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Five Crazy Gaming Speedruns

We all know that feeling when you get a new game: the excitement and anticipation of the adventure ahead. While most of us savour that feeling and take our time relishing every last minute of our favourite games, there is a subset of gamers out there who think very differently .

Speed Runners are a unique breed amongst their gaming kin. Not content with just simply completing a game and moving on, they attempt to break games down in order to get through them in the shortest time possible. There are all kinds of different speed run types. The quickest are invariably achieved via glitches in order to brute force their way through, while others prefer a more natural style playing by the game’s ‘rules’.

 We decided to take a look at five of the craziest gaming speed runs we could find

Dark Souls

Time – 49 mins 55 secs

There’s no doubting that Dark Souls can be a brutal and unforgiving experience at the best of times.To most of us mortals, some of the boss fights can go on for days, let alone hours. To get through the whole game in under an hour is just crazy, but that’s exactly what Twitch streamer Kahmul78 did. While there are quicker times out there via glitches, this was a pure clean run with no cheating. What’s even crazier is that he reckons he can do it even faster.

You can watch the whole thing here

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Time – 18 mins 32 secs

Ocarina of Time is widely regarded as one of the finest games ever made, and there’s no shortage of people who’ve tried to become a real hero of time by finishing it as quick as possible. Playthrough times have toppled significantly in the last two years thanks to a new glitch which allows players to get to the last boss from the beginning of the game.  Youtuber CosmoSpeedRuns manages to pull of a number of difficult manoeuvres in order to beat the game in under twenty minutes in this run – even despite admitting he made a few mistakes.

You can watch the whole thing here

The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

Time – 39 mins 32 secs

To many, Skyrim was an experience that was almost neverending. In fact, most gamers probably never actually did see the ending of Bethesda’s RPG epic such was the time investment required. While the actual storyline itself isn’t that long, finishing it in under 40 minutes is still pretty impressive given the vast landscape you have to traverse – which is exactly what DrTChops did.

You can watch the whole thing here

Fallout 3

Time  - 23 mins 55 secs

Another Bethesda RPG classic, another insane speedrun. The internal Bethesda record for Fallout 3 was just over 2 hours but speedrunner BubblesDelFuego shattered that with his record breaking run. To achieve such a jaw dropping time the Speedrun veteran made use of a technique known as load clipping which involves saving at key points in order to teleport through the game’s telemetry to create shortcut. Which, most importantly, is not considered cheating in the speedrunning world.

You can watch the whole thing here

Super Mario Bros

Time – 4 mins 57 secs

Ok, so when we were younger games were a lot shorter, but to complete the classic Super Mario Bros on the NES in under five minutes is just madness. With some insanely impressive precision jumping, warp pipes and a couple of handy glitches LordSaradoc was able to beat the classic title in the time it takes to boil an egg. There are reports of an even quicker time being set since, but we couldn’t find any video evidence.

You can watch the whole thing here

Have you seen any crazy gaming speedruns? Let us know in the comments below

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The Alternative Awards of 2014

It’s that time of year again where gaming outlets around the world hand out their Game of the Year awards.  Never one to miss out, we at GamePointsNow thought we’d hand out a few of our own, albeit with a slight twist.

 So here’s our Alternative Game of the Year Awards for 2014:

Most Face Melting Graphics

Winner – Assassins Creed: Unity

 There’s no denying Assassins Creed Unity looks stunning, but that’s not the reason for this award. While the internet would have you believe this was a common issue, the “invisible faces” bug actually only affected a very small number of players on PC, which did nothing to stop it being utterly hilarious.

An honourable mention goes to Dragon Age: Inquisition for it’s “slick” looking faces, especially in the rainy areas

Most Misleading Title & the It’s Nothing Like the Trailer” awards

Winner – Watch_Dogs

Not a single dog anywhere to be seen!!! And that’s not the only way Ubisoft mislead everyone! After two sterling showings at E3 expectations were high when Watch_Dogs finally launched last year. While the game wasn’t totally terrible, it fell short of what had been shown in gameplay demos leading up to release. This led to public outcry,especially when hackers (ironically) discovered that all the settings from the E3 demo were actually still in the game but had been disabled and hidden.

The “You Looking At Me?” award

Winner – Luigi,Mario Kart 8

There we were thinking Mario kart was just a cutesy fun game, ideal for spending hour upon hour having fun with the whole family. How wrong we were.  While some of us take our gaming seriously, very few take it it as seriously as Mario’s little brother it seems.

The OMFGROFLMAO award for most insane gaming moment

Winner- Exploding Elephants in Far Cry 4

 Possibly not an award for the animal lovers out there, but what do you expect when you give gamers access to heavy explosives and majestic rampaging elephants. While Far Cry 4 offers up numerous ways to liberate outposts, our favourite by far is strapping C4 to old Nellie and sending her headlong into your enemies. Thankfully the game spares you the full horror of it’s guts going everywhere.

