aren’t quite like your average Xbox game digital code we thought we’d put up a handy guide for anyone having trouble accessing their games on either platform.


First of all there are a couple of things to bear in mind when redeeming the codes:

i) The Call of Duty: Ghosts codes CANNOT be redeemed on an Xbox One console. You will require access to your Gamertag on an Xbox 360 console or on a PC

ii) It is a single code that grants you a copy Call of Duty: Ghosts for BOTH systems which will be tied to the Gamertag used to redeem the code. You cannot gift one version to someone else. you will however be able to play both versions whenever you want

iii) The code grants you access to the Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold edition which comes with some added extras which will be available to you in game

Here’s how to redeem your code and access both versions:

1) The easiest way is to redeem the code via Load it up in your browser of choice and sign into your account


2) Once signed in highlight your Gamertag in the top right corner and a drop down menu with “Redeem Code” should appear. Click Redeem Code


3) Once on this page simply click Redeem


4) Here just enter your 25 digit code exactly as it appears in your email from us. If you’re having trouble reading it let us know and we can type it out again for you. Once you’ve entered your code hit Confirm


5) You will then see a screen confirming the product you have redeemed a code for. Hit Confirm again to continue


6) You’ll then be notified that the code has redeemed successfully


Now to download your games


For the Xbox 360 version all you need to do is boot up your console and press the guide button once signed in

Scroll to the right of the Xbox Guide until you see Account Management and press A


Then on this screen select Download History and press A again


You should then see Call of Duty: Ghosts ready and waiting for you to download just highlight it and press A


Then select Download Again to begin the download


For the Xbox One version there are two ways you can access your game either through or via the console itself.


To access it via simply navigate to the Xbox One game marketplace on the website and select Call of Duty: Ghosts. You should notice that the price has changed to 0.00. Simply click Buy Now for Xbox One and the game will be sat waiting for you in the ” My games and apps section” next time you turn on your system. If your console is set correctly it will even download itself for you


To access it via the Xbox One console simply scroll right on the Xbox One dashboard and select the Games tab for the store

Then use the search function to find Call of Duty: Ghosts. It should then display as FREE so simply hit Buy and confirm your purchase and the download will start (it’s a hefty one though)


And that’s it, enjoy your game. if you have any other issues feel free to contact one of our customer support team who will be happy to help you.


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How to Redeem a typed code on Xbox One (without using Kinect)

We know you can redeem codes on Xbox One using Kinect/QR codes, but do you know how to redeem a 25 character code the conventional way by typing the code in with controller?

In short, to manually redeem an Xbox One code simply:

1. Scroll right to ‘Games’.

2. Select ‘Use a code’

3. Manually type the code in

4. Confirm your code.

5. Enjoy your new content :)

Alternatively, you can check out our handy video guide:

Did you find this video guide useful? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Microsoft Points Cards are Replaced with Microsoft Xbox Gift Cards. See the pictures!

The King is dead. Long live the King.

Microsoft Points cards, have finally come to an end. They were available for nearly seven years and in that time we sold over half a million cards, but last week Microsoft have officially switched off the printing presses.

All is not lost though! Existing Microsoft Points cards can still be used (and offer great value to customers; it’s like buying discounted money), and Microsoft have replaced the points cards with Microsoft Xbox Gift cards.

They’re essentially the same thing as points cards (a code which gives you money to add your Xbox account), and as ever, ordering from us means you’ll get the scanned code instantly emailed to your inbox. Enough talk! Let’s take a look at the new cards:


The cards no longer come in an actual case


So far, £15, £25 and £50 cards are available. £10 cards will follow soon…


Europe have their own cards denominated in Euros.

What do you think of the new design? Do you prefer points or currency?


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How to Get FREE Xbox Gift Cards Codes (no surveys!)

You want free Xbox Gift Cards?

As we know, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be switching from Microsoft Points to real cash balances in whatever country you live in. Microsoft Points Cards will no longer be available as they will be replaced with Xbox Gift Cards, which will add the cash to your Xbox account.

But what’s better than buying Xbox Gift Cards? Free Xbox Gift Cards codes! There’s a lot of free code scams out there. How many surveys have you filled out, or viruses have you downloaded trying out the latest ‘techniques’?

