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The Alternative Awards of 2014

It’s that time of year again where gaming outlets around the world hand out their Game of the Year awards.  Never one to miss out, we at GamePointsNow thought we’d hand out a few of our own, albeit with a slight twist.

 So here’s our Alternative Game of the Year Awards for 2014:

Most Face Melting Graphics

Winner – Assassins Creed: Unity

 There’s no denying Assassins Creed Unity looks stunning, but that’s not the reason for this award. While the internet would have you believe this was a common issue, the “invisible faces” bug actually only affected a very small number of players on PC, which did nothing to stop it being utterly hilarious.

An honourable mention goes to Dragon Age: Inquisition for it’s “slick” looking faces, especially in the rainy areas

Most Misleading Title & the It’s Nothing Like the Trailer” awards

Winner – Watch_Dogs

Not a single dog anywhere to be seen!!! And that’s not the only way Ubisoft mislead everyone! After two sterling showings at E3 expectations were high when Watch_Dogs finally launched last year. While the game wasn’t totally terrible, it fell short of what had been shown in gameplay demos leading up to release. This led to public outcry,especially when hackers (ironically) discovered that all the settings from the E3 demo were actually still in the game but had been disabled and hidden.

The “You Looking At Me?” award

Winner – Luigi,Mario Kart 8

There we were thinking Mario kart was just a cutesy fun game, ideal for spending hour upon hour having fun with the whole family. How wrong we were.  While some of us take our gaming seriously, very few take it it as seriously as Mario’s little brother it seems.

The OMFGROFLMAO award for most insane gaming moment

Winner- Exploding Elephants in Far Cry 4

 Possibly not an award for the animal lovers out there, but what do you expect when you give gamers access to heavy explosives and majestic rampaging elephants. While Far Cry 4 offers up numerous ways to liberate outposts, our favourite by far is strapping C4 to old Nellie and sending her headlong into your enemies. Thankfully the game spares you the full horror of it’s guts going everywhere.

The “Really…You delayed this?” award

Winner – Driveclub

When PS4 launch title Driveclub was delayed shortly before launch, there was much anger and disappointment – but that was nothing compared to the anger and disappointment when it actually released. After seeing what state it came out in it’s hard to imagine what it was like before they delayed it. Thankfully it all seems to be fine now.

Most awkward conversation

Winner- Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Iron Bull & Dorian’s flirting

 One of our favourite things about Dragon Age: Inquisition is the party “banter” (ugh) system. The conversations you get to hear depend on the characters you’ve chosen to accompany you on your quest to close the giant green hole in the sky, so experimenting with different combinations can be really interesting. Without doubt however, our favourite combo is Tevinter mage Dorain and Quanri warrior The Iron Bull.  If you don’t romance either character, they will spark up a rather strange romance which involves some full on flirting…which can get a little graphic.

The “New pants please” award

Winner – Alien: Isolation

 2014 saw quite a revival in horror titles and without doubt Alien: Isolation is right up there with the best of them for sheer tension. While other games might have more outright scares (honourable mentions go to Outlast and PT), Isolation ramped it up to 11 in terms of atmosphere and downright terror. There’s not many games where you can spend five minutes trembling under a desk hoping you won’t get spotted. In fact we’re not totally sure we didn’t crawl throughout the whole game.

The “I Can’t Feel My Hands” award

Winner- Our Fifa 15 World Record Attempt

We love gaming and we love Fifa, but after spending over 48 hours playing Fifa 15 to set a new Guinness World Record that love did wane just a little. However, raising loads of money for the awesome Special Effect made it worth it

The “Just leave Me Alone” award

Winner – Far Cry 4’s animals

 Without doubt, Far Cry 4 is one of 2014’s finest games, but it’s also one of the most annoying thanks to Kryat’s amped up animal population. It’s as if Ajay Ghale has embarked on his trip smothered in the tastiest animal treat in existence, such is the fervour the various predators are whipped into whenever he appears. Hopefully whoever suggested those bloody eagle attacks was promptly shipped off to experience it for real.