The “Really…You delayed this?” award

Winner – Driveclub

When PS4 launch title Driveclub was delayed shortly before launch, there was much anger and disappointment – but that was nothing compared to the anger and disappointment when it actually released. After seeing what state it came out in it’s hard to imagine what it was like before they delayed it. Thankfully it all seems to be fine now.

Most awkward conversation

Winner- Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Iron Bull & Dorian’s flirting

 One of our favourite things about Dragon Age: Inquisition is the party “banter” (ugh) system. The conversations you get to hear depend on the characters you’ve chosen to accompany you on your quest to close the giant green hole in the sky, so experimenting with different combinations can be really interesting. Without doubt however, our favourite combo is Tevinter mage Dorain and Quanri warrior The Iron Bull.  If you don’t romance either character, they will spark up a rather strange romance which involves some full on flirting…which can get a little graphic.

The “New pants please” award

Winner – Alien: Isolation

 2014 saw quite a revival in horror titles and without doubt Alien: Isolation is right up there with the best of them for sheer tension. While other games might have more outright scares (honourable mentions go to Outlast and PT), Isolation ramped it up to 11 in terms of atmosphere and downright terror. There’s not many games where you can spend five minutes trembling under a desk hoping you won’t get spotted. In fact we’re not totally sure we didn’t crawl throughout the whole game.

The “I Can’t Feel My Hands” award

Winner- Our Fifa 15 World Record Attempt

We love gaming and we love Fifa, but after spending over 48 hours playing Fifa 15 to set a new Guinness World Record that love did wane just a little. However, raising loads of money for the awesome Special Effect made it worth it

The “Just leave Me Alone” award

Winner – Far Cry 4’s animals

 Without doubt, Far Cry 4 is one of 2014’s finest games, but it’s also one of the most annoying thanks to Kryat’s amped up animal population. It’s as if Ajay Ghale has embarked on his trip smothered in the tastiest animal treat in existence, such is the fervour the various predators are whipped into whenever he appears. Hopefully whoever suggested those bloody eagle attacks was promptly shipped off to experience it for real.

 Most Pervy Cameraman

Winner – Bayonetta 2

Not many games from 2014 have stirred up as much conversation as Bayonetta 2. The Wii U exclusive has won plaudits for almost every aspect of its design, from its superb action sequences and accessible gameplay to its strong female lead. It’s just a pity the camera designer obviously thought he was auditioning for a job at Babestation

The “Something Borrowed, Something New” award

Winner – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

There are very few original ideas in games anymore. Almost every major title now features an aspect borrowed or tweaked from something else in some way. Shadow of Mordor is no exception, but few execute them all so well. While SoM isn’t some cheap knock off, it is clear that the mechanics have been heavily inspired from the popular Batman Arkham and Assassins Creed series. But unlike many games, it gives something back in its unique Nemesis system which is no doubt going to “inspire” future games.

Best Beard

Winner – Joel, The Last of Us Remastered

 It wouldn’t be an award show without a mention for Naughty Dog’s superb The Last of Us. While the PS3 version already looked incredible, the updated version re-released on PS4 last year took it to a whole new level by polishing up the character models and improving the in-game textures. Maybe it was because we’d already experienced the incredible story before that we couldn’t help but spend most of the game admiring Joels high definition beard .

The “Here Goes My Life Again”

Winner – Football Manager 2015

OK I have a problem. I’m addicted to the virtual drug that is Football Manager. Every year I promise I won’t let it get it’s claws into me so much and every year the stat filled temptress engulfs me by taking up hundreds (thousands) of hours of my Steam playtime. At first glance it seemed this year would be the year the love affair ended (well, cut back at least), but after getting to grips with some of the game’s bigger changes I’m as addicted as ever, so it’s only fair I give it an award.

Most Expensive Demo

Winner – Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

No matter what anyone says you cannot deny that Ground Zeroes isn’t a demo for the full MGS: V.  Yes the gameplay is fantastic and it looks incredible but it’s still no more than a prologue. Albeit a very good one.

The “We know it’s coming to next gen” award

Winner – Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

 The next gen consoles have well and truly taken hold now with Sony announcing they have sold over 18 million PS4’s and fewer releases hitting PS3/360. So it was a strange decision for 2K to announce that Borderlands TPS was only releasing on the last gen consoles. With the frequency in which last gen titles are now popping up on the consoles it’ll surprise absolutely no-one when it no doubt  gets announced for Xbox One and PS4 (maybe as part of some collection) at some PAX panel soon. (edit: it since has been announced) Another title in the frame for this award is Assassin’s Creed: Rogue which is likely to appear on next gen machines around the same time it launches on PC in a couple of weeks

Are there any games you feel should deserve their own special award? let us know in the comments below

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A Guide to Videogaming Marathons

We’ve all had epic videogame sessions: long weekends spent blasting away aliens online or fulfilling our fantasies of being a premier league superstar. But what if you want to take your gaming sessions to the next level? How do you do that?