Why we’re different to the other sites

Our site is different. We’re a real, UK company that’s been selling Microsoft Points and Xbox Gift Cards for over 6 years. In fact, we were the first company to sell scanned codes online in the UK. Don’t believe us? Check out our About Us page and take a look at a sample of our stock below:


You can get free Xbox Gift Cards, free Xbox Live codes, free Playstation Plus codes and any other free code we normally sell by signing up with the Game Points Now Rewards Program. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up, you can start earning codes immediately and there’s no limits on the number of codes you can get free!

Learn how to get free Xbox Gift Cards today

So, how does it work? Take a look at this 60 second video, which will explain everything you need to know:

When you sign up to the Game Points Now Rewards Program, you’ll instantly get a personalised link. When you share that link on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Blogs/Forums/wherever you like and people click on it to buy codes, we’ll track that purchase and let you pick an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo code for free.

No limits!

There’s no limit on the number of codes you can earn, and the more people that click your link and buy codes, the more Xbox/Playstation codes you can get for free!

Sign up NOW to start getting free Xbox Gift Cards!

The signup process takes less than 30 seconds and will give you your personalised link straight away. Sign up now to start earning Free Xbox Gift Cards



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The Complete Xbox Gift Card FAQ

Microsoft Points to be replaced

In September 2013, Microsoft points will be phased out and all all content on the Xbox Live Marketplace will be priced in local currencies. You can find out more detail of how this will take place here, but are you curious about going to happen to Microsoft Points Cards? Let’s find out!

Will Microsoft Points Cards still be available?

Microsoft Points Cards will cease being produced in September 2013. Retailers will have the option to return any unsold stock.

Xbox Gift Cards will replace Microsoft Points, which add a currency amount to your Xbox account similar to PSN and Itunes Gift Vouchers. Games and DLC on Xbox Live will be priced in your local currency (for example British Pounds for the UK)

Will each country have it’s own Xbox Gift Cards?

Most countries have their own currency, so will need their own Xbox Gift Cards. Though Microsoft have announced which countries will be switching to their local currency, they haven’t declared which will have Xbox Gift Cards available in stores. It’s reasonable to expect any country that currently has Microsoft Points Cards to have Xbox Gift Cards available (i.e. UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia).


Will a European Xbox Gift Card work in any European country?

We have been informed from a Microsoft source that they will. Unlike the PSN which has individual cards for each and every European country, any Xbox Gift Card priced in Euros will work in any country that supports the Euro. For instance, this means you could buy a card in Germany and redeem it on a Spanish account.


Are we likely to see discounts on Xbox Gift Cards?

Throughout the Xbox 360′s life, it wasn’t uncommon to see discounted Microsoft Points Cards from online sellers. As Xbox Gift Cards are currency equivalents, it’s less likely you’ll see the same level of discounts as Points Cards . Look at it this way, how often do you see discounts on iTunes gift vouchers?

When will they be available?

Xbox Gift Cards will be available at some point in September.

Will Xbox Gift Cards be available in shops?

Yes, they’ll be available in high street shops and online as emailed codes. Of course, we’ll be selling them as instantly delivered codes as usual.

What denominations will be available?

No information regarding card amounts has been announced yet.

What will the Xbox Gift Cards looks like?

Official artwork hasn’t yet been shown, but here’s a fan mockup:


What happens to my old Microsoft Points?

Your existing balance will get converted to a currency equivalent. You’ll be still be able to redeem any Microsoft Points Cards you have for a year after the switchover. See our other article if you want the full details!


Do you prefer a points or cash balance? Will you be buying Xbox Gift Cards? Leave a comment and let us know!

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The 100% Unofficial Xbox Live FAQ


The Basics

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is a service that has allowed for online gaming and content delivery on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles since 2002. It began as an online gaming network, and evolved into a game downloading service towards the end of the original Xbox’s lifespan.

With the launch of the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, that aspect became more integral to the service, and video content became available to download and stream. On both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, a broadband internet connection has been required to make use of the service.

What does Xbox Live allow you to do?

It enables you to:

  • Play video games online
  • Download games via a variety of services
  • Download movies and TV shows with Xbox Video.
  • Access streaming video services such as Netflix, iPlayer and 4OD (with the appropriate accounts).

Is Xbox Live free?

There are two tiers of Xbox Live service – one is free. Xbox Live Free membership costs absolutely nothing and allows you to keep a friends list, voice chat, download game demos, full Games on Demand titles, Xbox Live Arcade games and Indie Games. However, with the exception of occasional promotional weekends, Xbox Live Free members are unable to play multiplayer games online.

What about Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold membership is the premium subscription that includes the Free memberships features, but also allows gamers to play online against other Gold members, get two free games per month, make use of additional video streaming apps such as Netflix, as well as other additional perks.