 Most Pervy Cameraman

Winner – Bayonetta 2

Not many games from 2014 have stirred up as much conversation as Bayonetta 2. The Wii U exclusive has won plaudits for almost every aspect of its design, from its superb action sequences and accessible gameplay to its strong female lead. It’s just a pity the camera designer obviously thought he was auditioning for a job at Babestation

The “Something Borrowed, Something New” award

Winner – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

There are very few original ideas in games anymore. Almost every major title now features an aspect borrowed or tweaked from something else in some way. Shadow of Mordor is no exception, but few execute them all so well. While SoM isn’t some cheap knock off, it is clear that the mechanics have been heavily inspired from the popular Batman Arkham and Assassins Creed series. But unlike many games, it gives something back in its unique Nemesis system which is no doubt going to “inspire” future games.

Best Beard

Winner – Joel, The Last of Us Remastered

 It wouldn’t be an award show without a mention for Naughty Dog’s superb The Last of Us. While the PS3 version already looked incredible, the updated version re-released on PS4 last year took it to a whole new level by polishing up the character models and improving the in-game textures. Maybe it was because we’d already experienced the incredible story before that we couldn’t help but spend most of the game admiring Joels high definition beard .

The “Here Goes My Life Again”

Winner – Football Manager 2015

OK I have a problem. I’m addicted to the virtual drug that is Football Manager. Every year I promise I won’t let it get it’s claws into me so much and every year the stat filled temptress engulfs me by taking up hundreds (thousands) of hours of my Steam playtime. At first glance it seemed this year would be the year the love affair ended (well, cut back at least), but after getting to grips with some of the game’s bigger changes I’m as addicted as ever, so it’s only fair I give it an award.

Most Expensive Demo

Winner – Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

No matter what anyone says you cannot deny that Ground Zeroes isn’t a demo for the full MGS: V.  Yes the gameplay is fantastic and it looks incredible but it’s still no more than a prologue. Albeit a very good one.

The “We know it’s coming to next gen” award

Winner – Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

 The next gen consoles have well and truly taken hold now with Sony announcing they have sold over 18 million PS4’s and fewer releases hitting PS3/360. So it was a strange decision for 2K to announce that Borderlands TPS was only releasing on the last gen consoles. With the frequency in which last gen titles are now popping up on the consoles it’ll surprise absolutely no-one when it no doubt  gets announced for Xbox One and PS4 (maybe as part of some collection) at some PAX panel soon. (edit: it since has been announced) Another title in the frame for this award is Assassin’s Creed: Rogue which is likely to appear on next gen machines around the same time it launches on PC in a couple of weeks

Are there any games you feel should deserve their own special award? let us know in the comments below

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GamePointsNow Named In Ingenious Britons 2014 List

600600p666EDNmain10ingenious-britons-award-245x300We here at TeamGPN are delighted to announce that we’ve been named amongst 10 Ingenious Britons by small business network Ingenious Britain

“As part of our preparations for Ingenious Britain Live!, the Festival of Small Business, in September at Millennium Point Birmingham, we began a search for ten Ingenious Britons,” explains Marlon Wolff, CEO, Ingenious Britain.

“We wanted these to be small business owners who could demonstrate a tangible impact on their business as a result of being ingenious, whether that was through the business idea itself, in their use of money or funding, through their marketing, business processes or models or some other way in which being ingenious has led to growth or success for their company. It’s fair to say that we have been blown away by the quality of our final ten.”

It is a real honour for all of us here at GPN to be recognised in this manner and we are extremely proud and humbled to be listed alongside other great UK based companies.

GPN MD's Simon Ward & Charanjeet Kondal

GPN MD’s Simon Ward & Charanjeet Kondal

Here’s a quote from MD of Game Points Now Limited Simon Ward

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the business has been chosen to represent Ingenious Britain 2014. It’s proof that if you believe in your idea and offer a service that customers really value, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. I’m extremely proud of all our team and can’t wait for the live event in my hometown of Birmingham.”


You can check out the full press release and other Ingenious Briton’s here

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A Gaming Tour of Britain Part One: Expo’s & Events

Being a gamer can be an isolating pastime. Long, solitary sessions engaged in your favourite story-driven adventure or just messing around in an open world sandbox can often run late into the night. Even online multiplayer can be a bit anonymous at times depending on the group you’re playing with.

