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Club Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case Review

With a trip to Gamescom in Germany just around the corner, I was need of case to carry around some of the stonkingly good 3DS titles have have been released this year.The Club Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case is shaped like a DS cartridge case and is capable of carrying a whopping 18 DS or 3DS game cartridges.


Club Nintendo rewards gamers who buy Nintendo games or consoles with ‘Stars’ that can be traded in for generally exclusive Nintendo themed rewards, and this case comes from that selection. Traditionally, the EU store offerings have been quite weak, or anything remotely interesting has sold out almost instantly, which makes you wonder how much stock the big N have of some of these items.


The Game Card Case costs 1250 Stars (which equates to about 5 game puchases) and is still readily available as this review is written. The case from the outside is exactly the same size as a standard DS case, but it totally clear plastic. It comes with 3 reversible covers, which have Nintendo themed artwork on both sides (so 6 in total), so you’re bound to find at least one which appeals to your inner Ninty fan.


As you’d expect from Nintendo, the mouldings inside the case are very high quality and each clip is equally capable of holding either a single DS or a 3DS cartridge. As a 3DS fan who’s playing through some classic older DS games, this is a very welcome feature and one which I’ve struggled to find in alternative cases. Frankly, the whole product delivers as you’d expect so if you’re in the market for a DS game case and already have the Stars on your account, this case would be a shred purchase.


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