How much does Xbox Live Gold cost?

The official RRPs for different regions of Xbox Live subscriptions are below:

UK Europe USA Canada
1 Month £5.99 € 7,99 $9.99 $9.99 CAD
3 Month £14.99 € 19,99 $24.99 $24.99 CAD
12 month £39.99 € 59,99 $59.99 $59.99 CAD

You can purchase the service on either your region’s official Xbox website or on the Xbox 360 itself. A cheaper, safer option is to buy prepaid cards from shop or online stores like ours.

Can I stack my subscriptions?

Yes. Any prepaid codes you purchase will add on top of your existing remaining Gold time, so you won’t lose out.

What is the main reason gamers pay for Xbox Live Gold?

The main reason people pay is the ability to play multiplayer games online. In some cases such as FIFA and Call of Duty games, it’s the primary reason people play the games.

Is it difficult to play games online with Xbox Live?

That varies on a game-by-game basis due to each game having its own menu structure, but generally, it is very easy to play online with friends or random players.

If I’m new, will I be beaten quickly in a game?

Unless the game uses Trueskill, that is quite likely.

What is TrueSkill?

TrueSkill is a matchmaking system devised by Microsoft that uses an algorithm to determine who you would be best-suited to face.

How many friends can you have on your Xbox Live friends list?

The maximum number of friends you can on your list on Xbox 360 is 100. This will increase to 1000 with the Xbox One.

Can I use voice chat?

Voice chat is available to free and Gold members.

What about Party chat?

Party chat, which enables multiple players to form a party and chat even when in different games, is only available to Xbox Gold members. Kinect video chat requires the Kinect and is also only available to Gold members.

Can I use Xbox Live over a Wi-Fi connection?

If you have an Xbox 360 S (released June 2010) or E model (released June 2013) system, wireless adapters are built into the console so a wi-fi connection can be used.

All of the ‘fat’ original design white or black Xbox 360s require either an ethernet cable, or the purchase of an additional wireless network adapter that plugs into one of the system’s USB ports

Can I use my Xbox Live Gold account on multiple systems?

Yes, you can. This can be done by signing into your Xbox Live account on another system, or downloading the profile from Xbox Live on one 360, then saving it to a USB flash drive and loading it on the other one.

Does that mean I can sign into my profile on multiple systems at once?

Unfortunately, you cannot use one profile on more than one system simultaneously.




Achievement Unlocked

What are achievements and what do they do?

Achievements are a sign that you accomplished something in a game. Point values and names are given to each one. Generally speaking, the lower the amount of points earned for an achievement, the easier it is to obtain. They don’t “do” anything, but can be a source of pride and provide players with bragging rights against friends.

Do achievements update in real-time?

Yes – your gamerscore will increase in real-time as you earn more achievements.

What is the maximum number of points in a game?

Generally speaking, retail and Games on Demand titles have 1,000 Achievement Points while Xbox Live Arcade games have 200. Xbox Live Indie Games have none. Some retail and GoD games are able to exceed the 1,000 limit with additional DLC.



The Games

Xbox Games on Demand

What downloadable game services are available on Xbox Live?

Games on Demand offers the ability to download the same games as full retail releases, just without a physical disc, box, or manual. The games will need to download in full onto your hard drive before playing. Some games have manuals that can be viewed on the official Xbox site as PDF. Games on Demand titles are rarely discounted and so are usually more expensive than buying the boxed version.

Xbox Live Arcade games are exclusively downloadable titles with no physical counterpart. They tend to be smaller games than full-fledged Games on Demand offerings. They also have a much lower maximum cost, with many games costing between 800-1600 MS Points. Xbox Live Arcade titles are frequently discounted.

Xbox Live Indie Games are the least-expensive and smallest games offered on the Xbox Live service and are created by small, independent, often amateur developers. Many are available at only 80 MS Points, which allows you to amass a large library of playable games on the system without spending a lot of money.

What games are available on Games on Demand?

Not every game is available on the GoD service, and many aren’t available on day one of a game’s release.

I love older games, what is available for me beyond Xbox Live Arcade/Indie titles?

The Game Room app allows you to play older games from Konami, Atari, and Intellivion. These games are available to buy in a variety of packs, or you can try every game for free for ten minutes.



Games with Gold

Games With Gold

What is Games with Gold?

The Games with Gold program is only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The service launched in June 2013, and gives gamers 2 free games per month.