In recent years, videogame marathons have become more and more popular as a way for gamers to raise money for charity by doing what they love most. From personal gaming challenges for a local cause to full-on organised team events spanning the globe, playing games for extended periods is a great way for gaming to do some good in the world.

Earlier this year, I took on the challenge of playing Fifa 15 for over 48 hours non-stop in order to set a new Guinness World Record and raise money for the amazing Special Effect charity. So I thought I’d share my experience in order to help anyone who’s thinking of doing a videogame marathon in the future.


Here’s a few of the key things that I learned to help you through your horrific ordeal awesome fun times:

1. Know Your Limits

Playing your favourite game for an extended amount of time may sound easy at first, but there’s a hell of a lot of things that you have to consider when playing for this massive length of time.

Things like fatigue and morale are massively important especially for longer sessions. The longer you play the harder it will become to maintain concentration and you will start to forget what was ever fun about playing videogames. Your reaction times will also decrease dramatically so it’s worth planning ahead in regards to what game modes you’re going to play during the later stages. I gave myself breaks from the main game by occasionally opening up FIFA packs.

Don’t underestimate the physical toll this will take on your body. Towards the end of my Fifa session my hands had swollen so badly I was barely able to hold a controller. By the second day, one of my support staff called a doctor to make sure I wasn’t permanently injuring myself (I wasn’t, but the thought of never being able to play Fifa again no longer fills me with horror).

2. Pick Your Game(s) Carefully

One of the reasons I decided to take on Fifa was that at it’s core, it’s pretty simple to play. While you don’t HAVE to be any good at the game you choose, no-one wants to spend 24 hours getting hammered by their opponents. It’s just not good for morale. So look at games that feature a non competitive multiplayer mode or maybe some co-op to get friends involved


If you’re going for an official world record than there will be restrictions as to what games and modes you can play, but charity events like Extra Life allow you to choose whatever game you like. Take advantage and pick a game that has multiple game modes in order to provide some variety.

3. Get The Right Team

As with anything in life, it’s important to surround yourself with the very best people. This is hugely important, especially if you’re going for an official world record. Guinesses’ guidelines are very strict on just who you can have in your support team; you can’t just pick a selection of your friends and family to step in and you need at least one expert witness.

For non world record sessions it’s still pretty important to have the right people around you. For starters, an understanding partner will go a long way if you’re planning to park yourself in front of the living room TV for the best part of a weekend.

I was incredibly lucky to have a great team in place for my marathon, especially in the latter stages when things got really tough for everyone. I will openly admit that it was my team that had the most difficult job throughout, all I had to do was play games while they had to manage all of the paperwork and technical issues, as well as deal with any members of the public who wanted to get involved.


4. Choose the Right Place

If you’re going to settle in for a long session of anything then it’s important to be as comfortable as possible – not too comfortable mind, we don’t want you falling asleep midway.

Most gaming marathons can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, world record attempts must be done in a public venue so make sure you can find somewhere suitable that is willing to host you for that amount of time. Mine took place in London’s premier gaming themed bar, The Loading Bar. Even then, make sure to think about things like decent wi-fi and enough power outlets.


5. It’s Not All Red Bull & Pizza

It may “give you wings” but Red Bull isn’t necessary the best thing to use to keep you going through the night. For one thing it’ll dramatically increase the number of visits you’ll make to the bathroom. Alcohol, with its drowsiness-inducing effects, is obviously a no go for serious marathons too.

I tried using energy drinks throughout my marathon and had mixed results. Monster Energy made me feel ill and gave me a sore throat, despite me having no issues drinking it previously. in the end I went with a couple of large bottles of Lucozade to keep me going.

My support team constantly kept me motivated and awake far more than the energy drinks. By the end, we were quizzing each other about random things in order to keep our minds awake. That, and the the inspiring heartfelt ballads of Taylor Swift

6. Don’t Panic If things Go Wrong

Obviously, if you’re doing a personal marathon from home then there’s not much that can go wrong, bar maybe a power cut or an impromptu drop-in from the in-laws. However, if you’re doing an official record attempt then there’s a hell of a lot of planning and effort that goes into things to make sure it complies with all of the official rules (every toilet break was timed, key moments had to be filmed, volunteers had to be constantly awake etc etc etc). Nothing would be quite so heart breaking as everyone putting all that effort in over 48 hours to later be told it’s disqualified.


7. Be Grateful

The hardest part for me was putting together my support team in accordance with Guinesses’ strict guidelines. Getting strangers to volunteer their own time for little to no reward is a big ask even for the most charitable. There’s no way I would have lasted the full time without their support, insults and general tomfoolery. I was also incredibly lucky to get this opportunity to support one of my favourite charities. Be grateful! You get to play videogames for 24 hours+ straight!


Are you planning a gaming marathon? let us know. or maybe you’re thinking of having a crack at a world record of your own? feel free to get in touch for any advice or even if you need an expert witness :)

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How To Redeem A Call Of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360/Xbox One Combo Pack Code

Here at GamePointsNow we’ve had a few customers who have had trouble redeeming the Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360/Xbox One combo pack codes.

