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GamePointsNow E3 Predictions – Microsoft

So it’s that time of year again where gamers the world over get excited for all the big announcements coming out of gaming’s biggest trade show – E3.

With the usual bout of leaks & rumours doing the rounds, we at GamePointsNow thought it’d be fun to speculate on the things we expect from the big names this year.


To say Microsoft has had a tough year would be an understatement. It seems that they can’t do right for doing wrong lately, with the collective fingers of the internet going for their throat at every opportunity. After last year’s infamous ‘reversals’ there have been quite a few changes over at the Redmond campus, now headed up by the no-nonsense Phil Spencer.

Already Spencer has made sweeping changes, principally by making Kinect an optional purchase and lifting some of the Xbox Live barriers. Xbox is promising that this year is all about the games, so hopefully there will be less of the US centric TV apps that met much centre stage derision last year.

Here’s what we’d like to see from Microsoft’s E3 conference.
Black Tusk’s Gears of War – CGI


Ever since Microsoft announced it was putting together a studio of top talent, an awful lot of expectation has been placed upon Black Tusk’s shoulders. At last year’s E3 the Vancouver based studio got to showcase their “Shangheist” tech demo, but this year they should have a lot more to show.

When Microsoft picked up the rights to the Gears of War series earlier this year, they quickly announced that development duties had been passed onto Black Tusk. While it’s probably too early to see actual gameplay, we expect to at least see some form of CGI trailer with a sneak peek at a potential setting; fingers crossed for a prequel set in the Pendulum Wars.


It wouldn’t be a Microsoft event without some mention of Halo, but this year could feature more of the Chief than you can handle. Strangely, they decided to announce possibly the biggest Halo of them all (Halo 5: Guardians) before the big event, leaving us to wonder what other Halo related goodies they have held back.

It’s likely we’ll finally see the worst kept secret in gaming officially announced in the form of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It was initially rumoured that we would see just Halo 2 given the next-gen treatment, but now it seems that we’ll be getting Halo 1-4 for the Xbox One later this year along with a Beta for Halo 5 at some point next year.

Release Dates


At last year’s presser, Microsoft showed teases for a number of games like Quantum Break, Fable Legends and Sunset Overdrive. This year we can expect to see a lot more of them, so expect extensive gameplay demos and some release dates.

Happily, we predict that the vast majority will probably be released this year; with the likes of Below and D4 between now and September, and Sunset Overdrive not long after. Quantum Break is likely to fill the late October prime slot while Fable Legends will probably appear in 2015

New, Old Stuff


Microsoft have promised that this E3 is all about the games and so you can expect a slew of new game announcements. We expect to see the return of Crackdown, as well as a follow up to racer Forza Horizon. Crackdown 3 would likely be developed by Ruffian Games and release sometime next year, while we could see the much rumoured Forza Horizon 2 from Playground Games announced for September this year.

Third Party Blowout


As with every Microsoft event, we can expect to see a whole host of third party publishers showing their wares. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has publicly stated that there will be a range of third party stuff on show. We expect that most of this will be stuff already announced or expected like Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and Fifa 15, but there could still be a few surprises.

In 2012 Square-Enix showed off Tomb Raider at the Microsoft gig, so it wouldn’t be that surprising for them reveal the follow up they’ve admitted that Crystal Dynamics are working on – or maybe even the next Deus Ex. Epic RPG The Witcher 3 was shown last year so maybe we could a deeper look at that. Talking of epic, we can only hope that we’ll finally get to see something on Fallout 4 – even if it’s just a logo and someone admitting it’s in development.



Despite holding their own event not long after Microsoft, Electronic Arts always have a big presence at Microsoft’s event. The big game from them this year is expected to be Star Wars: Battlefront III so expect to see an on stage demo of that along with some gameplay of Mirror’s Edge 2.

However, it remains to be seen if EA will be able to resist the temptation to roll out former Uncharted director Amy Hennig onto the stage to reveal the as yet unannounced Star Wars title she’s currently helming at Visceral.

Titanfall DLC & More


This one’s a given, surely. The Xbox One’s killer app at present still has two lots of unannounced DLC. With the first Expedition pack sized at a disappointingly small three maps, we’re hoping that something more significant will be revealed for the future content. Maybe even the much talked about extra modes.

Talking of DLC, E3 could be the perfect place for Microsoft to reveal details of the planned Killer Instinct Season Two. After original developer Double Helix was purchased by Amazon for their new games division, development duties have passed to Divekick developer Iron Galaxy Studios, so it’d be good to see what’s coming next for the free to play fighter.

The Rest


While it’s ‘all about the games’, there’s still bound to be a few mentions of things like Smartglass and the upcoming Xbox TV programming. The Xbox 360 is sure to get some love too, so expect to see a few games showcased for the last generation such as Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and Tales From The Borderlands.