What type of games are on the GWG service?

Games with Gold includes both Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade titles.

What games have been available so far?

A full list of games that have been made available on the service is available here.

Can I download the backlog of free games that have been released?

No. A new GWG game is release on the 1st and 16th of each month, and only the latest game is available to download at any given time.

How long will Games with Gold run and is only for existing Gold members?

Presently, the program is slated to run through December of 2013. It’s available for existing and new members.

If I have a code for a trial 48 Gold membership, can I grab the free GWG game?

Unfortunately not. Xbox Live Gold members must be using at least a 1 month subcription in order to access the latest GWG game.

When I download a game, is it mine to keep forever?

As long as your Xbox Live account isn’t banned, you’ll be able to play the games forever. If your Gold membership expires, you’ll still be able to play the games. Unlike PS+, the game is yours to keep regardless of whether you’re an active paid member or not.

Can I redownload previous GWG games after I have already downloaded them for free?

Anything you need to delete due to storage space concerns can be re-downloaded by checking your download history on either the console or on the official Xbox site. You can only re-download games you have already downloaded whilst you were making use of the GWG service.

Were any games free to download prior to this service?

Before this promotion launched, only a select few Xbox Live Arcade games were made available for free – and those were usually branded products put out to promote a company. Examples would include Yaris and the two Doritos Crash Course game.



Beyond Gaming


What kind of video services does Xbox Live offer?

Depending on the region you live, Sky, 4OD, Iplayer, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Youtube, Crackle, Redbox Instant, Nickelodeon, UFC, ESPN, Blip, Vudu, MSN, MLB, TMZ, Crunchyroll, the CW, Vimeo, and Twitch are just a few of the apps available for free on the Xbox Live marketplace.

Is all content on these services free?

Most require paid-for additional subscriptions. Video content that is usually free such as iPlayer and 4OD remain so. Anything that requires payment is clearly marked. In the case of Hulu Plus and Netflix, these services come with 30 day free trial offers.

Do I need to be an Xbox Gold Member to access these video services?

Most will require an Xbox Gold membership. A notable exception is the BBC iPlayer.

Is content the same for all services in all regions?

No, the applications will only stream the content that’s normally available in your region.

Outside of gaming and video services, what does Xbox Live offer?

You can execute simple searches with Bing or makes use of the Internet Explorer app to browse the web. You’re also able to customize your avatar with free or paid items. Music and social networking tools are also available.

Is Internet Explorer a fully featured web browser?

Other than the lack of Flash support, it works reasonably well for most tasks. If you need to check your e-mail quickly or keep up with some news in-between extended gaming sessions, it’s very useful. The lack of Flash means you’re unable to view any video content that uses it though.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a 3D character model that you can customize to look like yourself, or nearly anything else you can imagine.

Are avatars free?

Yes. An avatar costs nothing to create, but some optional items for them do cost money.

What kind of items are available for free?

Generally, you can create a realistic, but basic-looking avatar with free items. Some game purchases will entitle you to otherwise paid items.

What kind of avatar items are included with a game purchase?

You’ll usually get a T-shirt or hat with that game’s logo or name on it. Sometimes, you’ll get multiple items through one game purchase. Some titles even allow you to unlock avatar items after accomplishing something within the game itself.





How can I listen to music on Xbox Live?

Youtube is a popular way to view music videos on the system, as is Vevo. allows for streaming music, while Xbox Music allows you to stream and download music.

Is music streaming free?

Xbox Music has a free streaming service supported by advertisements. If you have an Xbox Music Pass, you will be able to bypass the ads on the service. Xbox Music Pass gives you offline and online access to songs for a paid subscription.

The Xbox Music Store doesn’t require a monthy fee and allows you to pay to download a song or album of your choosing. is free and ad-supported. tailors your own customized radio station based on your listening habits.

What kind of social networking functionality is available on Xbox Live?

Xbox Live has had Facebook and Twitter apps in the past, but they were removed in late 2012. You can still access those services on the system through the Internet Explorer app.

Is Skype available on the Xbox 360?

No, but it is coming to the Xbox One.

What other functionality is available through Xbox Live?

SkyDrive is supported for cloud storage. While any kind of file can be put on your SkyDrive, the 360 app focuses on allowing you to view pictures and videos. You’re given 7GB of free Skydrive storage space, and additional space can be purchased.

You’re able to view photos in a slideshow, or go through them individually with either the d-pad or bumper buttons. You can also view file information and find out when a photo was taken, or even which camera was used to take it. Videos can be paused whenever you like.