As the codes aren’t quite like your average Xbox game digital code we thought we’d put up a handy guide for anyone having trouble accessing their games on either platform.


First of all there are a couple of things to bear in mind when redeeming the codes:

i) The Call of Duty: Ghosts codes CANNOT be redeemed on an Xbox One console. You will require access to your Gamertag on an Xbox 360 console or on a PC

ii) It is a single code that grants you a copy Call of Duty: Ghosts for BOTH systems which will be tied to the Gamertag used to redeem the code. You cannot gift one version to someone else. you will however be able to play both versions whenever you want

iii) The code grants you access to the Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold edition which comes with some added extras which will be available to you in game

Here’s how to redeem your code and access both versions:

1) The easiest way is to redeem the code via Load it up in your browser of choice and sign into your account


2) Once signed in highlight your Gamertag in the top right corner and a drop down menu with “Redeem Code” should appear. Click Redeem Code


3) Once on this page simply click Redeem


4) Here just enter your 25 digit code exactly as it appears in your email from us. If you’re having trouble reading it let us know and we can type it out again for you. Once you’ve entered your code hit Confirm


5) You will then see a screen confirming the product you have redeemed a code for. Hit Confirm again to continue


6) You’ll then be notified that the code has redeemed successfully


Now to download your games


For the Xbox 360 version all you need to do is boot up your console and press the guide button once signed in

Scroll to the right of the Xbox Guide until you see Account Management and press A


Then on this screen select Download History and press A again


You should then see Call of Duty: Ghosts ready and waiting for you to download just highlight it and press A


Then select Download Again to begin the download


For the Xbox One version there are two ways you can access your game either through or via the console itself.


To access it via simply navigate to the Xbox One game marketplace on the website and select Call of Duty: Ghosts. You should notice that the price has changed to 0.00. Simply click Buy Now for Xbox One and the game will be sat waiting for you in the ” My games and apps section” next time you turn on your system. If your console is set correctly it will even download itself for you


To access it via the Xbox One console simply scroll right on the Xbox One dashboard and select the Games tab for the store

Then use the search function to find Call of Duty: Ghosts. It should then display as FREE so simply hit Buy and confirm your purchase and the download will start (it’s a hefty one though)


And that’s it, enjoy your game. if you have any other issues feel free to contact one of our customer support team who will be happy to help you.


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GamePointsNow Named In Ingenious Britons 2014 List

600600p666EDNmain10ingenious-britons-award-245x300We here at TeamGPN are delighted to announce that we’ve been named amongst 10 Ingenious Britons by small business network Ingenious Britain

“As part of our preparations for Ingenious Britain Live!, the Festival of Small Business, in September at Millennium Point Birmingham, we began a search for ten Ingenious Britons,” explains Marlon Wolff, CEO, Ingenious Britain.

“We wanted these to be small business owners who could demonstrate a tangible impact on their business as a result of being ingenious, whether that was through the business idea itself, in their use of money or funding, through their marketing, business processes or models or some other way in which being ingenious has led to growth or success for their company. It’s fair to say that we have been blown away by the quality of our final ten.”

It is a real honour for all of us here at GPN to be recognised in this manner and we are extremely proud and humbled to be listed alongside other great UK based companies.

GPN MD's Simon Ward & Charanjeet Kondal

GPN MD’s Simon Ward & Charanjeet Kondal

Here’s a quote from MD of Game Points Now Limited Simon Ward

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the business has been chosen to represent Ingenious Britain 2014. It’s proof that if you believe in your idea and offer a service that customers really value, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. I’m extremely proud of all our team and can’t wait for the live event in my hometown of Birmingham.”


You can check out the full press release and other Ingenious Briton’s here

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The Buyers Guide To June

What a month June is, not only do we have the excitement of E3 and the World Cup but there is also a pretty decent line up of games coming out.

Here’s what’s going to be fighting for your pennies this month:

4th June 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3/360)


The fourth update to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition features five additional characters, stages and character tweaks based on community feedback.

Owners of SSFIV:AE can grab the add on digitally via Xbox Live and PSN while those wanting a physical release will have to wait until August.

6th June 2014

Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4/PS3/XBO/360/PC)


Square-Enix’s ghostly detective action game sees you attempting to solve your own murder and capture a brutal serial killer. After being thrown out of a window and shot multiple times, Detective Ronan O’Connor must use his newly acquired supernatural powers to track down the mysterious Bell Killer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect mixes together traditional third person gameplay and ghostly powers to deliver an all new kind of experience. Whether it can stand out against today’s more action packed titles remains to be seen.

13th June 2014

Enemy Front (PS3/360/PC)


It’s been a while since we had a World War 2 based shooter and this month sees two. First up is Enemy Front, which features real historical events. In the game, you play as an American war correspondent trapped behind enemy lines and joining up with various resistance groups in the likes of Norway and Poland.