Also, it’s probable that we’ll see Microsoft’s world building tool/game Project Spark shown in some capacity too, probably highlighting all the cool things the community has been doing with the beta.

So that’s how we think/hope the Microsoft showcase will go down. What would you like to see announced? Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Get Injustice: Gods Among Us for FREE on Xbox Live (Act Quick!)

Injustice: Gods Among Us, the superhero fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat, is currently FREE to Xbox Live customers in Costa Rica (Gold account AND Free accounts). But guess what? You don’t actually have to live there.

Get this game for free! Zilch! Nada!

Get this game for free! Zilch! Nada!

You can create a temporary Xbox Live account registered in Costa Rica, start the download, then change it back to a European one and still play the game. Here’s the full set of instructions:

Not sure how long this will work for so act FAST, guys. It’s totally legit, just a current offer for Costa Rican Xbox Live customers that you can take advantage of:

Update: People are reporting an error from the Costa Rican store, but the game is also free in Slovakia and appears to be working there still.

Update 2: Sorry guys, but this glitch is no longer working. Congratulations if you managed to snag the game and hope you enjoy it!

1. Create a new email address (I recommend making an one) and create a new Windows Live account with this email address and set Costa Rico Slovakia as your region.

2. On your Xbox 360, create a new Gamertag profile with Costa Rica Slovakia as your region.

3. Use the newly created Outlook address as your email.

4. In the store, press Y to begin a search.

5. Search for ‘Injustice’. This should display the demo (around 400MB) and the full game (around 8GB). Make sure you download the full game.

6. You could download the game now, but it will be very slow, so you want to migrate your temporary Xbox Gamertag account back to your home country on this account migration page (it’s an easy to follow one minute process. Make sure you sign into your temporary Costa Rican Slovakian account)

7. You’ve probably now been signed out of your temporary account on your Xbox. Sign back into it, and you’ll see that you now have your home store AND Injustice is in the queue. Once downloaded, you can play the game on any Xbox Gamertag on your console.

8. Enjoy the game and spread this blog post!

Did this work for you? Are you liking the game? Leave a comment and let me know!

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The 100% Unofficial Xbox Live FAQ


The Basics

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is a service that has allowed for online gaming and content delivery on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles since 2002. It began as an online gaming network, and evolved into a game downloading service towards the end of the original Xbox’s lifespan.

With the launch of the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, that aspect became more integral to the service, and video content became available to download and stream. On both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, a broadband internet connection has been required to make use of the service.

What does Xbox Live allow you to do?

It enables you to:

  • Play video games online
  • Download games via a variety of services
  • Download movies and TV shows with Xbox Video.
  • Access streaming video services such as Netflix, iPlayer and 4OD (with the appropriate accounts).

Is Xbox Live free?

There are two tiers of Xbox Live service – one is free. Xbox Live Free membership costs absolutely nothing and allows you to keep a friends list, voice chat, download game demos, full Games on Demand titles, Xbox Live Arcade games and Indie Games. However, with the exception of occasional promotional weekends, Xbox Live Free members are unable to play multiplayer games online.

What about Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold membership is the premium subscription that includes the Free memberships features, but also allows gamers to play online against other Gold members, get two free games per month, make use of additional video streaming apps such as Netflix, as well as other additional perks.

How much does Xbox Live Gold cost?

The official RRPs for different regions of Xbox Live subscriptions are below:

UK Europe USA Canada
1 Month £5.99 € 7,99 $9.99 $9.99 CAD
3 Month £14.99 € 19,99 $24.99 $24.99 CAD
12 month £39.99 € 59,99 $59.99 $59.99 CAD

You can purchase the service on either your region’s official Xbox website or on the Xbox 360 itself. A cheaper, safer option is to buy prepaid cards from shop or online stores like ours.

Can I stack my subscriptions?

Yes. Any prepaid codes you purchase will add on top of your existing remaining Gold time, so you won’t lose out.

What is the main reason gamers pay for Xbox Live Gold?

The main reason people pay is the ability to play multiplayer games online. In some cases such as FIFA and Call of Duty games, it’s the primary reason people play the games.

Is it difficult to play games online with Xbox Live?

That varies on a game-by-game basis due to each game having its own menu structure, but generally, it is very easy to play online with friends or random players.

If I’m new, will I be beaten quickly in a game?

Unless the game uses Trueskill, that is quite likely.

What is TrueSkill?

TrueSkill is a matchmaking system devised by Microsoft that uses an algorithm to determine who you would be best-suited to face.

How many friends can you have on your Xbox Live friends list?

The maximum number of friends you can on your list on Xbox 360 is 100. This will increase to 1000 with the Xbox One.

Can I use voice chat?

Voice chat is available to free and Gold members.