How many devices is my Xbox Live account good for?

If you have any Games For Windows games, your Xbox Live account can be used for that. If you have a Windows phone, your Xbox Live account can be used there to keep track of your account. Both Windows Phones and Games For Windows allow you to boost your gamerscore with in-game achievements.

Xbox SmartGlass is a mobile phone and tablet app that gives you a second screen experience with some Xbox 360 games. In the case of Forza Horizon, it allows you to view a map whenever you want, while Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge lets you view your achievements and statistics.



The Future


Will an Xbox Live Gold membership carry over to the Xbox One?

Due to the lack of backwards compatibility, Xbox Live Arcade, Games on Demand, and Indie Game purchases will not carry over to the Xbox One. Your Xbox Live Gold account, Gamertag, achievements and Avatar will carry over.

As far as media purchases go, video, and music purchases made on the 360 will carry over.

Will there be a price increase for Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One?

No. Xbox Live Gold is set to cost the exact same on Xbox One as it does on the Xbox 360. Those who eventually have both systems will be able to use the same account on both consoles, and get more use out of a single membership.

Will Xbox One’s friends list be capped at 100?

No. The Xbox One will have a maximum friend list of 1000.

What new services will be available on Xbox Live with the Xbox One?

The system will have on-board video editing software that allows you to upload clips to Twitch, and the mandatory Kinect will enable Skype video chat.

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Howto: Change the region of your Xbox Gamertag

Since the Xbox 360 launch in 2005, it hasn’t been possible to change the country to which an Xbox Gamertag was registered. Gamers moving from one country to another would find themselves stuck purchasing online content in their old currency or needing to source Microsoft Points cards from overseas or online sellers. They’d also lack many of the media services native to their current country.

Finally, after 7 years, Microsoft have added this much-requested feature to the Xbox in January 2013 and it’s a surprisingly quick and easy process.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Head to the Xbox Moving page and login to your Xbox Gamertag


2. Take a read through the changes and click next.

3. You will then be required to select your destination country. Click ‘I accept’ and your Gamertag region is then changed and the dashboard will now show your new country’s payment options and content! You can now purchase Xbox Gift Cards in the currency of your new location.


What moves:

  • Gamerscore & achievements
  • Remaining Xbox Live Gold time & remaining balance
  • Downloaded games & videos (but see below!)


  • Depending on license agreements between different territories, some content may not be accessible. Most gamers report no missing content though
  • Video services will likely change depending what’s now available in your region (Netflix, iPlayer etc). A lot of these services still do geo-IP checking though, so you can’t fool the Xbox into getting US content
  • Xbox Music subscriptions can’t be moved
  • Region can only be changed once every 3 months

Has this helped you? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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Xbox Beta Dashboard Update Increases UK Prices Up to 32% (Update: Or not!)


Update:Microsoft have released this statement to Joystiq “We are aware that select regions experienced some incorrect game title pricing in the Xbox Live beta. This was an unintended error that we are in the process of fixing.” Beta users affected by the incorrect prices will be reimbursed “after the update is available to all members.”

Though we weren’t lucky enough to be selected for the latest beta dashboard update which features the transition from Microsoft Points to local currencies, we’re seeing reports that this update is increasing the price of content on the Marketplace.

Microsoft will convert your existing points balance to real cash at the actual market rate or higher for MSP (so for example 1200 points valued at £9.99 will give you £10.40 in real money), but games are now priced at a higher amount in local currency than they were in equivalent MSP. The effect is that players are being shortchanged and will have to pay more for their games in future.

Look at prices increases on content below:

Old MSP Price
MSP Equivalent New Price % Increase
400 MSP £3.40 £4.49 32.00%
800 MSP £6.80 £8.99 32.00%
1200 MSP £10.40 £11.99 15.00%
1600 MSP £13.60 £14.99 10.00%

Points cards can still be redeemed if players are on the Beta and will give local currency equivalent. The update will be rolled out globally from September, when Microsoft Points cards will be replaced with Xbox Gift Cards.

What do you think about these price changes? Leave a comment and let us know!