Describing itself as ‘the first truly modern WW2 FPS’, Enemy Front allows you to choose your approach to each situation – either go in all guns blazing, snipe from afar or just stealth your way through unnoticed.. The game also features four multiplayer modes, including deathmatch and team deathmatch.

17th June 2014

EA Sports UFC (PS4/XBO)


EA’s first official UFC title releases this month and it certainly looking the part. EA has such faith in the MMA title that it has put its successful Fight Night series on hold while it focuses on UFC titles.

Making use of EA’s new Ignite engine the game looks glorious, and with an AI system that adapts to players fighting styles, this could be the most realistic MMA titles ever produced. There’s also a demo available now for you to check out on both PS4 and Xbox One

27th June 2014

GRID Autosport (PS3/360/PC)


Race across over 100 routes in 22 gorgeous locations around the world in Career mode, or go up against your friends in local or online multiplayer in Codemasters’ latest racing sim. Choose your favourite discipline from a wide range or just dabble across them all. With everything from touring cars to single seaters and street racers, GRID Autosport is shaping up to be the most complete racing experience ever made.

Sniper Elite 3 (PS4/PS3/XBO/360/PC)


The second WWII based shooter this month takes the fight to the North African front. Sniper Elite 3 sees you face off against the infamous Afrika Korps and their artillery of tanks, armed with your trusty sniper rifle.

With massive multi-route environments, you can mix up your play style for each situation: distract you enemies to sneak by unnoticed, blast your way through or deliver bone smashing sniper shots from afar in the distance. As well as the usual multiplayer modes, you can also play the entire campaign in two player co-op with a friend.

So what will you be picking up? let us know in the comments below

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GamePointsNow E3 Predictions – Third Parties

Over the last couple of years it’s been the third party publishers that have made the biggest splash at E3. Be it Ubisoft’s reveals of Watch Dogs and the Division or EA’s demonstration of ‘levolution’, there’s always something that gets gamers talking.

So after we laid down our predictions for Microsoft and Sony, it’s only fair we have a go at predicting what the third parties will be announcing come E3:



Ubisoft usually have a pretty impressive E3 conference, and this year should be no different. Once again, US actress Aisha Taylor will be handling the presenting as Ubisoft show off their offerings for the coming year and beyond.

While Far Cry 4 has already been announced pre-E3, we expect they’ll be a extended gameplay demo of the upcoming shooter alongside an extended appearance of open world racer The Crew – both of which are scheduled to release later this year.

It wouldn’t be an Ubisoft E3 without Assassin’s Creed making an appearance, and this year there’s two. Assassin’s Creed: Unity has already been confirmed for next gen and PC, so we expect to see quite a bit of that. Including, hopefully, confirmation that it will feature some form of four player co-op. Ubisoft are also expected to finally confirm the existence of a second AC title for Xbox 360 and PS3 coming alongside Unity.

Despite it’s delay, last year’s showstopper The Division is expected to feature heavily again this year and Just Dance 2015 is likely revealed by some chart superstar as always. Although it’s Ubisoft’s new announcements that will probably make the headlines once again.


We’re hoping that the French publisher will continue its tradition of announcing at least one new IP every E3, but it’s likely we’ll see a few familiar faces make a reappearance. While Rayman could make an appearance, we at GPN are expecting to see the return of Prince of Persia sometime soon. And while the rumours of Beyond Good & Evil 2 are all well and good, it’s the return of Rainbow Six: Patriots that has us all excited.

Electronic Arts (EA)


It’s highly likely that EA will reveal most of their wares at Microsoft’s event earlier in the day as they’ve done in the past. Expect the usual Madden, NBA, NHL and Fifa titles to look shiner than they did before and probably add a new control system,. EA’s golf series should also return under the old PGA Tour label now that Tiger Woods has been dropped, but the big sports push is likely to be behind the upcoming EA UFC.

Last year’s teases are likely to become this year’s extended gameplay demos. While we expect Star Wars: Battlefront III and Mirrors Edge to be shown at MS’s conference, it’s likely EA will show more on their own stage. The as yet unannounced Star Wars title helmed by former Uncharted creator Amy Hennig is also likely to appear at at least one of the E3 pressers.


One sure thing is that EA will not allow Call of Duty to have the shooty shooty bang bang arena to itself this year. While announcing Battlefield 5 would probably cause the internet to riot in streets after the problems 4 has had, we do expect to see some form of spin off appear this year, most likely in the form of the SWAT based FPS that the former Dead Space team are said to be working on (edit:now confirmed as Battlefield:Hardline)

Dragon Age: Inquisition is likely to get a big showing too. The action RPG is set to release this year, so expect much more info at E3. We’ll probably get a firm release date for The Sims 4 along with a long video showing hairstyles and Simlish.