What about Party chat?

Party chat, which enables multiple players to form a party and chat even when in different games, is only available to Xbox Gold members. Kinect video chat requires the Kinect and is also only available to Gold members.

Can I use Xbox Live over a Wi-Fi connection?

If you have an Xbox 360 S (released June 2010) or E model (released June 2013) system, wireless adapters are built into the console so a wi-fi connection can be used.

All of the ‘fat’ original design white or black Xbox 360s require either an ethernet cable, or the purchase of an additional wireless network adapter that plugs into one of the system’s USB ports

Can I use my Xbox Live Gold account on multiple systems?

Yes, you can. This can be done by signing into your Xbox Live account on another system, or downloading the profile from Xbox Live on one 360, then saving it to a USB flash drive and loading it on the other one.

Does that mean I can sign into my profile on multiple systems at once?

Unfortunately, you cannot use one profile on more than one system simultaneously.




Achievement Unlocked

What are achievements and what do they do?

Achievements are a sign that you accomplished something in a game. Point values and names are given to each one. Generally speaking, the lower the amount of points earned for an achievement, the easier it is to obtain. They don’t “do” anything, but can be a source of pride and provide players with bragging rights against friends.

Do achievements update in real-time?

Yes – your gamerscore will increase in real-time as you earn more achievements.

What is the maximum number of points in a game?

Generally speaking, retail and Games on Demand titles have 1,000 Achievement Points while Xbox Live Arcade games have 200. Xbox Live Indie Games have none. Some retail and GoD games are able to exceed the 1,000 limit with additional DLC.



The Games

Xbox Games on Demand

What downloadable game services are available on Xbox Live?

Games on Demand offers the ability to download the same games as full retail releases, just without a physical disc, box, or manual. The games will need to download in full onto your hard drive before playing. Some games have manuals that can be viewed on the official Xbox site as PDF. Games on Demand titles are rarely discounted and so are usually more expensive than buying the boxed version.

Xbox Live Arcade games are exclusively downloadable titles with no physical counterpart. They tend to be smaller games than full-fledged Games on Demand offerings. They also have a much lower maximum cost, with many games costing between 800-1600 MS Points. Xbox Live Arcade titles are frequently discounted.

Xbox Live Indie Games are the least-expensive and smallest games offered on the Xbox Live service and are created by small, independent, often amateur developers. Many are available at only 80 MS Points, which allows you to amass a large library of playable games on the system without spending a lot of money.

What games are available on Games on Demand?

Not every game is available on the GoD service, and many aren’t available on day one of a game’s release.

I love older games, what is available for me beyond Xbox Live Arcade/Indie titles?

The Game Room app allows you to play older games from Konami, Atari, and Intellivion. These games are available to buy in a variety of packs, or you can try every game for free for ten minutes.



Games with Gold

Games With Gold

What is Games with Gold?

The Games with Gold program is only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The service launched in June 2013, and gives gamers 2 free games per month.

What type of games are on the GWG service?

Games with Gold includes both Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade titles.

What games have been available so far?

A full list of games that have been made available on the service is available here.

Can I download the backlog of free games that have been released?

No. A new GWG game is release on the 1st and 16th of each month, and only the latest game is available to download at any given time.

How long will Games with Gold run and is only for existing Gold members?

Presently, the program is slated to run through December of 2013. It’s available for existing and new members.

If I have a code for a trial 48 Gold membership, can I grab the free GWG game?

Unfortunately not. Xbox Live Gold members must be using at least a 1 month subcription in order to access the latest GWG game.

When I download a game, is it mine to keep forever?

As long as your Xbox Live account isn’t banned, you’ll be able to play the games forever. If your Gold membership expires, you’ll still be able to play the games. Unlike PS+, the game is yours to keep regardless of whether you’re an active paid member or not.

Can I redownload previous GWG games after I have already downloaded them for free?

Anything you need to delete due to storage space concerns can be re-downloaded by checking your download history on either the console or on the official Xbox site. You can only re-download games you have already downloaded whilst you were making use of the GWG service.

Were any games free to download prior to this service?

Before this promotion launched, only a select few Xbox Live Arcade games were made available for free – and those were usually branded products put out to promote a company. Examples would include Yaris and the two Doritos Crash Course game.



Beyond Gaming


What kind of video services does Xbox Live offer?

Depending on the region you live, Sky, 4OD, Iplayer, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Youtube, Crackle, Redbox Instant, Nickelodeon, UFC, ESPN, Blip, Vudu, MSN, MLB, TMZ, Crunchyroll, the CW, Vimeo, and Twitch are just a few of the apps available for free on the Xbox Live marketplace.

Is all content on these services free?

Most require paid-for additional subscriptions. Video content that is usually free such as iPlayer and 4OD remain so. Anything that requires payment is clearly marked. In the case of Hulu Plus and Netflix, these services come with 30 day free trial offers.