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This is How Microsoft Points Will Switch to Real Currencies

Xbox Gift CardWhat is going to happen to Microsoft Points, and when will it happen:

  • Microsoft Points are being replaced with real world currencies
  • All content will be priced in your local currency (£/Euro/$ etc)
  • The changeover will happen with the Autumn Xbox 360 update in September
  • Microsoft points cards will be changed to Xbox Gift Cards and will be available online and in store

What happens to Microsoft Points you already have:

  • Microsoft Points already on your balance will be converted into your local currency in September
  • Converted points will likely convert at a slightly higher than market rate
  • The converted balance must be spent within a year or will be removed
  • Points cards will be redeemable through 2014, and will still give you slightly higher rates
  • Funds added via Points cards will not expire
  • Points cards can only be redeemed for a short time after 2015
  • Look for Xbox Gift Cards in shops and online from September
  • Your balance is shared between Xbox 360 and Xbox One


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Microsoft Points Are No More: What Happens Next?


Microsoft points have been the currency for Xbox 360 gamers wanting to purchase games, DLC and additional content since the Xbox 360′s launch in 2005. With the release of the Xbox One in November 2013, Microsoft have decided to simplify this system by making real-world local currencies the only payment option for online purchases. This means that UK purchases are in £, European in € and USA in $.

Throughout the lifetime of the Xbox 360, gamers have enjoyed hefty discounts on Microsoft Points over RRP by purchasing them at retail stores, or via online stores that scanned the redemption code and emailed it to their customers. However, Microsoft Points will be retired in September 2013 as part of the Autumn/Fall update

Microsoft Points cards will be phased out in all regions and replaced with real world currency. You will then have the choice to either buy content direct from the console by entering your card details into the machine, or by redeeming Xbox gift cards, which are available in the following local currencies:

Xbox Gift Card Currencies

Country Currency Country Currency
Argentinia Peso Korea Won
Australia Austarlian Dollar Netherlands Euro
Austria Euro New Zealand NZ Dollar
Belgium Euro Norway Norweigan Krone
Brazil Real Poland Euro
Canada Canadian Dollar Portgual Euro
Chile Chilean Peso Russia Russian Rubles
Columbia Columbian Peso Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyal
Czech Republic Czech Koruna Singapore Singapore Dollar
Denmark Danish Krone Slovakia Euro
Finland Euro South Africa SA Rand
Germany Euro Spain Euro
Greece Euro Sweden Euro
Hong Kong SAR Honk Kong Dollar Switzerland Swiss Francs
Hungary Hungarian Forint Taiwan New Taiwan Dollar
India Indian Rupee Turkey Turkish Lira
Ireland Euro UAE UAE Dirham
Israel Israeli New Shekel UK Pounds Sterling
Italy Euro United States US Dollar
Japan Japanese Yen

Xbox Gift Cards

Xbox Gift Cards will be available to purchase at retail or in online stores in most of these regions at some point in 2013. We can confirm that they will be available in the UK, Europe and USA in stores in September.

European cards will not be region locked to each country, so a Euro Xbox purchased in one European country will work throughout the whole of Europe.

What happens to existing Microsoft Points?

The switch to real world currencies will not be happening until September 2013. Up until this point, you can carry on using Microsoft Points as normal.

After this time, if you have a Microsoft Points card that you have not yet redeemed, an equivalent amount of currency (or higher) will be added your account instead of the points. We’ve been reliably informed that points will likely be redeemable for greater amount of real currency than the Points are worth, so they’re likely to be a good value proposition whilst they’re still available.

After September 2013, you will be able to continue to to redeem Microsoft Points Cards on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 throughout 2014 and for a limited time thereafter, so you will have over a year to redeem your codes. Remember, Microsoft will add real currency instead of points after the Autumn update.

If you have a balance of Microsoft Points already on your Gamertag at the point of transition, Microsoft will convert your Points balance into real world equivalent (or higher). The conversion will happen automatically, as long as your Gamertag is registered to one of the above countries.

Any Microsoft Points that they convert from your balance will only be available for one year after the conversion. If they’re not spent within a year, you will lose the funds. This only applies to the converted funds and not funds added via Points cards or Xbox Gift Cards after September 2013.

You will still not be able to transfer or withdraw real world currencies from your Xbox account. You will only be able to redeem Xbox Gift Cards for the region you are registered to, and won’t be able to spend the funds on third party offerings such as Netflix or app subscriptions.

What about retailers?

From September 2013, Microsoft Points cards will stop being on sale in retailers and replaced with Xbox Gift Cards. Retailers will have the option to return any Microsoft Points they have in stock, and purchase Xbox Gift Cards in their local currency instead. These will be available online and in high street shops.

Do you have any comments or questions about the transition to real-world currency? Leave them below!

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