Our final predictions for EA are all in hope above all else. While the likes of new Dead Space and Need For Speed titles may not be shown just yet, we can only pray that Mass Effect (4?) gets at least a teaser to go alongside the likely reveal of a next gen trilogy re-release.

The Rest


Traditionally, Konami release their very own pre-recorded pre E3 conference laying out their plans for the next year and we expect to see that again this year. We’re anticipating more footage of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at one of the big E3 conferences. It’d also be nice to see something on the next Silent Hill title (which is expected to be a reboot), while a look at the first next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer is almost guaranteed.

Capcom are also expected to roll out the usual franchises this year too. A new Resident Evil  could make a long awaited appearance, with many hoping for a reboot or at least a return to the series horror roots. We might get the PS4 exclusive free to play dungeon crawler Deep Down confirmed for a Western release and maybe even a sequel to Dragons Dogma.

Finally, we expect to hear big things from Deep Silver this year with rumours around them announcing two AAA titles this year. While Dying Light has been delayed until 2015, we’re expecting to see the return of Metro or Saints Row in 2015 and hopefully not another Dead Island title.(edit Deep Silver are publishing Homefront: The Revolution)

So what would you like to see? As ever let us know in the comments below

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GamePointsNow E3 Predictions – Sony

Previously, we had a go at predicting Microsoft’s E3 showing so it’s really only fair we do the same for all things PlayStation.

This could be a big year for Sony after their triumphant success since E3 last year. But with key figures like Jack Tretton stepping down and bumper losses for the company overall, could we see a very different PlayStation presser this year?


The PS4 has without doubt come out the blocks firing on all cylinders, but with people bemoaning the over reliance on indie titles (there will be more of those too) and a lack of big hitting titles, can team PlayStation once again knock it out of the park?

If there’s one thing Sony does have, it’s quality first party development teams. Since the PS4 was first announced last year it’s been known that pretty much every first party team was working on PS4 software, yet we still don’t know about most of them. So now could be the time they have exciting things to show us.

Here’s what we’d like to see:



While no-one’s really expecting Uncharted to be released any time soon, it is Sony’s number one franchise so you can expect some form of appearance. With all the personnel departures from Naughty Dog causing concern, expect to see a lot more than the normal teaser trailer.

A release date might be a bit much to ask, but a CG style trailer interspersed with some hastily put together gameplay segments would go a long way to allay the fears that all is not well on the good ship ND. Expect it to look incredible, but if they wanted to really impress us they could reel out the PS4 version of The Last of Us
Project Beast


Or Demon’s Souls 2 as it’s probably going to be named. While many have expected a Dark Souls 2 next-gen remake, it seems that Japanese studio From Software has other ideas if recent leaks are to be believed. The engine used to create Dark Souls 2 was built with next gen consoles in mind so there’s no need for them to be starting from scratch on next gen hardware.

While there’s no indication that whatever Project Beast turns out to be won’t be a multi-platform release, we really wouldn’t be surprised if it was announced as a PS4 exclusive published by Sony for release in late 2015.

Project Morpheus


We’re expecting this to feature pretty heavily. Sony’s Oculus rival is expected to be one of the biggest attractions at gaming shows this year and, once again, we expect it’ll be UK studio Media Molecule showcasing just what the latest PlayStation hardware is capable of.

Hopefully we’ll see more than just tech demo’s this time and actually get a glimpse of some of the software that will take advantage of the technology.



By now it’s pretty obvious that a next gen version of GTA:V is coming, but where and when will it be revealed? There’s every chance Rockstar (who don’t normally attend E3) could choose to announce something ahead of the event (as they have in previous years), but we think we could see announcements made on the Sony stage rather than under the neon green lights of the Xbox event.

Hopefully that’s not all we’ll see either. There’s been no word on the DLC for GTA:V as yet but hopefully they’ll be more to tell here. We’re expecting news on at least one of the upcoming story DLC packs but confirmation that there are in fact three coming would be awesome.

Remakes, Lots of Remakes


Earlier this year, we gave you the remakes we expect to see appear on the PS4, and while some of them have already since been announced, we expect to see a few more revealed on stage. The much rumoured Bend developed Syphon Filter reboot could be one of them.

Other remakes we’d like to see would be a return of the lovable Crash Bandicoot and futuristic racer Wipeout. There’s also the possibility we could see a remake of PS3 launch title Heavenly Sword to go along with the upcoming animated movie and talk of a possible sequel. Also expect to see the return of Kratos in some (or several) forms; a PS4 God of War Collection wouldn’t surprise us, but a shiner version of God of War: Ascension could also be on the cards.

Shiny Cars


Sony’s première driving sim is sure to appear at some point, even if it is just to remind people that it still exists. With most of the attention on the troubled DriveClub, we expect the GT series to return this year with a re-skinned next gen GT6 leading into a full on Gran Turismo 7 late next year.

