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Can I Still Redeem Microsoft Points Cards?

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On the 27th August 2013, Microsoft rolled out its scheme that replaces Microsoft Points with cash. Every previous use of Microsoft Points will now be replaced by your local currency. For the UK that means prices in British Pounds (£), the US will have prices in US Dollars ($) and much of Europe will have prices in Euros (€).

Microsoft Points cards (and codes) can still be purchased and redeemed until the end of 2014, but instead of crediting your account with Microsoft Points you’ll receive an amount in your local currency. We’ve put together a table showing you how much credit each amount of Microsoft Points will give you when redeemed on Xbox Live:

240 Microsoft Points
480 Microsoft Points
800 Microsoft Points
1200 Microsoft Points
2100 Microsoft Points
4200 Microsoft Points
British Pounds2.044.086.8010.2017.8535.70
Norweigan Krone19.6839.3665.6098.40172.20344.40
Swedish Krone24.8049.6082.67124.00217.00434.00

Interestingly, this means European gamers can buy points codes from the UK and get far more credit than they would get when buying in their home country. For example, a 4200 points code from GamePointsNow costs €41,95 but gives the user €50,40 of credit. That’s a return of 20%!

European gamers can save money

What do you think about the move away from Microsoft Points? Did you prefer points or do you like prices in your local currency?

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