While sharing controllers with your friends in your living room is fast going the way of the arcade, there are options out there for the gamer craving a bit more in the way of human interaction. So let us introduce you to a few ways you can meet up with fellow gamers as we take you on a tour of Britain’s best gaming expos:


What: EGX Rezzed
Where: NEC Birmingham
When: 28-30th March

Like its EGX big brother, Rezzed offers gamers a chance to get hands on with upcoming games ahead of the release dates. While distinctly more PC/Indie focused, Rezzed does also offer up some console based gaming.

The leftfield collection gives gamers the chance to try out games that offer something a little different, with previous show stars including Gone Home & Proteus. The fantastic range of developer sessions found at EGX London also features at Rezzed, with luminaries such as Dean Hall (DayZ) & Randy Pitchford (Borderlands1 & 2) appearing at past shows.


What: Insomnia 51
Where: Ricoh Arena Coventry
When: 18-21st April

If you’re interested in esports and competitive gaming, then Insomnia is the event for you. Now in it’s 14th year, the gaming festival continues to go from strength to strength. Boasting a world record breaking LAN, Insomnia encourages you to take your own PC or console and enjoy HUGE multiplayer sessions. With plenty of tournaments on offer, Insomnia features the cream of esports talent..

However, don’t be put off if this isn’t your scene. Insomnia also offers a whole host of activities for the more casual gamer. From retro and table top games to indie darlings, there’s bound to be something here you’ll enjoy.


What: PLAY Blackpool
Where: Norbreck Castle Blackpool
When: 3-4th May

PLAY Blackpool is a retro gamers dream. The UK’s leading retro,indie and arcade expo returns to Blackpool this year and brings a few new features. As well as a huge range of classic arcade machines and retro machines, Play Blackpool also offers up an indie showcase, loads of retro stores and multiplayer events.


What: EGX London
Where: Earls Court London
When: 25-28th September

EGX is THE place for gamers in the UK looking to get hands on with the very latest in gaming. Currently hosted at the historic Earls Court exhibition centre; EGX offers gamers the opportunity to get hands on with the biggest PC & console games ahead of official release.

Along with an extensive indie showing, board gaming, tournaments and enough retro gaming to satisfy the most hardened retro-head, EGX caters for pretty much everyone. The expo also offers a fantastic range of developer sessions where leading developers share their insights and exclusive demos. Past highlights include industry heavyweights like Hideo Kojima (MGS) and Peter Molyneux (Fable,Godus).


What: PLAY Expo
Where: EventCity Manchester
When: October (dates TBC)

The UK’s most diverse gaming expo” PLAY expo brings together all aspects of gaming to the north of England. With more and more big developers on board each year, the expo is shaping up to be one of the best. As well as the usual upcoming games, hardware and developer talks, PLAY focuses on the community side of things; everything from Cosplay events to huge LAN multiplayer sessions happens here.

The expo will also host the first Classic Gaming Championships Grand Final; allowing gamers to prove their retro gaming skills with qualifying heats taking place at events across the country.


What: GameCity Festival
Where: Nottingham (various locations)
When: October (Dates TBC)

Gamecity festival is Europe’s biggest gaming culture festival. Rather than one packed event, Gamecity instead takes over a number of popular venues in and around the historic city of Nottingham. Aimed at showing videogames from a different perspective, Gamecity highlights how games can be used to teach and inspire as well as provide entertainment.

The festival features a number of events for gamers of all ages as well as some of the very best developer presentations from all corners of the gaming world.


What: MCM Comic-Con
Where: Nationwide
When: Dates Vary (see below)

The MCM expos offer a whole range of events from right across popular culture: from TV & Film memorabilia to special guest appearances from your favourite shows. While not necessarily gaming focused the nationwide events do offer a number of gaming goodies to be found, including hands on demos, stage interviews and discussions.

MCM Locations and dates:

Telford: 15th February
Birmingham: 22-23rd March
Dublin: 12-13th April
London: 23-25th May
Belfast: 7-8th June
Manchester:19-20th July
Glasgow: 6-7th September

Will you be heading to any of these or any other events this year? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or on Facebook and hopefully we’ll see you there.

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