Known Quantities


Talking of DriveClub, we expect to see a whole lot more of Sony’s latest car porn sim this year. Maybe we’ll get a look at some of those troublesome social features that caused it to be delayed so long. Also, we expect that Ready at Dawn’s third person shooter The Order 1886 to get an extensive gameplay demo and a tentative late 2014 release date (it’ll probably slip into 2015 though(EDIT – It has)).

Sony love Destiny, so expect them to make a big deal of Bungie’s upcoming MMO shooter on stage this year. Along with an extensive gameplay demo (hopefully not the old Russia level again!) we’re predicting some news about PlayStation exclusive content, as well as a potential PS4 Destiny bundle. Oh and expect news on DLC for inFamous: Second Son.

The Last Guardian (FINALLY)


It wouldn’t be a Sony E3 prediction post without mentioning The Last Guardian. Japan Studios has gone to great lengths to assure people that it’s still coming in some form, but surely it can only be a PS4 title by now?

Nothing has been seen for quite some time so if it isn’t actually shown this year then we’d consider it dead in the water once and for all. If it is shown however, we reckon it could be Sony’s big 2014 release.

What would you like to see Sony announce? Let us know in the comments below

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GamePointsNow E3 Predictions – Microsoft

So it’s that time of year again where gamers the world over get excited for all the big announcements coming out of gaming’s biggest trade show – E3.

With the usual bout of leaks & rumours doing the rounds, we at GamePointsNow thought it’d be fun to speculate on the things we expect from the big names this year.


To say Microsoft has had a tough year would be an understatement. It seems that they can’t do right for doing wrong lately, with the collective fingers of the internet going for their throat at every opportunity. After last year’s infamous ‘reversals’ there have been quite a few changes over at the Redmond campus, now headed up by the no-nonsense Phil Spencer.

Already Spencer has made sweeping changes, principally by making Kinect an optional purchase and lifting some of the Xbox Live barriers. Xbox is promising that this year is all about the games, so hopefully there will be less of the US centric TV apps that met much centre stage derision last year.

Here’s what we’d like to see from Microsoft’s E3 conference.
Black Tusk’s Gears of War – CGI


Ever since Microsoft announced it was putting together a studio of top talent, an awful lot of expectation has been placed upon Black Tusk’s shoulders. At last year’s E3 the Vancouver based studio got to showcase their “Shangheist” tech demo, but this year they should have a lot more to show.

When Microsoft picked up the rights to the Gears of War series earlier this year, they quickly announced that development duties had been passed onto Black Tusk. While it’s probably too early to see actual gameplay, we expect to at least see some form of CGI trailer with a sneak peek at a potential setting; fingers crossed for a prequel set in the Pendulum Wars.


It wouldn’t be a Microsoft event without some mention of Halo, but this year could feature more of the Chief than you can handle. Strangely, they decided to announce possibly the biggest Halo of them all (Halo 5: Guardians) before the big event, leaving us to wonder what other Halo related goodies they have held back.

It’s likely we’ll finally see the worst kept secret in gaming officially announced in the form of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It was initially rumoured that we would see just Halo 2 given the next-gen treatment, but now it seems that we’ll be getting Halo 1-4 for the Xbox One later this year along with a Beta for Halo 5 at some point next year.

Release Dates


At last year’s presser, Microsoft showed teases for a number of games like Quantum Break, Fable Legends and Sunset Overdrive. This year we can expect to see a lot more of them, so expect extensive gameplay demos and some release dates.

Happily, we predict that the vast majority will probably be released this year; with the likes of Below and D4 between now and September, and Sunset Overdrive not long after. Quantum Break is likely to fill the late October prime slot while Fable Legends will probably appear in 2015

New, Old Stuff


Microsoft have promised that this E3 is all about the games and so you can expect a slew of new game announcements. We expect to see the return of Crackdown, as well as a follow up to racer Forza Horizon. Crackdown 3 would likely be developed by Ruffian Games and release sometime next year, while we could see the much rumoured Forza Horizon 2 from Playground Games announced for September this year.

Third Party Blowout


As with every Microsoft event, we can expect to see a whole host of third party publishers showing their wares. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has publicly stated that there will be a range of third party stuff on show. We expect that most of this will be stuff already announced or expected like Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and Fifa 15, but there could still be a few surprises.

In 2012 Square-Enix showed off Tomb Raider at the Microsoft gig, so it wouldn’t be that surprising for them reveal the follow up they’ve admitted that Crystal Dynamics are working on – or maybe even the next Deus Ex. Epic RPG The Witcher 3 was shown last year so maybe we could a deeper look at that. Talking of epic, we can only hope that we’ll finally get to see something on Fallout 4 – even if it’s just a logo and someone admitting it’s in development.



Despite holding their own event not long after Microsoft, Electronic Arts always have a big presence at Microsoft’s event. The big game from them this year is expected to be Star Wars: Battlefront III so expect to see an on stage demo of that along with some gameplay of Mirror’s Edge 2.

However, it remains to be seen if EA will be able to resist the temptation to roll out former Uncharted director Amy Hennig onto the stage to reveal the as yet unannounced Star Wars title she’s currently helming at Visceral.