Do I need to be an Xbox Gold Member to access these video services?

Most will require an Xbox Gold membership. A notable exception is the BBC iPlayer.

Is content the same for all services in all regions?

No, the applications will only stream the content that’s normally available in your region.

Outside of gaming and video services, what does Xbox Live offer?

You can execute simple searches with Bing or makes use of the Internet Explorer app to browse the web. You’re also able to customize your avatar with free or paid items. Music and social networking tools are also available.

Is Internet Explorer a fully featured web browser?

Other than the lack of Flash support, it works reasonably well for most tasks. If you need to check your e-mail quickly or keep up with some news in-between extended gaming sessions, it’s very useful. The lack of Flash means you’re unable to view any video content that uses it though.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a 3D character model that you can customize to look like yourself, or nearly anything else you can imagine.

Are avatars free?

Yes. An avatar costs nothing to create, but some optional items for them do cost money.

What kind of items are available for free?

Generally, you can create a realistic, but basic-looking avatar with free items. Some game purchases will entitle you to otherwise paid items.

What kind of avatar items are included with a game purchase?

You’ll usually get a T-shirt or hat with that game’s logo or name on it. Sometimes, you’ll get multiple items through one game purchase. Some titles even allow you to unlock avatar items after accomplishing something within the game itself.





How can I listen to music on Xbox Live?

Youtube is a popular way to view music videos on the system, as is Vevo. allows for streaming music, while Xbox Music allows you to stream and download music.

Is music streaming free?

Xbox Music has a free streaming service supported by advertisements. If you have an Xbox Music Pass, you will be able to bypass the ads on the service. Xbox Music Pass gives you offline and online access to songs for a paid subscription.

The Xbox Music Store doesn’t require a monthy fee and allows you to pay to download a song or album of your choosing. is free and ad-supported. tailors your own customized radio station based on your listening habits.

What kind of social networking functionality is available on Xbox Live?

Xbox Live has had Facebook and Twitter apps in the past, but they were removed in late 2012. You can still access those services on the system through the Internet Explorer app.

Is Skype available on the Xbox 360?

No, but it is coming to the Xbox One.

What other functionality is available through Xbox Live?

SkyDrive is supported for cloud storage. While any kind of file can be put on your SkyDrive, the 360 app focuses on allowing you to view pictures and videos. You’re given 7GB of free Skydrive storage space, and additional space can be purchased.

You’re able to view photos in a slideshow, or go through them individually with either the d-pad or bumper buttons. You can also view file information and find out when a photo was taken, or even which camera was used to take it. Videos can be paused whenever you like.

How many devices is my Xbox Live account good for?

If you have any Games For Windows games, your Xbox Live account can be used for that. If you have a Windows phone, your Xbox Live account can be used there to keep track of your account. Both Windows Phones and Games For Windows allow you to boost your gamerscore with in-game achievements.

Xbox SmartGlass is a mobile phone and tablet app that gives you a second screen experience with some Xbox 360 games. In the case of Forza Horizon, it allows you to view a map whenever you want, while Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge lets you view your achievements and statistics.



The Future


Will an Xbox Live Gold membership carry over to the Xbox One?

Due to the lack of backwards compatibility, Xbox Live Arcade, Games on Demand, and Indie Game purchases will not carry over to the Xbox One. Your Xbox Live Gold account, Gamertag, achievements and Avatar will carry over.

As far as media purchases go, video, and music purchases made on the 360 will carry over.

Will there be a price increase for Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One?

No. Xbox Live Gold is set to cost the exact same on Xbox One as it does on the Xbox 360. Those who eventually have both systems will be able to use the same account on both consoles, and get more use out of a single membership.

Will Xbox One’s friends list be capped at 100?

No. The Xbox One will have a maximum friend list of 1000.

What new services will be available on Xbox Live with the Xbox One?

The system will have on-board video editing software that allows you to upload clips to Twitch, and the mandatory Kinect will enable Skype video chat.

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Comparing Playstation Plus and Games with Gold

Microsoft and Sony are both now running paid subscriptions which offer ‘free’ games to customers. Sony’s Playstation Plus has now been running for over a year and has come on in leaps and bounds since its’ original threadbare inception. In fact, a PS+ subscription will be an enforced requirement for PS4 online multiplayer, a policy which has raised barely a grumble from the Sony camp thanks to the value packed proposition that PS+ now offers.

Microsoft’s answer to Playstation Plus is Games with Gold, a program which launched in July 2013 and is part of the Xbox Gold subscription package. There’s many differences between the two services though, so let’s take a closer look…

GWG vs PS+

Which do you think is better? Games with Gold or Playstation Plus? Leave a comment and let us know…

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