Titanfall DLC & More


This one’s a given, surely. The Xbox One’s killer app at present still has two lots of unannounced DLC. With the first Expedition pack sized at a disappointingly small three maps, we’re hoping that something more significant will be revealed for the future content. Maybe even the much talked about extra modes.

Talking of DLC, E3 could be the perfect place for Microsoft to reveal details of the planned Killer Instinct Season Two. After original developer Double Helix was purchased by Amazon for their new games division, development duties have passed to Divekick developer Iron Galaxy Studios, so it’d be good to see what’s coming next for the free to play fighter.

The Rest


While it’s ‘all about the games’, there’s still bound to be a few mentions of things like Smartglass and the upcoming Xbox TV programming. The Xbox 360 is sure to get some love too, so expect to see a few games showcased for the last generation such as Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and Tales From The Borderlands.

Also, it’s probable that we’ll see Microsoft’s world building tool/game Project Spark shown in some capacity too, probably highlighting all the cool things the community has been doing with the beta.

So that’s how we think/hope the Microsoft showcase will go down. What would you like to see announced? Let us know in the comments below.

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Playstation 4 (PS4) game install sizes

With the release of the next generation consoles it’s clear that Sony has one eye on a purely digital future with day and date digital releases and of course it’s excellent PS+ offerings

But with only a 500GB hard drive included in the PS4 console and mandatory installs for every title (and 92GB reserved for the OS), just how long is it going to take before you have to switch it out for a bigger drive? We at GamePointsNow have produced a reference guide for all PS4 releases to date*

*Initial downloads only, correct at date of publication. Further patches may be required

Box Image
Game Title
Game Size
Wolfenstein: The New OrderBethesda Softworks43.9GB
TransistorSuper Giant Games2.6GB
Cel Damage HDFinish Line Games574mb
Bound by FlameFocus Home Interactive5.2GB
MLB 14 The ShowSony Computer Entertainment37.5GB
Sports FriendsIndependant434mb
Titan AttacksPuppy Games135mb
Amazing SpiderMan 2Activision9GB
Child of LightUbisoft Montreal2.1GB
Octodad: Dadliest CatchYoung Horses Inc2.5GB
Stick It To The ManZoink!1.5GB
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornSquare Enix11.3GB
Lego: The HobbitWB Interactive8.7GB
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete EditionTecmo KOEI23.7GB
Strike Suit Zero: Directors CutBorn Ready Games1.9GB
King Oddball10Tons ltd74.2MB
Mercenary KingsTribute Games328.2MB
inFamous: Second SonSony Computer Entertainment23.8GB
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesKonami3.9GB
Stealth Inc: Ultimate EditionCurve Studios235.5MB
Steamworld DigImage & Form International196.3MB
Towerfall Ascensionindependent 330.7MB
Awesomenauts AssembleRonimo Games1.8GB
Dead Nation: Apocalypse EditionSony Computer Entertainment2.3GB
ThiefSquare Enix22GB
Rayman LegendsUbisoft9GB
Assassins Creed IV: Freedom CryUbisoft8.1GB
Lego Movie: The VideogameWB Interactive Entertainment6.8GB
OutlastRed Barrells4.3GB
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionSquare Enix22.2GB
Don't StarveKlei Entertainment348.3MB
Zen PinballZen Studios363.3MB
Pinball ArcadeFarsight Studios2.3GB
Killzone: ShadowfallSony Computer Entertainment38.2GB
Call of Duty: GhostsActivision31.8GB
Fifa 14EA9.9GB
Battlefield 4EA36.4GB
Doki Doki UniverseSony Computer Entertainment514MB
FlowSony Computer Entertainment1GB
Blacklight: RetributionZombie Studios4.9GB
Need For Speed: RivalsEA16GB
KnackSony Computer Entertainment34.8GB
Assassins Creed IV: Black FlagUbisoft21.7GB
ResogunSony Computer Entertainment460.8MB
Lego Marvel SuperheroesWB Interactive Entertainment6.4GB
NBA 2K142K Games41.8GB
EA Sports NBA Live 14EA9.3GB
Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Ultimate Edition WB Interactive Entertainment 21.7GB
Just Dance 2014Ubisoft22GB
ContrastFocus Home Interactive2.3GB
Super MotherloadXGEN Studios393.6.MB
Trine 2 Complete StoryFrozenbyte2.5GB
Putty SquadSystem 3818.2MB
War ThunderGaijin Entertainment7.7GB
Madden NFL 25EA13.1GB
Angry Birds Star WarsActivision1.5GB
DC Universe OnlineSony Computer Entertainment28.1GB
WarframeDigital Extremes4.1GB
FlowerSony Computer Entertainment1.9GB
Sound ShapesSony Computer Entertainment3.5GB
Escape PlanSony Computer Entertainment4.3GB

Total storage space required* – 629.68GB

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